Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” on the Stern Show (2017)

The Howard Stern Show

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    Miley Cyrus explains the inspiration behind her emotional music video and performs “Wrecking Ball” for Howard on the Stern Show in 2017.
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    1. The Howard Stern Show

      WATCH Miley’s full interview on SiriusXM ->

      1. gracecic

        I love Miley’s so much!!! She’s AMAZING!! ❤️❤️

      2. DJ. Justice

        Éxcéllént voice

      3. Jorgejose perez

        @Denise Clark-Ellis b nb

      4. Fun Awesome


      5. Denise Clark-Ellis


    2. Doug Hill

      Not bad for a mid tenn girl!

    3. Châu Giang Đặng

      I can't love you more !

    4. First Lady

      Nice song

    5. Kenneth Ostrer

      SO good

    6. Carl GiIbert

      You sound as good as ever take care me

    7. David Chavez


    8. hridi

      Miley has always been good. People with prejudice judged her because she was a young woman coming out of Disney and she was a 'pop-star'

    9. hridi

      She is so talented and so passionate about her music.

    10. C. Shepherd

      Lightening in a bottle.

    11. minminyoung gaming

      Nakakakilabot damn

    12. Mike Tomer

      I literally shed tears to this

    13. Sandra Lee Russell


    14. Jaima Perez

      gurl the earrings ☹️☹️☹️☹️

    15. shaun oneill

      Babe 60 scene luv uy 2 bits

    16. Black Swiftie

      *I ALWAYS LOVED THIS SONG MILEY! F everyone else's opinion!* 🌹🖤

    17. simonarts

      She is so pretty inside and out

    18. Zainal Dakman

      I love you miley cyrus..4ever fans..

    19. Nathan Neace

      Miley is so good !! And other a godmother like Dolly fuckjng Parton ... you could break a nail in that family and write a hit song !!

    20. Sangpuii Sailo

      Whenever i watch and listen this still touch my heart....

    21. Oirish McAfrican

      Michael Macintosh For President 2024

    22. Maria Martinez

      I love ♥️

    23. Christopher Harrison

      Just Should of told the Truth !

    24. Eduarda Viana


    25. Jairelys Olaya

      Solo mi reina Miley puede cantar estando enferma🧎🏻‍♀️

    26. Wendy shoo

      Its an awesome song.

    27. Trisha Faye Cabigas


    28. lautaro gonzalez de cap

      Jesus, vocals in this performance is from another planeta!

    29. Susan Meehan Thurman


    30. beckie Enyeart

      This is beautiful! I Love this LiVe the radio doesn't do it enough justice.

    31. Desmond Fabre


    32. Mellonpopr

      so good

    33. Binayak Shah

      Wish i could get the opportunity to work with her. She’s the real deal. She sounds absolutely amazing.

    34. Chrissy Shug

      This song takes me on a it.

    35. Prof Von Shredder

      Say and think what you will about Miley’s crazy life... one thing is for sure: when she wrote this song, she knocked it out of the ballpark ⚾️!

    36. Michael Bautista

      Real song Artist..

    37. Thanos rocks

      A pure natural...

    38. Benny H.

      Eine sehr talentierte junge Frau. Ich schätze Miley

    39. Ada

      who noticed the liam earring

    40. Trent Rogers

      You looked better with long hair still love you.

    41. julian vesga

      Your amazing....

    42. chipette

      I would love to hear her do a completely folk/country pop album.

    43. Lester González

      Whata great voice 😛😛😛

    44. Quincey Darling

      Even Howard Stern can’t be mean to her. Such a darling 💕

    45. sergio's libreria &i nternet

      great, great

    46. Gabriel A Rivera

      Love mileyy

    47. john gourlay

      I'm loving her voice. Fab stage presence,

    48. Vivekanand Sharma

      Her earring on right ear spells LIAM

    49. Silviu Vasile Dumitrescu

      Got tired hiting Like on so many sensitive commets here. She's good, indeed.

    50. Soraya Meza

      Es perfecta como canta 🔥🙌

    51. Shawn Floyd

      Word !

    52. Eugeniy Dubinin

      Ну почему, почему наши звезды не поют также live

    53. lynncrf

      1:43 is where it starts.

    54. John S

      I hate Cali let alone how life plays out, when they make women feel like they have to fight sexual oppressions. These women are so special and all this hate I see. I hope for the best for her I can tell she has been through pain

    55. Bobby MKD

      Miley is the real deal ❤️

    56. gracecic

      Miley is AMAZING!!! That voice ❤️

    57. Gl Gl

      I never understood why people gave her a hard time she's a child who's grown into a woman with everything that goes with it she's just in a fish bowl. Her talent is undeniable and she's young and has a long life ahead of her hopefully with everything that goes with it ..good for her

    58. james williamsons

      I heard a decent cover on the Voice but I have not heard the original. Miley has the voice that can do numerous genres. I can understand why this song is covered on every singing competitions but they pale to this.

    59. Vanesha Zega


    60. LiteracyLabyrinth

      Awesome voice

    61. P wie Pepe

      I came here on a Wreckngball

    62. Adriana Cordobamigliori

      Tiene q dejar d fumar urgente

    63. Elmar Orujov

      1:42 🤞

    64. Matt 246

      Every time I see her or hear her talk I always think she’s Jeffrey Donovan‘s daughter

    65. Speach Lobes

      So beautiful

    66. Randy Gammad

      wow - such intense performance!!

    67. Antonio Colín

      Fucking awesome!

    68. Karla👁Ver

      Thanxxx for producing beautiful tunes for me and our whole world... to all musicians, artists and creative minds

    69. Cleto cl

      begin 1:43

    70. larryps

      Her voice gets lost in the drama of her life...

    71. Aiko Alonso


    72. Steve McCloskey

      Gorgeous. The band is so tight

    73. Marc Grecco

      Great song

    74. A Nerd Entertainer

      I love her voice. Oh my god.

    75. Michael Ortiz

      Te A M O 😍🇻🇪

    76. Akai Haato's Soul

      Taylor and Miley will have their best years in the future when they turn into a full woman by releasing country albums that will tell their journey.

    77. Irma Martínez

      Ya no puede cantar los agudos y falsetes de wracking ball

    78. Dave Jones

      The chorus is chilling.... sends chills down my spine whenever she belts it out.

    79. Dave Jones

      Pre Pandemic. I miss the old world. :-(

    80. Dave Jones

      Miley came into her own as she matured. I admire her song choices and she can literally sing any genre with ease. Kudos for a hall of famer in the making.

    81. Pepe Loprz


    82. hannah hyland


    83. Abi Sesu

      Her earring says LIAM 😊

    84. Yugistira


    85. Juanita Rahayu


    86. Rachel Cuaton


    87. The mighty thor

      Much better than studio version 😀

    88. Neydinha Ferreira

      Que mulher amo muito 😍

    89. Juliana Santos


    90. Lally Amante

      This is so painful . I cried a lot 😢

    91. Larissa Peranzi

      QUEEN 👑👑👑

    92. Thom Po

      It makes me sad to know she’s a MK Ultra Victim but her voice and how she sing the song here is brilliant.

    93. Na Ra


    94. uChi

      Like it ❤️

    95. Al Buisan

      Do it 😉 nice voice i love it😎

    96. Amrit Sinha

      What a joy it is to watch her sing like this with so much passion..I could watch this every moment till eternity❤️

    97. Novan Novantosa2000

      Iove allways miley. From indonesia

    98. Twinski

      Beautiful...& timeless classic for the ages.

    99. wixie lane

      'don't you ever say i just walked away i will always want you'