How to Catch a Bass BANK FISHING - Best Lures w/ Scott Martin

Scott Martin

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    My Top 5 Baits for Bank Fishing! Scott Martin shows you the basics of HOW TO Catch a BASS Bank Fishing.
    This How To Series is a easy to understand instructional video that will help choose the right lure, color, line and rod for your next fishing trip.
    Please share this video as we want to educate as many new fisherman as we can.
    Drop a comment and let us know what “How To’s” we should do next.
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    1. Scott Martin

      What are your favorite bank fishing lures?? I'd love to know! 👊🏼

      1. Carolina shooter 1982

        Whopper plopper

      2. Marvin Arnold

        Sexy dawg KVD

      3. Nick S.

        Texas rig probably, or a wacky worm which I caught my PB of 8.1 on. I also love chatter baits.

      4. Jeremy Bowersock

        This year it's been spinner baits

      5. Brian Sherrill

        buzzbait, chatterbait, spinnerbait, jitterbug (night time bass slayer), t-rig worms, and a frog.

    2. Preston Mire

      Awesome info

    3. Carolina shooter 1982

      Can you do a video on how to read the graph? What makes you fish out deep instead of banks

    4. kieranbunny

      Awesome video!! Thanks for sharin tips on bank fishin!! ==(:*D

    5. kbushmeyer

      Hi Scott, new to the channel and bass fishing....would love to see a video on how you determine what lures to use during different weather, water color/clarity, and in what order you try different lures. Thanks!

    6. Citykid Hunting and fishing

      Killed it like always mr Scott 🤛bam

    7. Nick S.

      This was very helpful, also can do a video on how to catch them on a jig from the bank.

    8. Southys Fishing

      Cracking video mate!! I've subbed if you could return the favour on my bass vid that would be appreciated!

    9. Harry K

      Scott, hope you are well and healthy. I am from Canada and Montreal. We usually go with friends to this place called Sleepy Hollow near Lake Champlain for fishing. Amazingly staff, good people. Do you think it would be possible that one day you can come down to Canada and do a seminar and make a video for us ? There isn’t enough videos or seminars do get fishing growing more in Quebec and as you know we have amazing lakes ! Hope it’s a market you can think about.

    10. Jing-Yi Chen

      Thank you for these how to videos, just picked up fishing. Could you do more how to videos? Lure baits in particular.

    11. TiklMeElmo


    12. dunkind

      shoulda stayed with flw/mlf and fished most of the summer instead of these busted ass bass opens. musta been afraid to compete with the big boys, i guess dudley was infact a better angler and had the balls to stay n fish with that loaded field and did damn well this year

    13. ReelNCFishing919

      Awesome tips. Around my area in NC, when in doubt or the bite slows down at a pond, wacky rig or Texas rig weightless senko. Enjoying the series 👍

    14. Drake Aamold

      God is good

    15. Kelly Meerpohl

      Great video mr.scott 😎

    16. Les GEAUX Fishing!!! with K-ROB

      Great info!

    17. kason mcmullin

      I know I’m a few days late, but my favorite bank lures are a bandito bug, a drag n drop on a drop shot, a whopper plopper, a reaction innovations flirt and a skinny dipper on a belly weighted hook. I’ve committed to learning the frog this year though

    18. Dylan Trail

      What would you throw with a 6’6 Medium Heavy?

    19. laundy oeur

      What is that rod and reel set up you using?

    20. Isaiah Bivins

      Probably a Texas rig June bug senko or a lipless crank

    21. BubaJ1000

      Cast it out, reel it in, cast it out again and reel it in. That’s Reel important.

    22. Colton Updyke

      Frog, creature bait, and chatter or spinner bait are my top 3 pond baits

    23. Detstormvet7991 Rider

      Love the tips

    24. Benjamin Hsu

      Thank you thank you thank you x 1000000 for this. I do not own or have access to a boat and all my fishing is bank or beach. This was truly helpful!!

