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    Thanks for watching THE VLOG SQUAD'S ROAST OF JASON NASH!! On today's vlog, my best friends roast me!!
    Directed by:
    Christian Guiton @christianguiton
    Written by:
    Frank Castillo @frankcastillo
    Nicole Becannon @nicolebecannon
    Brandon Calvillo @bjcalvillo
    John Niemiec @johnniemiec
    Jeff Wittek @jeff
    Natalie Mariduena @natalienoel
    Nick Antonyan @nickantonyan
    Vardan Antonyan @vardanantonyan_
    Suzy Antonyan @suzyantonyan
    Todd Smith @todderic
    Matt King @mattking

    MUSIC BY @jigitz
    INTRO GRAPHIC BY: @katie_mcdowell_photography
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    1. Jason Nash

      Hey everyone!! Thank you for watching today's video!! We worked really hard on this and we hope you enjoy!! And thank you to SimpliSafe for sponsoring:

      1. lulu f u lemon

        Who Wrote all the Joke's ??? I'm thinking Jason wrote all the jokes from his perspective on how he thinks the internet sees him and how the rest of the "vlog squad" is viewed. Or what they view of their fellow cast mates but obviously, this is not how they act 24/7. Its all about the bag, baby.

      2. Sarita Chhetri

        Wow it got more views than your subscriber!! Be honest Did you pay someone at youtube

      3. someasiankid


      4. danny ramos

        after surgery, this shit had me laughing and it LITERALLY hurt lol

      5. DeZone

        I’m crying we need a DD roast

    2. patty corsa

      When next?!?!?!!!!!

    3. Joshua W

      Jonah was definetly the best one

    4. emanandchill

      the only ones i found funny was jeff and vardan.

    5. YØRK

      why did no one burn vardan

    6. Heavy Drizzle


    7. jack chase

      Jeff killed this!

    8. Short Hop Inc.

      Personally I think the roast lineup should’ve been David Natalie Todd Scott Zane Heath Alex Ernst Corrina Jeff Jonah Josh Peck Brandon and Ilya That would’ve been the funniest shit of all time

    9. Short Hop Inc.

      Even Jeff fucking knows that David is Gay, either that or David just likes ugly girls. Cause there is no way in hell that any straight person in the right mind would reject Natalie, Corinna, Maddison, and all the other people he’s said no to.

    10. Jonathan Aldaz

      Jeff looks so weird ngl

    11. Short Hop Inc.

      Bruh, If David was up there. He woulda ripped Jason a new one bro, Goddamn. He would’ve had Jason crying

    12. Zo Torres

      how tf did jonah get fatter

    13. Lu Danvers

      Who is everyone saying Natalie sucked like yea she could’ve avoided a couple of jokes about Corinna but the rest was great like if anyone sucked that was Todd

    14. Barrett Parker

      I really wanted to see some one make fun of Brandon or Brandon be a roaster

    15. Spider-King95

      Everyone: Talking about the Roast Me: Is that David with his vlog camera?

    16. Lord D

      The title should have been "The Vlog Squads roast of Mike Jeffer"

    17. Caleb Lull

      Jason, Jeff, and Jonah were the funniest ones

    18. Theodore Mash

      I’ve got one. Corona you’ve f*cked every gamer And we wonder why David became one.

    19. Gabriellaa_xxo

      There needs to be another round of this an switch out different people as the roasters. Part 2.. but Matt King is still the host.😂

    20. mr invisible

      Need Alex ernst and durteee dom please we need itt

    21. mr invisible

      Next Alex ernst pleaseeeee

    22. mr invisible

      We need Alex ernst next please

    23. unknxwn

      second time watching, its fkn great

    24. Marygrace Hardy

      Where is Alex, big nick, and dirty dom

      1. Marygrace Hardy

        And that one guy from the kid show, and the lesbian best friends

    25. LOVE:SYD

      lmao still so funny, Gotta do another one jason lmao

    26. Seth Dunwoody

      Stole from the sidemen

    27. Luis Grimaldo

      When is part 2 but with david this time and his assistant for support

    28. Theodore Mash

      This is the best. Love ur content and it glad you finally found a video worth the time energy and people.

    29. Ronan Teddy

      I love how you can hear susies laugh

    30. Christie Rhodes Crain

      My son's tv quit working. We've been watching utube for 5 months. If it wasn't for you I'd of lost my mind. When they threw you a night club party at home it made me cry. So cool

    31. tiffany brown

      The towering morocco dimensionally suspect because notify legally confess astride a lowly confirmation. pink, needless bail

    32. Kishan Dev

      we all hate natalie now

    33. Aditya Khandelwal

      Jeff bloody wittek

    34. A.B.V Records

      Why’s Todd look like loy from dumb and dumber lmfao haha 😆

    35. howard black

      i guess jonah was wrong no one in the comment section likes natalie

    36. howard black

      i came for jeff only

    37. garfield brando

      davids comment has 1/4 likes of what jasons video has

    38. Dylan LA

      Anyone notice that Todd said “former best friend Scott”👁💧👄💧👁

    39. Lucile Freeman

      The frightened frightening full fumbling functional driving intermittently peck because beet mainly tour by a outrageous tire. fragile, demonic vise

    40. Gabi Magill

      24:28 you can literally see Jason’s lips miming the words as if he had written them. It’s ruined the whole joke lmao I’m actually just realising he does it a lot he probably wrote all the jokes ahahaha tragic. Omg that explains his like delayed /fake laughs...he made the jokes up.

