Reece & Ray

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    күнү жарыяланды 26 күн мурун


    1. jjjohanaaa

      are they married?

    2. BOOKofELI

      WHERE IS THE BIO DAD !!?????

    3. BOOKofELI

      This is sad. THE BIO DAD is not allowed to see the child but she lets other men play daddy for the kid of another man she slept with SMH 🤨😳

    4. Helen

      Reese is such an amazing dad figure

    5. Michyy

      What lashes are those! Love😍

    6. IrieVibes1111 *

      4:55 aweeeee i love it

    7. SkrappzOndeCk

      Soooooo I'm guessing the babys father wanted nothing to do with his kids birthday?

    8. yasio bolo

      I love how everyone is still in Londyns life ❤️❤️ happy birthday baby girl! 💗💗💗


      I like how he says “the girls” as if their his own

    10. dxk lp

      La la looks so much like reyleen and the other little girl looks like she could be reeces real daughter 🥺

    11. seeni gzty

      I love how everyone is still in Londyns life ❤️❤️ happy birthday baby girl! 💗💗💗

    12. Mamato3 Rowling

      I'm so glad that they're finally calling that his goddaughter I've been saying since he found out it wasn't his that should be his godchild because than he can always be there for her and love her as much as any child you love like it's your family when it is your family even though is not your blood family

      1. seeni gzty

        What’s the name of the song starting at 4:33? 😍

    13. Yo Mama

      She’s so lucky you guys stuck around for her and her baby after what she pulled I think it’s amazing you guys are still in their life

      1. seeni gzty

        Next time try the green caramel apple drink from Dutch Bros!! soo fire 🔥 it's a slightly sour green apple blended with caramel and caramel drizzle 😍

    14. Myrin PiusEzra

      Did anyone see how Myla fake sleeping 😂, she’s so cute ❤️

      1. seeni gzty

        why the vid of illi make me more emotional than anything lmaoo🥲

    15. Brandy Brayley

      There’s nothing but lipstick on here.. & then continues to drink lol love that

      1. yasio bolo

        She's so beautiful without makeup 💄😍

    16. Yurithzy Rodriguez

      Next time you go to Dutch Bros try a SOA rebel (strawberry, orange & almond) sounds like weird combo but it’s good!! Or a strawberry sour patch rebel or watermelon sour patch rebel !!! Get them all handblended aswell

    17. Rock girl

      "Took a chance on family ,now we both so happy" omgg this intro is beautiful 😍😍😍I luvv watching yall❤

    18. Sanpriya

      Justice looks so sad

    19. Denise Finnerty

      “A double rain-bro”

    20. Naomi Ruiz

      Me watching this & im literally drinking the Aftershock for the first time too 😂

    21. heather hunter

      Buzz is Ray trying to get in the camera 😂😂

      1. Rock girl

        May God bless you and your entire family endlessly for not walking out of that beautiful little girls life. You’ll always win in life with a heart like that. I love this family😍💕

    22. Dreaan Love

      Justice looks so sad ):

    23. Bre Denise

      This the first time I ever think Reece looks cute hahaha 😂😂😂

    24. Samantha Sosa

      Intro always makes me cry by how MF cute they all are together!!! #familygoals

    25. Thania maravilla

      Rayleens face 10:39 😂😂

    26. Angelina Guerra

      She's so beautiful without makeup 💄😍

    27. mel

      Next time try the green caramel apple drink from Dutch Bros!! soo fire 🔥 it's a slightly sour green apple blended with caramel and caramel drizzle 😍

    28. Quin M

      What’s the name of the song starting at 4:33? 😍

    29. Cori Stewart

      why the vid of illi make me more emotional than anything lmaoo🥲

    30. Nani Amor

      Happy Birthday Londyn love you guys beautiful party 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️

    31. Sadie Noel

      Aftershock is my favorite

    32. Erika love


    33. Star Maria

      Took a chance on family Am. just obsess with this song 🎶

    34. Stephanie Hoyos

      Rayleen is soo pretty without make up omgggg and with ofc😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️

    35. Guljan Papaladze

      May God bless you and your entire family endlessly for not walking out of that beautiful little girls life. You’ll always win in life with a heart like that. I love this family😍💕

    36. BitchOfOz

      What’s the song at 4:33?

