70 Miles Across the OCEAN to win $100,000 BASS Tournament

Scott Martin

105 миӊ. көрүүлөр13

    How I won $100,000 in a Bass Tournament by driving 70 miles across the ocean. Here is the story! Follow Me on Instagram - bit.ly/scottmartinIG
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    1. Scott Martin

      Wasn’t that story CRAZY?! Which one do you want to hear next? Don’t forget to pick up some of the SMC Merch and tag me in it on Instagram or Facebook so I can repost it!

      1. Taylor Frerking

        Scott Martin . Did you fish the 97 bass master classics win dion hibdon won? I grew up with his son Lawson

      2. Check Mate

        @Justin Becker Pops has lots of stories on his own page... It's Roland Martin fish in series, and he posts at least once a week.

      3. Bassing around

        yeap you are right , it was a veeeery. riskier move

      4. KansasYouthBASS

        I've got a old lure your dad use to endorse. I'll do a video on my channel soon.

      5. Scott Martin

        It was half the size...lol

    2. Jay Fournier

      Love everything about you Scott. I pray to be able to meet you in person some day. You and Jacob Wheeler are my 2 favorite guys in the scene.

    3. Carolina shooter 1982

      What made you start fishing that bait like that? Did you do it after seeing the crab in live well or before?

    4. Derrick Snyder

      The video quality isn't the greatest but are those old man shoes?

    5. Jeremy Mayo

      Black and blue snagless sally chartreuse double tail trailer #2 blade.

    6. Kid Bro

      I live In Pascagoula but we mainly salt water fish but we fish some fresh water love your content keep it up awesome video

    7. Largemouth Paradise

      This is my favorite channel.... Scott you have taught and caught me a lot of big bass. Cheers

    8. Joseph Kyer

      Good story

    9. Anthony Ethridge

      hands down my favorite Scott Martin video

    10. Robert KEA

      Good story my bradda you tell it well. Liked the ending situation when the boat got stuck heck liked it all. next story i going drink some beers while i watch. U have to have one too.

    11. neal talley

      Gosh you’re so awesome man ! Wish I could meet you and hell even fish with you one day mr Scott Martin , your dads super awesome too !

    12. Austin Rohlfing

      Terrific story Scott you really know how to tell a good story! Had me captivated the entire time.

    13. Erik Larrison

      Good thing that was 20 years ago and wasn't a 60,000 dollar Ranger you were tearing apart lol

    14. Avery Stevens

      loved it definitely want more vids like this was very entertaining

    15. Cory Mathis

      Oyster shucking season. Wow. That is wild. May be my favorite video. Great story

    16. John Cantale

      Know the story well I was the co-angler

    17. John Lee

      Man that was awesome!

    18. Check Mate

      There He is... "God Almighty, Love It!" I sure miss.💜 Best Birthday present ever. Sooo Excited and spittin nails. 😝😂

    19. Derrick Bullock

      Love the outfit!!!!!

    20. Marc Vermander

      LOL! Shucking oysters at 50 mph! I can just picture that rooster tail cloud of debris flying out the back... and just so you know, I too won a fog tourney once as well. Scary stuff when you can't see the hand in front of your face relying on your GPS to miss by mere feet marker buoys and rock pile . BTW, what was left of the skeg and prop, may I ask?

    21. S Walker

      This is why you don't buy a boat from a pro fisherman, lol

    22. Matt Timmons

      Scott, You had us all in the boat with you, great story telling skills! I have to wonder--being older and wiser--would you make the run today? Love the story, thanks for sharing.

    23. Payton Thomas

      Please do more of these.

    24. Joe

      The amazing thing is that FLW after 20 years keeps paying 100K for winning a tournament Wow !! With inflation and prices of everything going up I was wondering why FLW wont adjust the prices to reflect current times.

    25. C&C Outdoors

      I live beside the Pascagoula river!

    26. jake36 42

      That fog story gives me flashbacks from duck season driving a boat through the sticks with no vision.. good times lol

    27. Erick Hernandez

      What happened to trash talking James ??


      Scott I know all about those long runs to win a tournament. Thirty two years fishing two tournaments a month make for some of the best memories.

    29. Aaron Daniel

      Hell of a story and win for being so young! AWESOME

    30. Ralph P

      Wow-what a story! It was amazing!

    31. David Maynard

      Ordered 2 more rods from Favorite saved 20% Thanks Again Scott!

    32. RiverBassin

      Cool story... Can’t believe 2000 was 20 years ago. Yeeesh!

    33. Keith Krzeminski

      Man you are a great story teller!

    34. Jim O'Connor

      Back in the day when the pros used their front seats!

