Among Us Logic 15: Zombie Plague! | Cartoon Animation


4,5 млн көрүүлөр677

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    Player, Captain and Mr. Cheese are on the run from killer Among Us mod zombies! And to make matters worse, no one knows who the deadly impostors are either! Can Player survive on Polus long enough to unravel the sinister plot before him? Or will he just die per usual...
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    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. Rhin Love

      Fluttershy: ah ah ah ah~ ah ah ah ah~ ah ah ah ah~ ah ah ah ah~ when fluttershy distracts the zombies by singing zombies: we can't stand fluttershy's singing Fluttershy: ha! take that zombies :) :D

    2. Louis Boulanger

      Resident evil door's open

    3. Donnie Freidman

      Wow that was dark, captains speech wow

    4. Ian Cham


    5. Karl Ramirez

      F por todos xd

    6. Katharine Myers

      Fun fact about Among us; If everyone completes their tasks you can lose.

    7. No Visor

      Me: no visor, no visor, we will make you one of us

    8. Chris fbi100k


    9. ALL CAPS

      5:25 shits of terror

    10. Fortnite Fan

      If Player is a among us legend How did he never win?😂😂😂

    11. Joshua Langley

      also has anyone played this mod

    12. Joshua Langley

      did anyone notice that stoner was stuck in a vent

    13. Red Firends

      What you are

    14. Ju Ca

      *i FOrgoT ABoUT MisTer EgG* I loved this part

    15. Des dawn helgeson

      Who is she'll waching in 2021

    16. Prince tdog sparkle

      Soo if I am correct the player has his only win?

    17. jesus galindo

      en español

    18. KaijuGamerViews

      3:03 Since when did Among Us players have arms?

    19. Alvaro Adam Hungria Machado

      resident evil Feat. Among Us

    20. Owen Vann

      we will make you one of us

    21. Owen Vann

      no visor

    22. Owen Vann

      no visor

    23. No Visor

      No Visor: no visor, no visor, we will make you one of us

    24. Mikaela Alquinto

      Gametoons can you make a part 2 with all of the players that you mafe in the among us videos and at the end they met player but a zombie ha I want to see it hehehe

    25. brain dots

      0:09 no run

    26. Arbie Verano

      Mrcheese: its among us not among i Me: damn mrcheese has logic lol Mrcheese has logic because the title said among us logic

    27. Risk 424

      how did mr chesse got infected

    28. Purple Beast

      Remember that time when Gentleman, Bro, Sheriff & Ninja still playin? I missed that time

    29. mysterious Magic


    30. Emmy Playhouse


    31. Emmy Playhouse

      I feel stupid for everything my freaking everything


      That is lucky!

    33. Xavier Mejicanos

      7:23 player dies

    34. Adimotorshop Motorshop

      that dog this zombies dogs😱😱

    35. jojo 4 music

      Player You already one On Episode 13

    36. Alberto Vargas

      Maaaaaaaan that dog enfit ol?

    37. Akash Rajkumar

      My favorite character is player

    38. Cool guy


    39. Cool guy

      M-mr n-cheese tasty :5:51

    40. Juan Miguel [Country giant]

      Henry stickmin? 7:31

    41. Dutch Kosmonaut

      amogus when the impostor is sus

    42. Sebastian Moralejo

      What a tie

    43. Wynmar Opis

      Inersloth:Its a mod ok 📜

    44. fergaloneillweb

      nO NoT ToDo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. Cee Play

      This is cayz

    46. Atlas

      So.... who won?

    47. Vyond 4Life

      And I thought Toto was a one time joke in Episode 7. What is he doing in Episode 15?

    48. Elijah5pointx Gaming

      Probably the best episode ever

    49. Jackob Abiy

      Such a well maintained series

    50. Andy Garcia


    51. fergaloneillweb


    52. Zoe Anderson


    53. the best bagel

      Bagels so nice

    54. Leo Crouch

      Why does Mr.Cheese have a full arm? He doesn’t look right...

    55. Peter Giovanny

      4:12 i always say mcdonalds like this xD

    56. Daniel Slingerland

      Æ 我??你.你就不需要、但、

    57. pedram fallah

      6:04 Cheddar: I'm still here

    58. Daniel M.

      I really didn’t think this would happen at 5:35

    59. Alexander Lorenzo Gonzalez

      well, Player kinda won.

    60. DeVil Bendy-xx360 Brawl god

      Mama mia oof

    61. Kirbeh

      Really hit us with the feels at the end there.

    62. Nathan Moon

      Ar u are a legend

    63. Edmund Moscoso

      Whos toto

    64. Rhys Luthando Matare

      Noooooo not franklin

    65. LEE YOON YAN Moe

      can put him in another video dude

    66. LEE YOON YAN Moe

      i like the (not orange guye

    67. a great white shark

      1:48 AMOGUS😤😤😳🤨😠🔫❌🐖1!1!!!1!1!1 OMG AMO GUS OM G A MOG US AMOGUS 😱😱😱🥱😂

    68. Samuel Bertrand élève

      player still wins cuz he only not zombie alive

    69. Emma Nahanee

      I've always hated Mr.cheese

    70. Game tags 225

      𝕀 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖 🅷🅾🆆 🅷🅴 𝓾𝓼𝓮𝓼 𝓲𝓷 🅖🅐🅜🅔 🅕🅞🅞🅣🅘🅖🅔

    71. Aisha Satti

      Hahahaha for got about Mr egg

    72. kenzie KENZIE

      This is zombie mode right?

      1. Wayne Deacon

        Not a mod a virus

    73. Deiter Tova YT

      5:41 Captain:I Think Your Freind Here Got Infected By A My Virus

    74. husna -

      Virus zombie



    76. Mari Sadio


    77. li shixin

      I love the end

    78. Rocco M.

      When you realize that stoner has the same voice as veteran 👁👄👁

      1. Pump

        W h a t ?

    79. Kaleb Mattox5

      I have watched this one a billion times already


      I know I’m not the only one that remembers angel...just me..ok-

    81. AHMED YASSR Alihrpi

      ذي الحركه تقريبن تشبه RESNIT EVIL 1

    82. Alexander Dahms

      I stili asking that day how captinan win some game even he dont now how do task

    83. Hannah Faith Caspe


    84. Ngatmi Rahayu

      Toto the dog is a zombie

    85. Lucy and Lucky

      Franklyn is a little monster

    86. Maya Momeni

      "The game is called Among Us, not Among I." -Mr Cheese, 2021

    87. Vitalina Lares


    88. Vitalina Lares


    89. Corbin Leonard

      Mr chess vs Mr room

    90. Command Gomes MC

      I like how Mr cheese said "the game is called among us, not among i

    91. Roxana estebn

      I feel uncomfortable at the end the crunching was disturbing

    92. I've seen enough

      Top 10 anime betrayal

    93. IMPOSTOR 1

      its so lol

    94. Adam Shoukfeh

      Bruh Bruhhhhh Player Loses Whyyy pls Make Player Win At Least One Time Without Cheating

    95. Brens World0

      Bad doggo

    96. Sarah Greenlees


    97. Shimi Zohra

      Did mr egg ever get pet bed crab? 100% sure he did not or did he?

    98. Max Ruiz

      I hate Mr. cheese

    99. Laillah Llanos