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    1. Luis

      aye the ship finally stopped flying in one direction, its going back to Mira HQ

    2. brady schorn

      7:32 someone beefs it

    3. The American YouTuber

      8:32 I love this so much. XD

    4. Casey Hust

      Cartoons: its just Anthony we don't care Delirious: by the way there is a dead Anthony in Cafe Anthony: Delirious you noticed me Me: *cracks up laughing* yep Anthony only he noticed nobody else did

    5. ViskaDrake

      Thank goodness Squirrel didn't jump out of the vent to join, I was already dying of laughter.

    6. Valior Qwirtz

      11:20 the start of it all. 🤣😂🤣😂

    7. Shadowmantis

      For those asking what the song snippet was, I believe it was "Elysium" from the gladiator soundtrack

    8. Rigor Berzerk

      alliroG = "A real OG" 😂

    9. arwddfg sdc

      The map isn't flipped the ship is going the other way

    10. Zachary Clark

      why was there literally people everywhere around momo's dead ass body.

    11. Tøxìç Ŵãstë

      3:35 gorilla got lucky cartoon just ran past Antony's body XD

    12. Caiden Fuentes

      Switch y’all me thing to April fools

    13. Gary Will

      I would have died if everybody was standing there and then squirrel popped out of the vent

    14. 3rst

      I've never laughed this hard in a while

    15. Hunter Miller

      This is some nice BONE HURTING JUICE

    16. Nathan Perez

      You guys should do dead by daylight and this map and combine together

    17. GoldenDragon Gaming

      11:40 What song is this

      1. GoldenDragon Gaming

        Why won’t anyone answer this question

    18. Unknown

      Omg im so dead right now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 , im crying right now

    19. Anthony Williams

      I swear, I thought Cartoonz was a black man.

    20. Bowsette NC-17

      Squirrel had rabies that round 😂

    21. Gerson Langgao

      What how did you guys get in this map!?

    22. Jayjay Realist

      Momo: I will remem.... Toonz: yeah sing it momo Rilla: F*CK YOU SQUIRREL 🤣🤣🤣

    23. justyouraveragemango

      All Dick Jokes: 11:11 12:31 12:46 14:38

    24. L Yagami

      Toonz is my fav KGupr now... period

    25. DRAGON_STORM_4

      From 11:51 onward made me laugh so much! I had to stand up and take a walk. And like CaRtOoNz said, if squirrel came out of the vent and joined in, I would have died.

    26. Sarah Beavers

      1 like = one report of anthonys dead body

    27. Brandon Poole

      best among us video of all time, must watch video of all time lol

    28. Omarion Smith

      The part that was the most funniest to me where Momo died and squirrel vented out of there. And then cartoonz and t Jones just stood there. And then everyone just came. Lmao

    29. Novalocke

      12:12 paying respects.

    30. EpicThoughts

      11:21 had me dead

    31. Ellyn Septiana

      This confusing even for the viewer

    32. Melaine Whitaker

      This happened to me and i was so confused

    33. Frop gaming

      I am having PTSD looking at their names oh god

    34. Gabriel Banjao

      only pc ken switch tha dete but mobile no i tryd to do it on mobile

    35. Michael Scott

      What's the sad music that plays when Anthony is dead lol

    36. Mychal Wyson

      This shit would hurt my brain

    37. Aeondipity

      Ok so I've noticed that CaRtOoNz camera like... moves?? What is this gorgeous set up? I must know (~ ̄³ ̄)~

    38. Denise Williams

      Is it just me or that no one realized that every time some one blows the trash out that there a Henry stickman reference

    39. Tim West

      lol that gathering at Momo's body was hilarious 😂

    40. Yellowhawk 01

      11:11 if this was animated this would be ... interesting

    41. Soaringjk

      I gotta sub for that sht at 12:00 😂😂

    42. CausalCypress13n

      11:11 Damm Momo nice Dicc LMAO

    43. Kiran Fane


    44. Balfour

      12:00 Momo's funeral

    45. Xeno Gaming


    46. Scotty ZP

      I'm at work right now busting out laughing bc of omoM😂😂😂

      1. 1 month ago

        “I WiLl rEmEmBeR yOoOu”

    47. Gamingbadger22

      Cartoons on divert the power engine place the line in the right place and click twice

    48. Ron Morris

      legendary video

    49. Mario Lara

      Hold on anyone know what happend to jihi like explain cartoonz

    50. Dre Hinrichsen

      2:28 bruh

    51. AU Clips

      I did this and talk backwards after I saw this video

    52. Schizo Player

      Wow I needed a good laugh 😂

    53. knightshade86

      toonz plays a damn good wildcard

    54. Jamien Jackson

      That's a big bone

    55. lanale garry

      i will remember you. lol

    56. Anesu Maregedze

      They should play hide and seek with the map inverted can you imagine it tho

    57. lolcode

      Everyone looking at momo's bone:👁️👄👁️

    58. Shadow262625

      I'm confused it that mod or something like the dev make it?

