I Am The Future (A Conor McGregor Film)

Hizzer Edits

14 млн көрүүлөр4 007

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    UFC footage is OWNED by UFC / WME-IMG / Zuffa & Cage Warriors
    "I'm The F*cking Future" Video shot by Mark Tiernan
    Special Thanks to Mike Fight!
    Beginning where "There Is Only One" left off, Conor McGregor looks to unify the Featherweight title against Jose Aldo. New faces soon emerge...
    So Silent (Instrumental) - Zack Hemsey
    Helix - Hi-Finesse
    Radius - Hi-Finesse
    Graven Image - Zack Hemsey
    Kings - Ryan Taubert
    I'm Gonna Do My Thing - Royal Deluxe
    Martyr - Liquid Cinema
    El Chapo - The Game & Skrillex
    Teachings Of A Ronin (Instrumental) - Zack Hemsey
    Ambitionz az a ridah - 2Pac
    Salud - Dave Porter
    Don't Make Enemies With Me Part 2 - 2Pac ft. Outlawz
    Axis - Hi-Finesse
    If I Had A Heart - Fever Ray
    Demon Inside - Dansonn
    Light It Up Now - Philip Hochstrate
    Quantam- Hi-Finesse
    Hate- The Hit House
    Parking Garage Standoff - Dave Porter
    Hypnotize - Notorious B.I.G.
    How You Like Me Now - The Heavy
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    1. Hizzer Edits

      Hey guys, please check out the sequel to this & Starboy, LOKATION. It covers Khabib & Conor's career from UFC 205 - UFC 229. Thanks!

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    2. GondesInd

      Future loser ? Right?

    3. Aleksandar Radivojevic

      Winner ✌

    4. David S

      There making a Connor Geriatric Belt. For Connor sucker punching an 80yr old man blind side. He is the Gramp Champ.

    5. Santiago Forero

      35:53 músic?

    6. Andry Jaya

      You are the past 😀


      If he looses again with POIRIER then it's over. He have to win on July 21

    8. camforyou


    9. Kohinoor Begum

      "I back it up".....lululululu..... Why u can't back from khabib

    10. Kohinoor Begum

      CORNOR u r the future asshole..... Everyone see this. Hahahahahaha

    11. James Luma

      Incredible vid I hope you make more. Extraordinary


      It seems the future got spoiled🤣

    13. WM

      Hahahaha.... Future of trash talking and disrespecting others. Just average fighter but gives bomba promotion by UFC 😂

      1. Yung Savage

        You say “average fighter” but he was a two weight world champion and beat the greatest featherweight in 13 seconds you’re a dumbass

    14. YB Prod

      I find it funny people say that Connor was running from Nate but Nate only pressured when Connor got tired

    15. Karin Richards

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    16. Poppy Dennis

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    17. FiFAViDZ4You

      Rafael dos anjos was never seen again

    18. vasu singh

      Can u make the same for Tony Ferguson.Plz

    19. Lawrence Hackett

      I wish Conor retired after the eddy fight. His legacy would have been untouchable

    20. jonki leshi

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    21. Arief Badai

      Ma ma ma ma 🐔

    22. Predator's knock

      We love uh cornor

    23. madhav khadka

      This is like a full movie❤️

    24. Zealous1

      I swear it looked like Connor intentionally gave Nate his back for an easy submission...was this match thrown? Hum 🤫🤔

      1. Yung Savage

        Yeah you clearly know nothing about mma if you think that

    25. FGIP

      *Aged well*

    26. nihal mdhanif

      Khabib made him humble and showed him his place.

    27. MR

      You are not.

    28. jacob weli

      this aged well.

    29. AB Ryan

      Back then, khabib was the future😀 our king, our john wick, Khabib the eagle

      1. Mr. Chernobyl

        "Our John Wick" 😭🔫

    30. Randy Barboza

      So you say you are the future you lost twice against the nate Ufc 202 Dana white paid off the Judges

    31. The notorious

      who's here in 2021 reminding these good times

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    34. Kota Lz

      7:03 the girl crying 😂 I feel it he makes ppl feel like there apart of the ride

    35. AMWF

      6:29 Wow

    36. Eemeli Kantanen


    37. jasjx jdsnfs

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    38. Bound Music

      "He should of killed me when he had the chance, cuz now I'm back and I'm about to kill you and your whole fokin team!!! YOU AND DEM BISH KIDS!" Conor's easily one of the greatest taunters of our time. Haha

    39. Abidan Anish

      Simply amazing bro. 👌🔥 I keep coming here every now and then.

