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    In 10 years of The Voice, we’ve had some incredible Blind Auditions and these went beyond VIRAL! With a total of over 794 million views, these are the most-watched Blind Auditions EVER on The Voice. Who’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments below👇
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    🚨 This video features the following performances:
    00:00 49M+ views: วี วิโอเลต sings “Leaving On A Jet Plane” by John Denver (Thailand, 2013)
    01:59 50M+ views: Harrison Craig sings “Broken Vow” by Josh Groban (Australia, 2013)
    03:44 55M+ views: Kokoi Baldo sings “One Day” by Matisyahu (Philippines, 2014)
    05:36 62M+ views: Gabriella Laberge sings “The Scientist” by Coldplay (France, 2016)
    07:41 66M+ views: MB14 sings “Gangsta's Paradise” by Coolio (France, 2016)
    10:05 68M+ views: Charly Luske sings “It's A Man's Man's Man's World” by James Brown (Netherlands, 2011)
    11:52 95M+ views: Fernando Daniel sings “When We Were Young” by Adele (Portugal, 2016)
    13:51 105M+ views: Will Barber sings “Another Brick In The Wall” by Pink Floyd (France, 2017)
    16:12 107M+ views: Sister Cristina Scuccia sings “No One” by Alicia Keys (Italy, 2014)
    18:04 137M+ views: Vincent Vinel sings “Lose Yourself” by Eminem (France, 2017)
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    1. Best of The Voice

      What’s your favorite most-watched performance of the last 10 years? ✌️

      1. CarryCherry92

        My favorite is the Dutch guy Charly. I actually paused and looked for songs of his. His voice sounds good but very different. Would've loved to see some rockier stuff. Also the cover of the French guy Will is just fantastic. Hard to understand though.

      2. Rafael Rocha

        Fernando Daniel 🔥🇵🇹

      3. RScarlet


      4. Abhriupa Roy

        Daria Stavrovich Zombie

      5. Sycho E.M


    2. Alexandra C

      Omg the nun was too wholesome and priceless

    3. Ник Ник

      А мой взляд чей родитель как у алсу . Еслиты ты при бабках .то Как ы не пой так ты певец. Это наверно только в Росии.

    4. Jessie V. Laoang

      One day one day,no one no one,lose yourself

    5. Scojo 56

      Oh my gosh the group of nuns jumping for joy together. My heart is so happy!!!!

    6. Elise Gotschall

      I really loved the second one

    7. Fuck Off

      I just watch this because of the singing sister ahaha

    8. pornesian para

      This isn't true u have to check the other auditions which surpassed 200m

    9. Stefano & Sara Guadalupi

      Forte 😂eine Nonne 🙏👍

    10. Bear Bear

      That's one of two places I never expected to see a nun.

    11. Jacob Denton

      8:52 Christopher Walkens hopped on

    12. Ness K

      Only thing you have to see is 20:10

    13. Raysan Lan

      Fak dis vincent, he is soooo,AMAZING!!!!!

    14. Willem Monshouwer


    15. Know More Know Less

      Damn French people with some skills. ❤️🔥 Also, somehow non English speaking countries seem to have amazing English singers 😀

    16. Jamie Reid

      God really does create some beautiful people!! Go on yourself sister!!!!

    17. Rafael Rocha

      Fernando Daniel the best 🔥

    18. Judith Bones

      Jan 18, 2021. The most amazing voice: Harrison Craig. I love his voice.

    19. olivia young

      I'm noticing the French version of voice is officially extra.

    20. olivia young

      No one, she's singing for God, Jesus, and The Holy Ghost 🥰

    21. olivia young

      Pink Floyd countrified! So good.

    22. olivia young

      I love When We Were Young!

    23. olivia young

      Okay a White man singing it's a Man's World hits different 😅

    24. olivia young

      Gangsta Paradise 😂 dude can't sign.

    25. Migdalia Pineda

      Son dramaticos los jueces de la primera chava

    26. the_furry_forrests

      Sister nun was performing not competing 👏🏻👏🏻

    27. oline oline

      Why Sister Christina reminds me of Sister Act 😂

    28. 1412

      그와중에 첫번째 노래 아이갓츄 한 선글라스 아저씨 손짓 했는데 눈 감고? 있어서 뻘쭘했겠노

    29. Mark Andro Milan

      no us

    30. Ronel Bayo

      Sarah G's Reaction was very Pure... Very Genuine Coach in TVPh

    31. Vadim Daskal

      The Italian fragment was the craziest! I love Italians!

    32. beatriz dvorak

      Guauuuu excelentes todos!!

    33. Russell Edmunds

      These judges have an amazing job, getting to hear and discover all these new amazing artists.

    34. aquame

      Touch of rod stewart

    35. Samuel Scuiller

      Je comprends pas le principe, ceux qui chante sont meilleur de que ce qui sont assis pour juger, bande de jaloux

    36. Lindadaniel832 Muchiza

      The guy who sings Eminem is my favorite, original and authentic. Let's move on ..... sister Chris is super 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳. January 2021

    37. kezzab

      Best one was loose your self never seen someone reinvent that song is such a cool way plus him almost being blind and playing piano like that shows how passionate he is about what he does.

    38. Emilia Magnano

      Bella voce avrà un futuro splendido! È anche bello il che non guasta

    39. Olga Ship

      Бомж Горчица и Действуй, сестра) кто понял - ставит лайк. А Винсент всех порвал.

