Some GOOD and Some BAD! - 20/20 Ep.6 Road to the Classic - Toho

Scott Martin

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    I made some good decisions and a few bad ones that really cost me. Bassmaster Open Kissimmee Chain final video.
    This is episode 6 of the 2020 season, be sure to follow along!
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    1. Grasshopper

      I've broke that Palomar knot a couple of times on fish, and I'm pretty sure both times I cut the tag off really too close and got a bit of the knot itself. I hate tying in the wind too because the line always wants to jump right into the clippers it seems.

    2. Aviator99

      You mention polamar knot. Do you use that on fluorocarbon also?

    3. Higgs Outdoors

      I always tie a double San Diego jam knot on my chatterbaits, and most of my baits as well. But good luck the rest of the way!

    4. dunkind

      hi scott, im 6 years old with a disablility, i have an oversized penis that weighs 10 pounds so its really hard for me to walk around and stuff. can you send me free stuff including all your boats?? my overly large twig and giggleberries thank you!

    5. Harold W

      How about some more kayak or maybe saltwater inland (pine island sound?) or both?

    6. Thomas Sullivan

      Quick question, when you use braid, are you using a leader connected to the hook or lure, or just trying up straight to the braid? Love all the videos and looking forward to watching you win this year on the BASS tour.

      1. Scott Martin

        Straight tie..

    7. Ultimate Angler

      Scott if I go to Kissimmee what baits do I use

    8. Stacy Jackson

      Scott will you please do a Video on but flipping the Bandito bug in pads. It something that I going to do a lot of this year and I know I can lean a lot from you doing that.

    9. Carey Smith

      Did you use the weighted bandito bug hack on any beds? Found me a piece of copper from local hardware store can’t wait to try it out when it quits raining here in Mississippi!

    10. BassGeek

      Great start to the season man. Nice job.

    11. Thomas Machovina

      Hey Scott! Love the videos love the outdoors man. Been watching ya since I was kid. Wanted wish ya best luck this season!! Get that classic man !!

    12. Joey Guyton

      Thanks for the videos. Keep on teaching us Scott!!

    13. Nathan Nicholson

      Congratulations on 5th, when will we be seeing your boat for 2020?

    14. Jay Reed

      Bring back the beard!

    15. W Scogin

      You and your dad are so great at teaching us all so much about bass fishing THANK YOU BOTH! Very informative!

    16. Dustin diamond

      The editing on this video is driving me crazy!!

    17. Scratchin’ Away

      you and “the boys” should do a HUGE self run all the pro anglers you know (maybe 20-50 or more) throw in $500-$1000 and youd have big prizes for the top ten and itd be a bunch of top anglers so youd be able to draw a fairly large following which could make more money in terms of associate links and sponsorship sales etc......if anyone can draw the top guys, you can and you have the base audience to draw viewership. do it as a 100% youtube live tournament....just an idea

      1. Scratchin’ Away

        well if you do it can i be a co-angler? or get a free entry for being so awesome that i had a similar idea to yourself? lol

      2. Scott Martin

        That is an idea we have been talking about for sure..thanks for the confirmation

    18. Donald Aadland

      Are bass spawning already down there, what's the temp/ water temp?

    19. mike waters

      What knot did you use when flipping the bando bug

    20. Eddie Harper

      Do you plan on coming to see the classic this year? Im going and it would be awesome to see you there.

    21. TcFishing

      Scott I’ve always had the big dream of becoming a professional angler like yourself just never had much opportunity so I have to ask the man the myth the legend himself could you give me any advice so that I could possibly one day fulfill my dream?

    22. david brown

      Hey Scott! What size tk130 do you use for the bandits bug? Love the coverage and keep the hacks coming,booooom!

      1. Scott Martin

        4/0 and 5/0

    23. B Davis

      Video real choppy, Brandon needs to train more.

      1. Brandon Gordon

        B Davis lmao Macoy will learn

    24. Bret Reid

      Best bass content online!! Good luck this year! You will make the ELITES!!!!!!