    25. Dbeason 1100

      I recommend you to my friends who are just getting started love the channel

      1. Dbeason 1100

        Scott Martin they do I sent this one and the worm fishing one to him and he will fish and and watch at the same time

      2. Scott Martin

        Awesome, Thanks so much!! Hopefully these “How to” vids help. 🤙🏼

    26. Eric Maciel

      All I want to know what motor you put on your ranger lol

    27. Steve Olewine

      Hey Scott first of all thanks for being so informative and willing to share techniques. We catch some slobs here in central FL but could you shed some light on fishing lipless cranks through grass? Keep it up bro you're vids are much appreciated. Thanks brotha

      1. Steve Olewine

        @Scott Martin Thanks man....Im starting to fish tourneys so a good plan on tournaments would be a good one as well. 👊

      2. Scott Martin

        That’s a good suggestion! Thanks👊🏼👊🏼

    28. Juan Rodriguez

      Can you do a video on hook sets?? Like with frogs and jigs etc. like is their a better way to know when to set the hook?

    29. Jsmith Outdoors

      Can you fish with the googan squad

    30. Ben Register

      Come to Savannah GA... Savannah River bass fishing!!

    31. Jerry D.

      Can you show us how to fish big swimbaits from shore as well? Love the video👍

    32. William Brown

      Scott love your videos! I watch your whole family! Maybe more in depth techniques on how to fish the different baits wouldbeuseful. Maybe knots that you use. A lot of us don't have boats and are trying to find good bank fishing spots. So please keep up with the bank fishing videos.

    33. Johnny Ayers

      show how to bank fish in the south. tennessee

    34. Texas Wrath

      I remember as a kid watching your dad videos with my grandpa

    35. William Goolsby

      Hi Scott I’m having trouble fishing our neighborhood lake and golf course ponds they are grassy and the lake is very heavily padded with Lillie pads

      1. Dbeason 1100

        Works every time

      2. Dbeason 1100

        Weightless culprit red shad curly tail worm right outside the pads

    36. Todd Lawrence

      Nice snagless Bandito Bug tip Scott.✔

    37. GG_Flames 10

      I really like this guy he is such a good influencer I really want to fish with him

      1. William Brown

        Me too!

    38. BigAProduxions #117x

      Bank fishing 101 in my book, only my option (northeast Indiana river largemouth) zoom baby brush hogs, beavers or most creature baits. Dark colors. Spinnerbaits and crankbaits

    39. Neil Standridge

      I was amazed that you didn’t put a fluke or senko in a bank fishing video. But I know most people don’t deal with it but I fish tidal water I would love some input on slack tide situations. Fished tourney today in the Pascagoula river and only .3 ft of moment couldn’t figure out what to really do

    40. AustinS53 Schindewolf

      My favorite bass fishing lure is the chatter bait

    41. Ken Mccarthy Fishing

      Great information Scott 💪👍

    42. Ava Jaclyn

      Can you make a video with James ?

    43. kevin huntoon

      do a creek/small river vid pls.

    44. Danny Velazquez


    45. kvandy5989

      All those baits are good but nothing really beats a Senko from the bank

    46. Kevin Bolen

      I also like using a swim jig with a trailer on it and a chatterbox with trailor.

    47. Kevin Bolen

      Green pumpkin Sencos Texas rig, Bandbito bug texas rig, and a crank bait

    48. Michael Kissner

      When he said “they all climb on you .... then they go.. ATTACK” 😂😂😂

    49. Lorenzo Toscano

      Hey Scott, What reel are you using at 6:23? Looking to get one and pair it up with a favorite defender rod, Thanks.

      1. Lorenzo Toscano

        TheChamplain Fisher thanks broham

      2. TheChamplain Fisher

        Shimano Metanium MGL

    50. Austin Ferguson

      Been crushing them on the whopper plopper 90! I love this thing

      1. Drake Aamold

        God is good

    51. Jason May

      I fish the Tennessee River from the bank, and if I fish below a dam I will use a 3/4 oz spoon and make a long cast.

    52. wesleybigham1

      12:57 I use a dark colored braid (black), does that matter?

      1. wesleybigham1

        Scott Martin thanks man, love the vids, learn a lot from them.

