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    #TeamMagic #or #TeamAaliyah
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    1. FunnyMike


      1. Tremell Scott

        Wassup my dwag

      2. JLM Squad


      3. R J


      4. Alexis King

        it got 100k likes

      5. Aaliyah Bellville

        I want to be a badkid but I do online school

    2. Ladeidra Smith

      Bro why she keep on taking people bf

    3. Bug Alston

      Dead they both said me🤣🤣

    4. badkidaysata

      first of all: jay ain't right for magic second of all: me don't like magic third of all: don't be trynna broke my bff aaliyah heart and forth of all: jay and aaliyah look so mad cute together and they should never break up💕🥰

    5. Aj Gaming

      Jay is a Rager

    6. Bianca Savage

      Team Magic and team Aaliyah that's on period

    7. Niyah Gilchrist


    8. alvin williams

      Magic is pretty ER then alear

    9. alvin williams

      Can I be a bad kid plz mike

    10. 3RDWORLD ENT

      2:06 magic still smilling aaliyah turned into mad aaliyyah

    11. nick falco

      well jay my birthday the 12th so we litt

    12. NaKaiah Thomas

      eww i hate magic

    13. Rayonna Thomas

      I'm going with badkidaaliyah

    14. Makayla Waldon


    15. Makaula Jaula


    16. niya & nayah

      lol 17:47

    17. niya & nayah

      so yal didnt see Magic look at Aaliyah like dat in 16:44

    18. Devin Green

      Pick Magic

    19. Jemerria otis

      yall over here hating on them you not with him so leave him and them alone like they care

    20. Karter Queen

      I’m not even trynna be mean but if I was a boy I would go out with magic bc she way cuter and more chill in my opinion

    21. Kaylee Hooks

      Jay no he won the date magic

    22. Mist_Del

      How magic going to say that Jay never had her but then before that she said that Jay used to have her like

    23. life as kali


    24. Harmony’s Beautiful Land

      I use to like magic now I don’t like her no more because she started simping for jay

    25. GrxxnDior_ Siah

      Y’all still didn’t do the boxing match

    26. Oneway Wink

      100k where that boxing match at

    27. Jordan Fleming

      If I’m being honest magic and jay is ugly together

    28. Kyron’s Life


    29. Rita Buckley

      Why is they even fighting over a boy? That’s just stupid bro

      1. Rita Buckley

        @Fatima Abdullahi yes but in a playful way not this is my bias you can’t have him but only me way catch my drift?

      2. Fatima Abdullahi

        would you fight for suga tho

    30. Nickalia James

      Magic breathe stanky

    31. Miriam Kalokoh

      why is magic first pick magic

    32. Shaneika Williams

      The fact is she's with Delane now

    33. Ray Nard

      Bro it was funny when they all said you in my business dont do that i was dead bro

    34. Gaming With Tyaunna

      when is the box match???

    35. That.girl. Kristy

      Aaliyah gone win🔥🤟🏽

    36. Ashley Oliver

      Jays job is to get ever girl

    37. Life with Myaaa

      WHERE IS THIS BOXING MATCH?????????????????

    38. Ayuel Kiir

      Magic is strange 😂

    39. Chris Keys

      Jay don’t deserve Aaliyah or Magic and jay not even that cute 🙃🙄

    40. life with khamorah

      Magic and aliyah should be sisters or bsf

    41. AriAnna Williams

      Wow they lucky I want to be s bad kid

    42. tarvarustheking tarvarustheking

      4:02 we 😂

    43. Jayceon Brickerson


    44. sk squad

      I am from London but I am in Barbados

    45. iiamryahh

      So this is what I'm noticing evwrytime aaliyah laughs magic laughs and every time aaliyah makes weird faces magic does the same like are they thinkin the same

    46. lilbaby2

      magic like to fight girl but i wood not date girl who like to fight girl but Aaliyah she cute and nice person and funny

    47. Ebony Blockmon

      Funny Michael want to be a bad kid

    48. Ebony Blockmon

      Funny Mike I want to be a bad kid

    49. Mariah Gay

      I like magic more than anything

    50. Mariah Gay

      I like the one with the red hair in a black hoodie and the blue pants on with the holes in it I like her more than a girl's your little Uzi over there on the left I'm watching your video now I like the one with the red head what the blue jeans like her more than the other girl over there she being beat she being honest this is Elaina Gay

    51. jensy calix

      tbh, aaliyah would beat magic up cz as she said she wasnt scared of nobody execpt ha momma.

