Homemade Screw Tank Test Drive


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    00.00 Jazz Shots
    00.33 Telling you what yo
    00.51 Driving yeah
    02.06 Steep hill
    02.38 Down a hill I say
    03.18 Tech Talk
    04.19 Water Test
    05.19 Random Bush carnage
    06.23 Hilux Tug-o-War
    07.23 Me telling you what's next
    08.24 Killer Outro SUBSCRIBE

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    1. colinfurze

      Check out the WATER TEST here kgup.info/get/XnCXaG2TlKOjeq0/video If you want your own Colin Furze OFFICIAL Safety Tie click here www.colinfurzeshop.com

      1. witerico 001

        Try to put a balance in the fron of the vehicle

      2. Rich House


      3. Revale

        Some sort of cannon that has the tank source its own ammo from the screws? Mudgun?

      4. audiosreality

        Once you have the balance worked out better with Hydraulics you have so many options, you can run a pump for a water cannon or "rams" with screw drive expanders. You can add all sorts of toys you can dream up but stay with the hydraulic theme for your tank the fireworks or tater guns can just be add ons.

      5. Ben George

        Flame thrower obviously.

    2. Tyler Neal


    3. Hazel Virtudes

      it would be more better if it was a dababy

    4. litoboy5


    5. Eliesel Thomas

      Este tipo esta loco

    6. Ggjoshzag Oofy

      I told my dad to build me one so he did it take like 1 month

    7. Braxton Wilson

      I only have three questions where why and how

    8. Man-Ung Yi

      This was an *AWESOME* build Colin! Only thing I did not feel good was for those bearings. Mud and water getting into them..

    9. Jackson Cloninger

      give it a big potato gun

    10. That_gay_ Kid

      I just love the fact that he does some crazy shit but always makes his self look so presentable 😂😭


      Engineering skill 💯 Its a different trip watchin and driving machines made by your own hands

    12. Glitchlo Green

      Bro! Market this as a ridable tiller! No tractor required!

    13. Gibus Engie

      Screw Tank Race.

    14. João Barboza

      I’m definitely raiding his house when The apocalipse comes

    15. Deebz270

      Collin... You need to transport the 'Archimedian Tank' up to Turnberry, Scotland (Trump's Golf Course) and go for a burn across the fairway and greens! You might have some fun in the bunkers, whilst your at it.

    16. DELİKACIK 21

      Ne mutlu türküm diyene 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    17. Xander Mijares

      Look Mum No Computer

    18. Harry Beck

      I feel so unbelievably sorry for the land owner😂

    19. Kenneth Knoppik

      Damn he's just destroying the f****** grass

    20. The Game Cinema

      This is amazing! Looks like something you’d weld together in Gmod lol

    21. александр зайцев

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤟👍💪спасибо мужики что вы это создали у нас в России делали 1970 где. То тоже Грачев жали убили капиталисты это производство💪👍

    22. Reid Brown

      But make it out of cardbored

    23. Reid Brown

      Make a plane out of a leaf blower

    24. Woods Lisa

      you are fabulous

    25. PE Player 33

      Amazing. Simply amazing.

      1. PE Player 33

        All he needs to do now is add some sort of turret or cannon on the top.

    26. Illia Bilyk

      they made such things in the USSR

    27. ItzAyaanBTW

      Ur rocket launcher

    28. Шукуруллa Абдуллаев

      USSR modem by

    29. Lisa Woodley

      Looks evil

    30. David Thompson

      Gotta hv a .50 cal bmg added!

    31. Im Faulty

      It would b rlly cool w a plexy glass cage around the cabin and some weight on the front to help it climb, just making some suggestions lol but amazing job

    32. TheMan Gaming

      i love the video but who made the captions? it seems like they were drunk edit: i would like to note its not the auto generated captions

    33. O5-1 The founder

      This man is achieving every man's dream right now pretty dope mate

    34. Scott Klossner

      I think a ground to air missle would be fitting for the screw tank.

    35. Stevie Hoblyn

      Firework rpg or a new design potato canon

    36. Ajraf Ali

      Friction of wheels

    37. Catnip

      now try driving it on concrete

    38. Joshua zaben

      KGup: *drives a screw tank* Earth the next day: 😖😖😖😣😣😣🤕🤕🤕

    39. Annie

      Nitro Type???😂

    40. reelmedia tapes

      that freakin rocks, dude!

    41. exotiazazza vlogs joiner

      INTRODUCING The Offroad Wheelchair!

    42. Henry Myers

      Add a flamethrower 🔥

    43. Noobish Dirt The Object Thingy Vegas Logo Editor

      just get sponges on your wheels XD

    44. Shane Forsythe

      i just worked out that song Cee U Next Tuesday, what's that spell. ledgends.

