Hiding $100,000 DIAMOND In 50 MILLION ORBEEZ!


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    1. Katie Prewitt

      You should do a truth or dare with orbees and dimeons

    2. SteamTrainsBoy

      Jordan was so happy for a car and then NOP ITS I girl car!

    3. Ian Farrell

      rock paper sisers shoot ohhhhHHHHHHHH

    4. Milly De los Santos


    5. Amelia Dodson

      MINEY BANDS!!!!!!!!

    6. Shadow_PlayzYT

      Wheres james

    7. maxbtsarmy TV


    8. maxbtsarmy TV

      Lol is not ganna be a super not god idea no they ganna findi the seekers so fast

    9. Joseph Leske

      🤩🤩🤩I liked the video and subscribe🤩🤩🤩

    10. Miyaams Shaik

      Nice video

    11. Jeremiah Daniel

      Uen is jeremiah

    12. LandonIsGaming

      What did happen to James

    13. Chah Browne

      Yes i no

    14. Chandavid Ngin

      Haha so funny

    15. itscreamy

      At 10.51 I found the small diomand Bru👁️👄👁️

    16. Christopher Grain

      bring James back plzz he was so funny

    17. Christopher Grain

      I just want James he was so funny 😭😭😭😭

    18. Christopher Grain

      I miss James :-( :-( :-( he was so funny :-( :-( I want James back plzz:-( :-(

    19. Dibyendu Das

      It’s been a long time since I watched your channel now you look like the second mr beast lol

    20. Sl1therShot 16

      Title:hiding 100,000$ diamond. Actually 2 25,000$ diamonds

    21. ابو زهراء


    22. Caleb Beckwith

      Girl: there prob cheating on me the boys 10:43

    23. charles brigh

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    24. Kenzi Larson

      Gui gui

    25. Rafael Carlo Estrella

      Can you speak tagalog here are the tagalog words. Ako ay si unspeakable.hahaha

    26. Mackoy Gerodiaz

      oh no oh no oh no no no no no

    27. Amanda Cooper

      Nathan: he's never gonna find the car keys Jordan: * finds car keys *

    28. Ty Peranzo

      The dirty riddle ethically observe because knee expectantly confess regarding a laughable hose. warm, natural desire

    29. Gabby Montelongo

      Hide the camera

    30. Eddie Cameron

      Make one vid where you fill an entire mansion with orbeez

    31. Mountaindew man

      that dude was happier to see the pepsi then the car

    32. Priyanka Jadhon

      Ps4 dudeeeeeèe

    33. mark lee

      The longing pin bacteriologically ban because panties additionally ban unto a accessible mary. square, boiling sun

    34. ستایش خلیفه ای


    35. Jacob Badger

      i didn't see him in the video

    36. Jacob Badger

      is James ok? by the way?

    37. Jacob Badger

      part 2 plz there is 102k likes when I'm watching this

    38. nancy ustica

      Do you know there’s tornadoes there were you live because Texas could have a F5 tornado watch is the most deadliest tornado ever I live in Florida which is not that bad

    39. Ruby Stevens

      My parents tv broke please give me one

    40. Ranche Bolito

      Unspeakable and your friends..... Ya'll never fail to make me laugh

    41. Slaketaxel

      I found the diamond 🙄🙄🙄

    42. no one can be stop

      Tv is broken

    43. Lumi Inegbedion

      i have a ps5 to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    44. Nicoli Bantugan

      Mrbeast!!!!! Unspeakable copying you

      1. Laina Martin


    45. Doris jane Petras

      Its the "PePpSiiii" for me

    46. Ali Khan


    47. Nur shahirah Muhammad


    48. The roblox master gamer xd

      There’s like 9 trillion orbeez

      1. The roblox master gamer xd

        Ya I think xd

      2. Alaia Malik

        Apparently 5 million but I think more.

    49. Quinn Morillo

      The aloof radio clasically answer because plain acceptably wave past a oafish description. helpless, hungry capital

      1. Alaia Malik

        Excuse me? R u crazy?!?

