Civil TV: King Von "Welcome to My Neighborhood: O Block"

Karen Civil

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    O Block's King Von is the latest artist to appear on Karen Civil & Civil TV's "Welcome To My Neighborhood" series.
    Executive Produced by: Karen Civil
    Directed by: Taylor Johnson | @theroyaltmedia
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    1. Taylynn Nichols

      6400 block of South Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is where they at btw its called parkway gardens

    2. Lil Funny


    3. Isra Fil

      See them kids over there ? They gone end up like him with the same mentality. Unless they get outta there.

    4. Kelon

      4:27 days crazy man he didn’t even get to complete his goals he had serious goals for the community man RIP VON

    5. makael shepherd

      RIP MANE

    6. Brein 98

      Lil Durk is not a mumble rapper but a mumble talker man, can’t understand him

    7. Ladyd Jones

      My prays go's out to his kids, family, friends RIP young man

    8. Tru Artist

      He was a murderer tho

    9. Aran G

      You know who was a REAL visionary storyteller at around the same age? Tupac! Most def NOT this chump. Inspiring young children to murder and gangbang.. Is that what we call a legend😂?? Adios👋

    10. NNFame

      LL King Von..

    11. Delon Thomas

      Where am from in the Caribbean we got many fruits and veggies on our blocks respect to the chicago hood people one love to all

    12. Delon Thomas

      King von looks humble and peaceful gangs is destroying our race

    13. Wikktor Sanchez

      Where were these fat outta shape wannabe thugs when he got shot??? Just another dead mush mouth never was fake gangster.

      1. 4PF -LEWIS

        Never was a gangster??? You must be old

      2. makael shepherd

        Frr dawg😔

    14. shxrk betiru

      Aww maan why 63 k likes?!!

      1. KESHAWN


    15. JacieJermany

      When he talks about his goals for 2021 😭😭😭😭😭😭


      LUL TIM - Energy feat. Quando Rondo Full Song NOCAPPPPP! I FINALLY FOUND IT RIGHTNOW! -

    17. ibreeshTV

      action soundtrack

    18. Queen Yemi

      @3:20 I can’t really hear what Durk said, ya Chicago accent thick asf LOL. Did he say he gave Von a watch for Prom and got locked up with it ???

    19. Queen Yemi

      @2:02 Man Von Loved All His People And They Loved Him! The Fans, Community, Kids, &Even The Elderly 😩❤️LOL. Nah, But Foreal, That Boy Was Too Official &Different. He Was In His Prime Time Man. 🤦🏾Imagine How Big He Would’ve Been In The Next 5 Years. Smh 🤦🏾 His Flow& Storytelling Was Unmatched! Periodt. Rest Up KING❗️🤴🏽 Von.

    20. Suman Das

      He said tooka gotta be in the studio 🤣🤣🤣

    21. AndreLucas

      Dawg, no hating, but yall lucky asf for being born in us, as a Brazilian some of your so called hoods/guettos looks like some good as neighbourhoods from here lmao.

    22. Clamps-yt

      Rip king von

    23. Tyranzz 1

      When he said goals for 2021 I broke down 😫💔

    24. maciverandy1

      It's too bad because Chicago is such a beautiful city.

    25. Z. M.

      He bought all of them Chains, broke bread with em and they didn't protect him. It was like 8 vs 2 smh

      1. G501 719

        2 died n one injured I think they both was with action just unlucky

    26. Kenard Stephens

      Couldn’t even see 2021 to do good things 😔

    27. angie castaneda


    28. official_darklegends

      Rip von

    29. Heat Pete

      They need to make a mural of Von he got so much love in o'block fr

    30. Z


    31. Willie Joseph

      Safe to say when you elevating yourself you gatta let go, whether that be friends/ ppl, family the environment you were fimilar with anything that can hinder you from getting to the top

    32. Xavier Vest

      Chief led could never come around like Von did

      1. SSM Gaming

        Maybe not anymore but before he was out there like Von even after he got money

    33. HooD StorieZ

      Damn then this suddenly get recommended 20 november 2020, i dont believe conspiracies but this go brazyy 😰🧐 Long Live the King 🙏🏾 i cant wait for the unreleased songs and interviews that will be coming soon..❤️💯


      RIP VON


      Now I'm Intrigued

    36. Justin Cloncs

      And shit and shit and shit and shit and shit

    37. Abdoul Traore

      Now this day Michelle Obama still dosen't give a fuk about O block 😔😤🤦🏾‍♂️

    38. Sha Chyy


    39. Tori G

      Something about his eyes idk 😞 rip von

    40. 95 explorer

      Rest up grandsøn 🕊⚡️ LLKV 🦅

    41. QUENESS YOMy


      1. Heat Pete

        sheeit ima leo u aint lyin 💯

    42. Drew Johnson

      Long live Grandson 🕊❤️

    43. Ray Stowers

      Wish he had stayed focused not get sidetracked BULLSH iT

    44. Domo Huncho

      No cap I fuck wit Von but this Chief Keef block 🤣

    45. Paris Paris

      Got me crying at work at his goals for 2021 man that shit caught up t him before he could fulfill that purpose. Shit crazy

    46. Esther Okure

      Wow, listening to his goals for 2021. #Sad

    47. The Porchiest

      Now he dead lol

    48. Tyleers

      RIP Von man

    49. Kiylea Bryant

      Rip von

    50. KingNbaYoungboy NeverBrokeAgain4kt

      Vons a real nigga nd went back to his hood all the time nd payed them back

    51. YoungBaby

      Fly high king von😥🕊

    52. AA Squad

      Rip king von I miss u

    53. Naman Dutt

      This is low income projects? Multi storeyed building accommodation, clean green parks, good construction buildings and locality. This is heaven for real poverty stricken people. They want to commit crimes not do any good and blame it for projects

