Taskmaster - Series 8, Episode 5 | Full Episode | "Stay Humble"


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    In series 8, episode 5 of Taskmaster, Iain Stirling, Joe Thomas, Lou Sanders, Paul Sinha and Sian Gibson make the most realistic injury using food, play an extremely long distance game of catch and herd ping pong balls in their bid to impress taskmaster Greg Davies.
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    In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
    Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

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    1. Red Smoke Radio

      they were all got longer

    2. waiting4more

      Hmm...11 trips with 2 balls every time would only be 22 total balls herded...how did he end up with more (27) than the other two?

    3. Priyanshi Rawat

      Well we know for sure Anakin would definitely have hated the first task..

    4. RyoMiianPlayz

      One of the most interesting things I’ve learned while watching this show is that “stone” is an actual unit of measurement that is actively used in UK.

    5. Fin Miles Reid

      I feel like, if asked, Joe would say that his Harry Potter patronus would be a blobfish.

    6. Evie Wilder

      The best banter so far BY FAR

    7. Melissa Dow

      Seems like Paul is taking a page from Rhod's book in the prize task....

    8. KelpTheGreat

      At 6:30, Alex says, "Two to Lou?" and I think he was making a joke on "toodle-oo," because he gave a quick look at Greg to see if he'd noticed, but quickly dropped the gaze when he realized Greg didn't give a darn.

    9. 7nefsea

      The sand one I would've used my shirt or maybe even moved the table over and used it like a ramp to guide it in.

    10. Colin White

      The Blobfish deserved 3 points at least. Rubbish

    11. rmiraflor

      Rather fitting that Romesh appears again with a watermelon of sorts

    12. Nicole Tincher

      As soon as Alex said sand an ad for the movie Dune started playing where he was picking up sand

    13. Eric Muirhead

      @ 8:54 obvious distress

    14. Reba Reger

      That moment when I’m 24 and I know who Templeton “Face Man” Peck is.... I was literally watching The A-Team last night....grew up watching it on vhs and now I watch it on dvd. It’s so good!

    15. Tristan Lee

      Joe actually look like blobfish all the times like he purportely lost and sad but so freaking handsome. Did i caught Joe flipping a bird up his nose toward Greg in sand challenge? 🤣

    16. Quintin Soto

      “Don’t tell me I hearded that ball” Paul took me out with this one!!💀💀💀💀

    17. Garrett Van Tiem

      You guys got the blob fish wrong scientifically. It does not look like that XD. The species lives very deep in the ocean at an extreme range of pressure. The only way we know they existed is because every now and then someone catches one, or it washes up dead somewhere. When the blob fish is forcibly brought to our lower pressure range, it becomes that poor monstrosity we know and love today.

    18. theo

      i fall more in love with this group every episode

    19. Mars Villa

      For the sand task, I would have (trying to go as fast as I can which isn't a lot lol) thrown everything from the table and used the table as a ramp or slide between bucket A and B, it would depend on how fast I managed to get the table how much sand would go to waste but I would risk it lmao

    20. Mona Elisa

      1:37 I really thought last episode's Nell was the most wholesome thing Taskmaster has put out but the beggining "banter" of this episode might have topped even that

    21. Kallyssa Starfall

      the point system seems to be totally messed up! I feel bad for the ones who put a lot of work into it and he gives them nadda...

    22. SKP

      If there was a way to add subtitles by the general public, I'd be delighted to start off with season 1. :)

    23. Jay Wjr

      @33:55 why does Joe almost always look like he just suddenly realized something or is questioning the meaning of life?

    24. Sir Gobbledygook

      Jesus Christ!!! What's going on with Joe?!! 33:54 is he tripping balls? Lmao

    25. ADragonAmongRoses

      I feel sorry for the blob fish, because that's NOT what they look like when they're in their proper environment. The "blob" look forms from leaving the pressurized waters of the deep sea.

    26. Hgmidd

      What's in my pocket was brilliant!

    27. Yangus Khan

      sighhh i miss nish kumars incompetence, laugh, and.... hey look at that tree!!

    28. Brad Torville

      What is it with Paul and those pajamas??

    29. HMFan2010

      Wait a minute, why didn’t we get to see Iain in a kilt in Edinburgh?!?!? Yeah, the throwing chain was broken, whatever, I still want to see Iain in his kilt in Edinburgh!!! WTF?!?!?

