Gonzaga National Final Postgame Press Conference - 2021 NCAA Tournament

March Madness

43 миӊ. көрүүлөр11

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    1. Anthony Rizzo

      That’s what happens when you play Pepperdine

    2. Bob Lee Swagger

      Every time I hear the announcer say Timmie I think of South Park

    3. John Shelton

      Great job Mr Mark Few great basketball team thank you all for great season

    4. Scott Worley

      It will come zag fans. Mark few will have them there again. He reminds me of another legendary coach who couldn't seem to win the big game until it came in 1982 then again in 1993.

    5. Ray Gsbrelcik

      I had watched some of Baylor's last couple games, and looked over at my wife and said, "We might be in trouble, honey--these Baylor guys are a cut above the rest." And sure enough, that mon- ster defense of theirs---that unstoppable offense, it was over 5 minutes in.

      1. edwardtone

        I hear you. You and Tony Kornheiser both! Haha, should have stayed up to watch the second half. You're right that game was never in doubt. Gonzaga cut Baylor's lead to 9, which was the closest any team got, and that was the Arkansas Razorbacks. I loved watching that game! I hope I can watch it again, from the National Anthem to that final steal by Baylor's bench. They'll be good for five more years, at least.

    6. badhabits21900

      UCLA wore you down

    7. GrowMe TheMoney

      Gonzaga would benefit more from a tougher schedule.

    8. Michael Lewis

      Coach Few is awesome! His assessments were spot on. What's the answer going forward? Find a way to recruit, bigger, faster, stronger players. But if you look at those Baylor players, a lot of credit has to go to the trainers who work with those guys. Gonzaga might want to look to address that in the future. The Zags just did not look like they were in the same league physically.

      1. edwardtone

        Did you see Kispert get that ollyoop? Timme's a bit of a slouch, but that's where his game is at right now. He comes back next year we'll see if he takes it seriously from now on.

    9. jim reeves

      And to think Gonzaga was favored by 4.5

    10. Sara Olmstead

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    11. Billy Sanders

      So sorry for the Loss love from UNC🤍💙🤍💙🤍💙🤍

    12. Ron Palmer

      Problem is GU never played against that kind of talent all year. BU is physical, high IQ, and execute the game plan. WCC does not have a Butler, Mitchell or Teague to play against night in and night out. And BU's bigs just got a little better and more confident with each tourney game. Villanova scared them big time bc they had to find a different way to win than shooting jumpers and that was defense and layups. Nobody and I mean nobody in the country can stop Mitchell from getting any shot he wants even when you know its coming. He's too quick, too fast and too good of a shooter. Face guard him and he goes around you left or right. Play off him and he sizes you up and gets the J. GU was no match for a physical, athletic good shooting team that is unselfish and plays D as if you've never dribbled a bball before. Deflections, tips, blocks, force you to baseline, very quick close outs (Kispert's travel as Butler closed out for example) and positional powerful rebounding and NOBODY can beat this team. This is one of, if not the best, team is the history of college basketball. I would put this team up against 2005 UNC, 2017 Villanova, 2010 Duke anyday. I've never seen a team with such variations in ways they can win. Whether they win or not is solely based on how THEY play and not one bit based on the opponent. It's uncanny and irreplaceable. It's why mid-majors who don't see teams like this don't win it all although they make runs. It also show to win in college bball now you don't need superstars, 5stars, or highly rated players. You need good players, players with developmental potential, ability to learn, and a huge heart for battle. Check this out: Butler comes from AL bc they let him go for somebody else. Mitchell comes from Auburn where he couldn't cut it. Flagler comes from Presbyterian Teague comes from UNC Asheville Thamba comes from the Congo Tchatchoua comes from UNLV via Australia Vital is not just a Baylor Bear. I think he is an actual bear! Mayer is the only one with a traditional high school background coming directly to the college he stays at for 4-5yrs. And then next year Drew brings in Love and Brown, but in Drew's scheme nobody plays their first year. They develop first, hit the gym, watch a ton of film and then are unleashed. Don't put it past them to be in the FF again next year in spite of losing 4 of 5 starters.

    13. O

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    14. Aidan Aellos

      I really thought someone would at least mention the thumbnail. 😂😂🤷‍♂️

      1. badhabits21900

        Aidan how you pronounce your last name

    15. Virginia Bushnell

      It took me about 10 minutes into the game to realize Baylor had REALLY good defense.

      1. LandInbetween

        @Don Cuomo And?

