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    Here's the tier list:
    I'm an idiot and made the tier list to have an A+ instead of an S and didn't realize until I was almost done with the video but whatever the concept is the same. That website is kinda sketchy too for making a tier list. I wanted to make a tier list and it wanted me to sign up with a twitter account and requested ALL ACCESS to my twitter account. And there's no other website that lets you make tier lists so I just made a different twitter account so that I could make the tier list anyway. And it's only shady for making tier lists you can use tier lists for free without account access.

    Also I am so tired cuz I needed to get this video done by literally today and I procrastinated a ton and stayed up really late to make sure it was finished. Idk why I do these things to myself. But it was a fun video so whatever! I always feel like I am worried about telling a story correctly and making sure it makes sense but for this I'm literally just ranking doors. No pressure at all. And that made it more enjoyable to make. I just need to get better about procrastination is all.
    thanks for watching ❤️ hope you liked it.
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    1. Biscuit

      i heard if you say oxygen 3 times you can breathe ripoff, i tried and it didnt work. 0 stars.

    2. Exosphere

      Wher video

    3. Landon Janelle

      Yes I need ultra fresh milk

    4. Zaks smile

      😂 3:19

    5. PsychoCircusMonkey

      What is that last door?

    6. Chase Panos

      Anyone else watching this while having surgery as an anti pain drug

    7. :/

      ممكن تفتح الترجمة العربية ☹

    8. Christopher Schara

      You have started a trend friend

    9. 3nder



      LAte to the for party, but bonus fact about revolving doors and why I think they're S tier is because they conserve energy and keep cool or warm air inside. The door technically is never open... :O

    11. :[

      You sound like laughability


      This animation is so over the top its amazing and keeps my attention deficit headass constantly engaged 10/10

    13. Moon아이

      2:31 is that,,,,,Jin?

    14. Flumpywump


    15. The Circle

      Hope he got that froggy lamp

    16. Reid Moore

      I'm catching feelings because you didn't cover REAL FAKE DOORS

    17. KC

      This guy's good at drawing hyperrealistic doors

    18. Tagrix

      The guy holding the door could not move even if he wanted to

    19. Bejoy Raju


    20. Potato Patato

      Sorry, but I gotta dislike unless I see a follow-up. You missed saloon doors, fancy wooden doors, safe doors, double-doors, false doors, automatic doors, even those huge engraved doors you can find on cathedrals!

    21. Titanfall 2 Is Amazing

      My guy forgot the hanger type door, which folds up.

    22. Sean Kumato

      Jachlatt music

    23. Magdalyn's Nature Fairy Houses

      At my grandmas house there is a room. We put lights and chairs in it it’s a built lounge room for the bois

    24. Zmeck Pol

      I remember I was at this place once and they had this hovering door that you slide hit it was heavy and at first I didnt know how to open is so I kinda just lifted it and slipped through (it was extremely hard) and I could see the people laughing at me, then I saw what type of door it was and I could die with embarrassment

    25. Rachel Tat

      i love that the music he uses in the beginning is the same music ProZD uses when ranking things. I wonder if it's intentional!

    26. bababooey Papalooie


    27. Griffin Quill

      "Doggy Doors." "Dog." Nuff Said.

    28. ashland plays


    29. Antony Kean

      You forgot the band “the doors” triple S tier

    30. oiu

      I know people are going to hate me for this but I like do0r doors they are just wonderful

    31. Flamcrack

      @Ice Cream Sandwich you forgot one more thing you can do with a door you can crush a spider with one so i know one a+ is a door with dead spider on it

    32. Meiko Sakine

      2:31 Jin??? What is worldwide handsome doing here???? You like bts?!!!!

    33. Cameron Coubert

      doggy door. dog. *gets A*

    34. Dawn Gooden

      i have never agreed with a list so much in my life xD especially the doggie door =p

    35. Joshua Pocong

      Doors are great I love 💕 🚪 durs

    36. Tamara Eggleston

      Like mr froggy and da photo

    37. fabian dude

      multiple times iv gottaen lagit stuck in a bathroom and needed to call for help from shouting cause OF A DAMN SLIDING DOOR I HATE EM

    38. Nash Harder

      That’s the whole thing

    39. Sheep Jesus

      What’s the song at the end lol

    40. Mr. Context

      My secret door is gonna have a book in it, that when you open the book, it reveals a 4 - digit code lock panel, once you enter my password it will open to reveal a decoy room that has another secret door that only I will know about, I’m not even telling you where I’ll hide the password thing to open the door.

    41. TheOneGreatEgg

      Well what about the “are you winning son” door?????