    30. San Steen

      21:15 He looks like a dodo 😄

    31. Joo Ki

      Greg in every episode: welcome to the TUCKSmaster. Are you hinting to Ru Paul to have you on as a contestant, Greg?

    32. ishei

      Why does Joe look like he's constantly pondering the meaning of the universe? His face is an unchanging mix of shock, confusion and awe unless he's laughing at something

      1. ishei

        he seriously looks like he's under the influence of something or other he's also extremely attractive

    33. Sophia Redwood

      26:37 I live in Jersey and I have a picture from when I came upon that exact archway while visiting New York, and it’s from practically the same angle. Pretty cool.

    34. TheyreMaking MeDoThis

      Yes!! Please more please! This series is helping me cope with Covid and an MS diagnosis. It’s just such a great and upbeat and fun show!! Thank you for uploading!

    35. Shish

      Iain is my absolute favorite (across all series)! I wish he could come back.

    36. Sunni

      for the ping pong balls they could have tied string to the fence and dragged the fence instead but im not sure it would work.

      1. Lauren Clauss

        I believe that qualifies as moving the fence which was outlined as disqualifiable, but that certainly would be entertaining

    37. Electroshock Therapy for the Soul

      I know Joe always has certain expressions, but during the injury task, he gives Lou a look like "What a psycho." And then we see his... I adore this man!

    38. Emily F

      Ahh am I all caught up? Literally have binged watched all the series available on KGup thinking they were all available. Now I have to wait for a new one every week?!?!?

    39. Emily F

      Now Alex claims to have designed the game what’s in my pocket, but I think we all know it was Bilbo Baggins...

    40. Nick Pels

      Iain giving us all Phil Wang flashbacks

    41. Gal Dagon

      -Oh god, I'm only 5'. -Yes, me too. Amazing.

    42. NvyMelody

      Did anyone find episode 6?

    43. 沈啍

      15:10 Paul cracked the system.

    44. Chris Trimmer

      Sian Gibson only got SEVEN ping pong balls!!!!! Alex said she got 8. THIS WHOLE SHOW IS A LIE!!!!

    45. Aafke Blootvoetje

      Ian akwardly adjusting his longjohns all the time, is pretty funny.

    46. gee14

      Paul is like the Phil Wang of this season😂😂

    47. Eric Jourdain

      That was a pretty flat episode...

    48. cannibalbananas

      I love how different Greg and Alex are. It makes their banter so much funnier 😂😂😂 Also, love Ian's "and that's the whole package" before sitting and showing us his package 😳😂😂😂

    49. Rosyna Keller

      That’s what a blobfish looks like after explosive decompression. It came up to the surface too quickly.

    50. Jason Li

      what's the song that starts at 13:42

    51. Die Legende

      In what world did Lou not touch the sand?

    52. xCaracusx

      Use the toilet paper on the round thingy with the holes in it where you usually put noodles and stuff. Should work swimingly 😂

    53. Dedalus94

      Oh no... I've cought up with live releases...

    54. Wayne Jackson Galloway

      I've never seen you guys cut up a soccer ball or do I correct myself and say a football ever? :-)

    55. NerdofNorthStar

      I hope they release the video of Iain in a kilt throwing a beach ball

    56. 唐曉陽

      I'm from Taiwan and it is so funny to hear Alex say 小白.

    57. Aeileon NOTW

      The amount of adverts on this is a tad ridiculous

    58. Uncle Bob

      Thanks again guys!

    59. uneasycylinder. png

      The pure joy of Greg guessing what was in the pocket was immense

    60. JackDManheim

      6:31 It's a shame nobody picked up on his "Toodaloo" pun

    61. SebSteampunk


    62. jamcdonald120

      oh, I thought the duck murdered him

    63. Jason's Things

      That has to be the most Alex has cracked at his own bit

    64. robandbee

      21:18 hah bookmarking Joe's adorable laugh

    65. Lakshmi Krishnakumar

      The Tree wizard makes a cameo!!

    66. johnmonk66

      'free' healthcare in ENgland, but no dental?

    67. kyleahoff

      Greg with the "in these uncertain times" line at 12:05. This was filmed before COVID. How little did he know.

    68. Kelly Penny (Kmlehane)

      Ian’s mini meltdown with the sand has got to be one of the most relatable things I’ve seen on tv in a long time

    69. Tap

      Tbh it's not the injuries that get me, like I can deal with the gore. It's the food aspect of them that made me want to gag.