      2. LandInbetween

        @Don Cuomo This makes little sense. Gonzaga is just the darling of sports media and journalism partially for the fact that they aren't Duke, NC, Kentucky, or Kansas.

      3. LandInbetween

        It took me 10 minutes looking at Zag's schedule and the program's history to conclude that Zags are overhyped this season and as a program overrated.

    16. El Vato

      They got whipped, period. Coach Few is a Class A standup dude. They'll be back. Sure they'll lose games like this in the future. But one of these years they'll do it. Look at their recruiting class. It's no wonder. If you are a play at Gonzaga: - You are at a cool school/town that loves you without big city distraction - All games are televised - You will play at least 3 games in the tourney most years They'll be back, they ALWAYS are.

    17. Isayuh Lakers Man

      Every year we say that Gonzaga is going to in tue March Madness, they always loose

      1. Adam Compean

        No different from any other team.

    18. Robert Garrett

      Baylor took Gonzaga to school if they couldn’t handle the tournament then stop trying to win the national championship Gonzaga got dominated the entire game my sister graduated from Baylor I’m a Texas native I’m glad Baylor won the national championship

    19. andrew chan

      A Remarkable season the Zags had nothing to frown upon after losing So many teams never get to the tournament at all To go so deep from where they were as a small school years ago This Coach Mark Few built this program from scratch years ago So Congratulations on a Great season Play this game any other night they’d be a different team

    20. Susan Van Norden

      This coach is a credit to coaching, his team and the sport...good on ya mate

    21. Susan Van Norden

      What do you do when you play a juggernaut

    22. Vegas stoker

      Wow ! They got crushed. What a great season though. Head up guys.

    23. Tim Johnson

      Is this the biggest choke of all time?

      1. walterlv01

        I don't think its a choke when a team simply isn't good enough. Michigan in the Elite 8 against UCLA might have been more of a choke because they should have won that game. This was just a matter of one team being vastly superior to another.

      2. RMTL *

        Who's calling it a choke? Baylor was simply the best team on Monday for whatever reasons or excuses you want to inject. On another day, the Zags could win. Just depends on who brings their 'A' game and who doesn't. Congrats Baylor. You earned it.

    24. Robert Thomas

      One of those were big ball was here Baylor brought it from first whistle

    25. Franklin Waddell

      Obviously the Arkansas Razorbacks were the second best team in this tourney...even starting 3 and sometimes 4 freshman! Down 28-6 to Baylor in first half and then twice cutting that margin to 4 in the second half... THE HOGS were clearly the "actual" championship game for BAYLOR!!!(Congrats to the BEARS!!!)

      1. walterlv01

        Arkansas was the only team to truly challenge Baylor in the tournament and I think they would have beaten Gonzaga had they faced them in the Elite 8 instead of Baylor. Musselman is the right coach for that program.

      2. doubleandy

        Or maybe Villanova should be the second best team. They had a half time lead against Baylor.

      3. Franklin Waddell

        They played Baylor way better then gonzaga! Face it...the Zags are too slow!!! (The Truth!!!/

      4. Will Thorson

        That's just dumb

    26. mangmans

      Such a great video, I love how transparent they are, one of the greatest attributes I think of sports is being honest with yourself.

    27. tlibretep24

      Congratulations to Gonzaga on a awesome awesome year... I don't think anybody was gonna beat Baylor the way they played these 2 final four games....

    28. walterlv01

      The game was not competitive and was over early - but I was disturbed at how easily Gonzaga just rolled over. They backed down from the fight. They wanted no part of the aggressive, in-your-face basketball that Baylor brought. There's no shame in losing to a superior team and surely they knew they were up against a team they couldn't beat, but you still have to fight all the way to the end and they didn't do that.

    29. robert friesen

      Gonzaga needs to join a tougher conference and play top teams all season rather than only a couple

      1. Sun River

        @Bill Brasky It is not about join the PAC 12. They can join another small conference anything would be an upgrade from where they are at now. If I remember correctly UCLA lost on a last second half court basket. If that basket is not made it goes into double overtime and who knows then. What about the North Carolina team they lost to in 2017? Was that just a fluke. The point is they are a small potatoes school and they pump up their record with worthless wins and when it comes time for the final 4 they choke because they aren't a great team.

      2. Sun River

        @Adam Compean My point exactly it will always be a small potatoes school.

      3. Reed Spodek

        @Adam Compean that's the cost of competing with the rest of the country judging by their lack of toughness inside I'd say they could use football

      4. Adam Compean

        You can't just join another conference! Gonzaga doesn't have a football program thats what is required from other conferences. It would cost Gonzaga a few millions of dollars & plus building a new stadium. People just don't understand that they won't allow Gonzaga basketball only.! It is what it is.. the other conferenceswill not nake exceptions! .

