McGregor vs. Cowboy | Best Moments


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    Best moments featuring Conor McGregor & Donald Cerrone in UFC 246


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    1. Castello XOXO

      I like watching your videos while am high

    2. Arsem P

      13:09 😂😂😂

    3. Den M

      These series are great!BTW; I think cowboy in his prime would've rocked Conor, and Im a Conor fan.

    4. Coolio

      Where’s me dj?

    5. I Do Make Videos

      Something wrong with Conor he’s being to nice I think Khabib changed him and Floyd

    6. DusterNutbar

      Mcgregors confidence is gone

    7. Carson Tate

      We need a Cerrone v McGregor pt 2

    8. Timaeus The Sophist

      These "Best moments" are very well produced and very immersive into the fighters heads. Thanks.. 👍🏽

    9. Hefty Boy

      chad 😭😭

    10. Brad H.

      We don't talk about the story much but I beat the heck out of Conor McGregor. 3rd grade,Cave Creek, Arizona. He knows it I know it

    11. Jeanpierre Meza

      Fixed... 👀

    12. Nizzle Mania

      Conor is like Boss on a fighting game! Dude is pretty damm badass

    13. Abe da god

      U dont understand i got paid to loss am be a millionaire in a day conor there gunna be alot of kicks cowboy Conor ur right

    14. SubtoPolecat324

      2020 would have been Conors year if it wasn't for Covid

      1. Lore 25


    15. Juan Carrasco

      McGregor has come a long way from where he was. He was humbled. And he’s a better man for it. Both of these Gentlemen are top level fighters. Good men.

    16. SilverBackGore

      18:25 anyone else just heard a fart?

    17. Bruno Adrega

      i want old conor back

    18. ricardo ebbers

      idk i just dont like conor when hes nice

    19. Hower Power

      "that was weird"

    20. Andrew Hampson

      Pure class.

    21. A.T CoooK

      This channel is way underrated I just got into mma so it’s dope I can go back in time with this before watching the full fight

    22. Mattias Andersson

      The first words in this episode were actually words i didnt expect.. Just didnt think these types of warriors had that level of nerves before a fight

    23. Pla cebo

      I love cowboy so much he has done big things for the company.still he is an underrated fighter

    24. Niccolo Machiavelli

      I’m sorry but conor looks like a very generous and happy homeless guy in the thumbnail.

    25. 408 jo mama

      You should do boxing too!!!

    26. Sébastien Distaulo

      Did mcgregor ever fuck Jose Aldo up😂😂

      1. Abdi5headツツ

        of course

    27. absoluttchamp

      A perfect fight for Conor - Cowboy, who doesn`t mind losing.

    28. hunter myers

      hearing buffer scream it's time gives me just literal goosebumps

    29. Nicholas Thompson

      Nice to see a conference with no bad blood, just buisness nothing personal

    30. Immanuel Aya

      Donald is nauseating

    31. The original Screenplays

      He is justified his win for his country this true nation lover that's what does

    32. George Littlefield

      11:14 chad johnson gets no respect

    33. Saul Ortiz

      11:48 marker" I love that version of Conor RESPECT AND MUCH BLESSINGS TO HIM, THE MAN CHANGED THE FIGHTING GAME FOR EVER 👊👊👊🥤💯

    34. John Kirby

      Like Connor said. Recognize what you need to do and then do it. There is no secret sauce... 🏴‍☠️


      This is the only video on I’ve watched without skipping 🙂

      1. FoxySobek


    36. Romeo Catizzone

      I really enjoy watching your videos. Keep it up with the good work💪🏾

    37. Biglos Pete

      I love mcgregor but this series makes me feel bad for the others

    38. Mr Oj

      Reporter:What do you think is the most dangerous element of cowboys game? Guy in the back: His shoes..😃😃😃

    39. Terry Wilson

      Coyboys nerves always got the best of him and unfortunately it robbed him of a championship

    40. AnimeEpicAdventure

      mcgregor is easily my all time favorite mma fighter

    41. Sacha Meunier

      I love these videos

    42. Gustavo Ñaña Rosales

      Larone you are the only reason I go on KGup atm... Crazy thing is you are never on my recommended? I always gotta look you up even though I pressed the bell and subscribed and all that

    43. Francesca Rosa Ma

      Conor has the cutest giggles and laughter.

    44. Keith Bickerdike

      My name is Joe Rogan I have a woman's voice I smoke weed and I shoot animals for fun...

