Were Katy Perry and Hannah Everhart Separated At Birth? - American Idol 2021

American Idol

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    Is Hannah Everhart the country version of Katy Perry? Hannah shares her American Idol audition experience with us, recounting how she went from allowing her nerves to get the best of her, to dueting Etta James’ "At Last" with Katy!
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    AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
    American Idol 2021
    Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

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    1. mxch3

      Her personality reminds me of Billie Eilish. Is it just me or what? 🤨

    2. ransack the elders

      I don't know how to feel about her, I think she's playing a character. It's like she's trying hard to be quirky.

    3. K P

      Shes so natural!!! I like this kid

    4. ripper klaus

      her talking voice and accent added flavours to her striking look

    5. Amanda Green

      My top three are: Anilee List DJ Johnson Hannah Everhart I really enjoy these three contenders. Anilee is dealing with a disability that can be complicated with grace and confidence. She unafraid of the tics and embraces them which makes it easier to accept certain parts of challenges. I think she could be a good role model for people with disabilities. I do wonder if the audience is prepared for a disabled contestant. So far it's only been James Durbin and Lazaro and I feel they turned Lazaro into a joke. DJ is amazing because she found a way to channel the trauma of having a critical parent that suddenly abandons you. It not an easy situation i imagine, and i bet young people can relate to this. I had been thirteen for 17 days before my daddy took his life. It's a different grief and struggle, but the common connector is an absent parent that was troubled. I'm 28 and still sorting through it. I love Hannah because she's got a pure humbleness to her. She's out of place, but it works to her favor because it reflects a deep vulnerability. I do feel that if she's going to keep making the cuts, she's gonna have to step up and take the risk. The songs need to demonstrate the boldness, sass, and elegance of her voice. If she developed her voice, she could be a versatile artist in many generes. Idol is meant to stretch people and grow them if they want it.

    6. Danny Steeler

      Hannah J. Everhart = Something like that ✔

    7. Renee Doiron

      What a cutie!

    8. ᄋᄋᄋᄋ

      I don't think that she looks like Katy. Hmm. She just mentions Katy for attention.

    9. Shay T

      There is just something about her voice... like...she needs a little work... but gd she has a beautiful voice!!

    10. Tracey Walker Nukho

      Love her

      1. es7 7

        🥰😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    11. RaiRaiBrown

      She has a great personality, I don't nessesarily think she looks like Katy aside from the big blue eyes.

      1. es7 7

        🥰😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    12. Seeker of Truth

      She's a character, and cutie. Plus she has a amazing voice. Good luck girlie.

      1. es7 7

        🥰😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    13. Wackadoodle

      I love this girl and I hope she can get better cause she does need some help to get to the next level.

      1. es7 7

        🥰😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    14. naveed

      Shes racist and believes that women who have been raped don't deserve abortions.

      1. es7 7

        🥰😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    15. Drastixx New Video

      Racist gurl !! Much better ppl on the ride to idol that deserve the next spot

      1. Drastixx New Video

        @ES7 es7 wtf 😒

      2. ES7 es7

        😍😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    16. Hnotan

      THE next American Idol. Winner. Whole package. Looks, personality totally rememberable vocals. Love her.

      1. Hnotan

        @Jeremy Weingarten ok I don´t care she can SING! and has a great personality

      2. Jeremy Weingarten

        She’s racist

      3. ES7 es7

        😍😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    17. lisabeth crawford

      Well she's is good but after seeing some of the other contenders, i am concerned. I really like her alot! And she knows her place. That's what I really like about her and with all that said, i hope she goes far!

      1. ES7 es7

        😍😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    18. Rangiola Cook

      I think she looks like a young Pricilla Presley 🥰🥰

      1. Vanessa Hiner

        Funny. I said she looks like she was related to Elvis.

      2. ES7 es7

        😍😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    19. Vickie Matias

      I like her a lot , she will go far

      1. ES7 es7

        😍😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    20. Stacy Thomas

      I LOVE her attitude and aura. She is going a long way win or not.

      1. ES7 es7

        😍😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    21. Behan the Scene

      Little do they know

      1. ES7 es7

        😍😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    22. Vanessa Hiner

      She seems like she might be or should be related to Elvis...???

      1. ES7 es7

        😍😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    23. Debbie Smitherman

      You go Mississippi Girl ! You got a wonder voice Hood luck ! Go out there and show what you got and be proud for girl you have something about you that could win!

      1. ES7 es7

        😍😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    24. Madison's Fun Times

