UNDERWATER Peacock Bass Fishing

Scott Martin

32 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    We went out to capture some ferocious underwater strike shots of peacock bass in the Florida Everglades!
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    1. Scott Martin

      How cool were some of those shots?! Leave a like and share this with your friends! Thank you guys for all your support 👊🏼 be sure to check out the Team SMC merch.

      1. Stanley Lofton

        Great another reason I need to go to Florida fishing. My wife is gonna be so proud of you for posting this. Lol

      2. Richie Po

        Growing up we used to catch a lot of Oscar’s off the bridge on Royal Palm and Avenida Del Rio......

      3. Decompression Stop

        👍Like button totally smashed! I absolutely LOVE underwater footage. So cool seeing how the fish react to the bait, and drone views, too! I had to watch it again, so cast it to the big screen smart TV. More, MORE!!! please. Will share this! 😀


        What favorite rod is that?

    2. DaveProclaimed

      Fishing beds for peacock bass is not impressive. All the locals know this. The fish will bit anything if you throw it at them enough times. Let the fish guard their beds. Try and catch the schooling peacocks in the morning on some top water action - that is more fun and the fish fight different.

    3. JD Fishing

      Sick drone footage man! keep up the great work

    4. JD Fishing

      You need to learn how to hold peacock bass better

    5. That_kid__Chris

      Hey Mr. Scott you got any teaching videos coming out soon you honestly my favorite bass fisherman to watch and learn from👍🏻

    6. That_kid__Chris

      Hey Mr. Scott you got any teaching videos coming out soon you honestly my favorite bass fisherman to watch and learn from👍🏻

    7. Jeremy Taylor

      Beautiful fish would love to catch some don’t have those in NC

    8. Name Of

      how is everyone. anyone know which canal that is or at least the city. thanks

    9. Krealot

      There is not much that beats the ability to see a fish hit the bait. Was out this morning fishing for Pike, and saw one coming of its bed. Started throwing a small swimbait and it went up and bit it and let go, but it was right at surface :D

    10. Billy Sifu

      Nice content hope to see more vids like these

    11. Tennessee Jeff

      And did you know those aren’t bass? They are cichlids.

    12. Tennessee Jeff

      The big one that got away, did you lose your jerkbait?

    13. John Lee

      Epic video footage!

    14. Andrew Reyes Orozco

      That's how you do it.. just piss them off and boom! They will smash it!

    15. Chris Beland

      Just Awesomeness 👊😁🤙

    16. George Autenreath

      Scott this is a cool video. I just want to let you know how you involve your kids, support them and help them is the main reason I follow you. It's great to see you building the sport and the kids futures. God Bless!

    17. BassGeek

      Killer footage.

    18. Kelby Kisor

      Awesome footage! Cant wait to get on some peacocks!

    19. Fish Daddy


    20. robert fitzgerald

      Nice footage Scott that's amazing I would love to fish there how would I get to that spot I live in Saint Petersburg

    21. Jamie Scott

      Nice video

    22. Danny Owen

      Beautiful fish!

    23. Dickhead

      Is this the canal system off 75 😁

    24. Theo Mcallister

      Nice video never seen or heard of a peacock bass!

    25. Kip Gilley

      footage 100%

    26. Thomas Caldwell

      Thanks a mil for the awesome underwater footage bro!!! Will you be in Georgia this year? Where can we come see you?

    27. Ron Iler

      Hi there,Evening sir. Nice video & lure. Although you didn't mention the name,brand,size,color.

      1. Ron Iler

        @Scott Martin,Hi there,Evening Scott sir. Ok nice,Thanks for sharing video as well as the info. Will have to get one & try it out. Tight lines.😎

      2. Scott Martin

        Live Target Jerkbait Yearling Baitball

    28. Ike Yankanelli

      your new videographer is bad ass. Hard to miss whiney Brandon even though I want too

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks !!!

    29. JustFishing🎣

      Incredible footage definitely a game changer keep it up watching you and your dad is the reason I switched from saltwater to fresh

      1. Scott Martin


    30. Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez Fuentas

      And dudeman really needs Lots of sun on those feets.😂 McCoy

    31. Austin Genord

      Super awesome videos!! My favorite thing about this man is that every fish he catches his like a little kid on Christmas !! Pursue your passion like this guy!! Thumbs up for me!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Austin!!!

