Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” on the Stern Show (2017)

The Howard Stern Show

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    Miley Cyrus explains the inspiration behind her emotional music video and performs “Wrecking Ball” for Howard on the Stern Show in 2017.
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    1. The Howard Stern Show

      WATCH Miley’s full interview on SiriusXM ->

    2. Domenic coccio

      Love you Miley

    3. Ms.Potato

      2:24 this is where the POWER IS.

    4. zoltan zolcer


    5. temporalmilieu

      omg she looks so pretty here

    6. Robert Liljegren

      Think of my Gösta, french bulldog whos passed away.....

    7. Giuliana Rodriguez


    8. Anthony Carter

      Always looking at the lyrics. Have faith in your own talent girl

    9. Sunny S

      She can def belt it out

    10. Zelimir


    11. Quinn Kimbrell

      Say what you want about her but she is amazingly talented.

    12. 2161 Buck

      Midnight sky is freaking awesome!!! She looks alot like Paris Jackson

    13. A normal person

      the public was so cruel to her when this song came out and did not realize how heartfelt and vulnerable this song is.

    14. A normal person

      Miley is sick here and she still sounds amazing. Wow.

    15. Rodolfo Cornejo

      This was meant to be acoustic

    16. Journey1015 Bennett

      This is one of her few that is great

    17. Christian Cooper

      I have to admit I had an irrational dislike for Miley because I unfairly judged her based on all the online bs articles I’d read about her. Once I actually started listening to her interviews I totally changed that opinion. Although I don’t love every one of her songs I respect her and how real she is and her voice is amazing and emotional!

    18. Victoria

      Her vibrato is so pretty even tho it's so fast

    19. Jon Fairway

      Stunning and Powerful

    20. Fran Rafael

      She’s an amazing artist all the way through

    21. Sherry Nc

      I just love that she loves animals :) and she has an awesome voice!!!!!

    22. Tony Z

      She’s wise beyond her years. Some child “stars” turn into a total wreck. She has done well.

    23. robert robert

      Watching this has given me a new respect for Miley Cyrus. Maybe because she was wearing clothing that allowed me to concentrate on her amazing talent.

    24. valdirh17

      Ao não canta nada, decepciona

    25. Katerina Zack

      Her voice is one of the most recognizable

    26. murd777

      I can feel her pain when she says "You wreck me" This feeling is horrible! I got some tears.

    27. F Valdimarsson

      fuckin legend! rockstar


      Akala ko nasa Tonight With Arnold Clavio si Miley HAHAHAHAHA

    29. Boulder Pathways


    30. Raad Raad Raad

      The champions in the world music industry number 2 sweet miley beautiful gorgeous charming Yong lady miley I absolutely love it 100k times 50k billion like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?


      la amo

    32. Jinzz 94

      OMG , she sounds so funny when she speaks But suddenly turned into a really really amazing singer the memont she start to sing

    33. Никита Самохвалов


    34. Scotia McCombie

      What a cracking vocal.

    35. Ronaye Tylor

      Absolutely love your song! Heart break 💔 yes I feel that! Beautiful voice Miley!

    36. Reza Fauzi


    37. Joseph Haubert

      She sounds like a cartoon character.

    38. Denise Avis

      I feel same thing as her to be in the dark to sing with her 😭🌧

    39. Tracie Danae

      I've been sleeping on Miley. Ok, Miley...I'm woke.

    40. V T


    41. V T

      I love her voice.. O.M.G🥰🥰🥰

    42. J W


    43. Lauren Davo


    44. Tish TheDish

      DAMN. smh. Damn girl.

    45. Casey Hodges

      how she has grown

    46. Carlos Soler

      Wowww. Amazing vocals and... Drum sound!

    47. David Sugrue

      What a woman

    48. Lili White World

      Shocker that so many turned this song down when it seems like an obvious - from-the-heart-hit - to me, and likely many others.

