Revealing My Entire $6 Million Investment Portfolio | 29 Years Old

Graham Stephan

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    Here is a breakdown of my entire investment portfolio, why I made each investment, and how I was able to build this up over 12 years - enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan
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    First: A single family rental property bought in 2012
    This was purchased through several years of savings as a real estate agent, and purchased as a short sale near the bottom of the market
    Second: Another single family rental property bought in 2012
    This was also bought with savings while working as a real estate agent. It needed minor renovations.
    Third: A triplex in the same area bought in 2012
    This needed some work, but was in a great location - I sold my car to help fund this deal
    Fourth: A Single Family Home bought in West Los Angeles in 2016
    This was bought with several more years of savings as a real estate agent
    Fifth: A duplex bought in mid-city in 2017
    This was in a very central location, and is now known as “The $0 House” because I was able to cash out refinance my entire investment out from the property to re-invest elsewhere
    Sixth: Another duplex bought in mid-city near Inglewood in 2018
    This was bought because it was a great value, could be rented out with a possible 2nd bedroom, and was close to so many new developments and construction
    Seventh: Cash Holdings / T Bills / Liquid Investments
    This is while I’m searching for the next “big” investment
    Eighth: Retirement Accounts
    This includes Roth IRA / Sep 401k investments through a vanguard index fund
    So there you have it - that’s my entire investment portfolio for you to see, and I really hope this was able to give you some insight as to how I manage my money, what I look for, and how I invest. It all starts from something small, finding work that you enjoy and pays well, living below your means, investing consistently, and…of course…do I need to say it?…smashing the like button.
    For business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at

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      You should be so proud of yourself and I admire people like you! I’m just starting to get into the beginning stages of real estate investing and you helped me tremendously!

    2. Cris

      With Graham and so many other valuable people giving sound financial advice I can’t help to ask myself: why the hell are so many Americans broke??

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      I have been watching a lot of Graham’s videos from both his channels for a while now and this is my first time commenting on one of his videos. I have always wondered what Graham went through to attain such wealth. This particular video has given me that. Graham, I appreciate your honesty and transparency! Not a lot of people are willing to be this exposed. Also, you are such a good speaker. You don’t use highfalutin words, making it clear for anyone with little to no knowledge about real estate investing easily understand.

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      I don't want to lower anything down, yes you worked hard etc and did everything smart. However I listened to the video before where you disagreed with pewdiepie on "mostly luck, and luck give you the opportunity". Pewds position is about luck and your not as much, however I see that each deal, with 2 properties at the beginning, with 3 buyers denying to buy and it came to you, with companies coming in. I understand you did your part and saved up so much to be Able to take those opportunities, however those opportunities are half at least, are pure luck. No? Means you were lucky it didn't go the "other" way while it really could

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    97. Entrex

      great video

    98. Brad Angelo

      Wtf! And I am having $478,900 in my portfolio, feeling happy. Well I started trading 7 months back.

      1. Brad Angelo

        V R 👍 one love

      2. Brad Angelo

        Max Potter I don’t mind showing you my portfolio, Okay! Everybody on KGup ain’t a scammer. If your a beginner find a solid strategy, perfect it on a demo account, don’t get greedy over an extra dollar profits and don’t go against the trend. Always wish yourself the best. That’s my success secret ok. Stay blessed.👋

      3. V R

        @Brad Angelo I didn't ask for your pardon You could still be a functional active bot Your guy Antoni has no credible website, i can't find any resources. If you really did great with him as your 'broker' post the page on his reviews That's more credible. Otherwise I don't see why a comment can be trusted

      4. Brad Angelo

        V R well everybody is entitled to his or her opinion. I pardon you, and stay safe during these pandemic.

      5. Max Potter

        @V R Nevermind them, they're bots running by scammers

    99. Brandon Yadkar

      have you thought about buying apartment complexes

    100. Chad Mciver

      Great video Graham, where do you foresee the next great location to invest in rentals? Im cash heavy and ready to go in on alot of rentals on the next dip.

      1. Barbara Mark

        Tim Gallon Wow, I saw his recommendation on YT ads, sent him a mail but he hasn’t replied. Can I have his number please?

      2. Tim Gallon

        That’s a good one! Feel free to write Mr Antoni Jakub via email :