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks Austin!!!

    32. Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez Fuentas

      The Fellas are gonna just RAVE about those underwater shots, Genius... Now you just need a couple more and your flyin one. I forget the name. Aerial shots❤of the sea. Never saw one of those 🐟 before either. ❤❤❤ALL your stuff, and coming with... I'm sooo Happy to see you Super excited. Yay. I feel ya. 😁💥 #DeepSea

    33. Cheza

      Great video, that's got to be some of the best underwater & drone camera action I've seen. The fish are gorgeous, well done & thanks for sharing.🎣😎🇬🇧

      1. Scott Martin


    34. Mike Davis classic country

      Great video Scott awesome footage

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Mike!!

    35. Archie Williams

      So when is your next Bassmaster event?

      1. Scott Martin

        April 7 or so

    36. Emil Coetzee - The Fishing Effect

      like no 1000 Whoop

    37. Jerome Torrez

      If you quit asking for subs people would love it and maybe sub to your channel all the guys that ask don’t get none and the ones that don’t say shit get subs so quit asking dude.

    38. David Kim

      Hope the underwater footage becomes a trend for future upcoming videos! Keep up the great work! I will be purchasing that jerk bait 🎣🔥

    39. David Kim

      Mad props to your camera man working that drone to provide that shark like strike on that bank. Very cool footage!! Always a plus when we the viewer can observe their behavior while you talk us through it! 🔥🤙🏽

    40. WetLine Adventures

      Excellent underwater footage!

    41. Brandon Bartlett

      we want the Freeman

      1. Scott Martin


    42. Shenanigan King

      Nice underwater footage!

    43. Jimmy Woodman

      Have u talks to cox

    44. Alex Conley

      Catching a peacock is up there on my bucket list... Next time i come down from ohio im going farther south

    45. Johan Pieterse

      Super cool....Would love to catch some peacocks!!

    46. txhuntsman

      Cool underwater shots.

    47. Michael Whitney

      Underwater shots are the best! Nice job!!!

    48. Rowdy Broomstick

      Using a drone to get underwater shots, that's un heard of. Cool .

    49. Wesley Bryant

      Did i miss the giveaway of the lures from the fishing expo?

      1. Wesley Bryant

        Scott Martin cool

      2. Scott Martin

        I’ll be doing then this week

    50. Cornfed !!!!

      Next too your dad scott your the best fisherman ever you 2 rock!

    51. Trey Miller

      Is there any tournament videos coming? Those are my favorite

      1. Scott Martin

        Very soon

    52. BeezerMN

      Only a matter of time before someone puts a camera inside a lure. That will be amazing.

      1. New England bass assiassin

        They already have

      2. Scott Martin


    53. Captain Shane

      Good work Scott👍🏻 Nothing more fun than sighting em

    54. Jorrdan Hendricks

      Where is Brandon?

      1. Scott Martin

        He is still around just not on the road anymore..

    55. Mike Rhew

      Somebody tell me where is brandon

      1. Scott Martin

        He is working on the TV show and bigger projects.

    56. Ed Pelkey

      Wow those Peacocks are aggressive, amazing underwater action! The only thing better would be to catch them on top water! Mr. Martin love the variety of topics/subjects of your videos! This was absolutely your best video 😳👊🏻🐟🍺

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Ed!!!

    57. Danny D-Rock Mahaffey

      That was awesome!!!! Great work guys

    58. GOT'EM!!!

      I'm so rdy just watching this video... Thx Scott...

    59. Dj Willie D Wilcox

      Great footage bro.. 👍🏿

    60. Daniel Brock

      Best fishing channel on youtube.

    61. Trey Ferguson

      Dude you just gave me an idea with that jerk bait there

    62. WayneRc

      Keep making awesome video’s

    63. Trey Ferguson

      If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball!!!! If you can flip a jerkbait, you can flip a jig!!!!!! If you can skip a crank bait your good!!!! I've seen it done too!!!!