      5. Sun River

        @KF Baxter Come man every year they play 3 nonconference tough opponents and win by luck. Then they go through their cream puff conference and play Saint Mary's sisters of the blind and win. Then everyone thinks they are incredible and great then when it comes to the big dance in the final four they get destroyed. They would definitely lose some Pac 12 road games. You can't seriously believe that the WCC is a better conference then the PAC 12? I think I remember them having to make a last second half court shot to win against UCLA. They don't make that shot could have lost in double overtime. Gonzaga likes playing in a low conference because they win year in and out but when it comes time for the final 4 they choke because they aren't experience with great teams.

    30. Tony Campbell

      Baylor great 3 point shooting pitful passing team no calls on lots of fouls and goal tends they committed truth!

      1. Matthew Hicks

        To be fair Gonzaga had a ton of no calls on blatant travels.

    31. Tony Campbell

      Tell the truth the refs had biasis and helped baylor in the first half period.

      1. C

        Lol might be believable if the gap in the scoreboard wasn't as big as the grand canyon

    32. Maxbps

      As a KentuckY fan, I just wanted to come here and say to all Gonzaga fans: "Congratulations! You had a wonderful season and have a fantastic team and program and coach!" All assessments aside, Gonzaga had a fantastic season. It's hard to end this way, but is a huge testament to the coaching staff and players to get to the NC game undefeated is huge.

      1. AJ

        This Paducah boy says well said!

    33. Just Two Cool Kidz

      Gonzaga has no D

    34. Matt Kiebach

      We looked flat as a pancake 🥞

    35. Andy Heil

      No excuses...Few and Gonzaga needs to win this game after going 31-0 and after that classic “meant to be” win over UCLA

    36. Paul Warren


    37. My Youtube

      All the so called experts called Baylor losing to Gonzaga leading up to this game. But looking at both teams victories leading up to this game (who they played and the margins of victory) Baylor made their wins look way too easy (especially Baylor's win leading to the final four). Think about it; not taking away anything from UCLA... barely winning against a #11 ranked UCLA by Gonzaga compared to dominating #2 Houston team by Baylor, should have been an indication of what was to come. But in the end...Baylor played their game and Gonzaga...... didn't (nor did Baylor let them).

    38. Sasquatch

      Gonzaga: we don't really need to play defense. Baylor: Not that you could anyway. . .

    39. Kevin Lewis

      The whole university of Gonzaga will forever have Baylor's guards in their head and dreams. 💯🤭🤭🤭😄😄😄

      1. Uncle Owen

        I'm a zag fan and I'm already looking forward to next year. The best recruiting class we have ever had commitments from hunter sallis (#13 ranked high school prosoect) and heavy favorites to sign the top high-school player in the country chet hologram. Gonzaga is already the favorite to win the chip next year in the betting markets.

    40. Eli Maiorana

      I find it incredibly obnoxious that they have postgame interviews after a team has lost. No team wants to have a full on interview after losing a game especially one as big as this.

      1. Eli Maiorana

        Oh I know. It’s obviously not the end of the world but most teams still won’t have recovered in a few hours and won’t be up for an interview.

      2. Even Q

        It’s just a game. Chill

    41. Jason Busch

      The zags looked gassed they also look like a team that didn’t get two weeks off

      1. Unbias Cowboy

        @Jason Busch they looked flustered not gassed. They haven’t seen anything like Baylor and they didn’t know what to do.

      2. Jason Busch

        Not trying to make excuses Baylor won the game....And probably still would’ve won...I’m just saying that Zags looked gassed...on the floor they looked deflated... especially coming from OT win versus UCLA...one day off lol...The NCAA should have given each team more time too prepare...and rest...we probably would have gotten the game every one wanted

      3. wrangler space

        Not an excuse you're in a championship game for all the marbles you leave it on the floor period

    42. atmosvere

      This Baylor team is just on a different level. Blew out both their Final Four games. Congrats to Gonzaga on a great season, but they didn’t stand a chance. It was over from 9-0

      1. Mateo M

        Baylor was more talented more physical an faster. They would.beat the zags every time .

      2. Melissa Nickolaus

        Gonzaga shot themselves in the foot. You cant turn the ball over like they did and get a win. Had they played perfect I feel they did stand a chance. Heck, only down by 10 at halftime as stale as they looked first half. 2nd half still looked no better. At times I felt some momentum change but to stay Gonzaga didn't stand a chance.