    45. Master Chungus

      11:01 that was chad ochocinco right?

    46. Sammy Trevino

      whos narrating i forgot who he was

    47. Harry Kadaras

      Felt so bad for Cowboy when he got caught with that high kick. Who would have thought McGregor would be winning by a kick? But nice sportsmanship at the end by Conner as well. Then a year later it's McGregor who gets popped and it was a sucky end for him, but an exciting career. The man was a walking entertainment factory that gave us many memorable moments - like when he snatched Aldo's belt and held it up...hilarious.

    48. Bounce Lunatic

      I still find it funny when Conor goes back to Cowboy and explains the shoulder hits 😂😂

    49. Lucifer Morningstar

      This is when Saint Mac was born 🤣

      1. Diego

        Saint mac was born in 2014

    50. Jacabo Blanco

      Can we all agree though that if Conor tried to check a single fucking kick he would have smoked Dustin? Dude was beating him decently but just was dumb. Didn't check a SINGLE of the 100 brutal leg kicks.

      1. Palpa- Meme

        Doesn’t matter. Conor didn’t do it, now he needs to correct his mistake. There’s no telling who would win if Conor did something he didn’t.

      2. Jacabo Blanco

        He thinks he's a damn boxer now. Ayiyyiyi

    51. Joseph ll

      Waiting for Danger vs. Conor jr.

    52. Commander LudWig

      Says anyone of these mouthy fools can get it next proceeds to get blasted to the NetherRealm by Dustin very next fight lmao

    53. Arsham F.Alipour

      Anyone know this song starts 26:11

    54. Brian Hildreth

      Great videos!.. Cowboy knew he couldn't win. Just taking his smacks and getting his payday.

    55. Dr_M3 Far_out_man

      Hated this fight litterly my favorite fighters having to beat each others Jaws

    56. Nandan Nadkarni

      Jon Anik, Joe Rogan, and the German Fool at the desk 😂😂😂😂

    57. Christian Gerster

      Random Chad Ochocinco cameo love it

    58. Гальванизированный Труп

      FIXED bout, a shame for mma

    59. Wee Nougetman

      Yo is this minecraft music

    60. Fraser T

      Dana White: “...That was WEIRD” 😂😂😂

    61. roliz

      Referee: "We're gonna keep it clean-" Also referee: *Clearly ignores Connor grabbing Donald's shorts during the shoulder strikes* 22:10

      1. SK

        @roliz idk from that angle it didn't look like it, I may have to rewatch the whole fight though. He definitely did pull that shorts pulling stuff in the khabib fight though for sure.

      2. roliz

        @SK the issue here is the referee. I think a warning is well deserved, because Connor DID have a grip on his shorts. Or at least ive heard so and seen it

      3. SK

        He actually wasn't grabbing the shorts at that moment, he was just using his arm to keep Cerrones body at a certain distance and possibly prevent a knee.

    62. Cameron kupka

      is it just me or is the conor that fought dustin in the rematch a couple weeks ago totally different from the conor that fought cowboy over a year ago?? really weird how conor seemed so off against dustin not just performance wise but personality and energy wise.

      1. Cameron kupka

        @Lore 25 ... uhh no.. most of his career he fought at featherweight, and he dominated the 145 division. he fought at 170 only against Diaz and Cowboy and he didnt have to cut any weight at all for those fights because he naturally walks around at about 168-170. He only has to cut 15 pounds for welterweight and thats not a hard cut at all, I could probably do that in a day. Not to mention 2016-2018, and 2020-present Cowboy fights at 155, and Dustin Poirier whose bigger than Conor fights at 155.. Dan Hooker is 6 foot and fights at 155... Conor had ring rust, he underestimated Dustin, hes not as hungry or as savage as he once was, and he changed his style from a narrow light on the feet hands a little lower all in a more karate style multi dimensional striker stance and now hes switched to a boxing dominant one dimensional stance where hes much more squared his hands are up high and hes heavy on the feet.

      2. Lore 25

        He has to cut weight to 155, he didn't do it in years, it was taxing probably

    63. Topi

      I wonder if it bothers Siver that both of these fighters have him being kicked the shit out of in their highlight reel

    64. JrJCee

      This video is gonna go down in history in 20 years from now

    65. Cream Soda

      He tried to touch gloves with Connor it hurts every time when I watch it

    66. Starý dedo

      3:33 Song please....