    49. Justin Spac_e

      What doesn't wreck you makes you stronger

    50. Malú Almeida

      Uma voz maravilhosa!

    51. Ken Harrington

      Bloody BRILLIANT, No nudity just shear talent. Loved it Miley it was FANTASTIC.

    52. Lisa Herring

      pure talent..nothing more to say

    53. John x Cena

      I love u miley❤️😘

    54. F

      Bruh she kinda looks like Hannah Montana

    55. WillBrink

      She's FAR better live in studio like that than the over produced crap we hear. She should take control and release this quality of music. Never liked this song until I heard this version.

    56. Lisa Paulina

      Te amo Miley!

    57. Gilberto Tavares


    58. Gilberto Tavares


    59. Gilberto Tavares


    60. Gilberto Tavares


    61. Gilberto Tavares


    62. Gilberto Tavares


    63. Damon Dee

      Miley Cyrus is so beautiful!! 🤘

    64. Ruthi Lalhlimpui

      From her childhood till now,, She had so many memories

    65. M&J YG

      Still sounds as good as ever

    66. 565 vệ


    67. Purple Haze

      she can sing!

    68. Garfunk Gabbery

      Not a fan, BUT, her vocals are absolutely amazing live. Very rare.

    69. natalie trump

      I love miley.your song is everything and real.

    70. ÖH NI


    71. Артем Шрамко

      L U

    72. Paul Bernard

      My daughter grew up being a Hannah Montana fan and me thinking, Meh.... How the tables have turned. This was excellent.

    73. Hidden feelings

      still here i am again!! looking for the old miley Cyrus..... ...............

    74. tastemysaucer

      What are those fabric-y things on her body??

    75. x absinthe

      They want to eat me now

    76. apope06

      What idiot would pass on her BEST song?

    77. Nonhlanhla Gcaba

      What an innocent performance ❤

    78. Grim Reaper

      Her range is pretty incredible

    79. David Angulo

      She is such a great singer !!!

    80. TeaWithHoney


    81. Savannah Jones

      Her performance and the twangy guitars make this the best version I've ever heard.

    82. Luís António Fernandes Palmeira

      Miley is definily a great musician... so i can't hate... but i don't like popmusic in global. Good work girl.

    83. Laci

      so fn powerful

    84. Hexspa


    85. ultramoana

      I don't understand all this hate for this song .Ok i admit the official video of it is not for me the best way to illustrate it but the song is still wonderfull and she is a fonderfull singer and artist,for me it's the most important ,the rest is bullshit .

    86. Em Gamurot

      I love how raw she is like always, she just let's herself be and continously indulges honesty to her fans ✨ love you since Hannah Montana era

    87. mapin totim


    88. Yqx Smith

      Keep fighting Beautiful Soul ❤️ You so awesome 🤗

    89. Martino Olivo

      Love it

    90. Lori Farias-hamel

      Amazing singer,I am a fan for life!!

    91. Nizzar Alexander

      She’s prob the only celeb that I would love to hang with. Humble and down to earth compared to most other celebs

    92. Ivana JV

      This is amazing! Her live is TRUE LIVE!

    93. richard phillips

      She is the music ! How it flows through her ? Is extremely beautiful !!!

    94. Nitesh Maj

      Miley has one of the most powerful voice in this world ....,🌺🌺

    95. Layne AIC

      I love you Miley...

    96. Rx Gunfighter

      My dad worked with her grandfather at the steel plant if I remember correctly his name was Ron Cyrus. Small world

    97. Ralu Nza

      For me , the performance starts the moment she starts talking ❣️ her voice is just uniquely precious.

    98. War Robots Heavy Corps

      I love you Miley's u r so beautiful n talented. 🥰😘🖤😍😎

    99. nriezedi chisom

      Beautiful. Was moved to tears

    100. R Keller

      As a 75 year old man, I love hearing and feeling what she does. She is amazing.