Brewstew - Turning 30


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    Back in my day, you were supposed to be kind and rewind.
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    1. brewstewfilms

      say happy birthday by following my dumbass twitter

      1. Harper Ed

        ok boomer

      2. Joan The Wad Music


      3. Snipzzer

        @Random Pr0d o

      4. Snipzzer

        Yessir yesssir yessssssir

      5. Aiden Davis


    2. LoLbit review

      Should have said hi to me

    3. PlanB


    4. Duck Relaxing

      On je jebeni manijak! vidi ga kako ide!!

    5. Joe Mama

      the fact that we are closer to 2050 than 1990 scares me

    6. Joshua Pinskiy

      @brewstewfilms show us a year book or picture of ur child hood friends

    7. icew allow

      someone is pretending to be you

    8. Eric M

      Bruh. Mackinac.

    9. sonic gamer 69

      Can you show michel

    10. coming soon

      Have u ever had a school fundraisers because your looking at a video idea

    11. WILDFIRE

      1:27 I've been to that exact same hotel

    12. Parrapa gots a Gun

      Congrats turning 30! 😊

    13. KIRITO Kirigaya

      Nobody: How Derek the seagull says what’s up 1:47

    14. Original Garcia / O.G. Family

      Ok boomer

    15. Kelvin Huggins jr

      Tell us your story about your first airsoft war

      1. Kelvin Huggins jr

        Wait did that happen...

    16. its skinner

      My grampa just told me about the internet dial

    17. Flynn The Flame

      Your my favourite KGupr

    18. gamer boy 1632

      Hey wat is ur dads name anyway

    19. Alvaro Palazuelos

      Do videogames that i grew up with

    20. Angel Silva

      Is Michael still your friend??

    21. UgAnDaKing Wassup

      Brewstew films are the fucking best right fucking onnnnn

    22. Dylan Comick

      Dana sent me . Best thing ever.

    23. ßççæ ß

      Hey I have a dog that's named Micheal and he a big wuss like your friend when u were growing up with

    24. Celeste Wheatfill

      Bird shits on you on your birthday ....... Yay

    25. Sonny nairn

      Hey Tyler I ordered the Michael stepdad plushy and I'm a big fan


      Nah I get it bro, I'm only 15 and already I dread every birthday

    27. Anthony Lopez

      What happened to micheal parants?

    28. Johnny B.

      The south park inspiration is heavy. And I love it.

    29. Ivan Huang

      I remember one of the battery smells like my ear wax (no joke)

    30. YouMadBro9115

      me: introducing the new show Ten Across The Ass

    31. Ayaan Sharma


    32. Polish WotB Boi

      Getting a walking stick now.... Get ready for 31 you will need a wheelchair

    33. Ariel Encinas

      This is how you vlog a trip.

    34. DefyYourLogic

      When you realize you only got a little over 8 years until you're officially old.

    35. obama prism

      I go to mackinaw almost every year

    36. Snowphie cruz

      my dad is 40 and I’m 11

    37. Keaven Ferrel

      Your my favorite KGupr can you please reply

    38. Cristle Jarvis

      P p p p p p o p my l

    39. Aeld Allkushi

      Tyler, I grew up in Cleveland and still live there to this day, the stuff you say is very relatable, I still can’t believe how KGup hasn’t demonitized you, keep making great content, Aeld.

    40. Ricki

      1:30 “It’s like Home Alone 2 in this bitch”

    41. Niko Bellic



    43. Among the unknown Fn

      Hi tillerrandorsorosrex

    44. Ed West

      So you're from Defiance, OH?

    45. Sora Hanaishi

      AY I THINK I SAW DERICK WHEN I WENT LAST MONTH. And holy shit was the water cold. I think ur room was like 4 or 5 away from mine.

    46. erijklol 134679

      Bro if you watch a video from him from like 7 years ago you can't tell the difference in quality of his animation

    47. Tryto FN

      Post more pls

    48. - Suueyy -

      That fuxkin dial up noise. That shit never registers when ppl say it but when u hear that shit its like u living the nightmare all over again. Aint nobody using the gotdam house phone & all that. Kids dunno

    49. YO PEEPS

      I love the taist of Duracell battery as well

    50. Kevin Franco


    51. PavPete

      If you add the time since when you were 10 to now you would be 50.

    52. Marvin Nava

      Why did you not upload for 1 month

    53. Alex Florack

      It's ok I turn 27 tomorrow lol.

