SPINNERWORM Challenges Them!

Scott Martin

42 миӊ. көрүүлөр5

    Spinnerworm is back and he challenges the new guys on the maiden voyage of the 42ft Freeman! Who will win?!
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    1. Scott Martin

      Wasn’t that an awesome maiden voyage?! Be sure to follow @viceversafishing on Instagram to follow along with the Freeman Adventures!

      1. Check Mate

        Like a Boss.. 🤜🤛💥 Time for the Marlin. One more upgrade and ur For Sure Ready for the Beasts. I'm sooo freakin elated, I don't think I could be Happier.💜 You've got to get a winch set-up, cause you don't have a platform to get the catters on the boat. Thanks for keeping company, love seeing all y'all together. Gabbs.

      2. Richie _k_68

        Brandon got that one !! ✌🏼🤘🏻🎣🎣

      3. SOC Travels

        Spinnerworm for the win without a doubt. Brandon is the Obi-Wan Fishnobi of fishing. You don't go up against Brandon unless you're Rowland Martin good at fishing.

      4. Caleb Herbert

        Scott she is so beautiful I won't one

      5. JP Nelson

        Hey Scott, biggest fan right here. Love your videos, and keep it going. >. >

    2. Trump 2020

      what does it top out at?

    3. Kaden Burow

      Does anyone know the name of the intro song?

    4. David Batista

      there's only room for one cameraman OG B, Where you been ! missed you bud

    5. Grant Spafford

      I’m a Charleston native. I love that u put this on the channel. Lotta love man

    6. Jonathan Velazquez

      Sexy boat Scott

    7. Matthew Gillilan

      Brandon's was bigger

    8. John Smith

      brandon always gets the bigguns

    9. Ctheisoutdoors

      Brandon was bigger

    10. Bruce Tracey

      Great to see Brandon again. Awesome boat. Brandon and McCoy the super team.

    11. Roger Livingston

      Is jo-jo the same big burly guy that squealed like a 10yp schoolgirl over a little baby eel. Lol.

    12. BassGeek

      Loading the boat!

    13. BigBass _TV

      Spinner worm has returned yesssssss

    14. Daniel Hudnall

      4:26 ole Scott was Excited lol much Respect he has every right to be

    15. Lane Davidson



      No one, and I mean no one beats THE SPINNERWORM! 🐐🐐🐐🐐

    17. jeremy pierce

      Brandon won it easy.

    18. Dakota Calhoun

      Brandon win the spinnerworm strikes again

    19. wildlife explorers

      Great to see spinnerworm

    20. Matthew Chartier

      Where's Brandon been at? Great adventure scott!

    21. Keenan Muse


    22. Jizz Fishing

      See, that was Brandon's video edit 100%! Into makes me wanna cast in the screen! Well done, B!!

    23. Stephen Bowen

      That boat is juiced Scott. Wow bro. Super jealous right now. Congrats broseph.

    24. Shane Jones

      What’s the chance of me getting to meet you if I drove to FL from NC. Of course after all this virus stuff is over?

    25. Sean Jones

      That was one LEGIT video!!!!!!! 🤙🏻 That spinning rod looked like an ice fishing rod. Dat BEND!!!!!

    26. Thomas Caldwell

      Great episode Scott !!! Congratulations on your new boat. She's a beaut !!!

    27. Jeff Newman

      I’ve missed spinnerworm! He needs to be on more again!

    28. Smoke Fumar

      I wanna fish with Brandon!!! Mr. Spinner worm! Seems a classy dude! Seems chill as hell

    29. Team-Savage Fishing21

      Spinnerworm B the G.O.A.T!!!!! Get some!!!!

    30. john thorpe

      Not going to lie, when I heard billy, I thought it was going to be a vid with Scott,brandon, and billy. Those are the best videos. Not that these aren’t good

    31. Micro Crawling USA

      So glad to see Brandon back

    32. Mark Fulwood

      Spinner Worm!!! B is the MAN!

    33. Michael Peloso


    34. Warner White

      Brandons was bigger

    35. poop 18

      You are my hero Scott. Seriously dude

    36. Ntizda

      you mean to tell me that you came to my home state and you didn't invite my Billy Boy?!?! shameful.

    37. brian gentry

      SPINNERWORM, SPINNERWORM, SPINNERWORM.............we missed the sw

    38. Trinidad Diaz

      Spinnerworm ftw !

    39. Jake

      Man I thought Brandon/ spinner worm got fired!!

    40. Ant Man

      I bet your not still in Charleston?!? I’m a huge fan I live here!!!

    41. Bennett Rosson

      Brandon’s was bigger

    42. Basketball Highlights

      My dad has fished with u before



    44. Sammy Leverett

      Hi Scott I just started watching your videos because I started fishing a lot more and wanted to know yours and anybody else’s biggest bass mine is a 3 pounder it was my third bass ever hope everyone has a blessed day god bless you

    45. Rusty Lee

      Great video for a maiden voyage. Keep'em coming. #winningwithtimney

    46. Ryan Perkowski

      Brandon wins automatically best camera man hands down

    47. TheNutty0101

      Brandon is the only reason I watch this channel.