      2. Scott Martin

        Not at all..👍🏻

    53. ChrisFoster95

      How to catch bass on frogs would be an exciting episode

    54. D- money

      Okay, the alligator hookset speaks volumes to Z-Mans Jackhammer. I’ve never seen a lure that could hold up to an alligator bite🤯

    55. Carlos Santiago

      Would like to see some topwater frog tips!

    56. David Babin

      Jointed (Broken back) shad “Rapala”

    57. Carson is Fishing

      Kayak fishing


      Obviously FLIPPIN JIGGZ TV loves to catch them on jigs. Lately i have been catching them on a drop shot. Please check out our channel to help it grow. Ty for all you do.

    59. Brian Jordan

      Grew up out west Trout fishing all my life. Now in Alabama trying to learn to bass fish. So different, but today is my B-Day and im taking myself fishing in an hour and im gonna try these out. Very informative video. Thanks for the tips!!

      1. Brian Jordan

        @Chris H thank you!

      2. Brian Jordan

        @GG_Flames 10 thank you.

      3. Brian Jordan

        @Scott Martin thank you. Means alot for you to take the time out to ssay that! So i bought my first Chatterbait that day because i wanted to try it because of your video. Figures, 2nd cast got it snagged and lost it. LOL..

      4. Chris H

        Happy birthday brother

      5. GG_Flames 10

        Happy birthday

    60. jdogg661420

      can that top water pay off if you are on a point that shoots out and has sloping sides on each side? then is it worth casting out on each side of it? ive never got a topwater.. ived tried it all really tight casting down banks.. and off main points but never any luck.. tried at all times of day.. and different times of year.. so i just mainly do drop shot and weightless texas rigged.. its the cheapest to lose from the banks.. and basically everything else is easy to lose.. except the top water but ya.. doesnt work so well for me. i got a tank here the other day on a roboworm dropshot style. i also fish a lot of off times.. non feeding times ect.. and a high pressured lake.. most of my fish come deeper then most would think.. around the 10-20 foot range. getting one shallow for me is just rare period. unless its like a super dink.but ya even a lot of my dinks are deeper. also i dont get many on the drag in or working the bait back in.. with drop shot and weightless i would say 90% of my catches are right as it hit the bottom or after the very first few movements if not on the drop itself. its weird here and tough. sometimes i feel if im not casting directly on one its impossible. good tip on learning the bottom.. using a weight helps also.. since you can feel the bottom a little more.. like rocks ect. also the tip on the weight is very good.. i would say do the lightest weight you can because it makes the plastics that much more real on the drops. sadly its windy a lot here and i like casting farther out since they tend to be deeper here. so i use a 1/2 ounce but if its perfectly calm and i go lighter weight i get more fish. nice vid and tips.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you for the comment! Well said keep it up

    61. Luis Flores

      Love that bandito bug can’t go wrong with it use it every time I go out..Awesome job on that lure creation

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!

    62. William Meyer


    63. LongLiveLuke

      Small chatterbait/ Frog for super fkn grassy ponds and lakes Central MS

    64. SoFlo Dangler

      HOW TO FISH MUDDY WATER?? Milkshake madness? Where do fish go?

    65. KOZMEK- TV

      So is it because of the casting reel it makes it go out farther without a weight?

    66. JTBassing17

      I love a Frog 🐸 nothing beats a top water blow up!!!

    67. Jesse Boyden

      He caught a alligator on a jackhammer 😂

    68. Brandon Regan

      Love your videos man, cant wait for the tournaments to start back up! I'd like to see a video on finding summer bass. I've had trouble locating them at my home lake up here in Oregon.

    69. Jack Altman Vlogs

      How to use a swim jig or spinner bait

    70. Matt Reck

      Great video, thank you. I live in Western Kentucky and with the Asian Carp in Kentucky Lake I have found pond fishing to be very rewarding. As always you mad me smile with the ants and just bought some Jackhammers yesterday so to see the damn gator get yours ......... damn gator. How about a video on the adjustments on bait-casters. I fish with Garcia reels and I think one knob is magnets and not sure about the dial deal.