    54. Gamer D

      I started watching your channel 6 yeArs ago

    55. Pate Riot

      Michigan Gang💪

    56. Cynthia Martinez

      If you have a holographic Charizard perfect condition you will get $220,000 more than that probably you get more money if it's super perfect

    57. Kronos999

      you should’ve celebrated 30 with micheal.

    58. awesome

      Get kids.

    59. Minty Monkey

      yo what happened to your branded harold lawn mower on fire on a cake

    60. Luke Steinmetz

      @acidabs7 on TikTok is stealing your content and not giving you any credit

    61. Nathan Vue

      This dudde is so fucking funny

    62. Gabriel Shumate

      Happy belated birthday

    63. Gavin cool

      I love your videos

    64. Gavin cool


    65. Elizabeth Gonzalez

      I what a new voide

    66. Fat noob

      Hey brewstew, Do you know the muffin man?

    67. agent carnage227

      wait is ur birthday in October

    68. AliAnimated

      How the fudge do u know how dead people smell like?

    69. Joshua Nepomuceno

      I love the way you say "jesus Christ"

    70. Derpy

      I've been to macanaw I did some lazer thing and he is.correct a shit tone of Segal's and fudge shops and we also went to a shop that freaking sold swords and shit

    71. Chase Asaro

      Bro your content is probably the best I've seen when im having a bad day ill just rewatch to videos you are the one person who makes ne lagh the hardest so yeah love your stuff

    72. Clint's Tosh official

      What if you named Derek...Steven instead

    73. Dark Bound Angel

      This shit was entertaining as hell. I want to meet Derek the seagull. 😭

    74. partytimer 17

      So I had a question, do you consider yourself part of the animation community? people like it'sAlexClark or Rebecca Parham from let Me explain studios or Jaiden animations?

    75. Manuel Montiel

      My dad is 32

    76. Adam Treadway

      It would be cool to meet him

    77. Jesse Burnett

      This channel is epic your story telling is great hilarious I can't stop laughing it's just so like real for the time of the storys been watching over FB great appreciate the honesty and the content and animation ND simple

    78. Just NonExistent

      Forgot years was even a thing. Could've sworn yesterday was 2007

    79. Adrian Gonzalez

      (Rides ship) *sees bridge WHILE on ship* ( Dude happy b day #batterybeer #badasheck bike *

    80. Michael’s step dad

      holy shit happy birthday

    81. Shazam

      Imagine if u tried out playing among us with ur gf and brewer maybe Micheal if u wanna search for him lol but think abt the idea of playing among us!!!!

    82. Wilford Ownbey

      What is another channel like Brewstew?

      1. Matt Richardson

        Jaiden animation and theodds1sout

    83. XPixS Z

      Yo anyone else seen the goodfellas scene on the wall at 45

    84. douglas miller

      Thanks to watching videos from these guys on Facebook and them mentioning michelob ultra in a few I get ads for michelob ultra

    85. The Generations

      I am also a 90 baby. I can relate to how things go for you. I think it is representative of many of our life experiences of a generation as a whole.

    86. lol 4292

      You should make a mug that says "god damit Michael!"

    87. immortal boi

      You should do a video on Micheals mom

    88. Matt Coble

      Can you say my name in the next video you make openwatching your videos videos for seven years Walker Texas Ranger you can catch a tan chainsaw with his bare hands there I said first video part of it I don’t know what I’m saying just give me a shout out

    89. Plush world 2

      This is how many times he said alright in the starting of the video 👇🏻

    90. Plokijdamun Plokijijij

      My mom will be 40, so your ok

    91. ssbssbardock

      Damn same age as my mom hehehehe

    92. Talon Borrink

      I've been watching for 2 years now funny as hell! This guy is great.

    93. Taco Flavored Doritos


    94. FA_EXPERT

      hey brewstew do you have any memorize of your school librarys or public it will be funny.

    95. Daniil Pavlov

      Come on darick

    96. Derek Straka

      Ah shit Derek you did it again.

    97. Alex Silvestri

      Happy birthday 🥳

    98. Caribbean Frog

      You guys should go to Barbados 🇧🇧 pretty good place crystal clear water great food and lots of entertainment

    99. Rayne Pigott

      Why do you allways start you videos with "ALRIGHT"

    100. Matthew Ford

      Can you do a video about how you got your dog