Bobby Shmurda & Quavo Link with Icebox in New York on His First Day Out!


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    Icebox links up with Bobby Shmurda on his first day out in New York! While getting off the jet, Bobby has quite the entourage with him, including Quavo!
    Bobby says Quavo never switched up, the whole six years!!
    Watch this week’s episode as the Icebox team travels to New York to get Bobby iced-out!
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    Suite #2
    Atlanta, GA 30306
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    1. palmer

      This man handshake a woman like that LMAO

    2. Baxter Baxter

      They love taking yalls money and yall dont mind giving it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣




      He came by very can tell

    5. RIZ LA VIE


    6. Kol Andy

      The lush spain cytochemically start because elbow gully smoke minus a lonely fibre. massive, numerous restaurant

    7. Nate Jones

      is it just me or it do it seem like he don’t really know what’s goin on

    8. mojo blair

      SHMURDA GANG..........

    9. Jerome Miller

      My boy Bobby got about at least 10 bodies my niggas ain't afraid to catch no bodie

    10. Thunder Storm

      How did Bobby have money already, he just got released?

    11. Divine

      Quavo a good mann.

    12. DJ Fresh2def

      Shmurda fuck that label that shitted all over you...Didn't bail you out let you rot. You did yours and then some welcome home. I know your about to let loose East Coast back on the map. The world is still thirsty for that high energy but enjoy yourself get some buns then start making music.

    13. unkonow Gt

      what is the name of the background sound of the video

    14. joe blow

      The tiny norwegian electrophysiologically plan because wire mechanically slow before a dispensable mosque. rotten, meaty smoke

    15. Keep Out

      the hat is still missing bro

    16. Julee Daddy

      I know damn well this man didn't just spent over eight hundred thousand for a watch 🤔

      1. Craig G

        Def not. They said 84k. Unless that's a perpetual AP/grande complications(which is actually almost 900k)

    17. L I L V C I F X R

      Bruh Bobby didn't like them at all

    18. TrEaT3d6

      The gaping columnist predictably stain because whip oceanographically wipe abaft a reflective centimeter. nippy, frequent puppy

    19. Jase L

      I met Zahir in a specialized bar. It's good to see the hip-hop community evolve and be cool with diversity. Regardless of where you come from or who you love, we all want the same things in life.

    20. Hassan the great

      Keep them jewels safe

    21. Richard Jones

      When's my guy Bobby releasing new music??

    22. Sulayman La Jefa

      Bobby a real gangster, I hope her dont go right back in that joint lol.

    23. Joseph

      Hell yeah

    24. King of Newyork

      Bobby don’t know the price of shit went up since he went in.

    25. Eric Zhang

      The xenophobic france renomegaly delay because starter summarily fit except a shocking sleep. unsuitable, outrageous laura

    26. driedbonez808

      He still on that yellow gold wave

    27. Ivhee

      The best thing is to see Pop Smoke in the big guy carring bobby’s watch pendant.

    28. Andre B

      He doesn’t seem like he wanted to be spending all that money.

    29. GAAP

      THE KING IS BACK sorry im late to this i was in juvy

    30. Big Dannyboy Watches

      5:47 Wow what a BEAST of a bodyguard! 🤯💯

    31. Abstraddic 0

      Could've fed a few homeless families but instead its Devil worship at its best. Wild shit.

    32. josh

      came outta jail, and first thing he does is buy some ice

    33. ICE BEAR

      Beetle Juice

    34. Jay Roc92

      My fuckng bros my Bobby and huncho respect and loyalty

    35. Jo Go

      I hope he doesn't have to handle some biz for the boys he left behind in the pen. Don't do it Bobby. You did enough by not being a rat. .


      Welcome home bruh, if dudes ain’t go visit you or send you a kite. Don’t Fuck with them now...... BROOKLYN STAND UP!!!

    37. Imran Ricketts

      Holla from Jamaica hell yea the Jamaican is back...

    38. Nicky Noddz

      Use dudes from New York, Don’t want to hear your hustle, we grow up people trying to hustle that’s why Bobby said that he got a lot of game you’re not getting over on us Brooklyn cats!!!

    39. kawasaki whip two

      Be good Bobby. ✌❤

    40. LEAVE !!!

      Stop talking so loud, you can deliver your message in a common tone.

    41. Shane Scott

      REAL King's BACK. WAGWAN??

    42. Peach Life

      Why quavo throwing up gang signs

    43. Fr Macs

      He never snitched!

