Types of Swimbaits - What you need to know (Surprise Catch)

Scott Martin

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    I explain the several types of swimbaits in this fishing tip video. This will teach you about Jointed Swimbaits, Glide Baits, Paddle Tail Swimbaits, Line Through and Weedless Swimbaits. I am also caught off guard by this surprise fish.

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    1. Scott Martin

      If you like this video help us keep growing by sharing it to everyone you know..👊🏼 Thank you so much for all the support!.

      1. eastwoodccj

        Thanks for the videos Scott Martin! You are a real professional and give great information without missing the details. I'll be sure to share once the people I got fishing graduate to swimbaits.

      2. Trey Hicks

        Trey Alabama football 🏈 Scott Martin Oklahoma

      3. Trey Hicks

        Scott Martin Treyhicksii ALABAMA TUSCALOOSA (423) 314-7956

      4. RatherB Fishing

        Scott Martin Hey man I have been watching your KGup for a longtime! You have helped me a lot and I can’t thank you enough for that! I’m hoping I can make the Columbus Fishing expo and get a chance to see yah!

      5. Bradley Konrad

        What’s the name of the one you put your line through?

    2. Bob Tack

      your one of those disrespect able fisherman skip the lure under the pontoons -thats bullshit

    3. Louisiana Midwest

      Nice cat

    4. iPsychlops

      FREAKING AWESOME VIDEO! And you catching a fish while just demonstrating was really entertaining. Very helpful!

    5. Michael Lewis

      Great video! Great info! Thanks!

    6. Mark Duvall

      I use spray fish attractor on my lures..it really works in the rivers

    7. K RDP

      im contemplating about picking up a few packs of berkley powerbait and noticed that berkley powerbait swimbait works glad i decided to do some researching Scott you just proved to me that swim baits catch catfish im buying small swimbait thanks to you scott.

    8. 16 Casts

      Great Video Again Brother!! You inspired me to start filming some of my bass fishing adventures! If anyone is interested please give them a watch and think about subscribing! Being a new channel, It would mean more than you know to me!

    9. Daniel Margita

      Great video thanks

    10. Cipres Waltana

      Bro at 11:02 that is priceless 😂 great video bro 🤘🏼👌🏼

    11. Alex Ortega

      Yo was that a fucking ufo in the back behind him 4:30

    12. William Albrecht

      Good info darting the baits works for me also

    13. Virgo Viking23

      I tried a shad swimbait the other day and loved it. Caught a decent sized bass immediately on the second cast

    14. j w

      Nice video

    15. Originz Fishing

      "Freshwater Trout they dont" ....there's only freshwater trout. Unless your talking about Steelhead...or those so called "Speckled Trout" which are actually drum. There's no such thing as Saltwater Trout

    16. Hide Seek

      That cat was hilarious.

    17. Indexfossil L

      thanks for the tips, I'll take a cat any day! subscribed.

    18. Leroy The Hooker

      Just started swimbaits too! This was perfect. Now I know what to buy and how to use, thanks much Scott!

    19. Changsoo Hahm

      "you gotta let em eat it a lil...BAM!! a Giant!!"

    20. chris fossinger

      Lol I cant belive you caught a catfish

    21. astrolover 95

      Of course his phone rings immediately after he gets a bite.

    22. Michael7 Cline2

      Thank you. Thank you very much. Bam!

    23. Richard Bumpus, CJF

      I have more luck with swim baits fished on the bottom. Have you found that?

    24. Tennessee Jeff

      Basically basically basically? 22 times you said basically.


      When you break off the prototype...

    26. Jason Mccluskey

      Need help from my favorite pro. I just bought Storm 360GT Largo Shad w/ Hook Soft Plastic Swimbait. How do I keep it on or near bottom? I am using vanish fluro on a shimano 6 10 mg extra fast with shimano curado dc 8.5.1 reel.

      1. HashSlinging Slasher

        Jason Mccluskey with sinkers

    27. BloodwatchDaGamer

      Bro I came here for tips on BIG swimbaits. a 5/8 oz swimbait is not a big swimbait. 2 oz+ is a Big swimbait. A musky would snap 17lb test like a slim jim

    28. Derek Mathis

      I learned a lot from this video. Thanks for sharing.

