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    i can't believe we challenged mrbeast and his crew to an art competition! winner gets $5,000
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    1. ZHC Crafts

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      1. Ayman nasib

        Tbh I. Did not know jack and Nolan. I only knewed mr beast

      2. Chris Hickey


      3. Omar Nassrallah

        @Daniel Rojas is

      4. Skylar Craigie

        Hi I’m a huge fan love you guy’s 😁😁

      5. Micah Toomire

        Is it me or would Karl and Jaz make a good couple

    2. Mariam Lol

      how can you send me gifts and I am in a other contry

    3. Pro Coop-dog Pro Coop-dog

      ZHC vidow are so good

    4. Jack Griffiths

      You are so underrated :( I wish you had more subscribers

    5. Durga Malleswari

      I love. Mr Beast. Channel

    6. Marleigh Margarette Eborda

      Is it just me or jaz and carl kinda good together

    7. Satyarth Prakash

      So bad michale was a girls

    8. Ibrahim Shah

      Its funny how everyone just chased nolan except ZHC

    9. RBLXNoob YTPlays


    10. Layla Lopez

      i ship karl and jaz 100%

    11. Chaithra Abhishek

      I never thought I would see 10 adults running around and growing a crumpled piece of paper with shrek on at each other But realize I needed it

    12. Shahed Alkabra

      I ship karl and jaz

    13. Fionna G

      does anyone dhip jaz and karl plss comm

    14. melina chen

      I like ZHC and MrBeast

    15. melina chen

      Kim Namjoon Kim Seok-jin Min Yoongi Jung Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook BTS Snap :melina13781

    16. Kaushallya De Alwis

      Great vid 😉

    17. melani thomas

      Jaz was flirting with karl

    18. Zen gabriel Bangi

      FU ZHC

    19. Dylan Ceprish

      Karl and Jaz hitting it off

    20. Willian Chavez

      Love you man keep it up

    21. Zedekis


    22. Zedekis


    23. Keegan Blevins

      Nobody: ... Me beast: bribing his artist to do good

    24. Holly Lee

      1:13 MrBeast/Jimmy:Zach! Can i bribe my artist money to do well?! Me:Does Jimmy not want to do anything..

    25. Maria Helena Anteza

      i love carl he's funny sometimes and goofy

    26. josephine trim

      I ship Karl and Jaz

    27. Maricris Dangan

      is he A friend of mr beast if he is ill sub to him

    28. AmarisJames Luna

      2:41 I just laugh when Jake wrote the we love BLACKPINK

    29. Dwayne kaiser Dapat

      Karl has his own channel

      1. Dwayne kaiser Dapat

        Comment to him

      2. Dwayne kaiser Dapat

        Hit the bell

      3. Dwayne kaiser Dapat

        And like

      4. Dwayne kaiser Dapat

        Sub to karl

    30. Kendra Solhaug

      Ship Karl and jazz

    31. Leví Gaming

      I love ZHC & MRBEAST

    32. Noc Shift

      “ by the way guys if you don’t know, this is MrBeast” Me: We all know but some may not

    33. Danielle Lewis

      i know mr beast you think not.

    34. Maryann Leyva

      ok who else thinks karl was simpin 😳

    35. SCP Foundation

      8:22 i hear allot of Roblox oof

    36. Stepan Khudaverdyan

      I'm subscribed

    37. Owen Downham

      make a vid with jazza

    38. Petar Hristovski

      can you suprese mr beast with a frendli tiger and then costomize with mrbeast's logo

    39. David Breheney

      I am a good drawer I sometimes mess up but I try again.

    40. C J

      Can we appreciate that the video is exactly 9 minutes

    41. LessLessLife LifeLife

      Who’s Nolan?

    42. Zi Song Koay

      I love your videos i subscri and I like and my mom is super happy so good luck.

    43. Zi Song Koay

      Zhc do you have 200.000.000 subscribers zhc.

    44. Shilpa Kalyan

      Why didn’t the first Mr. beast didn’t say jake get your butt over here

    45. Youtube Algorotot

      Who's Jimmy?

