Air Force vet arrested for Capitol riot - Larry Brock Jr. seen carrying zip ties on Senate floor

FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth

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    1. Marcel Miller

      Coward hiding

    2. T D

      "If, in the attempt to carry out a conspiracy to commit one felony, another felony is committed by one of the conspirators, all conspirators are guilty of the felony actually committed, though having no intent to commit it, if the offense was committed in furtherance of the unlawful purpose and was one that should have been anticipated as a result of the carrying out of the conspiracy." Law of Parties. DC is one jurisdiction with Capitol Murder for cop killing, terrorism.

    3. dolita windo


    4. Dan Schulte

      Larry Brock.....remember that name

    5. rontheviking

      maybe he will find the love of Jesus in jail....good chance half the inmates in jail named Jesus

    6. TEHRAY

      He's going to have great fun with the Proud Boys in jail shower

    7. Police Encounter How to Stay Alive

      👏🏾 👏🏾

      1. dolita windo

        I am still shocked these folks are arrested within days of the event by the FBI. When they have had the Biden laptop for about a year, and have made zero arrest.

    8. bilishu aliss

      oh my GOD it keeps getting better

    9. Buckets 666

      Wonder what his nickname in the Military was?

    10. Piper Pruiksma


    11. Tom Gruttemeyer

      Lock him up and throw away the key.

    12. Janet Partyka

      It makes you wonder if he "protected" our country while in the service.

    13. Nona Eubinis


      1. bilishu aliss

        It’s not right🤬

    14. wp4866

      but wait, little donnie said we had carte blanche. i only went in because the door was off the hinges.

    15. Chris

      Anyone remember the SNL airplane landing skit? “Ba - Bye!”

    16. S G Assisted Living

      Arrest them all. Black, white, orange and blue. Noone is above the law. Oh ye faithful servants, I hope Trump clears up your background!

    17. n g


    18. Andre Cureton

      You look like Mr egghead 😂😂😂😂

    19. Katrinka SF Bay Area

      "Let's march right down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol" Stupid does what stupid says! Nobody should have died!

    20. Katrinka SF Bay Area

      Absolutely disgusting! They need to be stripped of all their pensions! Now to lock up your leader! Nobody should have died!

    21. Stephen Minton

      I am still shocked these folks are arrested within days of the event by the FBI. When they have had the Biden laptop for about a year, and have made zero arrest.

    22. ronald burns

      Conehead needs to spend some nice time in prison

    23. Vidalion

      I bet all these stable geniuses were sure Trump would pardon them, despite watching Trump throw so many allies and supporters under the bus (Pence, FoxNews, etc).

    24. DramaXityTVCLE


    25. Henry Thomas

      Screwed his military pension and disability up and screwed off probably a damn good job flying private jets on top of that. A disgrace to the blue uniform. Hope it was worth it, colonel. MSgt T, USAF retired

    26. aola wili

      Wow Courage nice job

    27. mabel roaquin

      It’s not right🤬

    28. Danny F

      just so dumb!!!! ruin your life for nothing

    29. Doug Smithart

      He was apparently planning on kidnapping and, perhaps, killing members of Congress.


      Brock made a series of Facebook posts ahead of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol saying that he was preparing for a “battle” and a “civil war.” “I bought myself body armor and a helmet for the civil war that is coming,” he wrote in one post, according to the court documents. On Jan. 1, he wrote, “I suspect that is what will happen on the 6th. The castle will be stormed. The question is what then?” no plan huh? here's a plan... PRISON!

      1. aola wili

        The shame of a military person breaking his oath to the Constitution ..

    31. Mo Vo

      Texas proud, not anymore

    32. AV8R Jerry

      He should have know better.

    33. etc.

      He looks like a real knucklehead.

    34. annag cocl

      01:36 Larry, it's for you. The guy says he's with worldwide media. They wanna know why you're so crazy.

    35. Jhalen Hanshaw

      They just drafted this man to serve more time for our country in prison. Such a hero.

    36. MAMA BURR

      Everything he worked for all his life is gone..Now he lost his job...One stupid decision can change your life...You are effect by the company you keep...Where is your President Trump ??? He not going to help you...

    37. Doctor Love

      Kiss your Military pension,burial,and heath care goodbye Mr.Brock..along with your freedom. Lmao all these Alt-right morons were so worried about the Left taking their guns,they are giving them up willingly along with their right to vote. Ha!!!

      1. annag cocl

        He turned himself in? So he’s hoping to be pardoned by the president I guess! Morons

    38. TjamVideoMan

      If he was a USAF “combat vet” I bet he never left the control room!

    39. trilithon108

      He should audition as a clown in Trumps soon to open, big top circus. Trump plans to be Grand Master.

    40. Bradley Brown

      They are everywhere, people. Your cops, firefighters, clergy, teachers, lawyers, restaurant owners, mechanics, grocery clerks, high school coaches, bankers, techs, service people, neighbors. Can't let our guard down. If you see something, SAY SOMETHING.

    41. crappy firedog

      Good luck with Court martial he was a LT and didn't know his oath is a lifetime

    42. Hey Kim

      Bye bye sweet sweet military pension

    43. Douglas Sterry

      Give him a dishonor discharged

    44. sam I am

      The shame of a military person breaking his oath to the Constitution ..

    45. Tattooed Tina

      Misdemeanor charges

    46. Weed Weaver

      These have to be the stupidest people on earth. Their exit plan sucked. It's going to be ugly in prison.

    47. Frank Maurer

      Take his retirement benefits away!!!!! ALL OF IT!!!!!

