Marisha and Matthew Engagement Video Highlights

Matthew Mercer

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    Here is a wonderful highlight video of my engagement plot for Marisha Ray back in 2016, where friends helped me build a fake escape room in secret over 6 weeks in a warehouse, unveiled a dark (and subtly romantic narrative) where we were separated early into the experience, and I assisted (barely) her from the other side of the wall. She solved puzzles, uncovered a cult, constructed an ancient, glowing dagger, and defeated a summoned cosmic horror with it... all in the name of love.

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    1. Skye-Ella Boswell

      Awwww, thats just so damn cute!!! You guys are adorable

    2. Chunklate Moment

      god im lonely. maybe i should spend my free time doing things other than watching DnD for hours on end

    3. Toi Diaz

      This is how you start an "adventurous" life together LOL Cheers to many many beautiful years!

    4. The Ominious Art Of Lexi York

      Matt, you are such a good man to her, and a good man in general

    5. Sarah M

    6. ThePsychonaut

      you god damn bunch of nerds, that made me cry.

    7. forsakedsorrow

      Matt disappeared from this channel for 6 years just to return with this! I love it! And Tbh, I’m more surprised they recorded this considering how Matt don’t bring up their private life that often. So I assume next upload is going to be the wedding video?

    8. taha abbas

      Matt: (planning the proposal) How do I want to do this??...

    9. estelleox

      I'm screaming omg this is perfect

    10. Irina Bertoluzza

      This made me cry, thank you

    11. William Stringer

      Hell ya brother

    12. Ottocast

      “Don’t forget to love each other”

    13. Mees Verkade

      Can anyone for the love of God and happiness and love in general, get me the tabs to this beautiful music?!

    14. R4v3nou5

      I cry every time I watch this

    15. Chico Pudding

      as the 30th K like, I gotta say, I kinda fucking teared up man

    16. TizziQ

      The people demand the full video of this please please please this is adorable.

    17. Kosmischer Kauz


    18. Alayna Zebress

      matt: Taliesin we need a cult story Taliesin "my time has come!"

    19. Luke Henry

      Matthew: Will you marry me? Marisha: Roll a persuasion check with advantage

    20. Peevester

      How is it possible to love these crazy people even MORE?

    21. Andreas Rumpf

      everyone liked that

    22. Jeff Rochford

      I'm kinda old, my nearly 20 year old couldn't wait to show me CR . . . and now I'm lost down the rabbit hole of the shared pursuit of creativity and adventure and friendship and even love. The world is better for having you all in it.

    23. Brad Gifford

      And this everybody is why Matt Mercer and Marisha Ray are both international treasures. Along with their wonderful friends.

    24. dotEXCEL

      Perfection! GL to the both of you :D

    25. Hendrik1005

      my heart melted

    26. shaun griffith

      Simply beautiful.

    27. SlipNut

      So beautiful it could make a grown man cry... and there's nothing wrong with that.

    28. Beau Jauregui

      Jesus christ, this was beautiful ❤️

    29. John Robinson

      wait this was a recent upload. MAdness

    30. Wai Will

      Matt rolls a natural 20 on his Charisma check, great success!

    31. AyabaraGaming


    32. Flavio Marcato

      Congratulations guys! :-)

    33. Ryan Lehmpuhl

      now that is an engagement

    34. Nate Litchy

      To the 70 people that didn’t like this, who kicked your dog?

    35. MascisMan1

      WTF did I just watch.

    36. Jill Klatt

      The glow of the sword gives their moment the most beautiful lighting!

    37. Callum Reilly

      Oh my god this is so sweet !!! Got me teary ;~;

    38. Let's Pretend

      This is so fucking nerdy... i love it

    39. Anon Andrew

      She's always seemed like a free soul. Humans are weird.

    40. The Brave Bucket

      I knew it was worth it subscribing to this channel. 6 Years we waited. All worth in the end. For this.

    41. j m

      I don't know them, but I wish them a very long life and a happy one.

    42. kaity bgood

      “It can be fixed!!”

    43. kaity bgood

      um. Oh my god.

    44. Kelsey Carroll

      that "goddamn I'm good" killed me in the end. But that's where my tears started. aDORABLE

    45. Kris

      Is it wrong i wanna girl as agressive as marisha like i find it adorable. Matt youre a lucky man and ya two are adorable together.

    46. PeTTs0n88

      This is the most precious thing in all of 2020. Hell, of the entire decade. It's geeky and wholesome and beautiful and... damn, now I have something in my eye.

    47. David Hernandez

      Thank you Matt! This has been the highlight of the year and much needed in this time, I wish you and Marisha nothing but love and happiness.

    48. Mr Wolftoe

      This legit nearly made me cry. They are, and will forever be, couple goals.