    43. Jordan Walsh

      Don’t mean a thing without a ring 🤷‍♂️

    44. Idaho Panhandler

      We’ve come to expect this from the most overrated team in the history of any sport in America. They beat a few ranked teams, wade through one of the weakest divisions and get over hyped every single year for two decades now. 0-2 in championship games now, beaten like a dirty rug by the team that would have beaten them in the regular season but the game was canceled. Shut up about Gonzaga now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Uncle Owen

        They are the favorites to win the chip next year and ESPN has already ranked them the number 1 team in the nation. 🤡

    45. julio laflare


      1. RMTL *

        And yet the Zags were in the championship game. Your theory doesn't hold up.

    46. Chris Navarro

      We looked flat out hungover from that win over UCLA. Baylor humbled us and brought us back down to earth.

      1. Tim

        @satanhue1 you guys schedule big boys with young teams and beat them early in the season before they are even really fully a team, that’s why we see what happens when you actually play a good team in a real important moment

      2. satanhue1

        @Andrew C so they are cupcakes? Or they are decent teams? Just trying to understand as the comment above said that they only played cupcakes all year. Like it’s fair to argue conference strength and all that, but acting like Gonzaga played zero relevant teams and just magically cheated to get to a NC game is kind of petty

      3. Torin O'Connor

        UCLA has 3 overtime games and never looked tired

      4. Andrew C

        @satanhue1 5 games. Baylor played 20 of those games all season

      5. satanhue1

        I mean I guess Iowa, Kansas, West Virginia, Virginia, and Baylor (who canceled on Gonzaga) are all garbage teams then

    47. talen dumas

      He’ll never win one

      1. RMTL *

        I'll look for your public apology when he does.

      2. Miles T


    48. talen dumas

      Gonzaga looked like a high school team

    49. Nowhere Man

      Living in West Virginia..Unfortunately, I don’t get to see a ton of Gonzaga basketball.Coach Few is my favorite college coach.No shame to Gonzaga.About 350 plus teams would like to be in your position.

      1. Adam Compean

        That was an awesome statement! TY!!!

    50. Bryce Erickson

      Full court press 3 2 zone whole game.

    51. AL BOOGIE


    52. Edward Kitchens

      Great run 👋

    53. Timothy Pujol

      Baylor was amazing....a coach that I worked for years ago said that against a great shooting team you could "take the air out of the ball" by playing a combination of a 3-2, 1-3-1, and a pressure/sag "man to man" defense. Problem for the Zags tonight was that we normally played those defenses late in games when we already had a lead. Perhaps the 3-2 and/or 1-3-1 may have been a periodic change to a zone that Gonzaga could have either started the game with (out of their character) or used earlier to stem the tide of Baylor's momentum (change the first half flow)......all of that is complete speculation and as someone who has coached in comparatively lower pressure games...I have a small idea what I'm talking about. Congrats to Baylor. BTW, I ended my USA HS basketball coaching career in Texas with my team winning a 1993 Christmas Tournament at JJ Pearce HS (Drew Timme's school) in Richardson TX when I coached at Richardson HS. Left the next month to coach overseas and I am still in Japan 28 years later! Loved to see the game, and congrats to the Bears!! The old Southwest Conference!!

    54. Kevin Reese

      I’d rather loose 1 game then go undefeated it’s a curse if you go undefeated they should of known they played like 4 maybe 5 teams that were in the top 25 everyone else was garbage

    55. Dontra' Dew

      they will DEFINITELY win title next year, im taking all bets!!!!!!!

      1. Unbias Cowboy

        @Uncle Owen he wasn’t because he was overseas. Giannis or Luka wasn’t ranked either. Pro scouts are already saying this guy needs to be in the draft. All you have to do is look him up. My friend plays overseas with him so I had the scoop on him this whole season

      2. Uncle Owen

        @Unbias Cowboy he's not even a top 100 recruit, saying he will best college player is a stretch. All the bench warmers on Gonzaga were ranked higher than this guy.

      3. Unbias Cowboy

        @Uncle Owen Baylor got this kid coming in from Poland name Jeremy sochan he’s not getting any attention but he plays pro with grown men like Luka did. He’s going to be the best player in college next year even better then chet look him up. America just did a horrible job scouting him. It might be Baylor and Gonzaga for the national championship next year as well.

      4. Uncle Owen

        @Daily Sam they will be better than this year. Number 1 high school prospect chet holmgren coming in.

