6 MUST HAVE Accessories for Your BOAT!

Scott Martin

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    Making my living fishing and traveling the country, these products have helped make my life a lot easier and catch more fish. Check out these products linked below!
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    1. Scott Martin

      What are YOUR favorite boat accessories you have on your boat?

      1. Garry Mainer


      2. Joe Bohannon

        I would say from fishing lake hartwell all my life mine would be my rain gear as I've been caught in numerous rain storms while fishing pot tournaments!

      3. Roger Young

        Remote boat plug; Hydrowave; Battery Switch; I-pliot Link on my Ultrex with 52 inch shaft (never a 45 inch again). :Love each and every one.

      4. Kevin flabouyfishing

        Gosh darn NEEDLE NOSE PLIERS!!!

      5. Kevin flabouyfishing

        my jackhammer chatterbait, or my zip ties, but 2 10ft blades by power pole with positively best customer service and support of any company on earth!!!! Saving up for charge and a new trolling motor!!

    2. KennyFishbone

      Great ideas. My list: 1. Get a professional type tournament fishing boat. 2. And a truck!

    3. Lane Rother

      My favorite part about the video was how he said accessories

    4. David Nadin

      Dad gum scott you got the good stuff but,you need it win the classic for me ok?

    5. Prime Legend

      I prefer the Minn Cota Ultrex trolling motor, humminbird helix 10 MEGA SI on main console, helix 10 MEGA DI on bow, with MEGA 360. It all pairs really well with the humminbird network. Can also get a Minn Cota cavitation mounted trolling motor to pair with power polls + drift paddles for when off shore fishing in higher winds. The only thing worth while from garmin iv seen is live scope, which has to run off lithium ion batteries because it's needs constant 12v. Going to look into that jack plate you listed, iv had my eyes on Atlas for a while now. End of the day, I'd prefer to have MEGA 360 available to me, which might as well run the entire network. I can run live scope on a separate transducer rod if I want. Lastly, if anyone is looking for good mounts check out Ballzout. Off the top of my head I think they run about 150+, realistically us guys/gals in not brand new boats can't have the same mount system he has in the video.

    6. BassGeek

      That charger is sick.

    7. William Riley

      1. $5,000 2. $1,100 3. $460 4. $3,000 (Electric Motor Brushes are stationry Scott.) 5. $4,500 6. $1,300 equals $16,000....!

    8. Zachary Scelsi

      Your putting my little 17ft javelin to shame lol

    9. Charles Van Pelt

      Great information, what AH rating do you run on your batteries?

      1. Scott Martin

        I think 40

    10. Joseph Nickel

      Mounts are killer! Whenever your ready a lithium battery give away would be sweet! 🤣

    11. Mark

      Hey Scott, is your cranking battery a Lithium? Thank you

      1. Scott Martin

        Not on this boat right now

    12. kevin morenzi

      Love the info Scott

    13. Robert Stevens

      By the time I buy these accessories...I could buy a boat

    14. Colton Defelippo

      Cant even afford the batteries 😂😂😂 Maybe one day 🤷‍♂️

    15. Cole Slaw

      I still wanna see you fish NE Oklahoma SMF.

    16. Esmi Tesoro

      Hey Scott. Congrats on all your success! I understand how some folks after seeing this can feel overwhelmed at the cost of this top grade equipment and it's easy to forget that it takes a long and successful career to be at top of your game. I think we can all take comfort on remembering that we can all grow at our own pace. And no matter whether we run a 150k rig or fish from shore with a pole from Walmart, it is our love for fishing that keeps us getting up at 4 am and head to the nearest water hole. God bless and keep going! Cheers from the great white north 😎😎

    17. Reel Time

      Nice Commercial

    18. Cody Finn

      Scott what is the setback on your jackplate?

      1. Scott Martin


    19. Jeff Fournier

      You must be talking to rich people, i catch just as many fish if not more with a cheap alum boat with no accessories.

