Bernie Sanders Had the Best Reaction to Becoming a Viral Meme | THR News

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    Senator Bernie Sanders is responding to all the viral memes created after he was photographed sitting cross-legged while wearing a mask, jacket and mittens while attending the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.
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    Bernie Sanders Had the Best Reaction to Becoming a Viral Meme | THR News
    The Hollywood Reporter

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      I love this.

    2. KHR Silvercharms

      lol not even that funny😂💯🤦‍♀️

    3. Bubbles

      I love that these boomers printed the memes to show them

    4. iKutie


    5. Jennifer S

      Bernie is a legend!!! Love him so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    6. King Of The Ocean

      I have to correct your title: Bernie Sanders had the best reaction to becoming a viral meme *again

    7. Yetaloz

      Imagine doing a meme with bernie sanders and bernie himself sees it.

    8. holy ghost!

      ലെ കുമ്മൻജി : ആദ്യം ഒകെ ഒരു പ്രയാസം തോന്നും.... പിന്നെ ശീലം ആയിക്കോളും..


      If you are a Progressive, you need to know the story of Tommy Douglas. Here's a mini series about him. "Canada's Greatest Canadian of the 20th Century". If you are not a Progressive, then you REALLY need to watch it.

    10. Ch Pe

      "Trying to pay attention to what was going on." Sure you were. Bernie.

    11. AM De

      I was rooting for this guy tho .. I was hoping for him to become president

    12. Catmonster blurry

      How is this funny

    13. B.J. Hubbard

      Imagine if Bernie had won, then Biden would of become a meme lol

    14. I'll Stick with GOD not GOVERNMENT

      While attending the University of Chicago, Sanders joined the Young People’s Socialist League, the youth wing of the Socialist Party USA. He also organized for a communist front, the United Packinghouse Workers Union, which at the time was under investigation by the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

    15. Mainiac Archery

    16. Hatice Uyar

      Güldür güldürden gelenlerr😆

    17. 匚尺ㄖ匚卂


    18. Jorel Montes

      At least Sanders has an awesome sense of humor , to bad he is not president, if that Gad been Trump he would be calling the media and everyone else stupid and ignorant for making fun of him lol .


      He is also seen in Kerala tourism

    20. Ümit B

      He was in my dream lol.

    21. Sexxyval Denis

      The hermit

    22. Jay P

      Bernie would have made a great President. He would be headline on every news as President of the United States.

    23. Jason Eaton

      All this says is.. I'm bored. I'm cold.. get over it

    24. Christine R

      I'm glad to see this. I'm 10000% not into politics but I was curious how he felt about all the memes. Glad to see he found it amusing/positive. 💚

    25. Gustavo Medrano

      people wante dhim to win but the party and the media always screws him up...

    26. Caprisun

      Bernie was the real star of the show, Biden was just a side character.

    27. Kara Cake

      Okay, this guys kind if awesome

    28. JTM

    29. MERCEDES MAN2020


    30. Sarah Cutie TV

      Who is this guy?...i m seeing his pic alot on FB...

    31. Bernie Sanders Mittens

      Credit goes to the cameraman and memers as well

    32. Vivian McAlexander

      I'm a conservative, and love these Bernie memes! Great fun! 🤣👍

    33. bilinas mini

      Bernie The only cool person in all this mess Need laughs

    34. Эрлан Эмилев

      Such a nice man

    35. stevemc 01

      Bernie Sanders, besides Trump, has been one of the biggest fire-lighters in the memosphere in history.

    36. elton el

      Jantal boy 👌👌👌

      1. elton el

        @bilinas mini #carina@

      2. bilinas mini

        I love this movie.

    37. Yak

      Imagine thinking Bernie wouldn’t stick your arm full of liquid poison if he has the chance for population control. He’s working with the elite people get real.

      1. bilinas mini

        I love this movie.

    38. Silvia Mallen Wilhelmi

      ❣️ Love Bernie ❣️ ... and the mittens. 😅❣️‼️

      1. bilinas mini

        "Tryna keep warm"

    39. TRIPP on MALLUS

      Malayali undo?

    40. doire aintu

      I love this guy so much. He could have been our president 4 years ago

    41. Seth Lattig


    42. The Magus

      I imagine thousands of random internet people asking to buy mittens from her lmaoo

    43. Siyyam Sarfraz

      What is it about the picture that made it a meme???

      1. doire aintu

        I love this guy so much. He could have been our president 4 years ago

    44. dolita windo

      He was sitting there thinking, “Trump may know what it feels like to have an election stolen, but he doesn’t know what having one stolen twice feels like.”

    45. CantDestroyHer

      And the maker of those mittens is now out of business thanks to Bernie

      1. CantDestroyHer

        @M L so he ruins an entire industry, but because his popularity accidentally helps one person who was affected its now ok?

      2. M L

        She's actually in business now and has a partnership with a Vermont company, "Vermont Bears" - who will be making the mittens. Thanks to Bernie. It was announced last week.

    46. Devine Love

      I don't get the joke. Someone enlighten me please....

    47. boab boab

      The world needed Bernie 😞

    48. kzumv

      This man is unbothered, king😌🤌

      1. dolita windo

        I honestly don't understand the fuss

    49. tahamina khan

      Dunia ta ar kisui nai ki jata nia matamati

    50. Leila Vahabzadeh

      "Tryna keep warm"

    51. Donna Perkins

      I love this movie.