    48. D H

      I’m sure other prisoners will put those zip-ties to good use on him.

    49. Scott ConseQQuence

      He should have known not to drink the Kool Aid.

    50. Yoda Man

      you werent able to get inside because of a locked gate? why didnt you just break out a window and force a door open? oh wait nvm thats illegal. its a good thing most people know that and dont do it. most people.....

    51. Nina Sliwinski

      You won't be flying anymore or taking a bus hopefully u enjoy walking that why GOD gave legs HA HA HA !!!!

    52. Babe Baby

      He turned himself in? So he’s hoping to be pardoned by the president I guess! Morons

      1. imandan1966

        Chuckle, gotta be convicted before you're pardoned. Trump will be long gone

    53. Brenda Boyer Knoll

      we want answers about why there was inadequate security and why didn’t the FBI respond to knowledge about threats and why did it continue as long as it did and why are those people not being charged with insurrection against the United states

    54. Max Ragged

      What a weirdo

    55. desolate surfer

      Excellent. Arrest allen james.

    56. R. Marie Brown

      Lock him up

    57. Pizza Dough

      Looks like a Conehead

    58. The Chumps been dumped.

      Morons Are Governing America Soon to be Morons Ain’t Governing Anymore. Lock him up! Lock him up!...

    59. Lee Williams

      Hey J does being in the military means we can break the law

    60. Jose Melendez

      Strip him of his benefits and make sure it's noted in his file that he was part of an insurrection of our constitutional democracy and democratically elected officials. Too bad he's not active military incarceration would have suited him

    61. charmnGUY

      Brain(brainless) can one not distinguish right from wrong...or hey this is not worth it!

    62. H Manoo81


    63. RedorGreen Baby

      Veterans, police officers, law makers, the president is anyone surprised?

    64. Xavier Ancarno

      EggMan arrested

    65. Teacher Ricky at Trimex Colleges

      Sad sad sad

    66. kathy Turner

      How do you go from defending your country as a hero to this.😥

    67. Gerald King

      Like James Brown used to say hae.

    68. Thomas Gabriel

      Humpy Dumpty

    69. Stutz Bearcat

      It's ZIPPY the Pinhead!!!

    70. Anita Hall

      He will be fine, he is white so stop this foolishness. You guys knows what up. Stop reporting this. Move on. No jail time for none of of these ppl.

    71. Kebmo338

      I bet he has a tank full of sharks with freeking laser beams attached to their heads.

    72. fabio tabaton

      Just another traitor to the constitution!!!!!sad😎

    73. niznomore s

      Isn't he the poster child for the skin heads? Baldy hopefully gets some brown rear lovin.

    74. Scott Shadrick

      It’s a bit disturbing that most of the former military veterans who took part in the attack were ex Air Force. Their selection and training practices definitely needed to be examined and corrected, or the Air Force needs to be absorbed into the other branches and eliminated. Let’s not forget, this branch while producing more domestic terrorists than other branches of the military also guards the bulk of the nuclear arsenal.

    75. Rebecca Valicoff

      I wonder if Mexico would accept these traitors!

    76. Jodi Rambo

      How embarrassing that these are people who once held a prominent life and now acting like demented fools.

    77. Jodi Rambo

      All these older people acting like little monsters of romper room.


      Going to prison where white supremacist gang gang lol hope you don’t plan on letting him out AFTER going to white supremacy college

    79. Barry R Jr

      I hope he is someones wife in prison

    80. senni bgon

      0:58 He is a real life Humpty Dumpty

    81. Randall W

      Trump lost folks. Get over it.

    82. chris hammond

      if he actually handcuffed someone he would have a kidnapped charge which would have been a felony charge also

    83. Jesus patino

      Ironically, now he gets to experience the broken prison system. Should of been on BLM bro. Maybe he should server time at the jail run by that evil guy that his party tried to get elected to office. Cruel and unusual punishment is the preferred method of rehabilitation by the Trump party right?

    84. Girl 19 Tn

      Smh he a disgusting disgrace to the service

    85. Teresa Hicks

      We are talking about a senior officer!the compass should still be in place, retired or not,shame on him

      1. senni bgon

        0:58 He is a real life Humpty Dumpty

    86. Pakob Aksone

      Huuuuh, a USA Colonel have turned himself as an Antifa??? That was claimed by trump's deplorables and foxnews. Any Antifa have done a nice job to be able to lead and gave order to those trump's deplorables to follow Antifa. NICE JOB ANTIFA

    87. Nicole Mcginnis

      🔐him up

    88. Nicole Mcginnis


    89. Lord Fluffykinz

      Is he going to be grounded?

    90. TKae421

      Piece of crap KKK

    91. Erlpen2016

      We paid for his training so that he could use it against america....

    92. Gibbet Hoskins

      He was 100% planning on taking hostages, you don't take zip ties for no reason. He should be charged accordingly. The charges these guys are receiving is a joke.

    93. Mike Gallo


    94. Colleen Walker

      Lock him up!

    95. Stoic Leci

      It was a KKK meet up without hoods

    96. freddy Ahavi

      Should be recalled to active duty and court martialed.

    97. uncle501

      Per Trump's own tweet about an Executive Order regarding rioting and/or damaging a government building...minimum 10 YEARS.

    98. Van L

      And, this loser should be stripped from all MILITARY BENEFITS...

    99. william wesley

      Looks like Dr. Robotnik’s stunt double.

    100. Ronald Williams

      OH YEAH ONE BY ONE BRAVO 👏🏾 keep’em coming