    59. Noman Rocks

      11:10-11:13 Wha? Idk what momo said and why that was said about momo

    60. rocio martinez

      8:52 - 9:09 bruh, i cant stop laughing

    61. Deamon Mz


    62. Deamon Mz

      I LOVE YOU

    63. Uzair Durrani

      Anyone know what the music playing at 11:40 is called?

      1. Uzair Durrani

        @Shadowmantis Thank you.

      2. Shadowmantis

        Got it... i was dead on with the gladiator assumption, but it is "Elysium" from the gladiator soundtrack

      3. Shadowmantis

        i feel like i know it... i do know its from a flim score.... that said though i keep getting pulled in the direction of "honor him" from gladiator but its not that (unless remixed)

    64. Carolina Machado

      I would give my life for toonz omg I laughed so hard I had to take a moment to fucking breathe rip

    65. destorer5000

      @8:50 Don't mind this... Just wanted to be able to find this moment whenever I want

    66. Neon War Zone

      Cartoonz and Squirrel: *simps for each other on they're killer games* Fans: I ship it *fan art*

    67. pikachu asks

      I FOUND IT!!!

    68. Aida Miller

      cartoon: "it's just Anthony we don't care" Anthony: "silent screams in the distance"

    69. Demierp777 C:

      Funniest gameplay I ever seen LMFAO

    70. Braeden Helmick

      This glitch actually happened to me but I don’t know how it happened

    71. Sayainking666

      arillo-G...sounds like a weed name🤣🤣

    72. Red Is SUS

      I miss jihi

    73. Aiden Andrews

      what did momo say???

    74. Jude Roshan

      Christian Stewart

    75. Panggil saja Ferdy

      12:53 momo's laugh is soo cute

    76. xxluchianxx

      Omg I wish jihi was there for that round!!!

    77. Todd W

      There's a wall there

    78. TzuYoda

      *rotsopmI nA ton saw zNoOtRaC*

    79. rcamarenaf

      WhEre is JihI ???????

    80. DeNaeja M

      broooo i swearing thought he was a black guy 😭💀

    81. thechipmunk170

      "I don't give a sh!t...it's just Anthony". A quote that sucks for people named Anthony.

    82. My Dude

      They found the secret.Tey changed the date and reload the game.

    83. 5th Element Entertainment

      I legitimately cried from laughing so hard.

    84. Suns set Foxx

      I am going to have a headache after this

    85. haechan’s sunflower

      the round when momo and anthony died and squirrel was the imposter was too funny i cant

    86. Dracothedragon24 Drake

      That was so funny I can’t even 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    87. SpyroMan01

      I need to see this from squirrel's perspective

    88. Daniel Naylor

      Cartoonz was right, though. If Squirrel jumped out of the vent and joined the others in just looking at the body? That would have been the icing on the cake. Comic perfection.

    89. James Castro

      3:40, is really hilarious 😂🤣


      That was the best among us moment EVER.

    91. Nate Mancita

      If you guys want to play the reversed map just set your date to april 1

    92. Minez Reaper26

      Poor ass Anthony hahahahaha my head hahahahaha

    93. Moon Lord

      hi zNoOtRaC snoot rack

    94. Jussman

      That second round was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on this game. My chest hurts from laughing 😂😂😂

    95. Emma Lang

      Can some one plz tell me where they get this version of the game? Where the avatars wear hats/skins on the vote screen? I often find myself missing remembering colours, but hats? Not so much

    96. Jay Sylvester

      I’m waiting to see squirrels point of view with these rounds. This was great

    97. RareScar

      LOL this was so fuckin' funny!

    98. Fortnite God

      Why dose delirious voice sound so weird

    99. Alex Gonzalez

      This was soooooo funny I cried a bit 😂😂😂

    100. terminator900"

      Not gonna lie why ya got to throw shade at my name like that my name is Christian and im getting voted off without even being there 😆