    48. Chad s

      Hell yeah spinner worm is back glad to see u brandon and Brandon fish was bigger

    49. Kaci Benton

      Brandon’s was bigger

    50. Brandon Bussell

      Brandon ALL DAY by like 4 inches

    51. Alan Schuler

      Hi Scott martin Brandon wins and I like watching our video's of fishng

    52. NanaStace P

      Hey, nobody beats Brandon and his spinnerworm! They're OG!

    53. vtecsk8r

      I'm glad #spinnaworm is back!!!!

    54. bwahvtecfishtail

      When will flw and b.a.s.s host an ocean rock cod and yellow fin tuna tournament.

    55. Tygs

      Spinner Worm needs his own YT channel! I'm sure he'd do well with it!

    56. Megan Anderson


    57. Scott Clark

      Good to see ya again Brandon,was close on biggest fish,but nobody challenges the spinnerworm,lmao👊

    58. Ray Herndon

      Spinnerworm won that one

    59. carlos solis

      Yea Brendon we miss seeing u

    60. jace zerwig

      I am 10 I have a dream to be a pro bass fisher men how can I do it

    61. Jim Snyder

      Kicking it up a big notch, wow. Great video!!!

    62. Kevin Carris

      Kickass scott great video great day!!

    63. Andrew Henderson

      Spinnerworms is bigger

    64. Trent Findley

      Haute damn!!!!! B is back!!! Hope to see him in more upcoming vidja's!!!!

    65. Johnny Glass

      Spinnerworm made a appearance in chucktown!!!!! Glad to see him

    66. Rusty Wells

      I guarantee if you were fishing for some big old bass Hillary would have been up before you Scott!

    67. Kenny Hilton

      Killer video and editing work

    68. Derek Shaw

      Spinnerworm won that one

    69. C B1989

      I think you should have gone with the larger Garmin screens... we’re you on a budget or something? Great looking boat, I think we all look forward to the future videos it will be in.

    70. Doug Slinkman

      The winner is whoever catches a fish you can clean and cook.love the videos.

    71. Samuel Lawson


    72. Philip Marsh

      Spinnerworm won

    73. Howard Stout

      Brandon won that for sure

    74. Brendan

      this video is definitely a little older, miss brandon already!

    75. Phil Williams

      Great video awesome fishing

    76. Alec Waller

      Long time no see!

    77. NCshooter1213

      Thats one hell of a fine rig you got there Scott! Congrats buddy. I enjoy see the success you have made for yourself.

    78. Adventure USA

      I miss Brandon.

    79. Scott Jewett

      $800,000 boat i hope your going to be doing a lot of shows on her.

    80. Laura Scott

      Wooohoooo SpinnerWorm!!! Yeah!!!! So happy to see him!!!! And slinging beasts!!!! Totally miss Brandon!! Need more!!!

    81. Stanley Shelby

      Brandon's was bigger 👍

    82. tyler white

      Spinnerworm gets em everytime

    83. Bill Mosier

      Spinnerworm all the way . They all did great . Good fishermen and good cameramen . You have a great crew . Keep up the good work and thank you .

    84. stillwonderin

      Spinnerworm strikes again!

    85. Russell Morris

      The new boat is too nice Scott. What an amazing maiden voyage. Even the camera guys crushed the fish. Nobody beats the spinnaworm😎😎😎. Can not wait to see more amazing adventures.

    86. Christopher Raber

      Spinnerworm is back !! Good to see him again now we need Billy yet

    87. ranger61dl

      What a boat !! You sure are blessed !

    88. Sonny Morrison

      I say Brandon big fish haven't seen him in a while looks to lost some weight 👍👍👍🐋

    89. Hawg Stalkaz Tv

      Brandon’s back!!! Brandon ,Billy and Scott (best video’s ever)

    90. Yorger Mujica

      That’s really nice spinnerworm is back he need to stay with you more I bet a lot of people missing him

    91. Kade Hullopeter

      Your intro is 🔥

    92. Jonah Carrizales

      Spinnerworm all day

    93. Robert Diehl

      Great to see everyone happy having fun catching fish. And great to many of them put back into the sea. Certainly plenty of fish caught to keep for dinner, too. One of your best videos.

    94. Stutz Outdoors

      One sick boat man...SPINNER WORM!

    95. Jacob Stickles

      My boy spinnaworm for tha W!

    96. Kuffin Moore

      I live in Charleston and you past my house and I have bin sued for 3 years

    97. Charles Stewart III

      Brandon took the dub no question

    98. Katie Beckham

      So funny you launched in Shem creek I live 1.5 miles away from their lol

    99. Chase Shaw

      Brandon’s was bigger.... the noobs can’t beat the og Brandon

    100. Patrick Schaefer

      Brandon wins. Glad to see he is still around even though I know this video is a little old.