    40. Roberto Magnani

      Il più bel combattimento di mcgregor

    41. Mathias Sensi

      1000 views sono le mie

    42. Mazar Khan

      I am here for your editing not for Conor!

    43. Muhammad Yusril

      Khabib 😊

    44. Walter Lippmann

      then what happened

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    50. Anar Chy

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    51. munsi jakirhossain

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      1. St-Pierre

        Looks like McGregor lives rent free inside your little head kiddo

    54. Charlotte White


    55. MK Ultra PUMP

      "He slipped him a roofie! He's out cold and vulnerable!"

    56. Vlado Kulkovsky


    57. ياسر العتيبي

      Remind me what khabib did to him?

    58. Imran Sipra

      he's nothing khabib is the future

      1. Yung Savage

        Khabib is retired and a scared glass jaw rat

    59. Afraz Arshad37

      Why am I getting this in my recommendations?😂😂😂

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    65. Alex Stefan

      This is the video that got me into mma. Thank you, sir!

    66. Kyle Pitzer

      Nate's "Skinny Fat long body" lol

    67. judeetiennejr

      His dad looks so proud 🥲

    68. kaden mcconkey

      that was awesome cuz good editing

    69. John Arbogast

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    70. Zachary Starling

      This is fucking unwatchable 500 5 second clips does not make a “film”.

      1. Hizzer Edits

        @Zachary Starling it's a fair critique. Issue being available footage is always trimmed down. I only get hand me downs

      2. Zachary Starling

        @Hizzer Edits - Haha good to see you have a sense of humor. Too many softies out there. 👍🏻

      3. Hizzer Edits

        I think there's a few 6 second clips in there actually

    71. Asethium OneClick1

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      1. Hizzer Edits

        take me to your leader

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    74. YasSine RonNy

      25:54 song name ?🤔

    75. Fandy Santoso

      Yeah the shit future lol

    76. Roningshon Sohkhwai

      Big respect

    77. FRO 421


    78. Christian Carolina

      Bro hurt his own foot to get out the fight

    79. Veerse


    80. Dhif Aziz

      Now you are the past

    81. Tray Leee

      Song at 25:30?

    82. ivan sivic

      if conor that won against Nate appears in the dustin trilogy its good night for dustin

    83. Villasz _

      this guy should do a part 2

    84. Blindmoves

      "thats the shit im talking about, We can do that shit TONIGHT" Nate Diaz

    85. Antonio Yin

      Not a man on this planet could beat this version of Conor.

    86. NoName LI

      Now he was past(

    87. Uk Abdeen

      This all before khabib beat him out when khabib ufc 🤴 beat him Connor just died 😜🪦😜🪦😜🪦😜🪦😜

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    93. Santanu Paul

      9:50 Music ??

    94. Rafaa Rouis

      ❤️❤️ love you

    95. Wesley Baldwin

      He is the most amazing athlete of all time imo

      1. Muzammil Muhammad

        nah, most amazing athlete in general, its between Jordan-Ali-Pele. Fight game its between Ali-Tyson-Sugar. MMA its between Jones-Gsp-Khabib. but, if its about high profile, then he is by far the most famoust mma fighter.

    96. K_ Mohammad

      bro your editing is better than the notorious: conor McGregor movie.

    97. SouthPaw Yeti

      What about his second belt?

    98. Latchman Mangra

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    99. • Iz 2У •

      The conor fans way before Khabib were the only proper fans, I was one of them. The inspiration and persistence is admirable

      1. Muzammil Muhammad

        @• Iz 2У • i understand, i love conor and a fan before he beat aldo. im still a fan, i can be a fan without agreeing his view. im muslim, im offended when he insult us. but his life story is still amazing. now im also khabib fans for our sharing view. but i still support conor in his fight.

      2. • Iz 2У •

        @Muzammil Muhammad I'm no fan of islamophobe, nationalist who punches old men in bar. I'm a fan of inspirational character, visualization

      3. Muzammil Muhammad

        i think the fans who stood behind him after tough time with khabib is real fans.

    100. Jimmy Logan

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