    52. Neuroo


    53. Cheeki Basterd

      All laugh and so on but the person who made those mittens close thier shop.. look it up

      1. M L

        She's actually in business now and has a partnership with a Vermont company, "Vermont Bears" - who will be making the mittens. Check the news - It was announced last week.

    54. Xof Ydal

      Biden: _* becomes President *_ The Internet: *Yo guys, Bernie has mittens*

      1. Tubbie: Sze6

        there was so much going on, we had to concentrate on one thing. Why it was Bernie's mittens, is beyond me.

      2. Chippy the Templar

        @SeaMaster123 how does that make sense?

      3. Karl Marx

        @Yeet yeah

      4. Yeet

        @Karl Marx just delete Boden and change it to Bernie

      5. Karl Marx

        @Darsh Gupta yes

    55. Hyneeph Ali

      No one cares its not that serious Breonna Taylor still needs justice where is the news on that topic not some career politician who didnt do anything sittingnin a chair big achievement where Tamir Rice justice why no news on that

    56. Lushh Club

      This is Michael Foot......UK Primeminister...rejected for looking like a down and out in the Uk......Bernie Sanders wanted to be President but got robbed like he Dreams of conducting orchestra's

      1. miko foin

        I hate this meme. You cant search Bernie sanders without this popping up. I want to hear his political speeches and not a meme

    57. KingMobile FC

      We all know Berrnies mittens makes thanos's gauntlet look like a J O K E

      1. miko foin


    58. miko foin

      I love this guy so much. He could have been our president 4 years ago

    59. Xander Treffers

      Bernie is all goodness! Here are some memes, online for ages, but nobody has seen them yet! May they bring a smile to your faces!

    60. Emily Wood

      I skipped this video until my friend sent this meme

    61. mrmonty0410

      Where can I buy them mittens?

      1. miko foin

        Usa: a sleeping nation. Perfectly rapresented by him.

    62. Ady Brîndoiu

      I honestly don't understand the fuss

    63. Matrix Hacker

      Bernie 4EVER

    64. Misu Widow

      Where i can get those warmers

    65. Misu Widow

      Im so happy stories like this so beautiful mover our hearts. Count with me

    66. DavSquaredo

      This meme alone just shows you how people’s iq went down

    67. Ingrid Ocampo

      I love Bernie

    68. Lupetto Rosso

      Il Grande Bernie ♥️♥️

    69. راني خليلية

      He’s sitting lmao 😂 😂😂😂😂😂 don’t you get it he’s sitting in random places xdddddddd

    70. Hero Of injustice

      He could make a better president than biden

    71. Gulya Swift


    72. Giantsdiscord Wow

      I hate this meme. You cant search Bernie sanders without this popping up. I want to hear his political speeches and not a meme

    73. doliio volay

      To think that this humble, charming old man would have been the president if Dems leadership and the Liberal media didn't gang up against him.

    74. Caroline R

      I adore Bernie Sanders ❤️

    75. Aashir J

      We all can see him sitting everywhere, just not in the whitehouse

    76. the rime of the ancient mariner 7474

      Usa: a sleeping nation. Perfectly rapresented by him.

    77. 6061lucky

      Bernie Sanders should’ve been the next president . The Democrat party railroaded him again .

    78. Mochi

      Wait why does he look like he’s mad?? Im confused

      1. doliio volay

        I like 1. The longer one is better

    79. The big Strongsound

      I really love Bernie !

    80. desertbluesman

      He does need to up production of the swearsnirts. They were sold out in minutes.

    81. Scooter Tooter

      Who cares. He's another Communist shill.

    82. Pavithraa Srinivasan

      0:58 That looks real!

    83. Defender76

      Berrnie don’t give a damn

    84. Madhav Kopalle

      What a Sport ...he is..

    85. Maria Perez

      Such a great man for the last 50 years, a real activist and defensor of causes for humanity.....Senator Bernie Sanders is a national Treasure.....

    86. Abhosek Thapa

      I thought he was buffet🤣

    87. Simón spota


    88. As Seen On Internet

      Check out my funny Bernie sanders compilation video

    89. katrina marina

      nice warm mittens, poofy jacket ...,maybe even long johns. no doubt Bernie wanted to Feel the Burn...

    90. Dr.KarMichael And Jones

      Wait, those mittens are two of a kind? No wonder I can’t find them anywhere

    91. Chasing a Murderer

      1000s of jobs being lost and we are talking memes media?

    92. Mike MEME

      Politics are becoming a serious thing that even memes are involved

    93. Crink Crink

      I don't get it and it's not even funny, the only thing comes to mind is that global warming is a hoax

    94. Jonny Blaze

      Rip Bernie

    95. Jeff Wybo

      I’m already laughing lol

    96. Kevin Fernandes

      ...and not looking very excited, neither were the other politicians?????? #strange 🌪️ STORM IS COMING 🌪️

    97. max2082

      I'm just like, this meme is everywhere. I wish I would 've been awake to see this part of the inauguration. lol

    98. S R

      Bernie is awesome! LOVING THE POSE LOL! ❤

    99. Kareem O’Weet

      Bernie still hasn’t realized that he’s been’s a Big Con Bernie!

    100. STILL

      One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates⭕️