    42. Kelly Leeper

      Is this guy friends with the odds one out

    43. Gav Gaming

      best tier list of everything

    44. Hannah Hayes


    45. Mr. Rosco

      Hmmmmmmmmmmm doors

    46. Mr.Ollie J

      where is he

    47. servanda Rodriguez

      I think I need ice-cream sandwich to make a new upload...

    48. Stop Moshark 2

      I accidentally hit hit an old lady with a revolving door

    49. Adam Grimm

      *Spinny door go spinny*

    50. Pokemonyugiohmettaton


    51. Pulp nine channel

      4:42 Is that not a sliding door? HMMMMM

    52. Rainbow Donuts

      I literally just searched up icecream sandwich and as soon as I saw ur channel I just subscribed without even watching 1 of your videos

    53. Bees butinabox

      you forgot that door that is a regular door but with a latch as it's only stability

    54. Babys Scooper Trap

      What about cat doors

    55. Murky Waters

      I once broke my toe cuz a sliding door fell off it’s tracks and slammed onto my toe. Big not baller.

    56. Snailias

      I just stuck in both revolving and doggie door :D

    57. It's Tide

      I like turtles

    58. noscott 10

      I witk out with out music is it wrong does it have something to do with the fact that there are body's in my back yard

    59. Jayden Brillon

      the fact i clicked on and watched the whole thing is alarming

    60. AkIsUkIro

      Tf? I clicked on one of your older videos to rewatch and realized that I've been unsubscribed from you. Consider me resubscribed.

    61. Onkling_Art

      Car doors are the most evil doors

    62. dtown902

      I have a barn door. It’s fucking annoying. There’s times where I just push it off the track and walk through the threshold like it’s on a hinge. Not flush with the wall. It’s given me splinters. I’ve used it as a backdrop for shooting BBs, out of spite because I hate it.

    63. Gonofredo Gonofredil

      Como llegue aquí?

    64. 2511tj Gaming

      He should do another tier list but instead of doors it is windows


      Spiny door go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! That’s my favorite! LOL!

    66. Agustin Chipmunk


    67. turkeysamwich00

      And of course, last but not least, who could forget **battle against a machine**

    68. Andrew flores

      hey so ive heard youre the new odds1out good job dont become a furry

    69. nour tarek

      I never knew I needed this

    70. Maria Chrobot

      That's awesome pls make more

    71. YPOB 007

      You forgot the most annoying of them: minecraft door connected to a redstone clock

    72. Nightly


    73. Patrickplus

      I wait For a new video I wait

    74. hamham tuen

      Lol I have a barn door in the kitchen XDDD

    75. Margaret Harris

      The tangible yugoslavian unpredictably examine because person mechanistically snore since a superb balinese. weak, knowing daniel

    76. Some weird Dude

      "Ultra fresh milk"

    77. IHaveAPrinter

      Hmm yes this door is very smooth and nice color

    78. Maryann Tatum-Shields


    79. Thomas Ronayne

      Where’s Jim Morrison on the list?

    80. Dani Rodriguez

      You forgot one... . Car door

    81. jacob pedersen

      4:43............. wait is your name andy?

    82. TheDoggoKIng

      Doggy door

    83. Xxgamer


    84. Captain Ice Cream Gaming

      This town ain't big enough for the both of us.

    85. Algyno

      Hands down best tierlist i've ever seen. S tier.

    86. Sid Cat

      1:12 ah yes 👁️👄👁️

    87. Kev_LSN


    88. Wyatt Ratliff

      D o g g y d o o r .

    89. The 3rd Cubed

      4:13 Oxnard gang represent

    90. C T

      I'm 37 years old... Why am I into this? Oh wait..right....the Autistic spectrum...

    91. Hexagon

      I stayed up all night watching your vids and forgot to sub

    92. that 1 random guy

      2:06 😂😂😂😂✋💀

    93. coldoscold 03

      0:00 my dog

    94. Malgus Vlogs

      The sliding door that you were talking about is called a pocket door

    95. TheHackerCat

      "an this froggy lamp aint gonna pay for itself"

    96. purplehedgehog23

      Doors?! Animation?! Animal Crossing Musics?! What more could you want? This video goes in the S tier of my video tier list that admittedly doesn't exist... but if it did, this video would definitely be S tier.

    97. purplehedgehog23

      I have not watched the rest of the video yet but I have to say that this has been one of my favourite ad reads ever

    98. DaMuffin

      I did not know you were supposed to work out with music.

    99. Alexander Wickham

      Do a spider their list