    70. Emily McGlynn

      I don't get it..... did they not.. all touch the sand??? The task said you cannot touch the sand?

    71. Ascetic

      To be fair, the blobfish doesn't look like that when it's underwater. The lack of pressure it experiences on land makes it look like that. Still cute, regardless. Also, seems like they all touched the sand which should have disqualified them all. Edit: I see Alana Castillo had a much better explanation to the blobfish bit than I did.

    72. Cody Basore

      5:43 6:10 return of bi icon Greg Davies??!?!

    73. Rachel Hamm

      I will forever be upset that Alex wouldn't let Lou set her tea down (or just take it from her) in the sand task, and also that they didn't lower the bucket an inch or two for Sian

    74. Samuel kearns-stanley

      This whole show was created so Alex could do that pocket bit. It was the long con.

    75. Dan Forde

      The bass line of this shows theme is an absolute banger.

    76. Ry Show

      Each and every time they measure weight in stone, I have to American Google what the conversion to lbs lol

    77. Alessia

      Joe Thomas marry me challenge

    78. tmaxjesse

      i was hoping any of them would just grab the table for the sand.

    79. Ticompany

      Thank God I finished eating before the bloody task lel

    80. nirfz

      How "the Face" does not get 5 points, when "the best face" was aked is above me. 🤷‍♂️ And with the sand task: was the little table all the probs were placed on taboo? i would have tried to place the table below the bucket and use the broom to swipe the sand into the other bucket.

    81. Torrix

      I wonder why nobody used their shoes in the sand or herding task...

    82. Levi Nunya

      2:55 Me: I know I have five points around here, somewhere.....

    83. Vikrant Deshpande

      Joe's face FFS!!!! Died laughing 17:56 and 33:48

    84. Jasper Aalbers

      There is a real sinister team dynamic between Joe and Sian. First the awkward meetup before the compass task, and now: "Do you want to do it at home with a pump?"

    85. Jóhann Gunnarsson

      Joe looks like he is on methadone in most of the studio clips... I mean just look at him at 17:56 ...

    86. Barnacle Felcher

      Miles Jupp on this program would be utterly amazing

    87. Julius Kupfer

      Whats wrong with the weird guy?

    88. Barnacle Felcher

      Alex Horne's face throughout the "pocket game" is so so amazing, genuine delight

    89. Dorth Lous

      Again, though, blob fishes don't look like that at their depth. This is the result of extreme and fast depressurization. Nothing would look good after that...

    90. Mal M

      Is Joe high or is that just normal Joe?

    91. Gaia

      Its in my pocket pocket... pocket not that, the other one

    92. Eris Zee

      When Iain was running, I expected him to start doing his "boots and cats" beatboxing. (Also I'm on Team Iain Made A Continuous Noise. And I think I might be alone in that.)

      1. Eris Zee

        I feel less alone. Thank you.

      2. Kalinda Strome

        I’m with you on that!

    93. Eris Zee

      5:36 Please help me with what they're saying, especially what Greg says? I trust the auto generated captions as far as I could throw Greg.

      1. Eris Zee

        @Andy Juras Thank you! Could you (or someone else) please tell me what the next few are, up to when Iain is unbuttoning his shirt? I'm especially lost with wthat Greg says offscreen.

      2. Andy Juras

        Iain said “I’m not naked or anything. I’ve got other things” and Greg replied “oh yeah?”

    94. AwesomeShawn

      The Honorable Task Master was FAR TOO GENEROUS giving three of them four points each for three points worth of effort!

    95. pyromaniac1207

      I am not sure whether I should feel good about the fact that these videos so far have been THE highlight of my time spent at work this year.

    96. Joshua Giles

      Can someone check on Joe?

    97. Joy Kohlsaat

      Is it just me or did Sian and Joe definitely also touch the sand?

      1. Soepsas

        Probably, that's the thing with sand: it gets everywhere. Sometimes they're very strict on the rules, sometimes they're just there to prefent easy ways around the task. They touched it, but they didn't actively try to use their hands for the task, so they let it slide.

    98. Eulogy

      "Can we all just sigh?" Good god I'd love to be around a crowd sighing and not worrying about dying, lol

    99. Aditya prem

      lou sanders is the katherine parkinson of this season

    100. Ben Spizuco

      I love Sian but you can't tell me her injury was better than Joe's.