    25. Donald Young

      RIP Mr. Wood & Kobe...prayers to them and their families. Prayers of success to you, B-Lat, MDJ & M-Wheel.

    26. Brandon Wade

      You fished with a buddy of mine on Kissimmee in the bassmaster open, well he fished with you, day 1

    27. AnimeNfish

      Scott. double polomar knot is better for braid try it when using braid. With the regular polomar on straight braid i have had the knot slip. havent broke off with braid since switching to double polomar

    28. Brandon Johnson

      Good work, keep it up.

    29. Kill the Mockingbird

      Hey Scott, love your content and have been watching for a long time. I have to say though, I found the choppy editing distracting. I’ve always liked the organic nature of you videos. It seemed more personal, like you were inviting us into your office. This seems like content for content’s sake.

      1. Kill the Mockingbird

        Thanks for the reply. Keep it it up. Good luck in the Opens and look forward to when you’re on the Elites.

      2. Scott Martin

        Always inviting you all into the office..a little to choppy at fault not Macoys

    30. Clint Y.

      but you gotta bring back the beard

    31. Clint Y.

      scott these 20/20 vids might be my favorite part of your channel. i really enjoy hearing you break it down. also give mccoy a pat on the back for me. he’s gooood.

    32. Johnny Riggs

      If I was spawning.... I wouldn't bite either! LOLOLOL

    33. Buell Richmond

      How did the coangler turn out in the end?

    34. M

      All my life never played sports, just Bass fish because pops fished and I didn't have a choice. And so glad I was raised in a Bass boat. Forrest Wood and Ray Scott did more for Bass Fishing than just about anyone. I wrote a letter to Forrest when I was 12. He wrote me back and sent a cap and a Ranger pin. He was a great man.

    35. Serious Angler

      Keep it up Scotty

    36. Randy Creason

      Palomar knot has broke my heart too many times. I went to the uni knot late last season no heartbreak so far.

      1. Scott Martin

        First time for me..

    37. J Tee

      Those quick cuts and little judders in the first few minutes are an editor showing off. It became so annoying that I jumped forward during the discussion of Forrest Wood. Stop it.

    38. jim huibregtse

      Tied on a new chatterbait. My guess is the eyelet was defective. The lure cut the line.

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s what I am thinking..

    39. BaitTheHook

      They need to get a better voice for the announcements/hype guy..... the hype guy was complaining about the guy holding the fish wrong..... talk about a buzz kill.... love you Scott! But damn that guy from flw had a voice that got you excited to hear the weights!!!!

    40. Jonathan Nolen


    41. Stiks fishing channel

      You did AMAZING . running out of bait isn't a bad thing just means u had it right.. just not enough baits at the time :( had it happen twice to me.. kicked myself both times..i finished 2nd /3rd both times oh well//cause it wasn't a bait a carry a lot of ..mine was a red craw soft bait/ only had a few in my box, but once i lost my last bait, i knew it was rip for big bag was over..i hope u get to elites/classic/ just focus on it!!

    42. Photo Junkie

      So many cuts. Gotta chill out with those a bit.

    43. jay fields

      Always following let’s have a challenge on my pond

    44. Cody MIller

      Next Video - Rod and Reel arsenal ?

    45. Chris Langston

      Editing on this vid not as good as in the past .. But great job on 5th place and R.I.P. Mr. Forrest Wood.

      1. Scott Martin

        It’s his first full vid..don’t worry

    46. Jerred Wayne

      What lake in Texas? Maybe I'll show up

    47. Wayne Lagarde

      RIP Kobe Bryant and Forrest Wood. Much love and respect.

    48. Bass Raider

      Good stuff, can’t wait for the next tourney vid

    49. Cunnington Alonzo

      Rip Kobe

    50. Jim Snyder

      I have a hand written letter from Forrest Wood he sent me when I was 17. I saw him at the Classic when it was in Cincinnati. Very nice man.