    20. Andrew Carr

      First thing first, most of us probably need a boat to be able to put things in it.


      great video thanks for the info on the batteries and the charger i will be getting them on my next boat

    22. Daniel Rieth

      I think probably about half of us can say that we don't have a boat, and as much as we love seeing you wack em from a boat, we'd love to see you do some shore fishing and give your thoughts on it

    23. Chris H

      Scott I have a 16 x 52 jon boat with a 25 hp yamaha with tiller handle. I still appreciate all the info. It's fun to dream about. I have severe PTSD and fishing is a outlet for me. I love bass fishing with a passion. Please keep the videos coming. Thank you to SMC, FAVORITE RODS, GOOGAN BAITS, YAMAHA, RANGER BOATS and many others. BAM 👊

    24. GrumpyRed

      I’ve heard the Garmin trolling motor is great but only bad thing I’ve heard is if you are in rough water and the trolling motor comes out of the water the spot lock comes off. Or the trolling motor shuts off

    25. Scott Davis

      Scott thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us. My favorite accessories for my boat, well I don't have a boat, but my favorite accessory for my kayak I would have to say the paddle and the motor that drives the paddle. (ME) 🤣

    26. Fishing With Blake

      Loved it! I subbed!🔥👍🏼🎣

    27. Tony Layne

      You forgot panoptix

      1. Scott Martin

        Not really that’s a whole different level of awesome

    28. Tim Royall

      Really digging the new cap with Yamaha on the side! Welcome to the Yammy family.

    29. Manny Fishing!!


    30. PitVipR PlayS

      woohoo! 20 minute long multi company commercial!!!!

      1. PitVipR PlayS

        @Scott Martin I still watched the whole thing!! LOL

      2. Scott Martin

        Yeah buddy...

    31. Russell Morris

      I'd be lucky to afford the boat, much less the accessories honestly. Still love the content though Scott. Keep it coming and appreciate all you do. 🙂👊

    32. Hunter Fraser

      Where you at in Tennessee?

    33. Scott O,Donahoe

      1 is a boat . 2 is time to fish . 3 is instinct . 4 is not listening to other fishermen . 5 is fishing in anything you're not comfortable with . 6 is go with your gut ! no electronics is needed when you know how to fish !

    34. Scott Marshall

      Scott M., There are different variations of the 36V lith battery, which do you use and/recommend? I use 3 31-AGM batteries for MK Ultrex, and 1 31-AGM for cranking.

      1. Scott Martin

        It’s a 40amp 36v lithium pro - there should only be one to choose from. You should just contact them..they are great people and will help you out

    35. SkeeterZX225

      Just curious, you said you usually go with 10ft power poles but decided to go with 8ft this year. Just curious because I know it's not a money issue, why did you opt to get 8ft instead of 10? Just curious. Oh and one other question....why do you not run a hotfoot?

      1. Scott Martin

        No big reason on the poles..probably go back with 10’s next year. Hot foot..I like to sit up in the seat on Okeechobee and look in the water. But again might have that next year too

    36. Jake Schisler

      I have a lure I will sell you for oh $10,000. it could make you a richer more productive fisherman. I call it a BR549

    37. TheBlindkiller85407

      I’m still skeptical about the lithium batteries. Just because of my own uses and needed care of them. Their temperature tolerances for FL in my 100+ degree garage is a problem. Friend is a private pilot and his plane in the hanger burned down because of the lithium battery getting too hot. But the advantages of the power delivery, longevity, low charge time and massive weight is awesome to say the least. But having to pull them to charge after fishing? Has me on staying lead.

      1. Scott Martin

        The lithium pro use lithium Iron Phosphate which is super stable...no issues

    38. Yorger Mujica

      Hey Scott let me ask you something what happen with your okuma rod and your frogs I never hear you say anything about that anymore I fallow your for long time I even bought one of your rod but that thing broke on me lol do you still have those or not anymore? And my favorite frog you don’t say nothing either what happen to those man

      1. Scott Martin

        Still use the frog..been using Favorite ross for while..but those Okuma rods are awesome. If you can find them still


      Can anyone HELP me out, I need a lift assist for my Minn Kota Maxxum 70. I’ve pinched my sciatic nerve with it, I just now got off of a walker and using a cane.., I can’t find it anywhere but I know they use to make them. I haven’t heard back from Minn Kota so I don’t know where else to find it, I’ve looked everywhere..?

      1. ADAM HENSON

        @Scott Martin I’ve tried there too, is the Ultrex pretty easy with the lift assist that’s on it?

      2. Scott Martin

        Man..I am not sure..eBay?

    40. Grady Joyner

      Step one get money Steep 2 get a boat

    41. Keith Moore

      Prayers up for Roland. Glad to see he’s feeling better!

      1. Scott Martin


    42. Kyle Mattix

      When those power poles end up in the next garage give away, just remember im like the winner 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    43. Ethan Eveler

      Nice accessories on your boat thank you so much for showing them to us you really have a nice boat and I really like that Yamaha motor that you got put on this year thanks for the video and can't wait for more videos.