      5. AL BOOGIE

        @Daily Sam Yea Man... That person is on one!!! GO BLUE

    56. yo niha

      I think Gonzaga thought they won the natty on Saturday

    57. edwardtone

      Injuries. Timme, Ayayi, and Kispert all spent time with the physical therapist. Timme needs to work on his handles and he could be a solid #2 in the NBA. Ayayi needs to sign with MLS. Kispert is on rank at the crossfit championship.

      1. urthpainter


    58. Simon Katz

      When they got up like 8-0 is the first 5 minutes mark few should have called a timeout and not let Baylor get a lead because then they had to try to come back the whole game and Baylor didn’t let them

      1. urthpainter

        or maybe put in a fresh, young 7 foot Ballo, and see if he can get a rebound? why not?

      2. Simon Katz

        @edwardtone ya

      3. edwardtone

        Baylor's coach was hanging onto those timeouts like US bonds, no interest!

    59. Erick Rishel

      You Can't play a championship with soft players.

    60. Brady McCauley

      It’s a little hard when ur not in a good conference and ur playing good teams isn’t it

      1. Tabooh’s Tidbits

        Didn’t you lose to Ohio 🤣🤣🤣 Gonzaga also beat you by 20

      2. wrangler space

        @Jy Marvin big 12 too.besides baylor of course

      3. Brady McCauley

        @Jy Marvin Ha yea

      4. Jy Marvin

        Dude say that to big 10

    61. Johnny Chang

      I was going for Baylor . Gonzaga played awful.

      1. Johnny Chang

        @urthpainter ok

      2. urthpainter

        humiliating loss to a very determined, sharp team

      3. Walter Emery


    62. Steve Burnett

      Disappointing championship game. Thought it would be close. Just like the Superbowl. I was surprised Gonzaga never really made a run, but Baylor was a great team. You have to wonder if being undefeated caused more pressure.

      1. Steve Burnett

        @Unbias Cowboy I agree. I think Baylor was the better team. But you never know. Gonzaga did have a bad game shooting.

      2. Unbias Cowboy

        @Steve Burnett yea but Baylor would’ve beat them in 5 or 6. Did you see how much bigger and stronger they looked compared to Gonzaga. They didn’t have a chance.

      3. Steve Burnett

        Another thing is, anything can happen in one game. That's why most pro sports have 7 game series. If you really want to determine the best team. The ncaa format of one and done isn't the best way to get the best team. Maybe they could goto double elimination.

      4. urthpainter

        Gonzaga wasn't sharp and didn't execute. Numerous time the ball seemed to slip away from multiple players just dribbling the ball, which is absolutely baffling. Baylor may of always won this game with their incredible play, but this could of been a classic had Gonzaga matched intensity and mental approach. Baylor was sharp af

    63. Michael Shields777

      Thanks for letting us down, Zags!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    64. Anthony Green

      Few is starting to look like Marv Levy. 31-0 is just symbolic. Not to win the championship is the ultimate goal. Until they move to a power conference they will always be close but no cigar. Beating teams by 20 points you can't learn much.

      1. Anthony Green

        @walterlv01 Thats right. It's just hard to simulate a entire conference. When you have 8 to 9 teams in the top 25 week after week and your conference may get 2 in the whole year. I'm not knocking the conference because that just how it is. Just can't get battle tested in Gonzaga conference. I was pulling for Few an I'm a ACC guy. Tarheel at that. Thanks for the response

      2. walterlv01

        I would agree. It didn't help them that they didn't play any great teams in the tournament until the last game (best seed they played was a 5). I don't think they could have gotten to the Final Four with Baylor's draw (beating Wisconsin, Villanova and Arkansas 3 straight) or even UCLA's draw (beating Alabama and Michigan back to back).

      3. Anthony Green

        @Jacob Hancock You don't win bruh it means nothing. That just how it is look at the dodgers. They win the west every year it was nothing until they won the ws. Championship only thing that matters. I know its bad. Mark Few is a great coach but until he wins the big one he just gonna have alot of good players around him winning conference championship.

      4. Jacob Hancock

        Oh please they went all the way to the national title twice! Give me a break. Ridiculous

    65. shoe 22

      coach few, you are a class act.

    66. Jay Goodman

      Suggs or Timme going pro?

      1. Uncle Owen

        Suggs, kispert, ayayi for sure will go pro. Timme will most likely be back.

      2. Aspect Sports

        Suggs fs prolly timme too

      3. Erick Rishel


    67. 80s Rocker

      Baylor put their foot on the Zags throat and didn’t let off until the last buzzer. Love Zags coach but they didn’t have a chance in this game.