    46. Riley Williams

      Ok mr beast I’ll sub just for you I’m a big fan

    47. cerys byles

      Zhc:maby Mr beast has some talent Me: what he dose People seeing this:... Me: his talent is giving away money

    48. Matanya P

      אני מלך

    49. Dumb Face

      Give him the hundred subs

    50. LM - 06CJ 927692 Erin Centre MS

      Karl And Nolan: "im doing good" Mr.Beast: "ill pay u $5000 dollars if we dont lose"

    51. Yujeong Lee

      I thought Nolans was the best

    52. Micro Soft

      ░◢■◣◢■◣░ ░■■■■■■░ ░◥■■■■◤░ ░.....◥■■◤.....░ ░░.....◥◤.....░░ I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

      1. Micro Soft

        Do you think i draw a good heart coment fown below "YES OR NO"XD

    53. L&L Triplets


    54. David Brakocevic

      You ZHC Crafts Is lusser

    55. Zawadi Ruvubika

      hi zhc I am already subscribed and i love Ur video

    56. Wutthichai Morya

      Jimmy donaldson

    57. Sunflower Gwensi


    58. DragonCat Draws

      Me: cringing as Mr. Beast wastes posca pens.

    59. Pranish Joshi

      I hate black pink

    60. Mrniko

      who ships Jaz and Karl

    61. Khadre Schloss


    62. Kai Adams

      Karl and Jaz are a dream team

    63. 160 subs Please

      Karl and jaz would be a cute couple

    64. yellowdxckie

      I ship jaz and Karl!

    65. Shamsun Nisa

      I think Mr beast was a little rude


      Where is chandler? 😠

    67. Kim Burchfield


    68. Mika YT

      i knew it!

    69. K-pop lover 62

      Wait mrbeast likes black pink??!!! Is he a blink or.......ayne I'm overthinking please tell me I wanna know I'm so curious (•~•)

    70. Jonathan e kule :

      I didn’t know me beats was so good at dodgeball.

    71. Clay

      Just me or you think jaz and Karl should date?

    72. Frontline Lifestyle


    73. Alainna Bell

      Paint A skyscraper5555

    74. Crystal jijo

      poor Nolan. I feel bad

    75. EzTTvbreakerx

      Leave poor mrbeast alone the man can't take a break

    76. Angel Martinez

      i only watch it bc mrbeast is in it

    77. Kat Willoughby

      i feel so bad for Nolen and Michelle cause they got eliminated first and Mr. Beast round it i mean they could've kept it

      1. Kat Willoughby

        and Mr. Beast bragged ZHC to pick his so that's not fare

    78. Kenny Dong

      Done but do jaz have a youtube channel?

    79. Isaiah Tejada

      I like the Oof sound at the end haha

    80. Pransukh Batas

      I subed

    81. DeAnne Mae

      Karl hands down wins

    82. romel Polanco

      wait why is mr. beast here?

    83. Sangam's Oil paintings

      After watching this i have started to paint. kgup.info/must/ZAVvz2Vd1JDK7YTSHU2t0Q.html . Thank you MrBeast 😊

    84. April Berger

      I know who is Mr. beast is cool the burgers to everybody and a bunch of

    85. Aarya Shenoy

      Mr Beast: I don't know if they know me. Like bruh Who doesn't know Mr Beast 😂😂. I love Mr Beast. Like here if u like Mr Beast 👇👇

    86. Krisvel Montenegro

      "we love Blackpink" that won in my heart.

    87. Erika O'Connell

      I think Jax and and her partner Be right by what gf and bf

      1. Erika O'Connell

        Bf and gf

    88. Nithish#24

      Is Mechelle Zack s girl friend??????

    89. Haytham Abdorahman

      Mr beast letted go of Carl's hand

      1. Haytham Abdorahman


    90. Haytham Abdorahman

      Carl and jaz are the perfect match they should be together

    91. Krypto Gaming

      Lets go

    92. Harika

      2:41 WE LOVE BLACKPINK?? Blackpink the kpop girl group?😭

    93. TANN TANNL

      Karl is flirting with jez

    94. Prince Abbie Padas

      Mr.beast can you buy a cp

    95. Eduanis Vasquez

      I want a ps5

    96. Laurie Reilly

      My phone was not working properly so it was very not helpful

    97. Maxxx Murray

      Dang, these are not to bad

    98. Kendra Kohlrieser

      Jaz and Karl should date

    99. Manish Arora

      Who dose not know mrbeast

    100. amy_hazelnut

      1:34 someone forgot to remove the tape hehe