    44. Adam Freeman

      The power pole charge is next on my list!

    45. chris unruh

      do you run lithium cranking batteries also? and do you have a separate battery for your electronics

    46. Cody Phillips

      Can’t wait to be watching you on the Elites next year brother. No doubt in my mind you got it!

    47. Don Fousek

      I will be putting one in soon. It’s a flow right drain plug. I have climbed under my Skeeter to many times to hit my head on the Yamaha, power pole, etc. Save your head! Also time praying for the thing I said.

    48. Zac Pearson

      I placed 3rd in a local tournament and got 20$ 😂😂😂 stacking power poles as we speak😂😂

      1. Scott Martin


    49. Kenneth Roth

      Can you do some videos on why u picked the electronics you using, how to setup?

    50. Tiny Mason

      I almost thought this was a advertisement

    51. Dbars19

      i wish they still made the ranger 522D. beast of a boat and would trade my 619fs in a heart beat.

      1. Cody Phillips

        Right there with you man. Saw a 2016 model at a derby on sturgeon bay this year. I was like 🥰🥰

    52. Dbars19

      15 foot talon my lake is too deep for power poles, hummingbird side imaging. VHF radio, super important on lake erie.

    53. Crawford515

      Love my power poles, jackplate, but I must say it's my panoptix.

    54. Mo Gunz

      I hope one day my son can fish for a livin.

    55. dan harris

      Can I have your boat?

    56. Travis Craver

      Great video scott don't have a boat but learn alot. Always good luck in two weeks

    57. Kendal Ivey

      I really enjoy all your videos man

    58. Tyler Pearson

      You should do one of these for broke teenagers that are getting into tournament fishing.

      1. Leslie Tincher

        Or broke 42 year olds with kids and a mortgage. 🤣

    59. Joe Bohannon

      I wanna say scott you better look out for that sweet polite daughter of yours because she is gonna pass you and the Legend Mr Roland Martin in bass fishing! You have done great with the family you're all kind and polite people. My hats off to you!

    60. Joe KUE

      I can't afford any of them Accessories on my boat, Hey Scott how about a GiveAway for one of them Accessories to your Subs...??? C'Mon Man....

    61. Enjoy

      Those accessories probably cost more than 90% of the viewers' boats.

      1. Enjoy

        @Maclamond Yea, these items aren't for the normal folk. $5k for power poles, $1.5k for jackplate, $1k for mounts, $1200 for the charger, $5-6k for batteries, and $3k for the trolling motor. So like $17,000 for 6 accessories.

      2. Maclamond

        Them batteries are like 2-4 k per. Wtf

    62. Rogbass

      Well I went through the entire build out process for a Ranger Comanche. Oh yea. I’ll be THAT guy. Hahahahahaba. I’m coming.

    63. Rogbass

      Talk about tested equipment in all conditions. Thanks Scott. Who better to give a review like this than you pros. Will save me time and hassle.

    64. living the outdoors

      Theres a power pole company here in eden prairie mn

    65. Les James

      I wish I had sponsors.... I might be able to get the mounts for fish finders, with no fish finders...F my life.

    66. Red Rum

      Scott. Makes me think the front graph you didn't show us is a brand other than Garmin, or a prototype Garmin?

      1. Scott Martin

        Hmmm..you never know

    67. Phil Como

      I just put my boat away it’s getting freezing temperatures in Canada. I bought a ranger z118 2012. What a difference a real bass boat makes. I have 8 foot talon they are a little loud but it’s so nice not getting my hands wet with an anchor. 150 Yamaha :)

    68. George S

      No Livescope on the list?

      1. Scott Martin

        I don’t want anyone else buying those..lol I want it to myself

    69. Johnny Arial

      Man all that stuff is awesome. Maybe someday but today I cant afford any of that.

    70. Mitchell Traxler

      I'm the most important accessory to my yak.