    51. Curtis Loden

      Thank You for including Kobe Byrant. Kobe was not only a great basketball player but he was a better dad

    52. Michael Jackson

      Sucks losing a big one like that but a top 5 finish in your first open is a great start to the year

    53. Cody Thompson

      You should fish a local level tournament during your break

    54. Mike Sole

      Be cool to see more vids of you fishing Okeechobee!

    55. Charles Putnam

      You sold me I drove ten miles out of my way in city traffic to buy some bandito bugs. My buddy Clint represent s bruiser Bates but after watching you catch all those fish . I had to have some Bandito Bugs.

      1. Scott Martin

        They are fire!

    56. TT Barbecue OP

      Rest In Peace Kobe and Forrest

    57. kurtzbradley

      Good work Scott....proud of you!

    58. Shenanigan King

      Keep snagging those points! Trust your instincts!!

    59. Richie _k_68

      You know you win some and you lose some you're a man of Faith so you know that you will be doing awesome in the next event best of luck I will be watching !! 😉🙏🏼👍🏼👊🏼🎣🎣

    60. CalliVol

      That was a lot of cutting. I almost started twitching.

    61. Chris D

      Glad to see you keeping up with the 20/20. Not sure what is going on with the editing of the videos lately with all the jerky feel to it. I noticed it in a little in videos earlier in the week but this video it is a bit over the top. I don't know if it is just me but it got to irritating levels in this video. Love watching your videos otherwise.

    62. James Allen

      Im praying for you to fulfill something your dad could not quite grasp. It will be full circle for the fam if you can make it happen

    63. The Real American

      Smc podcast????????? Great for your long drives (quick flights)

    64. Monkey seee Monkey doo

      Liked when he said fellas 😂

    65. Danny D-Rock Mahaffey

      Great video Scott....nice job mayne

    66. MrCarlgagnon

      Great come back now win the next one 😎👍

    67. Freddie Howard

      If not I fully under stand I still pull for you all the way love your videos 🙏🙏

    68. Jacob kelley Outdoors

      You should go fishing with 14 year old James again

    69. Freddie Howard

      Congratulations on a 5th place finish great job . In your las video you signed some plugs for you buddy’s , I would love to have one of your old plugs signed if you can my address is , Salyersville ky. PO . Box 1683 zip code 41465 God Bless🙏🙏

    70. Chris Jae

      Love the update video and congratulations on your first tournament! Definitely need more Brandon and billy challenges! Lol! Maybe bring back trash talking James??

      1. J Tee

        Brandon is all but gone.

    71. WiscoFishing

      Are bass spawning already down there? the spawn doesn't hit up here for a few months. it won't even be pre spawn till may lmao.

    72. Mike Furness

      Congratulations on the 5th Place on your first bass tournament. I had to laugh with your 20-20 hindsight in 2020! I was talking to a friend of mine just the other day 2 days ago as a matter fact on that very same thing cuz I had said something that hindsight is 20/20 and then I realized oh wait a minute this is 20/20 the year 2020! LOL! Again congratulations on placing in the money!

    73. Shepps Cove

      You need a USA Bass medalist rematch competition for one of your future videos. You & your dad vs. BLat & MDJ vs. DC & JWheels. That video would be pretty dope!

    74. Richard Mcguire

      Why wouldn't you fish some flw too?

    75. Smithvegas BassAssassin

      Another amazing video Scott! Sorry about the broke line, that’s just how it goes sometimes! You did a great job in your season opener and can’t wait to see the first of the central division! Brandon and McCoy are borne doing a great job and it’s good to see some fresh faces! Like a lot of Todd’s video’s too! I’m positive that you’ll qualify for the elites this year bubba! Keep up the amazing work brotha! 👊🏽

    76. Totally Wicked Outdoors

      hey scott i’m down at the marina fishing with my dad i was wondering if you’ll be down here in the morning or evening to get a picture i love all ur videos and cheer for u every tournament

    77. Howard Stout

      Yeah im pulling for ya bro your awsome

    78. hertzer2000

      It's not like you need the money. Why even bother with tournies? Seems like a big hassle when you can just go fishing with friends ir family.