    50. Audrey Curley


    51. Audrey Curley


    52. Audrey Curley


    53. bonnie toy

      i wood just find dimons

    54. Darrleen Conley

      sorry i ment real life dimond

    55. Darrleen Conley

      iv bought a life dimond and they are expensive

    56. Raegan Perushek

      11:20 I can imagine all of them sitting down and role-playing with a dozen Barbie dolls.

    57. vered bessler


    58. Wes Gaspard


    59. Isabel Infante

      Hi I’m your biggest fan

    60. Christian Jutt


    61. Kaspar Saveljev

      mrbeast have 100 mil orbeez

    62. funnehkrewrocks146 mek


    63. Celia Enriquez

      R those rl diamonds

    64. Central School Castleblayney


    65. Michelle Maruska

      I think you should burn them.

    66. Hamdan Mehdi

      Fun Fact: everyone uses fun fact

    67. Ceramica Tendance

      I hope whoever's sees this becomes a successful KGupr ✊🏻✊🏻

      1. Nicoli Bantugan

        Me too

    68. Riaan du Plessis

      14:8 i have the jbl flip 5 in black

    69. mon delwen alignay navarez

      O_o woW you place a pc 🤑

    70. Jakwon Glover

      you are evol

    71. Jakwon Glover

      Noooooooooooooopoopooooo you are poop

    72. Jakwon Glover


    73. Cole Silvetti


    74. Artemis Visinski


    75. Chris Millard

      I bet we all gust watched this for the dimond

    76. Wyatt Johnson

      Nathan is James ok plz tell us

    77. Kaden Prime


    78. Lara Sahir

      I thought The diamonds costed $100,000???