      1. Scott Martin


    71. Ken Mccarthy Fishing

      🔥🔥Awesome job Scott 💪

    72. Jonah Mchaffie

      I really wish I could afford all of this but I’m only 17 and I just bought my first bass boat from a guy who died and wife cut me a deal of 1000

      1. Hummer4u2nv

        @Evan Shillcox oh yes that is so true! I remember visiting and fishing Mississippi in a kayak past few years (during CrappieMaster tournament). I just happened to be visiting and NOT actually registered in the tournament. During both days I was in a area that was surrounded by several professional sponsored boats. After catching several fish they were surprised and commented about seeing me catching just as good as they were. When i went in to watch their weigh-in results several people recognized me and even Brian Sowers interviewed me...because I actually caught more & bigger Crappies than the Pros did. Most all my Crappies were between 2.1 and 2.8lb, but the two biggest ones were 3.7lb and 3.1lb. I've done this past 3years and I simply explain; the fish don't care what kind of boat, clothes, or gear you have. True story...you can search online and prove my interviews with Brian Sowers from Crappie Masters past 2 years.

      2. Evan Shillcox

        All that stuff don't make you a better fisherman. The stuff is nice to have but its even better when you roll up in your $1000 boat and beat everyone with there $100,000 setups

    73. Dwayne Vuolo

      👍👌😁awesome Scott

    74. Rodney Hanbaum

      I hope to run lithium batteries some day, And some powerpoles! Game changer! Thanks Scott for another fun and informative vlog. Safe Travels home...

    75. Creed Gabbard

      Are you ever fishing lake Cumberland again

    76. Robert Barnes

      Awesome Scott good luck out there

    77. American Wildlife Taxidermy

      The thing that makes you one of the best anglers in the world is your equipment never gives you any trouble;)

    78. Jake Martin

      I bought these accessories then realized I didn't have a boat🤔😂. Like always keep up the hard work and tight linZ🤙🎣!

      1. Scott Martin


    79. Mike over cash

      Everything you talked about is very very cool especially the new lithium better they're worth their weight savings

    80. Dustin Brookshire


    81. Colton Mundy

      Thanks for the tips! Great Video👍🏼

    82. Curly Que2

      Buy a bare bones 21 foot bass boat 70 grand now add another 20 grand to make your fishing experience better, now fill it up with a bunch of china co googan squad slave labor made stuff and bam your a bass pro,I am glad to see your pimping some American made goods thanks for that,

    83. Kevin Sheppard

      I just saw your boat in Texas at the same place I get my boat serviced!! Great videos man!

    84. Luke Mill69

      I wish I could go fishing with this guy

      1. tloftis871

        You can. Call Roland Martin's Marina in Clewiston FL and request a guide trip with him. And as far as him being down to earth and easy to talk to, you are exactly right.

      2. Leslie Tincher

        I would love too. I feel like Scott would talk to you and hang out like he's known you for years to make you feel comfortable. Seems genuine and honest.

    85. jake ryan

      Please come to Lake Lanier I will put you on some mag spots

    86. Dan Higley Fishing

      Jack plate for sure

    87. Anthony Carpenter

      I've personally with my own eyes seen you stand on that front mount sight fishing in the glades. that mount ain't nothing but the truth.

    88. wesleybigham1

      Maybe one day I’ll be fortunate to afford a boat. Lol I’m still saving for a decent rod and reel to buy my son for Christmas. But I can’t really complain the Lord has blessed me in so many ways. Thank you for the video man.

    89. Ernie Rodriguez

      Your a great fisherman and I enjoy your tournament videos , the only thing I don’t like is when your videos turn into pimping for your sponsors. I totally understand that’s all part of it and I realize your doing your job , it’s just so hard anymore believing what the pros are pushing because you guys change from company to company and know that product is better then the last. I feel watching and learning from the guys that are trying to make it are more believable because some don’t get the big sponsor money. Please educate me if I’m wrong or out of place , best of luck and I hope you make the classic and elites.

    90. en nw

      eny ideas for what i can use for lake milford in kansas

    91. Ryder Simon

      Was up Scott good job in the tournament I know the fishing was hard just keep doing what you do man 👍

    92. Bob Davis

      I don’t have a boat either.......but if I did. 🙃

    93. Hdz Fishing

      your the goat scott!!!!!

    94. Brett Reines

      Could use them deep rough water use it 2 keep lil control

    95. G Exotic

      Fireeeeeeeee content my dude

    96. Adam Aikens

      Awesome video.

    97. Jacob Hatcher

      yo yo

      1. Jacob Hatcher

        I have ben watching for 3 years

      2. Scott Martin


    98. Brennan Fulton

      Let’s go

    99. Gamer27 Use code Lachy

      Hey Scott I look up to u always love ur content man kept it up fire 🔥

    100. David Zamora

      First but I don’t have a boat