    35. mike lanford

      thanks for protecting the oyster beds. not

    36. Got 1

      Very Cool story that was an Awsome Tournament!!! Chip off the ol' Block!!!

      1. Scott Martin


    37. Noah Couey

      Is Brandon coming back?

    38. Landon Lasseigne

      There’s nothin more social distant that fishing Goooo

    39. Landon Lasseigne

      There’s nothin more social distant that fishing Goooo

    40. Mark Gordon


    41. NorthBest Fishing & Outdoors

      Awesome video Scott, I was having a rough day and that video cheered me up for sure. Too bad you're old and washed-up now. Just kidding I man love ya!

      1. Scott Martin


    42. Robert Yoder

      good stuff Scott, my favorite fisherman to watch. Good luck and god be with you and your fam.

    43. Kevin Cooksy

      I have a great lake in Texas that would give you a great challenge Richland chambers

    44. johnny weaver

      God definitely worked in your favor, missing those 2 oil tankers, going through the fog, & giving you that 6 lber, give him Praise & Glory for that tournament & your great career!👍

    45. Paul Pitcher II

      Talk about some of your co-angler success!

    46. Wyatt's Wild Outdoors

      hey Scott your the best fishermen in the world... bye

    47. Thao Le

      Awesome story! It’s a nightmare to happy ending. It’s like a knight going through a dungeon slaying a dragon and saving a princess. Happily ever after. 😂

    48. Chris H

      Thank you! Such an amazing story! My hero

    49. Foggy Bottom BBQ

      Great story. I know the exact area being that I was born in Pascagoula and also lived in Mobile several years. Me and my son Landon look forward to seeing you in September.

    50. Guitar Junkie

      I want to see footage of you fishing with your dad when u was young Scott, love these old tournaments man that’s awesome

    51. Eric G

      I wonder what that prop looked like after going through that oyster bed. I also didn’t know bass are in salt water. I always thought they were strictly fresh water

      1. Scott Martin

        Perfect but much smaller...lol

    52. Chase Johnson

      Had to watch again and send to 5 friends, new respect for you and a badass story, so Happy you went to bass tear it up over there, can’t wait to congratulate you on your 2023 classic win!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro!!

    53. LowerBamaBassin

      You won that tournament in the waters I grew up fishing and the waters I still fish today! You were right in front of Blakeley state Park

      1. Scott Martin

        That is correct..:)

    54. Andrew Gilchrist

      When I was stationed at Keesler AFB, MS I was in the crowd for the weigh in. I retired in 2016, last year I got to see Scott at Lake Seminole last year, many years after that 1st win. I brought him a coin from Hulburt Field AFB. FL shook his hand and told him about being in the crowd when he won for the first time. His expression was like traveling back in time. I'm sure it brought back some good memories. Thanks Scott to you and your staff for putting out a great KGup series.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you for that!

    55. ross smith

      Man that was a sweet shirt if their a rodeo nearby!

    56. Dustin Weinberg

      You were fishing my home waters! So cool to see that place on an FLW broadcast. Been fishing there the pst few weeks for the first time in a while and to see you running under that bridge and seeing my home water is pretty dang cool. I wasn’t even alive then 😂

    57. Jeffro Lans

      Scott, come to Presque Isle, Erie, Pa and slam some huge smallies soon. Hook up with Dave LeFebre!

    58. Lookin 4 Lunkers Fishing

      Great story Scott, sometimes a little risk will pay a handsome reward.

    59. Caleb DeWitt

      "I look back and I'm shucking oysters" Hahaha!!!! Great story Scott!

      1. Scott Martin



      Hello, my name is sawyer and I’m 15 years old, I live and breath bass fishing. I live in bc Canada and there isn’t really much of a sport for it here so it’s been hard for me to get my name out there. I currently have about 350 subs on youtube and I have been talking to a company about sponsorships for a while, which would be huge for me because I have been trying to get some for a while. Anyways the company said they would sponsor me if I get up to 1000 subs. So if you can try and promote me or help me in anyways it would mean the world to me, I know the fishing community is like a family so maybe all together you guys can help me reach my goal. Thank you guys so much 🎣 tight lines

    61. Richard Stander

      Remember that tournament well! I was a co-angler fished with Gerald Swindle , and will never forget that ride through the fog bank when we came back from Mobile bay! We fished up the Tensaw river! He had a limit and I had 3 myself. I drew a young kid from Texas the 2nd day fished up the river from the launch after the fog delay. Weighed 3 the 2nd day and he blanked! He didn’t last on the circuit! Wasn’t a pro had very little real knowledge about what he was doing outside of Texas! I still follow you,acutely fished with your dad when we fished at Memphis! Good luck!