    45. BuildingCarlos& T-Houses

      At the end Collins we see it against the pickup.. what if it would be against a small caterpillar around same weight?? It will be interesting to see the result!!!

      1. BuildingCarlos& T-Houses

        Same weight as the tank not the truck for sure... Not wanting to demolish that beauty of tank!!....

    46. J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅

      I wonder if these type of vehicle could be improved with the application of rough, but thin jagged surface material applied just to the threads of each screw. The idea being to add greater traction. Perhaps the threads themselves could be molded with a rough surface already a part of the screw, or maybe something fully replaceable would be necessary because of inevitable wear and and tear.

    47. john smith

      Little weight over the nose woulda helped. Insanely wicked Colin

    48. D Cargille

      This makes me want a screw tank.

    49. Flesh Tree

      I hope he makes it faster

    50. Neil Ramontown

      OMG 🤣

    51. 楊癲瘋

      看起來 真好玩 不過要加裝擋泥板(加厚)看起來好危險...

    52. Dexagon

      god forbid you run over something alive

    53. Vegeta Saijan

      Would be nice to see that thin on high snow. If it drives on a frozen lake and the ice breaks, can it swim/drive back?

    54. Ryan Crisp

      idk if anyone has played Crossout but the screw driver wheels remind me of the meat grinder things

    55. Hologram Kids

      You are destroying the road. You are making the easy seem difficult. Idiot.

    56. Cream100

      3:05 ..what if he just hit a deep spot right there 🤣

    57. Josh R

      That's cool I guess, just don't try to act like you thought of the idea yourself. This idea has been around since the 1920's

    58. Donnie Hatcher

      This has got to be one of the most fun entertainment vids I’ve seen in a while. Your enthusiasm had me laughing! 🤣😂🤣 That’s so crazy, ha!

    59. Ogar 18

      Да ты русский! )

    60. tt smith


    61. Tyrone Gibbs


    62. F.B.I.

      The hilux tug of war test was unfair it was in 2wd high you can see it.

    63. Cedrick Rebusquillo

      The screw boat if only for fun

    64. Randal Eaglestone


    65. Kyle B

      That just destroys the ground. hahaha dude you should let me plow my field with that??!

    66. Rascal77s

      RIP lawn

    67. Lary Mayotte

      How about a hydraulic piston to fire a canon?

    68. Thecircutandgameguy101

      This guy is the best he has the craziest ideas ever

    69. Seth Eloe

      F L A M E T H R O W E R

    70. Fourth Root

      Take THAT, Nature.

    71. WeareCreative360

      this is kool! got a challenge for for you: recreate the Thundertank from Thundercats with working(nerfball) cannon in the back, and working paws. your Star Wars recreations were awesome too, loved them!

    72. PPP SSS

      This guy must make all the cool stuff for Mi5

    73. Kevin Hinton

      Colin you've gotta put a hydro jet on it

    74. Jas


    75. Art Survives Artist

      I wonder who came up with "C U Next Tuesday" Genius way to sneak a dirty word.

    76. THINGS r EASY


    77. Gus Schultz

      How has he not been recruited to be a military engineer

    78. Ethan Mars

      If Steve Irwin and Gyro Gearloose had a child

    79. XBEAST

      Very Nice Bro Keep It Up

    80. Bálint Németh

      You should do it with electric engin and with solar panels or something like that to use it after civilization.

    81. Timothy Smith jr

      i found out about his guy on nitro type lol

    82. Allan Casper

      Thx for putting the drill tank on nitro type!

    83. Sushi Devourer

      accept my friend request colin. It is : SAPPHIRE

    84. Nitro typist

      Anybody here who plays nitro type??

    85. Zechariah Richards

      Yes i want you to put more vehicles on Nitro Type

    86. Colbie Lindblom

      I play Nitro Type and just got the screw tank a a car. This was like the first video I've watched of you in like 6-10 months, and thanks for teaming up with Nitro Type

    87. GDNoosi

      Who else is here is from Nitro Type?

    88. Mlabo Asukulu

      Can I have money on nitro type

      1. Carson

        that's like asking for a pay raise in your job

    89. Nicholas Tanner

      Picture driving it in your neighbors yard 😂

    90. CUBETechie

      Why no rover use this technology?

    91. Triple Heroes

      yes after this i want to make this and go to school

    92. Jayanth Devaraneni

      basically keep a cannon

    93. Avery Dae

      He looks like the last person to make something like this. But he has

    94. Jay Fray

      Crossout in real life

    95. praveen kumar

      he crazy

    96. Random projects USA

      Loved that Tesla part lmao

    97. Toot Mcgee

      new video idea: put v12/v8 in it

    98. Gage Green

      I’m world woe tow the British developed flame thrower tanks so ima go with that

    99. Richard McClary

      Turn it into a boat

    100. Richard McClary

      But absolutely badass