    29. Eric Smith

      I just got a Scott martin rod 7'6 Heavy for my A rig and s wavers Tatula 7.3:1 reel on 17lbs Fluorocarbon or braid 50lb or more.

    30. Eric Smith

      I love river2sea s waver

    31. Joe King

      His reaction to catching that cat fish had me laughing so hard i had tears in my eyes. 😂😂😂

    32. Rusty Blades

      Dam...Scott is skinny in this video.....6/19....wow!!!

    33. E James

      Great tips. I used one of your tips. Caught what looked like a 2 or 2.5lb large mouth but it let loose as I braught it in!!

    34. Joe W

      Those cheap little minnow swimbaits at walmart have caught more than anything in my tackle this spring, even my jerkbaits.

    35. BlackoutBill21

      Sub to my channel guys!!

    36. Gerardo Rodríguez

      Mucho perico y nada de pesca

    37. Shaun Roberts

      Scottie That,was AWESOME

    38. Michael Dob

      Great Vid! I am just wondering what do you do with the used damage Soft baits? DO you reuse them or do you throw them away? Thx

    39. Just Livin With Adam & Amanda

      Awesome tip bro thanks!

    40. localbassfisherman

      Scott, what’s the name of the line through you’re throwing? You called it a “baby e” and an “osprey”. But it doesn’t look like either. Also, is that a 3.5 in lure or 4? What type of rod and reel were you throwing it on?

    41. Briane Coble

      U talk about people in California like they only throw swimbaits, I live in san Diego (California) and I fish lots of other baits

      1. Tony Johnson

        yes but California is know for the revolution of big swimbait fishing.. i too live in San Diego and fish alot of other baits but there is nothing like fishing a 8" plus swimbait... most anglers in other parts of the country dont even look at the big baits

    42. Michael Mostardi

      Great video, I learned something watching this.

    43. chuck cregger

      Scott--FLW cup champion and a million bass later. A big cat nails your swimbait and you still get excited. Speech changes, nervous, throat clearing. All of these are signs of a true fisherman, it never gets old, every bite gets the ole heart racing. You can't help it, it's in your bloodstream and very addictive. Thanks for the tips and remaining a kid a heart.

    44. eric w

      I fish in Lake Erie in Cleveland Ohio. What size Swim Bait do you suggest for Small Mouth bass?

    45. Mike Waara

      Thank you for the video Scott. Ive never tried swim baits and I'd like to give it a try. All i own are some spinning rods, med. Fast action, and spinning reels. Can i fish swim baits with my spinning rods/reels without having to go out and buy bait casting reel and heavier rods to see if i like fishing swim baits? If so, I live in northern Calif with fairly clear water, could i use 10 lb flouro line?

    46. lunch time lunkers

      For the S-waver or glide baits in general try a light twitch twitch after 5 or 6 turns or any amount of turns you like, but that light twitch twitch is deadly!!

    47. jerred reed

      That is a small catfish not a monster but a nice one nonetheless. I caught a similar sized one on a Rattle trap a couple days ago.

    48. Walter Holcher

      Caught the same thing on a wobble head the other day got to love them kytex

    49. Shawn Lewis

      Great stuff Scott!

    50. Villa.Cardenas_5

      What do you think of that Branden?

    51. Paul Wood

      Thank you this will help me

    52. Will

      Thank you so much for this video huge help to new fishermen like myself. Keep up the good work!

    53. Nicholas Williams

      The part where the catfish hammers the paddle tail swimbait is without a doubt my favorite SM moment

    54. Myles Mastersen

      Just subbed. Awesome video Scott. I remember watching the enthusiasm your Dad had on his TV show back in the 90's.

    55. John Cogburn

      Really like how you make all your videos and then teach at the same time it’s great

    56. Jeremy Alexander

      I love you guys and know you probably have no control over it. But 4 FishBrain ads during a 16 minute vid........ That's a situation! Loll

    57. Trey Hampton

      Can you please please please do a video like this on top waters

    58. B Lee

      Haha. That happened to me today burning a crankbait. Hooked up and knew it was a giant. I thought it could be double digit largemouth and ended up being a 10lb carp. Ugh.