    37. hodgkins87

      good health and peace for all even these fools

    38. scott sharpe

      She looks scary with the 10 pounds of makeup slathered allover her face

    39. Kenneth Mahoney

      You guy's are lame, nobody cares.

    40. T-Virus Terrance

      Hello, Humans. If you couldn’t be convicted of any one type of crime, what criminal charge would you like to be immune to? TERRANCE OUT

    41. felicia n allen

      I love the intro song omg it be stuck in my head all the damn time !

    42. Candi Lease

      Baby Londyn has an amazing extended family through her Godfather Justice! U can see the pride and joy they have when they’re with her! Everyone in justices family adores her!!

    43. Nadia Valencia

      What happen to your puppy? I haven't seen it in your vlogs

    44. Dayana arzola

      Rayleen looks so pretty without makeup!

    45. init

      People's children have birthdays every single day of the year....I'm just so confused as to why we should give a damn about yours. You're just another person why do you think you're that important or interesting. Understand no one really cares about what you have to post their only interested in distracting themselves from their own pathetic lives

    46. Sandra Medina

      I need to know what lipstick Rayleen is wearing!!?

    47. Bella Grace


    48. Only Jesus Can Save Us

      John 3:16-17 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. Romans 6:23 23. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9-10 9- That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.10- For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Amen!

    49. S leecakes

      What is with these cringey family channels? Please leave your children out of these things until they are old enough to consent. And chill on the lashes there about 70 percent of ur body weight girl 😂😒

    50. ruben d

      Who ever decorated this has no creativity or played a cruel joke on these poor people.

    51. Royal K

      Please read this post carefully ; Every one of us has sinned against God. We’ve lied, we’ve stolen, we’ve sinned sexually, and we’ve taken His name in vain; which makes us liars, thieves, fornicators and blasphemers ... Yet this is only four of our many transgressions . The problem is, we can never ‘outweigh’ our sin with good works because God is perfect in Holiness, meaning his standard is beyond our reach. He is also perfect in Justice, meaning, he will bring EVERY sin to light. The punishment for our sin is death, and Hell; a place of Eternal Fire, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth . Fortunately God is also perfect in Love, so 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ left his throne in heaven and came to this earth. While here, he lived a perfectly righteous life, only to take the punishment that We deserved; Our sinless creator became Our sin, and endured a gruesome death on a cross for our sake . Right before he died, he said ‘it is finished’ .. meaning, the debt for our sins has been paid in full. And on the third day, he defeated death and rose from the grave. So now, we can go free from the wrath of God’s judgement not by earning it, but rather, as a free gift of grace .. Except gifts can be either accepted or rejected. So this is what you must do in response ; Humbly admit to God that you have sinned against him. Then, confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, Your savior, and the ruler of your life from this moment forward ( Romans 10:9 ) . Do these things, and you will be saved . If you do so sincerely, God will grant you a new heart which no longer finds comfort in sin, but instead desires to read and obey his word. He will also grant you Eternal life in his presence; The greatest pleasure on earth doesn’t even come close to what God is preparing for believers in the afterlife . You’ve been informed ; Now the choice is yours. What you do with this information will determine where you will be for ETERNITY.. Meaning, this is the single most critical decision you will EVER make; And all of us here, whether believer or atheist, know deep down that every last word here is true . Jesus Christ awaits YOU this very moment. Do not put off surrendering your life to him, because your tomorrow isn’t guaranteed... and as it is written ( Hebrews 9 : 27 ); ‘It is appointed unto man ONCE to die, but after this, THE JUDGMENT’ .

    52. J J


    53. FirstName LastName

      She needs to chill with a makeup 💄

    54. ShadowDemon17


    55. Unknown

      Rayleen needs more bundles.. her hair looks just flat and lifeless

      1. Nomo

        Be nice 👍🏼

      2. Ericka M

        Right all thin and just dry

    56. Sara Ramirez

      Tending !!!!

    57. Daniela Calzon

      I still love your intro 💜 god bless you all

    58. Daniel McLaughlin

      Who cares

    59. Human thing to do

      What is this accident ?