    79. jayden harvey

      I would bring a shovel or a pole to swing around to fund stuff

    80. faceless gamer boi

      its not the same without james

    81. Ofekאופק Yam

      did you fine the dimonds

    82. Emil Ali Eken


    83. Ethan Larin

      You are my favourite KGupr

    84. gracie lou

      Gabe in one video :gu

    85. gracie lou

      I love you vids unspeakable their are awesome

    86. Noah rehn

      55 Julie Seguin Julie Seguin For 3 uker siden WHERE'S JAMES I MISS HIM !!! 1 Carder Weaver Carder Weaver For 3 uker siden Who else remembers when he did this with his pool and filled it with balls 1 Naomi Jones Naomi Jones For 16 timer siden omgosh this is literaly my dream haha , i wish 1 Kay Jackson Kay Jackson For 3 uker siden James is the one who makes everything funny without him I'm heartbroken Couch Potato Couch Potato For 4 uker siden I’m just imagining what James could possibly be doing while these guys are fighting over a PlayStation and tv 52 CatDragonPlayz CatDragonPlayz For 3 uker siden the one where you made a carnival in ur house with a ticket master 1 ScArLaTtO ! ScArLaTtO ! For 6 timer siden Ok so this is true I had this one dream where I was filming with unspeakable and we were doing this and it was my turn and I looked in the spot where he dropped the diamond and I actually found it 😂😂😂😂 Noelle Potts Noelle Potts For 2 uker siden I cried because Unspeakable didn't get the TV 2 Erik Krummenacker Erik Krummenacker For 2 uker siden four men getting hyped about a rock-paper-scissors game LOL 1 Roll no.47 Aditya Singh 7D Roll no.47 Aditya Singh 7D For 4 uker siden I just wanna see James back, where is he , without him it’s not very funny 24 Lana the same time. I Jackson Lana the same time. I Jackson For 3 uker siden You have to do you have to do a update on Gabe Ang James I’m worried about them there not in videos anymore 1 faze boy2008 faze boy2008 For 1 uke siden what happened to james he needs to come back pls 1 Regina Woods Regina Woods For 3 uker siden Where is James hes so funny l always on annana republics side 1 Kai Medwid Kai Medwid For 3 uker siden You should record filing your intire house with pillows 1 Dijan Parancin Dijan Parancin For 4 uker siden Where is James I want him back please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 82 gilbert dichoso gilbert dichoso For 2 uker siden Stay 24 hours in the orbeez and bring a bed anything you want. 1 David Dziamba David Dziamba For 17 timer siden 3:20 georgenotfound glases Edgar Mendez Edgar Mendez For 3 uker siden 12:14 Gabe: Why are you telling me to go Also Gabe: rushing down the stairs Charles Neal Charles Neal For 2 uker siden When my best friend and I were watching this video he was messing around and said "Nathan would step on the lamp," then Nathan stepped on the lamp. :O 69 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2022? 69 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2022? For 4 uker siden “Roses are dead” “Violets are dying” “Outside i’M smiling” “But inside i’M crying” i just wish pepole would notice my content. 65 Anoushka Jemima Domhom Anoushka Jemima Domhom For 5 dager siden Me:plzzzz bring James back i miss him Ani Farmer For 1 dag siden is that your lego house i have seen you decorate it Ameera Kamora For 3 uker siden Cedrick: It is a orbiez Them: What color Him: blue Them ohhhhh:O Molly Townsend For 3 uker siden (redigert) Unspeakable I love your channel for many years and I’ve been my dream if I could meet you one day before the last your on earth but sadly we can’t travel because of the virus I really hope I meet u some day also I live in New Zealand Which is on the other side of the world 🌍 oh so my mum has sent you a text on Instagram and I would you want to make my day if you’re just respond to it and maybe we can work out something to meet you one-day I really hope you reply to this comment plz and I know we have gone for some really rough times but everything is gonna be okay Also can you please do a meet and greet someday when we are allowed to have one but I need to know what country you live in Do you have an LA Texas please tell me. thx for all your hard work :Molly 😀😘🥰 1 Syed Emad For 4 uker siden Where James 😭 is we are missing him plz get him back with out him there is no fun 20 Glizzy Gobbeler For 3 uker siden How did you get a ps5 my brother got promised one and never got one 2 Raegan Caudill For 2 uker siden WERE IS JAMES ARE YOU STILL BLOGING WITH HIM I HOPE HE WILL BE BACK 2 hoa ngp For 3 uker siden Congratulations On 10MILL SUBSCRIBERS!! 2 Leslie Rogers For 4 uker siden Where is James is he ok? WE MISS HIM 85 Juliette Beaulieu For 1 dag siden you should pick up one or been at a time to found the dimond it will be funny Sonia Hernandez For 3 uker siden I summon thee, Flamingo Lord! 1 Lexi Johnson For 3 uker siden HAPPY TEN MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!!! I’ve been subbed for a little over 2 years love your vids 1 Hidden Hollow Elementary Ballroom For 3 uker siden Do a crazy challenge and whoever loses has to clean out the whole house or something like that. 9 \

    87. Noah rehn

      play hide and seek! IN THE ORBEEZ

      1. maxbtsarmy TV

        No bad idea they ganna find thw seekers lol super fast at 10 minutes

      2. Good_Timers123

        @Makaio Smith what

      3. Makaio Smith


      4. Good_Timers123

        U have the beat idea ever!!

      5. Bradley West


    88. Mohamed Mansoor


    89. Kamal Ud Din


    90. Kamal Ud Din


    91. Kamal Ud Din


    92. Kamal Ud Din


    93. ScArLaTtO !

      Ok so this is true I had this one dream where I was filming with unspeakable and we were doing this and it was my turn and I looked in the spot where he dropped the diamond and I actually found it 😂😂😂😂

    94. Andrel Renz


    95. AB Test Lab

      I I want you to sit in the pool with ice for one hour

    96. Kloe Gregory


    97. jess crunch


    98. Naomi Jones

      omgosh this is literaly my dream haha , i wish

    99. David Dziamba

      3:20 georgenotfound glases

    100. rainbowbear_ gaming

      looks at baby toy 👁👄👁