    68. Black G's us

      Next year U of M

      1. Greg Greg

        Go Mizzo

    69. Who Me?

      Dont go undeafeted unless you got a Jordan. Prepare them for adversity before you get this far.

    70. ImHighC

      The shot.... The choke...

      1. crimjqt83

        The way I just hollered.

    71. Oscar Monroy

      Who wants to see UCLA v Baylor ! 🟨🟦🥇

    72. CentralAsia

      Congratulations to Baylor

    73. Mark Norman

      Gonzaga had a great team both in talent and in coaching meaning excellent passing and team play. Unfortunately their lack of athleticism was a bit exposed against Baylor. Timme is highly skilled, but not very athletic. Kisper also not very athletic. Baylor had three strong, athletic bigs and more prolific shooting guards. Still, Suggs should have a nice NBA career. Reminds me a little of Jason Kidd. Nice job by both teams this season. Baylor just had Gonzaga’s number.

      1. kcorpora1

        @BigChris Man You did watch the game. He was intimidated. Stronger, faster, etc.

      2. kcorpora1

        @MostNaturalMedia Lol...How tall is he? He could not shoot that ball. Open dunk means nothing.

      3. MostNaturalMedia

        Kispert not athletic? Did you not see his dunk running down the middle of the lane?

      4. kcorpora1

        Kisper looked scared out there and embarrassed.

    74. Amy Peterson

      Gonzaga's style of basketball -- movement, passing, and inside work -- hasn't been seen, at any level, in 30 years; not since Larry Bird and the Celtics. Unfortunately, their perimeter shooting and foul shooting is no good.

      1. kcorpora1

        @Tyler The Host LOL Kispert. Man Baylor had 16 offensive boards to Zags 22 total rebounds. They got manhandled and Kis shot was of based on pressure and fear.

      2. kcorpora1

        @Tyler The Host Kis got exposed. They were on him like a fly on s....! He got his heart taken from him. He waa shooting out further than he wanted to. You answer the question why

      3. Tyler The Host

        If kispert has a good shooting night they win that game alone lol. Your being a little harsh with the “could never beat them”

      4. kcorpora1

        @Jeremy Evans That is why they could never beat Baylor. The quickness, the total junk yard dog mentality. The athleticism just far superior. Baylor never trailed. Almost like div 1 vs div 2

      5. Jeremy Evans

        I think Gonzaga's style of basketball is what hurt them ultimately. They rely too much on movement, hitting cuts, getting baskets in transition. While this may work against most teams, the deeper you get in the tournament, you start playing against top tier teams that prep and can guard against that. Zags couldn't get their usual motion offense going, and Timmy was constantly getting denied the ball in the post. That's when you need a guy that can just go 1 on 1 and get you a bucket. Suggs is the only player on their team that can consistently do that. You saw them struggle against UCLA, and now Baylor, two teams that have multiple iso players that can create shots for themselves and others.

    75. Ryan Ritschard

      Glad Baylor won...since Gonzaga program supported another Agenda trying to destroy our USA✓

    76. Fatimah Ali

      Gonzaga is CURSED

      1. BlueCosmic

        Just like Georgia Sports where Ilive in. Falcons, Georgia Bulldogs, Hawks, Braves. We haven’t won a championship from any of those teams since 1995. But I don’t know if Gonzaga is really cursed

    77. Matthew Osler

      Disappointing end to an amazing season but big love to this team and what they accomplished. Proud to be a Gonzaga alum and proud to be a fan of this team. Congratulations also to Baylor on the win. They deserved it from the tip-off to the finish.

      1. Ten O

        @Joe Cool Berry that Auburn-Virginia game in the final four 2019 was probably a little bit better, but yeah that was a heck of a game.

      2. Joe Cool Berry

        That Zags UCLA game made me so grateful alone, best game I’ve seen

    78. Kdubb815

      Good season but Timme needed to eat some humble pie for sure. Baylor played out of their minds and Gonzaga was probably worn out from facing my Bruins

      1. Kdubb815

        @Uncle Owen ahh I gotcha, yeah I meant this year. I’m sure there are coaches who have also done more with less in the past. I’m just glad UCLA finally has a good coach again and I believe he’ll continue to build the program to something more consistent again

      2. Uncle Owen

        @Kdubb815 if you meant this year you should of clarified. You said no one has done more with less talent. You didn't say nobody has done more with less talent this year. All the teams I mention made the final 4 with much less talent than this ucla team.