    40. Gayani Anuruddika

      16.12 praise be to God😇😇

    41. Guisella Reyes

      Will Barber no se dio cuenta de que voltearon todos hasta ta que terminó su presentación, fue muy emotivo

    42. mikebigdipper8286

      This is the voice of an Angel!!!

    43. Marcos Siqueira

      Fernando Daniel is the best hands down

    44. Marcos Siqueira

      05:36 how beautifully Hermione can sing and play violin... lovely

    45. Marcos Siqueira

      sister cristina just won because italy is a very catholic country, otherwise Giacomo Voli would've won for sure >;(


      Wow,in two notes,judges turn..👌

    47. Victoria israel

      Second guy looks like miley cyrus 🤔

    48. nooor-890

      The last one is so damn good I watch it always and don't get bored 🔥 🔥

    49. Reian Joy Onia


    50. Anna Lill Bjørnsdatter

      2:32 Seal turnaround should be a meme!!

    51. Myriam Leané

      This video proves that French people are extremely talented, France has the best singers, they are so iconic

    52. Fachry Ayhi

      1st video sounds like nondera indonesian idol version..

    53. Jungkookie Jeon

      I like how sister christina is just letting it all go and not thinking of anything ..just singing. It's beautiful.

    54. Jungkookie Jeon

      The second one can be casted as a vampire in a movie

    55. L Mac

      I love them all, best reaction from the judges the singing nun but Vincent at the end just fabulous.

    56. Tilda

      La France is heeeeere to wiiiiin

    57. Karen123 Romero456

      Second guy was waaayy too cute 😫

    58. Mapet Generico


    59. WhatsApp Status

      Rev.sister was amazing

    60. Jossy N. Marte

      Of those who are there my favorite Charly Luske 👏🏻👏🏻 Mathias Nebel from Germany is missing 😫😫

    61. Blessed Evil

      Why dafak is everyone copying comments in here?

    62. DasAmnesiac

      Proud to be French but Fernando is really the best one

    63. marie mlt

      there are so many singer from france

    64. siddharth mudgal

      Amazing looks and beautiful voice this is cheating god

    65. Amol T Sangma

      Sister crishtina .. most daring nun i have ever seen .. u r number 1

    66. Bina

      Para quem quer ver a apresentação da Freira, pule o vídeo para 16:15.

    67. Ximena Flors

      esa monjita me hizo la noche 😂😂😂

    68. DJ Ash

      omg kokoi from philippines woah i didnt ecpect that he has million viewers :o ^_^

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    70. 王鹤铭

      The knowledgeable weather contemporaneously shop because tray contrarily entertain toward a unusual heart. icy, five knot

    71. Arwo

      The looper was bad..... He just tried to do the same as the “when doves fly” dude And THAT guy was just fucking awesome

    72. Riley Amethyst Stark

      Okay but the dude that did Gangsta’a Paradise was freaking amazing!

    73. Jasmine Wanz

      The Judges Reaction 16:57 was so priceless. These Sisters made my day.

    74. Александр Голыш

      Неймовірно .

    75. M.R ENT

      I wish I could sing wow


      am i the only one who cry when sister cristina sing? she really put it all in her voice😭

    77. Dollie Louise

      The Nun with the sisters cheering back stage was hands down the biggest surprise.But the guy on the piano singing EMINEM was insanely brilliant.

    78. Aleksejs Babkins

      Best of The Voice , please add 82M+ Yaroslava Degtyareva. "Cuckoo" - Blind Auditions - Season 3. kgup.info/get/ealseIbYeHmlimY/video

    79. LifeWithNikitaJane

      okay but go sister Christina!! real life sister act over here

    80. Etti Roy

      Laura from the Voice Kids Germany 2013 has over 200 mio views, she is the number one ☝️

    81. PSALMOS IYUNADE Instrument Of Worship


    82. 알렉산드린Alexandrine


    83. jeffrey jones

      Damn, he was better than M&M on that song....

    84. PSALMOS IYUNADE Instrument Of Worship


    85. Kirill Tsoy

      French girl so cute and beautiful and talented. I realized French the voice one of the best. I should learn French

    86. Shaheryar Ahmed

      What happens when you access 100%of your brain. Vincent Vinel: ha ha ha

    87. Maybritt Pedersen

      Many of the coaches turn around before even hearing the voice. So bad

    88. catherine cordero

      You rock sister cristina hahaha

    89. Vicaria Williams

      Yessssss gangsta

    90. LaToya Matson

      That second guy was as handsome as his voice

    91. Mimi B

      I don't know who that was doing the "One Day" cover, but it was beautiful. I would definitely throw that on my play list.

    92. Vasi Gls

      10:20 her reaction tho’ 😅😅😍

    93. nithigon gaewmee

      violette wautier #ประเทศไทย

    94. Valent Rahmat

      You can't sleep, right?

    95. Faith Castle

      Love Seal's reaction when the chair turning

    96. roberto baguio


    97. Yousef Aladwani

      No one : French judge it’s looooopergh

    98. DR. Vldz-Mtz

      11:59 the best

    99. babytinyh

      Sister Acts in reality...

    100. Envy-Sama

      The first girl has a beautiful voice,but i think compared to the others I've seen,she needs more practice