      1. Scott Martin

        The worst fog ever

    62. corsair24160

      Watch every vid you have produced and share with friends! Would like to know about your wrist watches we see you wear . Do you have a collection ? Thank you for your time money and effort to make these wonderfull videos.

    63. schism420420

      I was on the edge of my seat rooting for you !

    64. Pedro Crespo Mira


    65. Warren

      Saltwater largies? I’m from California and don’t know about this.

    66. big dad ace

      I remember this now that you show it again. Good Job Scott, I'm curious and would like to know if you found this spot or did your Dad share it with you.

    67. Matt Paplawskas

      Not sure how you are gonna beat that story!! Awesome!!!

    68. Vue Lee

      Dude congrats... But let the new guys win for once. Your legendary... Lol great video.

      1. Scott Martin


    69. Eddy Schonfield

      Love your story and watching your tournaments. Can't wait for you to get the session started. Sun that's a big one sun ☺

    70. Lonely Coaster Tx

      Great story

    71. Asova Gaming

      You are my favorite angler, loved this story thanks for the content and ill be rooting for ya in the future.

    72. Andy

      Ocean lol ...thats Mississippi sound .

    73. DRUCO316

      Nice job man.

    74. tanner croom

      Love theese videos

    75. Daryan Augustine

      Scott you have to tell the story with Kevin VanDam

    76. Ripperlipper 101

      Good story like to see more of these kind of videos

    77. CentralCoastCamper

      Awesome story Scott!

    78. Juan Arellano

      Team USA stories would b cool!!

    79. David Slater

      Yeah thank god.... not your co angler that warned you. 😑

    80. Kevin Twardowski

      love this!!! and to see you along with Marty Stone that long ago !!!

    81. Yorger Mujica

      You’re the best sir thank you for sharing this video that’s mean a lot to all your fan god bless you and keep up

    82. Crafty OH

      What an amazing story and fun to hear good ole jerry mckinnis.

    83. C Gray

      Scott, keep the tourney stories coming, love to hear them!

    84. David Maynard

      SMC is the best fishing Show on Utube! He is just a nice guy who keeps it real! Notice how he treats his co-anglers ! Never a Jerk! Keep them coming!

      1. Scott Martin


    85. Emerald Notch

      These videos are awesome! Great quarantine stuff. Just put in 13 solid hours of Scott Martin videos. 👍👍

    86. John R

      That was great ! Stressful I'm sure but great story .

    87. Brian Mowers

      Great story, and I'd be a lot happier for you if it wasn't my old buddy Marty you beat to win it. 😉 Congrats!

    88. Beach Jesus

      Bring back the pink bibs

    89. Brian Grider

      Look up T@G outdoors on facebook. It's my fishing page. I have a video of myself catching a 6 plus pounder off the bank on pascagoula river at night in the full moon. Brian J Grider is my facebook as well.

    90. Brian Grider

      The last king of the river tournament weigh in out of Indian point was over 20 pounds...Scott...tidal waters are a lot different. Fish live and die by the tide.

    91. Brian Grider

      I live on pascagoula river and I know where you ran to fish. It's funny because there has been 9 plus pounders caught in dog river and Biloxi river lol Mobile Is ok fishin too.

    92. Chasen Gillz

      That's #1 Scott. Awesome story!

    93. Cullen Plummer

      I live on Lake Murray

    94. rick porter

      Great fishing story Scott!

    95. Chad Heck

      Did I just see Scott Martin sitting down and fishing like Bill Dance? LOL It's just amazing how much fishing changes from year to year with advancing technologies and techniques.

    96. John Magana

      Man I have some crazy stories but that 1 is really crazy had me pumped

    97. Clint Y.

      how old were you?

    98. Brad Courtney

      Your Momma was so excited when you lifted those fish! As they say, No guys No glory! Hope all is well down there in Clewiston and I hope to be back down there fishing the Big “O” soon. Sure do miss your Mommas banana pudding!

    99. Southern Outdoors

      I actually live near mobile and have fished the meahers state park /Delavan bay area where you caught all your fish in this tournament many times and of all the tournaments ever in that area you know I've never seen or heard of a 6 lb fish coming from that area again..I can tell you for those that don't know this ride from Pascagoula is the hardest to navigate and not get damage to your boat for a local much less for someone not from here..absolutely why to this day your my favorite fisherman.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro!!!! 👊🏼

    100. the other finnegan

      oh baby! can't wait for this covid stuff to go down, want to see you in bass masters.