    59. Kacey Nicosia

      Love it when Scott randomly poses weird with his mouth open for the thumbnail.

    60. Rob Howe

      Thanks for the Tips man !! From Ozzy Land

    61. DrHogfan

      Are Flukes swim baits?

    62. Steven W

      Love you catching the cat.

    63. Mary Ann Colunga

      Here in Houston,Texas fishing a lot of retention ponds with rocky bottom witch one of these baits would be best?

    64. jesse lucero

      Awesome video!

    65. Bruce Robinson

      Soo sick of that fish brain ad😕

    66. Mike Bham

      Definitely well explained appreciate it.

    67. James Hendrix

      DOA and Egret make good Swimbaits. Egrets Vudu swimbait and DOA has BFL. Good tips as always.

    68. MattInTheHat

      Love these informative vids, Scott, especially when you demo the retrieve! lmao on the catfish - I caught a gar on a paddle tail with the weighted screw hook just below the dam at Lake Rousseau last weekend!

    69. MrBBM1

      Thanks for the info. 👍🏻

    70. Cody Dupraw

      Hey Scott just wondering if you can do a video on a bait caster. I'm trying to learn more about them because I like bass fishing and I loose a lot of fish.

    71. Walter Jagielski

      I've caught several catfish in Florida while swimbaiting. Strangest thing isn't it?

    72. letun3481

      Great! Great video! Thanks :)

    73. Steven Sloan

      Dude, I freaking love your channel. Moved to FL. near the Harris Chain. Any tips on fishing these lakes.?

      1. Scott Martin

        Did you see the Harris chain series

    74. R. P. Mullins

      Scott seems like such a cool and down to earth dude! Love his videos packed with info and a great teacher! Good luck in tour homie!

    75. Robert Campbell

      Thank you very much for the hands on demos. I'm just getting back into my childhood love of fishing after 50 yrs away from it and your videos are like having a teacher beside me.

    76. All Day Tony!

      I hope to master this skill one day.

    77. Terry Hayes

      Hey Scott love the videos especially the tip videos keep up the good work and good luck 🍀 on the mondos

    78. CodyM44


    79. Christian Klein

      That firs swimbait shown never lets me down!

    80. TwinTurboDiezel

      I was lucky enough to meet Scott at a bass expo,the guy is down to earth,funny,and a badass fisherman,thank u Scott

    81. James Swirvin

      Sweet huge swimbaits

    82. dennis groves

      Did you add suspending strips to the bottom of the S Waver?

    83. Realistic Fishing

      I need all the swimbait help I can get 😂

    84. SHIZZLE 1337

      Been waiting for this one Scott I just recently bought a swimbait from one of those MySpace adds

      1. Originz Fishing

        MySpace? That's still around?

    85. Chris Moffat

      If you thumbs down a Scott Martin video you're just not american

      1. Scott Martin


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      That cat looked like dinner

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      Love the informational videos. Reminds me of Orlando Wilson in the old days

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      gday Scott from Australia you are the mannnnnn lol love your vids.


      Its really hard to wait this long for a new episode after youve watched every single one twice

      1. Scott Martin


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      Great info Scott. I have never been a swim bait guy but I am definitely going to try it out. You are the man!

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      Nice video more like this 1plz...and good luck on your next flw tournament.scott

    92. Fishing4Life

      I got away from swimbaits for a while but im going to try to get back into them. They quit producing good fish for me here in Mississippi but with new designs out maybe that will change. I may not be able to post a vid like this but ill for sure post one of me catching some fish. Good video.

    93. Don Willis

      Thank You for all your tips Scott. I've learned quite a bit from you and plan on hitting the water to try these out. Thanks again for helping to grow the sport.

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      Scott, enjoy the training videos. Nice cat

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      Thanks Scott, I really appreciate these. Great info.

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      Awesome video as usual! Can’t wait to see your seminar at the Columbus expo this weekend!

    100. Top Secret

      I really like these videos. I liked to fish when i was younger. (Bait on a hook see what happens) but now that I am older these videos really help understand what I am doing and I am able to teach my sons. Thank you Scott!