    54. Thaddeus NonStoppSoundzs


    55. chiefwigom 17

      Damn bro when he said 2021 im like damn😢 R.I.P Von fly high 🕊🙏

    56. Bae Grinder

      Shiiiii fuck 63rd 😂😂❤️

    57. donn vergass

      dude in yellow cap w king von ah real shooter fr

    58. Randy Wynglass

      Rest In Paradise 🙏🏾

    59. Lovelight3

      I have a son in jail right now facing murder and I was going through my u tube and saw videos of him passing. This is very sad to hear. I don't judge no one bc everyone make mistakes big and small. I pray for his mom and family. He was too young and at the prime of his life. He didn't deserve to be murdered. I feel for this generation bc they have no idea how precious life is. Life is too short. This made me very sad. Rest in paradise young king.

    60. Mohammad The Great

      RIP!!! RESPEKS!!! 💯

    61. Hablinsky

      Von just had so much talent. It hurts knowing that talent going to waste.

    62. Kamisha Jones

      RIP Von 💔🕊ilu babes fly high we gon miss u forever we thought u would last until we ended bu ig we thought wrong ilu babes im gone miss (u dis how many people think da same😭😭😭😭😭 👇🏿

      1. Kamisha Jones

        @Only I Matter dont fukin play wimme lil boy lol

      2. Only I Matter

        @Kamisha Jones nah we smokin gud von pack. 10 a gram

      3. Kamisha Jones

        @Only I Matter or is u gay

      4. Kamisha Jones

        @Only I Matter u playin ri??

      5. Only I Matter

        Fuc von

    63. JD85

      If lil man never got shot .. RIP KING VON

      1. Only I Matter

        Fuc von

    64. vbboyv

      It's hard to understand Ebonics, they teach that in school now?

      1. Just Another Black Guy


    65. 227 Bravo

      He said he need tooka to be ina Stu wit him

    66. Carrie Jones

      At least he shared what he had with where he came from God bless that young man's soul

    67. Leonardo Scarso

      man i still can’t believe he’s dead. R.I.P young legend🕊

      1. Only I Matter

        Fuc von

    68. M M

      At some point you got to realize it’s time to leave the bs behind and want a better life.

    69. Conley Racing

      Rip von🙏🏽😔

    70. Latisha young

      Rest Up King...all you can say is damn and 🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. Only I Matter

        Fuc von

    71. O

      Folks God loves you all... Woe woe woe unto those who die without accepting Jesus as their lord and savior.. They are lost, lost forever!! They will forever be in traumatic agony, weeping and gnashing of teeth or gums on fire.. God loves you all, accept Jesus now by saying : Jesus come into my life, be my lord and savior!

    72. YDC Mkay

      "3 things gotta have in the studio wid me,1 fasho is tooka man" damn he rlly say his name alla time

    73. BeenChoosen 512

      I really hate king Von is gone he had a bright future despite what he’s done in his past! May he rip 🙏🏿

    74. Donald Harper

      Von.has.a.good .heart.for sure.but now god and Jesus


      🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 king

    76. Jerry K

      Lol why was he wearing two watches

    77. That Dude

      All his homies in the video I wonder who made the call for those pieces of shit to go loot his crib site, real classy dudes tight there that's thug loyalty yo!, Is that what having someone's back means, I'll rob your shit after you're murdered?

    78. Stephanie Campbell

      You’re missed up in the head. Four of the artists that hired you as a manager are dead. Murderer!

    79. Robert Guzman


    80. Stan OneHunnid

      Von: 3 things i probably need in the fasho Tooka mane he gotta be there🤣🤣🤣🤣

    81. Zee Taylor

      I knew about this cat i heard of him put never gave him a chance. Dude seems to be a ight young cat man. smh

    82. jiner666

      Rest in piss stupid

    83. sav2k yt

      Rip von

    84. Preston Nelson

      I love how he went to grammar school and hes supremely unintelligible when he talks.

      1. Z Truth


    85. Marcus Mitchell

      4:56 Two of Von homies was looking at that money with a different vibe. The eyes say alot.

      1. Marcus Mitchell

        @Z Truth exactly. crazy shit is.. at that moment Von said "long as you keep making money won't be no problems".. Bro must didn't listen to Biggie. smh

      2. Z Truth

        Yup the one in the referee shirt lol

    86. blarrie gibbs

      As a black man, our black community is sad and we celebrate and encourage the wrong things. Sorry for his passing, truly am.... but this is truly sad the way young black men act these days

    87. Plum Nutz 392

      Tragic loss......Rest up bro!!!!

      1. Only I Matter

        Fuc von

    88. DESIDE01

      Stupidest shit I ever saw

    89. Hector Gonzalez

      I just got out of jail for my murder like its nothing he could have stayed in prison

    90. The Brat

      Rest d roy

    91. Teraynia Swan

      Truly talented definitely gone too soon 😢

    92. Briana Simmons

      but we not from 63rd

    93. Eric S

      Which is tougher, O Block or 63rd?

    94. savage 2times

      Man that’s xrazy he was just beginning to get on his shit that he wanted to do

    95. Robert Craciun

      Rest in peace

    96. Smokescreen Inc

      These the same homies that looted his house when he passed?? 🙄

    97. Dee Jayy

      Damn that’s sad

    98. Aj TheActivist

      King von could have been just as big or even bigger than lil durk

      1. Football137462

        even before he died he was getting more buzz than durk but overall durk is more famous as he’s been in the game for years

    99. CS Experiments

      RIP VON

    100. classic kool

      @ 02:05 - How to properly wear your Covid-19 mask .......