    67. Nick Levo

      Half-expected they'd start blowing each other during the press conference with the way they were talking. You hang up.... No you hang up first. Lol

    68. RoastingWithRust

      Despite conors sort of zen attitude, this is the most intimidating Conor mcgregor to me

    69. Kevin Alec

      These videos are saving me in quarantine

    70. Portly Johnson

      Colorado,"highest" city in the U.S

    71. Nixer Doyle

      Calling Conor English is like calling himself Canadian.

    72. Yoel Romero

      i love you~

    73. Rhys Nichols

      Connor was a beast here, he was determined to come back from his defeat against khabib in 2018 and he clearly had a better attitude. He was driven and clearly focussed on making a comeback in style. And too bad he didn’t keep up his comeback losing to Dustin’s saddening. In the Dustin fight he didn’t look hungry or focussed.

    74. Dylan Morrow

      Anyone know the music for 00:30?

    75. PLayAshEFF72

      Sorry to say but cerrone is a bottle job and cannot show up on a big occasion. The capitulation is inevitable with this guy and I was disguted with the way he wilted and cowered after a couple shoulder shots.

    76. Cock Ball

      Although mcgregor let him self get corrupt by money and fame he’s changed for the better you can’t deny what he’s done for the sport of mma at the peak of his corruption not only was his career in a dark time but the ufc aswell when mcgregor fights that’s when the ufc peaks the most in ppv sales luckily he’s found a way to become humble

    77. GM

      11:00 conor really is Mystic Mac. He didn't even need to hear the question

    78. Jason Seeber

      People don’t realize that cerrone was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

    79. Barkiplier

      well if Conor used the same shit during UFC 257, it would be done like I mean fuck.

    80. Gnasher

      Exciting bout, over in 30 seconds...😢

    81. James

      would love to see these for some older fights! pre 2013

    82. Michael Basinger

      I appreciate the editing. Thank you

    83. M D

      Did Brendan Schaub write the promo? Winningest was used. It was on the script dude they paid a voice actor.

    84. carlisto karlisto

      I've been looking for this channel for a while

    85. Abdul Muhaimin

      u deserve more subs bro

    86. Shepard Official

      @7:46... This is what we mean. This could be considered "racist" by Conor agreeing. But that's obviously not what's happening here. They're having a good laugh. The fear is that we get so caught up in what we can and can't say, that we'll lose touch with each other. Afraid to speak our minds and express ourselves for fear of someone being offended or worse, being prosecuted. Of course you should always strive to be the best person you can be, but this is exactly why free speech is important.

    87. Ruslan

      1:36 he looks like Alfie Solomons right here haha

    88. TeTryl

      2:55 what music is this. Anybody knows?

      1. TeTryl

        @Cole James you're the man ! A great DJ

      2. Cole James

        Darude - Sandstorm

    89. hose A

      hate him

    90. ThatRandomguyCommenting

      To think this man left for almost 2 years with nothing but lawsuits and negativity all over his name and came back and set the 2nd highest gate to this day in ufc history only bested by.... himself. Truly remarkable.

      1. Diego


      2. TheRealist 811

        Controversy sells

    91. David Ritter

      Chad Johnson over here asking questions

    92. Silas Wong

      cerrone's idea of incognito is to wear a backwards baseball cap instead of a cowboy hat

    93. Terra Firma

      Conor Jr; where's me Dj!?

    94. Brandon Bowes

      Great videos as always mate. I'm curious do you make any money of these, are your videos able to be monetized? Or, do you perhaps have a Patreon?

    95. Sterg Sterg

      best part about connor is that he always got a proper 12 bottle with him

    96. Pedro

      5:50 What's the name od song? Somebody knows?

      1. Dean

        Yea usher

    97. How zer

      Does anyone live life to the max more than cowboy?. He’s just a massive adrenaline junkie.

    98. Muhammad Kazi

      Sounds like the voice of the countdown videos

    99. Bro Logan

      It’s a shame that cowboy has come out and said he didn’t make millions against Conor

      1. Cole James

        @jon mccormick none of that shit matters when your head is fucked up. That’s what he meant. He wasn’t ready mentally.

      2. jon mccormick

        Alot of things don't make sense. Cowboy says he wasn't ready for this fight = how is that even possible with such a long lead-up and massive promotion.

      3. Buck Ó Donnghaile

        Really, he didn't make that much off it?

    100. Muhammad Kazi

      Like a mine craft vibe 0:21 idk bout u man I got that spine tickling feeling and I do every time he makes that walk