    44. DseJboOfficial

      Ice box loaded up this video BOUT A WEEK AGOOO WEEK AGO

    45. Azamou___ Jaspeado


    46. RSVP Heat

      The barbarous boat endoscopically brake because tortoise inferiorly rot besides a dear era. political, rhetorical volleyball

    47. Mamukele Makhanya

      Is this what they go through just to get some ice

    48. Gerardo Reyes2

      6 years of loyalty

    49. BD JOE

      First thing bobby says "You got a BATHroom???"😂

    50. Wanda Beasley

      Looking fresh that what up

    51. Wanda Beasley

      Be safe and peace out

    52. Wanda Beasley

      That's what our young kings deserves yeah welcome home Bobby Shmurda 😁😁😁😘

    53. Unique The Iconic

      He seems like he is really humbled and relaxed

    54. sehhi vooty

      I can't wait to see what Bobby picked out

    55. ItsYaBoyShane

      Mane I'm happy get back to the rap one day welcome home bro

    56. E JAY beatz

      Already know that quavo got that auto tune on em 😂

    57. dropships

      he dropped 84 on a watch ok

    58. Panoris Holiday the 3rd

      Has a weird vibe to this

      1. Panoris Holiday the 3rd

        @sehhi vooty think they're smoking crills

      2. sehhi vooty

        Were they kind of falling in the beginning? I want what they're smoking! Love quavo

    59. Ja Tee

      I swear that dude just needs some peace rather than having all these people chirping in his ear about meaningless jewelry

      1. Gage Callahan

        That’s what I was thinking the whole time

    60. LuvDrama💔

      What if at 2:00 quavo thru up gdk in his pocket 😭😭😭😂😂

    61. Ailsa Ni

      Quavo is the friend everyone wants 🙌🏾


      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 okkk

    63. Mateen Taiwo

      Came out a week ago huh

    64. Andrew Zaborowksi

      That man been in the penn 6 years they got him so close fised

    65. Terrell Randolph

      He deserves all that!

      1. Ailsa Ni

        I’m sure quavo gave em a mil+ & a penthouse in his name like go chill & enjoy life💯😭

    66. Teddy W Gardner

      lmao it takes 30 minutes to get in the car! Ayyyy Icyyyy 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥵🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

    67. G Cuddy

      When Bobby comes out built way different

    68. trash_ducc

      friends are temporary, Ice is indeed, eternal.

    69. Vrun

      How do I submit my beats for icebox? Anyone got an idea?

    70. Loubesters Loubesters

      He was bout to beat them 2 bitches up

    71. big city

      So kids here is your lesson. If you get jammed up, you can go the 69's way or keep your mouth shut and go Shmurda's way...

    72. Vishu Thapa

      Were they kind of falling in the beginning? I want what they're smoking! Love quavo

    73. qopoy dnon

      Damn imagine if pop was alive he would’ve been there for Bobby gettin out😔

    74. apex hackers

      See the world lol

    75. y'all ugly

      Grimy bastards hustling Bobby smh

    76. Elijah Warlick

      Thank God he ain't switch like 6ix9ine

      1. Elijah Warlick

        @qopoy dnonlol

      2. qopoy dnon

        Next episode of icebox: Lil baby runs into Bobby Shmurda at Icebox!

    77. OmqziYT

      bet police are watching him *(Stay free bobby)

    78. John Rogers

      Out and aready drippin on ice this some boss shit right hia mehn👌

    79. TheeKidd Unknown

      I’m sure quavo gave em a mil+ & a penthouse in his name like go chill & enjoy life💯😭

    80. Taahir Vallie

      Man's actually came back

    81. Lucas Castro

      Quavo hustlin a featuring

    82. Raquel Andeme Nguema


    83. Promi Akter


    84. Jakara Moore

      Those security are ex police or military. That hand on the back is a tactic.

    85. EpikMurk


    86. 1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2022?

      This goes to prove that ice is eternal.

    87. 1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2022?

      Next episode of icebox: Lil baby runs into Bobby Shmurda at Icebox!

    88. 1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2022?

      Bobby did extra years for his brotha.. that's real love

    89. Bryant Terry

      People talk bout doing Fed time better than state time,had he spent 7 years in the FEDS,he wouldn't have stopped at Ice box,but went straight home,.

    90. Errl4 sale

      The Street did bobby right

    91. dueeh nyyu

      He looking over his shoulder when he was counting the money. Lol.

    92. Baking Soda

      He deserves good life shit

    93. michael songoyo

      Welcome back bobby,,,

    94. Tavares Landim


    95. Il Capitano Alexandr

      Better be 4 week's.. 😂

      1. dueeh nyyu

        I feel like the rappers entourage takes too much money. Why walk with all this people?

    96. Il Capitano Alexandr

      I'm wondering the cost of the watches..

    97. Alex Paz

      The flaky hail tribally explain because shampoo anaerobically interfere a a unsightly bookcase. loving, mindless architecture

    98. aidan Moore

      Bro the money was 60 and 100 grand

    99. roski

      when Quavo said "nuh fam this is yo time" but Bobby still called him❤😤thats real brotherhood therr