    49. lngbrdninjamasta

      This is so beautiful

    50. ahlwen

      awww thats so damn cute congrats

    51. Lea Browning


    52. schrecknet

      That kiss was nice

    53. kitaronicus

      This is so beautiful I'm tearing up ;-; I'm so happy for them

    54. Catherine Nassiri

      This is the best part of my day and im crying now

    55. PhoenixShaman

      Argh you adorable dorks! this is so sweet wholsome it makes my teeth hurt

    56. Zone Misty


    57. Cham Clowder

      Thanks Matt. As if I wasn't already crying. I just watched the Wish scene from Dalen's closet, it inspired an idea memorial tatto that I've spent 2.5 years stressing over, and now this. It's been a rough 30 minutes. Love you guys

    58. Ithala The Gay Guy

      Lol, I love how she could tell it was coming and still went weak when he got down on his knee...... Adorable AF

    59. Hunter May

      I'm so happy for you guys, I wish I had friends like you guys. Actually wish I had friends.

    60. Mark M

      If this was just the highlights how long was the actual proposal ? I think it is so like them but I hope it was not like the Critical Role episodes and take 3 hours or more. I'd still watch it though

    61. Anthony Obituary


    62. MFZBitch

      Man, im in tears. Matthew you are truely a wonderlovely human being

    63. Jaron Paige

      I'm not crying, you're- ....okay I'm totally crying.

    64. Gigi

      Her laugh-cries while Matt is proposing 🥺🥺

    65. M K


    66. Julian Strnad

      We love you matt

    67. Kittori

      This is so freakin cute. And made me realize how loveless my relationship is. Damn :I

    68. Ezra Cold

      Oh my god I cried. Beautiful.

    69. Kevin Stripling

      Well done sir. 4 years late, but congrats! A great video for an...interesting time for the world.

    70. Austin Boettger

      All I am going to say is that at long last you to realized you were meant to be together forever, as best friends and as husband and wife.

    71. d3Rm0Nk

      I might be crying a whole lot at 3 am right now ...

    72. FSF

      I can't believe that this happened 4 years ago! It feels like only yesterday you two announced the engagement. I hope your love for each other feels as fresh as it did then, forever! Much love from all over the world! xoxo

    73. Max Jarvis

      Seeing this makes me sad I didn’t get to see the other 90%

    74. edh9999

      Thank you for sharing this. It reminds me why the Critter community is so awesome. Because the people we look up to are awesome.

    75. Leyla Jansson

      This is so lovely! Is there any chance we could get to see the whole thing?

    76. Rock Solid

      just found this. good GOD did I need this today. Mattrisha OTP

    77. Joe Fuller

      i though marisha and grog were the couple this entier time, im soo CONFUSED

    78. Player Too

      "These past 5 years with you have been the most incredible, life-changing, informing years that I've ever had in my life; I just want you as my partner, my confidante and as my missing piece and my rolling stone at my side. You've shown me a kind of happiness I never thought was even possible in 100,000 lifetimes, let alone this one. I've never been more certain of anything in my life: of the intent and the wish to make you mine. Will you marry me?" I could be wrong in this but it's the best I could make out! Great proposal Matt. Love you guys, thanks for all you and CR team do.

      1. Five Tans

        Thanks for this, Inreally couldn't understand Matt Mercer here

    79. KeevaTheFirstRival

      Goddamnit, these guys... they're just.... so wholesome. I'm not crying.

    80. Eggz8

      I feel like the 61 people who disliked this are just doing it because the option is there, they probably also are anti-vaxxers and flat earthers, while voting for trump.

    81. Atticusa87

      :02 Marisha: "Shit." Me: Yea, that feels right. 😂

    82. Isobel

      me crying while watching two of the people I look up to most in the world professing their love for each other and getting engaged? more likely than you'd think

    83. Deschain 1999

      Then there’s me: so nervous I couldn’t think of anything to talk about other than the concrete at the boat ramp I drove her to at 9 at night. I’m am still amazed she said yes.

    84. Pandu

      I'm crying ya'll! ehahahdhrhajdkfjke T^T

    85. Ana Maria Machado Carlini

      I'm crying, it so cute and creative 😭💖😭💖

    86. Michael Rodger

      Im not crying you are! 😭

    87. Detro 225

      Wholesome as always Mercer, don't forget to love each other.

    88. sarah psuedonym

      I'm not crying you're crying

    89. Jorge Ian Fernandez

      Man, that just, I mean, can you even, what a, just. They're so happy and I love it. I really felt the part when they were on screen, at all.

    90. Trevor Ryan

      This is so heartwarming

    91. Timo Bayer

      This is what I needed in this crazy year. You guys are the cutest and nerdiest couple ever and I wish you all the best!!

    92. Agus Lo Celso

      how can i put a bigger thumbs up?!?!?!

    93. TedJustTed47

      Thank you Matt.

    94. Bobby Kane

      You people give me hope for the future. Right now, that's saying a hell of a lot.

    95. Nathan R

      I hope you both stay this happy and this nerdy for ever... I love it

    96. Typoopie

      Hahahaha! These two are so radically different! :D Perfect!

    97. abbsnn cose this a Lovecraftian Escape Room?!?!

    98. Alex Homami

      This made my life

    99. Ari I

      I’m CRYING! This is too cute! Marisha and Mat (and gang) I wish you all the happiness! You guys definitely deserve it! Thanks for all the laughs and good happy feels with your videos!

    100. Marshall

      this man is artistic in everything he does. he is a blessing to the world

      1. abbsnn cose

        Of course he did. First he ruins D&D for everyone that can't play with Critical Role (lucky bastards) then he spends over a month creating this crazy elaborate proposal. You're