    52. Kynya Pierce

      team magic

    53. Italy Lashai

      aaliyah look disgusted 😫

    54. Aaliyah_27

      I fill like magic would win



    56. mixed aj

      i really feel like if you know that a boy already has a girlfriend why try and get between them😂Also we all know Aaliyah still love him so its hard for her to just forget about him and move on so idk why magic up there saying she stupid for wantin him back cause she stupid for messin with someone who has a girlfriend so jay and magic in the wrong here

    57. Avion Thompson

      magic will win

    58. Paris Rembert

      Magic gonna win the fight period

    59. Kameryn Williams

      Y’all didn’t even do the fight the heck

    60. Life As PrettyyMyaa

      Wait how Magic say Jay didn’t have her but she also said he cheated on Aaliyah wit her . If he cheated on Aaliyah that mean him and magic was going out or had something going on .

    61. Hascin Brown

      Funnymike soo peddy

    62. mahlia griffiths

      Team aaliyah🤩🤩🤩🤩

    63. Production of 5 Pettis

      Jay u down bad g

    64. christina smmiith


    65. Brea Kymberly

      tAp In

    66. Gar Bledsoe

      Funnymike put both of the girls on a Monday and see who girls and Fetter

    67. itsmykel !!

      POV your waiting for the video



    69. Makayla Haile

      Why magic don’t like Aaliyah they should be friends or Bestie for Ever

    70. Ari Bennett

      Magic is ugly Aaliyah is pretty

    71. Ari Bennett

      Magic is ugly Aaliyah is pretty

    72. babylovi baby

      I am Team magic

    73. Alylah Roundtree

      If they do fight, Magic would win

    74. Jader Hamilton

      she is the side chick

    75. laila whitehead

      We can all till that Mac knows that Aaliyah really likes Jay? Thank you Mac for sticking you for Aaliyah.

    76. KashwayYungy

      it aint h.a.g its t.d.d TEEN DATING DRAMA😂😂

    77. Romecka Joseph

      Did y'all see how aaliyah hold jay hand and he wiped her off

    78. Mylahdoll C

      Y’all keep saying and what if she did what he did for entertainment she should actually make a KGup video about her kissing someone else for entertainment

    79. i

      I don't understand y the bag a noise in that little clustered place I would've bin dieing for air . I couldn't concentrate . Two girls don't have any shame Jay want both of them and they both crazy over Jay like is their any self respect

    80. avery Thompson

      magic said jay not thuggin but she not either

    81. Brittany Austin

      jay you a 2 timer

    82. Brittany Austin

      jay you crazy

    83. babytychannel 1

      I rather be the side chick too cause why would I wanna be the main getting cheated on and being heart broken so 🤷🏽‍♂️

    84. babytychannel 1

      Y’all bashing magic when jay started this bullshit tf he wanted magicccc

    85. isabelle sungura

      😬😬🤫🤫😅🤣😅 23:35

    86. isabelle sungura

      Sit down Mike helping u to sit down goddammit 14:27

    87. isabelle sungura

      😱😱🤣🤣🤣 9:21

    88. isabelle sungura

      Everybody face was heartbroken 8:01

    89. Yesenia Perez

      Magic is to pretty to be fighting ova a boy😌✨

      1. ThTgUrLjAy 05

        Well she said that she like being the side chick so 🤷🏾‍♀️

    90. aalaiyah clark

      My name is Aaliyah

    91. Jasmine Marie

      Magic doing the most magic is pretty but she mad messy

    92. Itz Carii

      Why she wait till Aaliyah get out the room to swing 😂. All that time you been sitting there making faces and shi , as soon as she leave you swing 🤣🥱.

      1. prettyoneiidahlia ‘

        Right i noticed that

    93. Locker_ Buddy

      A fack magic following me on Instagram bruh


      Magic issa whole mood the bad bitch be dancin am with u gurl dance at the haters


      If i was bad kid yall would hate me cause am spilling truth periodtt

    96. NotClapz

      Team magic

    97. CharlyJordan FanPage

      They both for the streets! 💀✋🏽

    98. M E R C I

      9:39 How Magic so calm..and i love how Aaliyah chill abt it cause if i was in her shoes i would have reached back there-👩‍🦯✨

    99. June Willson

      Pick me plz!!!

    100. Bianca Savage

      Aaliyah is not playing!!!