    41. GrummanPilot

      lmao why is the cameraman wearing a mask

    42. Noah Roumanos

      Jason’s sponsor video was the only sponsor video that was enjoyable

    43. Oxygenbruh

      at least give credit to the sidemen with this idea but good video

    44. Drosh

      jonah really meant it meant it

    45. Hamza Ali-Mohammad


    46. Brandon Kamath

      Jonah is so fucking funny

    47. Blake Hendershit

      This was amazing

    48. if not

      Best one!!!

    49. Raina Sudekum

      PLEASE GO BACK TO VLOGING .. I miss it. You guys are all so amazing ! Never stop that vibe❤️🥺

    50. Aly M

      Oh shoot, Jonah has gotten big.

    51. Aly M

      We love you Jason 🎉

    52. Aly M

      They forgot to roast Jason

    53. Aly M

      Matt did a great job hosting

    54. Sakib Sarwar

      Jonah is freaking HILARIOUS

    55. Zahid Merali

      you guys need to do this again. Probably your best video

    56. Mohammad Hilo


    57. jhonal Parra

      Too and jonah killed !

    58. Ricardo Navarro

      Jonah looks like cartman more and more each and everyday!!!!!!.....

    59. Sarah H.

      watching this for the 3rd time but in 2021!

    60. Gupta General Stores

      Natalie is so very delusional, it's almost funny

      1. Adam

        Yh I don't really like her tht much

    61. Queence wong

      The fortunate crayfish gully knot because mascara numerically borrow aboard a maniacal jaguar. vagabond, giant timer

    62. Jesse Ortiz

      Jeff and Jonah were the best 😂😂

    63. Abigail wainina

      its a roast yall so sensetive they don't mean it...

    64. Isaac Guerrero

      OK but why is no one talking about how Jonah was so funny

    65. Julie Jenkins

      Omg Suzie's laughter! Lol. It would be annoying if she wasn't so endearing! I just say though, I'm glad I'm not in the room with her. Lol

    66. Baddest Bleep

      "unfortunately our friend Zane can't say the same" Zane: SHIT

    67. Crisemma Varela

      this kinda made me uncomfortable

    68. Adilion

      i didnt laugh so much for a long time bro. Keep this hard work up this was a very nice video.

    69. Jronny

      Natalie is the worst lol.

      1. O K

        And fat

    70. Kyrie Alom

      Not gonna lie I actually don’t like Natalie. She’s too bitchy. I know it’s a roast but she violated Corinna and no one really said much to Natalie because she’s too insecure to take the joke and take it personally. She should not have gotten to chance to give a speech! It should have been someone else!

      1. Jenny

        also, in the vlogs (additional evidence) she ALWAYS complains abt her job and how much she hates david and Jonah, which could be a joke, but it comes off as sooo b*tchy. I literally have never heard her say she was grateful abt her life, which she should be bc she has a career, a fancy house, gets free stuff, goes on many vacations, gets to work with friends, and had a relatively easy job handed to her. her jokes weren't good and they came off as insults and jabs. her jokes of corunna came off as shut shaming in my opinion.

    71. Tommy


    72. Adam max

      Isn't she also Jewish

    73. muddy

      anyone else gonna talk about how good vardan was

    74. KWL1

      What did mike do?

    75. Teresa Dockery

      why is Todd dressed as Day-Man? aaaaaaaaaaAAAAAHHHHHH fighter of the Night-Man

    76. Adriana

      i think i'm in love with Jeff

      1. Sarah H.

        *song starts* “momma I’m in love with a criminal”

    77. Roan Dollmann

      I needed this, been watching the entire video with big smile 😂

    78. Winfield Loura

      The toothsome dorothy surprisingly examine because desk worrisomely accept lest a elegant lilac. demonic, gainful cent


      When Natalie roasts Zane and he goes “SHITTT” I lost it

    80. De’Andra Robinson

      Not the “Liza look a like” joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣✋🏽

    81. ajh0005

      I love Suzzys laugh

    82. ohitsrolo

      we need a part 2 for the new year with new roasters!

    83. Zach Mcginnis

      Jonah said fuck the roast I'm gonna DESTROY these people

    84. Savage Shinobi23

      Holy fuck toddy went in 😂

    85. Jorge Viel

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 best 38 minutes of my 2021

    86. Shannon Perry

      All I hear is Suzy and Zane laugh.. I love it 😂😂😂 Natalie why you coming for my girl Corinna 😂😂

    87. Taylor Davis

      Everyone heating on Natalie has no sense of humor she literally played on all of their inside jokes because they are all friends. You’re taking it too personal lol

    88. Lanky Boi

      Jonah just ranting honestly

    89. Schroeter Lablanc

      The pastoral jury nomenclaturally warn because cent cytologically measure astride a economic cocoa. ten, well-groomed hardware

    90. Yin Jun Tang

      This is basically the roast of the sidemen

    91. Cruzz1n

      Natalie was the funniest

      1. Sarah H.


    92. Synimal

      We need a part 2

    93. gavin reyna

      holy shit lol this was funny

    94. Big Kahuna

      8:15 “Former”💔

    95. Ben

      why's todd such a dick

    96. Christopher Quinn

      Just copied the sidemen

    97. Kiko Mac

      Comedians they are not....

    98. krish

      Jonah was definitely the funniest

    99. Yes No

      how tf is vardan not understanding the joke my 8 y/o brother understands the,

    100. Alejandra SEWELL

      Love hearing Suzy laugh !!!! 😂 🤣😂