      Love her personality. ❤ You're a shining star

      1. ES7 es7

        🥰😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    25. Salon 2644

      ..her smile resembles Charlize Theron 😁 beautiful voice 🎶🎵🎼

      1. ES7 es7

        🥰😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    26. Ronnie Peterson

      And as you told us earlier in a comment, a big thumbs up will show a country auditioned star, Hannah Everhart the place in the group round, the duet round Disney Hawaiian group and the final judgement something to get through. With this American Idol from Canton MS. Etta James' version of At Last made her the best girl yet. After that golden ticket, it said Hollywood Rhythm but all of them and their family believed she got the music in her and a one year celebration and vigil light for their own dying of Covid-19. American Idol dedicates this Sunday Audition and others to the memories of 500,000 people who gave us so many lives of staying safe and staying health survived by love one. Their disease took their own lives. Kate Snow introduced and Lindsey Davis and a reported from a CBS Affiliate said their lives were memories and sharing good times during these faithful. it was alight at the end of every tunnel today. Those victims were laid to rest. We'll never forget. Let's Stay and Stay Healthy till the end of this virus. This was an ABC World News Tonight with David Muir Segment of those of them heard and saw right here on ABC and soon the story about Light At The End of The Tunnel Special on 20/20. 500,000: What they breathe the last airing Friday on ABC. Those the american idol exclusive. Bye. To repeat, The continuing journeys of American Idol is dedicated to the memory of Fantasia Barrio whose voice of a generation before that light at the end of the tunnel had help put her on the map. Her Broadway role before West Side Series with Maddie Zeigler, her spirits, her music and lusterous voice has touch us viewers and radio listeners for days . She has grace to her family and theirs here at American Idol and they'll always be with her everytime we listen to her music. Our thoughts are with Fantasia's Family and her mom with sincere condolences.

    27. Luis Hernandez

      What happened to Katy Perry? She's BIG as house with that moo moo outfit.

      1. Kevin Fallon

        Lol She had a baby.

    28. Mr azad

      She looks dramatically like katy perry

      1. ES7 es7

        🥰😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    29. Kylie Castro

      She was singing kinda flat tho...

      1. ES7 es7

        🥰😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    30. Wild Flower

      she was flat though

      1. ES7 es7

        🥰😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video



      1. ES7 es7

        🥰😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    32. CALife

      She's definitely getting kicked off once AI finds her social media.

      1. Seeker of Truth

        @ransack the elders I didn't say that. I'm also a northerner. But I know of people down south, and their very different. Like I said, she is young and dumb, hopefully she will learn.

      2. ransack the elders

        @Seeker of Truth Freedom of speech but not free from consequences. Did you not know that? So if you're in the south you can be racist in 2021?

      3. Seeker of Truth

        @Jeremy Weingarten I wasn't supporting racism. I was just trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. The surroundings we are raised in influence us tremendously, she is also very young. Please don't judge people so harshly.

      4. Jeremy Weingarten

        @Seeker of Truth lol we shouldn’t support racism just cuz she’s from the south. And it’s not Biden it’s the entire world progressing lmao

      5. Bentley Webster

        @Seeker of Truth OMG EXACTLY

    33. Shawna B

      I can see how she favors Katy. It’s those eyeballs 💙

      1. ES7 es7

        🥰😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    34. Aaronn Broussard

      Yea U are cool as Shit girl 🤪😆😂🤣😎 I have family in oxford and Jackson MS. U are so funny love your accent girl U Something else man 🙂😏💪😋😎✌

    35. Charles T

      I Like Her..Sum'un like dat

      1. ES7 es7

        🥰😘) . kgup.info/get/qaykko_Dfatpf60/video

    36. Андрей Пушкарь


    37. jerry lockhart

      She looks exactly like robin tunney from which craft movie. Also looks like Katy perry

    38. Debra S

      I love her. She cracks me up

    39. si tu?

      She looks like Adele too besides Katy

      1. Zack Lee


    40. Mr ME

      I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life ‘

      1. Jeanne Bautista

        Thank you and to you as well ❤️

    41. Justice W


      1. Shawna B

        State the facts?? Her voice?? Where she is just Straight up country bunkin and she is racist?? 🤦🏻‍♀️

      2. Justice W

        @trapology yes

      3. trapology

        Is she really ?

    42. Ilahmae Cunanan

      She’s my favorite

    43. samieeandhearts

      wait she got through?? she has a cool voice but tbh she was very flat in one of her songs.

    44. Lady T

      Bub bye

    45. Anthony Demers

      Your gonna be eliminated in hollywood

      1. Sheila collins

        You're not your 😆

    46. Justin Jonah

      Congrats and am also coming one day

    47. Imad Soussi

      This girl is hilarious 😆

    48. Sco

      She is a winner in a lot of ways.

      1. Bipin Limbu

        But she will be a runner up ,like aurthur gunn 😁

    49. Vivian Kuntz

      I want to be her best friend!

    50. truthteller truth hurts

      She is not racist so haters... just leave before you get slapped!

      1. Nana Bosefe.Danemark

        She is white and use a lot of N word. So What is that according to you ?

      2. Marti Waterman

        @I’m_Random _seriously Unfortunately, you appear to have no understanding of history or historical context if you think ‘cracker’ is comparable to the n-word.

      3. Mistelle Titus

        @truthteller truth hurts i’m he did was not right. i don’t know enough about him i doing listen to him or anything. this girl though doesn’t think there is meaning behind that word and that justifies her saying it.

      4. I’m_Random _seriously

        @Mistelle Titus just about every black rapper says cracker. It’s not a one way street

      5. truthteller truth hurts

        Is Eminem racist? kgup.info/get/paWBmonTopCgnIc/video

    51. Nands Peartree

      She's fun.😊

    52. Kevin Fallon

      She is a character!

      1. Behan the Scene

        Yep, she's a character alright.

    53. Kevin Fallon