      3. Kdubb815

        @Uncle Owen I didn’t catch them in the tournament, how far did they make it?

      4. Uncle Owen

        @Kdubb815 also your comment about no other coach has done more with less talent made me chuckle. Tell that to loyola Chicago, butler, VCU, Wichita state, George Mason.

      5. Uncle Owen

        @Kdubb815 as a zags fan I can say it takes years to change narratives about your program. Gonzaga been to 20 straight ncca tournaments and this was the first year they got a five star recruit. Its going to take more than one final 4 to change the existing narrative that UCLA basketball is a shell of its former self.

    79. Langston Dunn

      Baylor's guard play couldn't be stopped from the start of the game

      1. Idaho Panhandler

        Glad to see Baylor stick it to the always overhyped Zags. No one was even talking about Baylor, it was all about Gonzagas inevitable perfect season and championship win. Ha! HA! HA!

      2. Samuel Johnson

        @Brady McCauley don’t forget Mc Teague

      3. Brady McCauley

        Yea, Mitchell and Butler went crazy

    80. Sudoku00

      I kind of feel bad for them. They won every game they possibly could, and they won seven back-to-back-to-back do or die games, only to lose one game and lose the title

      1. YaBoyJaimito20

        Lol they won 5 do or die, they would of made the tourney regardless

    81. Deonum Tamang

      B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's -L-o-V-e-S-e-X-..❤️⤵️ 18cams.xyz !💖🖤❤️今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,.💖🖤 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。.說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候 1617687636

    82. Samuel Frick

      Zags had a heck of a season! Nothing to be ashamed of

      1. Samuel Frick

        @urthpainter However, Baylor was that good the last couple games

      2. Samuel Frick

        @urthpainter UCLA clearly had an amazing run. Historic based on where they were assigned in the tournament

      3. Eagle Eye99

        @urthpainter Or maybe Baylor is just really good? 🤷‍♂️

      4. Eagle Eye99

        @Samuel Frick My bad, good catch. Either way, you get the point. Theyve been a machine.

      5. kcorpora1

        @urthpainter Agree...They in my opinion got scared when they got hit in the mouth. The turnovers, body language, just bad play. They were over matched completely. Baylor was playing man ball, Zags div 2 ball.

    83. Janae Nae13

      How cute they played their very best everyone did great!!!

      1. Nick Schultz

        Tf, this aint tea party time, stay in yo lane Treesha

      2. Ivell Bullock

        There's nothing cute about playing this game of basketball. Gonzaga just got outplayed from the start.

    84. NigerianBaller

      I knew Baylor was gonna win the championship. Gonzaga always gets to the final four or the championship game and lose. They play in a weak conference so even though they have a good team, they don't play tough competition year round and they're not prepared to play the teams from the bigger conferences. They barely beat UCLA, so I predicted that they were gonna lose against Baylor.

      1. Uncle Owen

        @kcorpora1 they lost, eventually the odds will be in their favor. No way they make it to the title game a third time and lose. Third times a charm

      2. kcorpora1

        @Uncle Owen They were just favored. What happened?

      3. Uncle Owen

        @kcorpora1 your wrong, Gonzaga will have the most talent they have ever had next year. They are already the favorites to win the chip next year. They are the favorites to sign the number 1 high-school player in the country chet holmgren.

      4. kcorpora1

        @N N True. But Zags dodged a bullet with UCLA. No way Timme has 4 fouls and never foul out.

      5. N N

        USC beat UCLA twice during season...Gonzaga beat USC easily...Gonzaga had even matchup with UCLA but beat them...Baylor just had more aggression from beginning and 3's were falling in

    85. Willie Huntley

      Good game on both sides

    86. AceBachelorCool

      Coach Few, Please don't do anymore handstands in the Locker room until you Win the Big game! AceBachelorCool

    87. Luis Barley

      Gonzaga is too much confidence on their players, lack of defense...they're relax.

      1. Bella Houghton

        @College Football Frenzy Also Zags missed a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. Bluebloods were all dwn this season. Including Kansas. But yet KU beat Bay 71-58 a month ago.

      2. Bella Houghton

        @College Football Frenzy early in season. Teams improve thru out seasoon. Gonz doesn't have play 3 months of Conf games vs Pwr5 schoools. Gonzaga had a legit team. But an easy path to National Title game. Mich had a real coach ? It would been Michigan vs Baylor

      3. College Football Frenzy

        @Bella Houghton no they wouldn’t have. I know a lot cfb fans who only watch the tournament assume that, but that’s not how it works. Gonzaga was without a doubt the second best team in the nation. They played a bunch of power OOC games at the start of season and steamrolled through everyone (Iowa, Kansas, etc)

      4. Bella Houghton

        Zags would had least 3-5losses if in a Pwr5

      5. Bella Houghton

        Lol. ...they play in basically a D2 Conf! Why Zags are overrated as they're seeding 97% of the time last 15 yrs.