    64. Trey Ferguson

      Underwater peacock bass footage!!!! Pretty cool

    65. Adam Smith

      That footage is awesome. From the drone to the underwater strikes. Plus great editing. You guys knocked this one outta the park !!!

    66. javier pepin

      Good video ef o good job Martin under water video liked 👍

    67. addicted_to_ bass

      Man you make flippin look so easy. Wish you would do a how to video from reel setup to actually flipping a jig please.

    68. Boyden Ewing

      This is top notch footage! Fun to watch!

    69. Michael Covrett

      Scott take me with you

    70. Boyden Ewing

      3:25 that's a red spot not an orange one

      1. Boyden Ewing

        Indeed we may

      2. Adam Smith

        @Boyden Ewing ok now we can all sleep tonight.

      3. Boyden Ewing

        Just gotta make sure he's got his colors right. If I was gonna hate I'd critique the footage but there's nothing to critique!

      4. Adam Smith

        That's all you can say about such an amazing video. Wow

    71. Growing jordon

      flipping jerk baits thats some next level shizz right there sc. im gonna fish with you one day i swear man even if i have to pay for a fishing school. i live in lakeland fl

    72. Howard Stout

      Awsome again scott love it

    73. Fishing-fanatic

      So I have a question is the growing peacock bass population reducing the lg Mouth population in south Florida?

    74. jaxwild11

      Awesome video!! When is Brandon coming back.

    75. Bennie Maxwell

      Great footage Scott

    76. Andrew Prioli

      This might be my favorite video you’ve done

    77. Dbars19

      time to get your self a Aqua-VU under water camera sponsor scott ;)

    78. Darren Mudge

      well that answers my question from last week.

    79. FishingFlorida954

      Is that Miami everglades

    80. Dave Rasnake

      That under water shot was Awesome. Cool seeing how pissed they got before they made the final strike. Awesome video.

    81. Chris Jameson

      That was so much fun to watch.

    82. Phil Tarbox

      Those were some wicked underwater shots! I've been having fun with the peacocks in Miami the past couple weeks... can't get enough of it!!... lot of 2-3 lbers... hoping to find a big boy!

    83. Grizz Johnson

      are they any good to eat ?

    84. Mark Chambers

      The coolest attacking the lure . Wish we had those in south Louisiana 🤙

      1. Trey Ferguson

        I wonder if you can put em in a pond???

    85. The Angry Bass

      Oh those pretty peacocks!

    86. Caleb Needham

      What happened to brandon

    87. Chris Martinez

      Where's spinner worm been at ?

    88. Matt B

      Hey Scott, if you only had 1 bait and you had to catch a fish in an unknown spot, unknown time of year .. LIFE OR DEATH .🤪 what would it be .. thanks in advance

      1. Trey Ferguson

        I'm not Scott but my pick would be a rapala broke back minnow for 1 fish anywhere. For bass my pick would be a green pumpkin straight tail worm on a Texas rig.

    89. Chad Dorma

      Awesome Vid Scott... best fishing Vids out there. A person, can laugh, learn, and enjoy, in all the same Vids. Keep them coming Scott... 👊🏻

    90. Ethan hagen

      Let's gooo I'm early notification gang where y'all at 💯🤞😂


      What favorite rod is the silver one your using in the intro???

      1. Tom Walker

        He’s using the Hex series brand new this year and way too expensive 400 dollar rod

    92. Young Giraffe Official

      Bruhhhhhh u need to come up to VA beach to do some fishing

    93. Brodie Anderson

      Love these vids where you go out solo and crush em!! Good stuff!

    94. Jimmy Brown

      I love smacking peacocks with lipless cranks and jerk baits they flat out can’t stand them awesome strikes man keep that fire coming

    95. Brock Johnson

      Man that drone footage of that fish striking was amazing! Well done Scott! I’ve watched all your videos man and your def stepping it up a notch here dude! Great great stuff!

    96. Christopher Valley

      Awesome video🎣🎣🐟🐟

    97. LB7 Wade

      Love your excitement!! Watched your dad fish for years!! Still watch him. But your daughter could beat both of yall.

    98. Travis Hutchinson


    99. Phil Williams

      Awesome video keep them coming

    100. Brock Johnson