    60. Lizbeht Elizalde Ayala

      The into itself is such a vibe ❤❤❤❤💯

    61. Felicia Martin

      Rayleen, where’d you get the girls car seats? 🤩😬😍

    62. Ringi V.

      Damn Jordan, when are you going to release the full track to your intro?

    63. Katelyn Coy

      Y’all have the most beautiful kids ever ♥️

    64. Amber-joytime Hehe

      Black lives mater✊✊✊🏻✊🏻✊🏼✊🏼✊🏽✊🏽✊🏾✊🏾✊🏿✊🏿

    65. Everything Joss

      A lot of y’all talk ish about him but I love how he is with R! ❤️

    66. Arsenic_

      I hate how London’s mom acts like nothing happened which could of been jcooks actual daughter but she went out of her way to cheat on him

    67. Tanaja Mcclurkin

      Happy birthday 🎂

    68. Luis Mares08

      It was nice meeting you guys also 💯stay safe!

    69. Preet Kaur

      Such a beautiful family 😍

    70. Ana Gonçalves

      Out of all youtubers this is the only intro that I listen to ❤

    71. jesus lopez

      No hate towards the baby of course but why are y’all around like this lady didn’t play your whole family?

      1. Maria Isabel Ramirez

        Yeah it’s a little weird, especially because the bm knew it wasn’t his most likely and never confessed until she got caught.

      2. Liz A

        Bc she did witchcraft

      3. Lexie Johnsons

        Right? They have good hearts, but I could never, she is a literal snake, she knew the entire time & she’s eating up all of the attention and camera time.

    72. Amy Duchesne

      Rayleen’s struggling with them eyelashes though lol

      1. Unknown

        I thought I was the only one tripping on her lashes 😂😂 struggling for sure!

    73. Hope Michael

      💜 love y’all

    74. MCG 1996

      Reece, your price tagg is stil in your cap!

    75. nutty01 Togafau

      Love it

    76. whack shit

      Did someone notice that Rayleens sister looks so much like Londyns mother ?!

    77. Sukhman K

      aww the vlog was super cutee🥰

    78. Maribel

      That is awesome your mom helped out with the party 😢❤❤

    79. Vanessa Olivarez

      So Londyn’s real dad isn’t in the picture? Or She won’t let her dad be apart of her life?

    80. Arpitaa Shinde

      Jordi remove that tag baby the cap tag

    81. Hemy Mozali

      Rayleen so pretty 😍 and kids too

    82. ariana g

      "Took a chance on family ,now we both so happy" omgg this intro is beautiful 😍😍😍I luvv watching yall❤

    83. evelinarr

      Try a handblended midnight rebel 🔥🔥🔥 but the aftershock rebel is soo good too

    84. Ernesto Quintero

      Happy birthday Londign 🎁🎈🎉🎂

    85. Elida Wright

      Reece!!!! Your teeth look amazing!

    86. Lily

      Justice just looks sad

    87. Jai Leann

      Mylah was going innnnn on her nose after her nap 🤣🤣

    88. Yvette Escalera

      Can we talk about how good rayleen does her makeup in every video like my makeup doesn’t come out good as Rayleen Does her makeup . Her daughter’s are so adorable and I love watching your guys videos lots

    89. Lydia Clark

      I feel like Reece and Ray and Liljerz and Jcook and momma and the whole fam are such kind hearted real ass people. I feel like i’m part of their fam any time I watch any of their vids😭

    90. Maryjane Hickman

      I’m sorry to post this but your girls need to have that chest clip on their car seat up to their arm pits, it’s for their safety.

    91. Savannah Valenzuela

      Boy take sticker off your hat. Lol love y’all!

    92. Roukiayyah Bah

      What is the song that plays 4.59

    93. Chelsie Marroquin

      I love how Ray finishes all his sentences 😍😍 I love you guys! I’m a step mom of 2 kids as well. You guys are amazing!!

    94. Yula Cid

      Justice look so sad.

    95. CL A


    96. Ana Fine

      im in love with their intro video💘😻

    97. yadimwo

      Rayleens side profile is perfect😍

    98. laurbear

      Make these videos longerr i love yall fr😩

    99. ItsNeo

      Stop touching your hair! 😩

    100. CAR & ZAR

      Beautiful family