    88. J Parker

      I think Gonzaga just ran out of talent. Clearly not in the same class of players as Baylor.

    89. LandInbetween

      Gonzaga = Boise State of D1 collegiate basketball. WCC = cupcake conference. I can't wait till next year where the Zags are given a #1 or #2 seed and are predicted to be in the Final Four. Sometimes the NCAA committee just doesn't learn.

      1. LandInbetween

        @Tanner Wren LOL it's okay Wren you've shown you can't take anyone not buying into the media narrative pre- or post-season about the Zags. A true believer they call 'em.

      2. Tanner Wren

        LandInbetween No I can, there’s just no point in trying to persuade you. You obviously just hate Gonzaga 😂 They are getting far more elite year by year whether you like it or not my guy. Not being sensitive, just can’t help but notice that you’re bashing on the zags when there ain’t no reason to.

      3. LandInbetween

        @Tanner Wren Ah now that explains it! Your a Zag fan, no wonder. Amusing how my OP has attracted all the sensitive Zag fans who OBVIOUSLY can't talk basketball in an intelligent manner. LOL

      4. Uncle Owen

        @Tanner Wren he's going to cry big time when the zags get chet holmgrens commitment (#1 ranked HS player class of 2021)

      5. Tanner Wren

        LandInbetween 😂 aight man just keep finding every reason to hate. I don’t want ya to get too upset when they pull it off here in the next few years

    90. Rusty Shackleford

      Baylor is a great team, everyone knew that. But not showing up or even showing any effort is inexcusable. Another Few team that doesn't get it done when it counts. on the positive side, watching Kispert develop for four years was awesome, hope he stays in the league a while.

    91. ArtDracula

      UCLA tired out Conzaga while Baylor breezed by their last game. Should have been a lot closer.

      1. Mark V

        Baylor was more aggressive & athletic💪😎

      2. kcorpora1

        They were not tired, Stop it!

    92. tamake 44

      Gonzaga forever!!!

    93. PhillyJay. Samsung A51 5G

      Go back to playing Pepperdine, LMU, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Santa Clara, Pacific, St Mary's you bunch of bums.

    94. Rich Dilorenzo

      Gonzaga lost because they couldn't keep Baylor off the offensive glass.

      1. luis prieto

        Ow 3% didn't help, bit Baylor took 18 more shots and won by 16. Gonzaga, as poor as they played still shot it at over 50%. If they take the same amount of shots they score 18 more points and win by 2. So yes, it was the glass and turnovers that really won the game for Baylor, but that's all credit to Baylor

      2. Noah Fernandes

        I mean the 3s Baylor hit early was a huge factor as well.

      3. Rich Dilorenzo

        @Zach Johnson Very true Zach. Having played myself, I do remember just how demoralizing it is to play good D and then have them get the Offensive rebound and having to play more defense. 16 O rebounds to 5 Baylor just too good. Too quick and a great team.

      4. Zach Johnson

        The 29% from 3 didn’t help either as well as all of the turnovers

    95. Syzzryp

      Gg Gonzaga good season

    96. Maliek Davis

      the thumbnail had me dead😂

      1. Jordan Walsh

        Haha facts 😂🤦‍♂️

    97. Syzzryp

      It surprises me that Gonzaga gave no National championship.....

      1. debsam77

        @Capp2much 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      2. The Flash

        Gonzaga has always had to build teams with players overlooked by the major conferences.The program is designed to develop talent. This season they got their first consensus 5 star recruit. We ended up in the finals. Next year they might get another. I think having 5 star talent to start with is going to get them to more final 4s and eventually, a championship.

      3. Capp2much

        @Syzzryp *has

      4. Syzzryp


    98. RoomToneAudio

      Oof y’all knew exactly what you were doing with that thumbnail lol.

      1. edwardtone

        I don't know how many times Mitchell was like, I'm the coach, hahaha

      2. dadood frumcheers

        @BeLike Mike 🤠

      3. BeLike Mike

        @Noah Fernandes 😒

      4. Noah Fernandes


    99. L M

      Hey Bruins fans like this if we’re gonna PACK PAULEY next season!!