    71. Jack Goss

      I love walking baits

    72. venzo1228

      Launch frog by scum frog!! Amazing

    73. Wim Niles

      How about some river fishing. Good locations and area's

    74. MarktheMartian

      cool deal Scott. go barbless! if you need a barbless expert call me.

    75. Trent Roberts

      Mondo worms

    76. Trent Roberts

      Thanks for all tips for any more hacks? Used coffee stir er to pre rig couple of Monaco works too

      1. Trent Roberts

        Mondo worms spell check

    77. Gage Wareham

      What size Engle cooler is that?

      1. Scott Martin


    78. Peter Taylor

      When’s the new motor video?

      1. Scott Martin

        Very soon

    79. Greg Underwood

      Hate to say it scott Your videos has gone downhill since lastyear go back real fishin

      1. Chris H

        Brother we are so lucky to have someone like Scott and his family to give us pro advice and tips on a regular basis. I'm thrilled for every video!👊

      2. Greg Underwood

        @Scott Martin i.was just wondering starting to worry lol keep it up !!

      3. Scott Martin

        This series is for people that are just getting into fishing. Also with all the restrictions and canceled tournaments it’s been hard to get the normal flow of videos this year..This fall is gonna be all tournament and destination fishing.

    80. Tyler Fuller

      what glasses are you wearing?

    81. ethan anderson

      Watching ur channel overseas right now. Cant wait to get back stateside and attack them bass. Best video yet. Thanks for showing a bank fishing video. Dont have to be in a boat to catch fish. You dont even have to catch fish to have good time.👍

    82. Steve Smith

      Great vid

    83. Raging Fishy

      I just started fishing what’s good baits for top water for a small pond near grass...?

    84. Evan Fagerty

      I honestly did not know Scott designed the bandito bug

    85. Brian Mcclung

      You mentioned about the cycles that ponds go through. I’m a pond guy and I hear that all the time. What the heck is that and how does it effect me? Here in South Carolina they say the pond is turning over. What does that mean?

      1. Elie Phillips

        The water on the bottom comes to the top a lake does the same thing i don't understand much about it but that's the just of it

    86. Pierre-luc bedard

      My favorite bank lures is a fait slammer from x zone à Perfect gobie imitation...scott what do you use To imitate à curious To know...thank you

    87. Jason Paden

      My husband and me used a rod same you used. We end up make a mess lol. Still can’t figure it how to do it yet.

    88. Pierre-luc bedard

      Tanks Again for another nice and instructive vidéo...its amazing how good you are to explane...scott you do a very good job whit your vidéo..thank you

    89. A Scarpitti11


    90. Steve Martin

      Swim baits, would love to see a video on that. absolutely love your videos love the educational part, you know how to describe it in a down to earth way, swim baits have been my Achilles’ heel would love to see a video

    91. Angel

      Good info brother I’m fixin to rig up a chatter bait and a jig for tomorrow morning 🤙🏼

    92. ChrisGnarley

      Whatever your dad used that week lol

    93. Dang Son

      Bluegill whopper plopper is king

    94. Taylor Warren

      Tell your daughter thanks for all the bass tips I caught my first 2 bass in my life this week. They’re such beautiful fish

    95. Mario Burgess

      Do you really have to yank the pole so hard, like your jerking out of the water.

    96. Kaleb Herring

      I like how at the end of the video you said if you see blue gill on the bank throw green pumpkin or black and blue to imitate the crawdads hahahaha

    97. jessica nixon

      Scott keep up the amazing work love the vids I he the best profisherman

    98. Richie V

      Scotts local pond is bigger than any local "lakes" i have lmao

    99. Ricky Ferguson

      Scott, in the great state of Michigan just below the bridge we love the pumkin green Yamamoto 5” rubber worm! Large mouth and small mouth ! As my grandson says, “ Papa if you are not fishing wacky style then u ain’t bass fishin!” I think he watched your dads channel to many times. Nothing better the the Senco!! Thanks for the tip! We r trying the Googin bandito bug tomorrow! Take care and God Bless you and your family!!

    100. Patrick McCarl

      Good stuff thank you.