      1. Scott Martin

        Because I want to win some particular tournaments

    79. Dean Williamson

      Show us some more fishing hacks in the next few months.

    80. Anthony Clark

      Good show Scott maybe with some of your times in between tournament you can come and fish beaver lake the Bandido bug there tearing them up

    81. Derrick Payton

      Still not sure if I can trust a fishing story with out pics! “It was a 9 pounder!”

    82. Michael Trott

      Are you doing the eastern and central opens?

      1. Scott Martin


    83. peyton kurtz

      Could you do a video where you break down a lake what you look for on a map, what you look for once you are there?

    84. John MangO

      man this kobe stuff has just hit me different. for his daughter to have been with him just make it 100 times worse. devastating.

      1. John MangO

        @Scott Martin hey scott can u find @prosiegekiller comment kid said he was going through a lot hope u can find it

      2. Scott Martin

        So awful

    85. bruce koerner

      Maybe You should go back to fishing and not so much on Videos ! Could be why Your not winning anymore !

    86. lance rutz

      What's up with the cuts in the video frames, it felt like I was watching a strobe light

      1. William Butler

        @lance rutz Agreed brother.

      2. lance rutz

        It was just a question, let me be clear big fan of Scott and beyond excited that he is doing the bass tournament trail

      3. William Butler

        I really like the content and the way Scott recapped the tournament. The cuts were hard to watch though...

      4. J Tee

        It's AWFUL. I quit part way. Childish. The editor is trying to show off.

      5. Josh Mackey

        X4. McCoy is doing good but he has to work on the editing.

    87. JR19 Gene

      At 50 years old I am at that age where I can remember the "Legends" of BASS...Dance,Clunn,Parker,Huston,KVD and obviously R.Martin. You have established yourself as a "Legend" in FLW along with with Thrift , Dudley and Nixon. I am glad to see your carry on the family legacy by coming to BASS. I have full confidence you will see AOY and a Classic with BASS in the years to come. When it does happen (and I am sure it will) you hold what I consider the Grand Slam of Tournament fishing.

    88. Dave S.

      Keep it up Scott! Liked the video. Gotta hate it when they break off. I can pull up tree trunks 90% of the time but when its a donk.... snap! Ugh! #20/20 2020

    89. Robert Dyer

      Damn good job 5th place finish I cant even break the bottom 2 . 50 people in 51

    90. JTS Fishing

      Dont beat your self up. i mean you literally changed worlds and had a top 5 finish out the gate ! Looking foward to the rest of the season!

    91. PunchPong

      Hey Scott I’m 13 years old and I’m gonna join the fishing team just cause of you man keep up the good work

    92. Brad Hester

      Dang been waiting on this video

    93. JBake502

      So now it's 2020 2020 😂

    94. Gary Lukas

      Thanks Scott ! Can't wait to see you on the Elite!!

    95. Za Bo

      Where is your next tournament Scott?

    96. Tim Jolly

      He will be missed

    97. Roastin' Toads

      Love the videos, Scott, but man, there is nothing more annoying than watching you read a commercial and then an ad pops up at the same time.

    98. Brock Johnson

      Dude just got home from work, time to hear Scott tell me more tips! Awesome show man, and by the way McCoy is great but hard to beat B! Scott, man you amaze me at tournament bro, I thought you adjusted very well with Wind and water color etc! Thanks for the great fishing videos man! I’m going to install Simply safe soon man, I’m sore it’s great or you wouldn’t tell us. We trust you Bro! Don’t let us down man, your on a roll! Godbless y’all and have a great season! You too “the real McCoy”!

    99. booyaa Lopez

      Thank you for mentioning Kobe Bryant. Even though fishing is a whole different sport. RIP Kobe, and Mr. Wood.

    100. Charles Pinson

      Your Father did a Beautiful tribute to Mr. Wood!