Lil Durk, King Von & Booka600 - Jump feat. Memo600 (Official Audio)

Lil Durk

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    1. BBG DRACO

      Rip VRoy ❤️

    2. Priniesha Cornish

      50,000 for this chain

    3. With Maya

      It’s sum about 0:00 - 2:03

    4. Simp C4

      It sound like Von was talkin bout his self bro🤦🏿‍♂️

    5. H No

      👑 Von

    6. Shubham Yadav

      Von von von

    7. Palqiis Abdi

      Van and 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

    8. Palqiis Abdi


    9. Palqiis Abdi


    10. Palqiis Abdi

      Jeg elsker den menn

    11. 2K GOD

      "that's yo mans you trynna uplift but when it war time n*ggas ain't gon do shit" sad to see them boys let von get smoked like that

    12. Josh B

      Too raw, von was about to be on another level.

    13. Rodriguez187

      How do you lose your leg to a wheel chair???

    14. Zane Kaley


    15. Jay Taylor

      Memo came in so set the tone for the song

    16. Matt Mag

      Durk went off

    17. etrotix

      Respect em all Durkio Vroy Booka and Memo

    18. jj mili


    19. Future Ninety four

      King von when the fuck we start giving passes tho keyword (WE) they killed memo brother he ain’t slide wake up

    20. Future Ninety four

      King von he can’t slide he need him a 💊

    21. Future Ninety four

      Durk said I know a rich nigga homeless who he speaking on

    22. Future Ninety four

      Listen to king von verse and lil dirk verse peap it sending shots at each other no 🧢

    23. Future Ninety four

      Memo hard asf

    24. Jayk Jr OFFICIAL

      Day 1 Fans

    25. Isaiah Black


    26. _ backwoodaddy

      Idk if juss me buh dis whole song give me a weird vibe juss knowing that von gone

    27. n c

      Durk fucked up the song low key

    28. Coleman Boone

      Memo600 was the best

    29. A Z


    30. Jayk Jr OFFICIAL

      Rich Nigga Homeless

    31. Ciz C

      I keep replaying Memo verses. Nigga been going hard

    32. Trickshot Professional

      Bruh von went tf off

    33. Sierra Thomas

      Bruhh wtf I'm too high I done heard dis shit least thousand times back 2 back I make beats I'm obsessed with the beat itself #NYCSTUDGANG#🌈♋👌🔥💨

    34. Jayk Jr OFFICIAL

      Shout Out South Dakota State Pen Lowkey Set Of Gangs . Chicago Gon Slide Its A Bet Rip King Von

    35. Jayk Jr OFFICIAL

      Rip Von 👿🖕

    36. Playboicortez_

      At 63k likes 👀🤣

    37. Eddie M

      This shit 🔥..I know y'all won't admit it but Memo and Booka controlled this song imo...Usually Von or Durk is the top of a feature heavy song but not in this song...RIP Von



    39. Naim Gibson

      Von was on fire

    40. Ciz C

      Memo went in on this shit.

    41. Yesenia Jocelyn


    42. Newkey 2daWorld Hamlett


    43. Belro Yohannes

      Von verse was pure facts #LLV

    44. EthanLive Daily

      There was no bad part of this video. Durk killed his part, Von went hard and Booka and Memo’s part was fire.

    45. king darius

      Listen too von verse he’s speaking from the grave. Sad!

    46. Beanos


    47. Its Zapz-

      The truculent iran perceptually spell because sister microregionally pull about a dynamic sampan. cumbersome, cowardly wish

    48. Chino BandettoTV

      Bruh really listen to this shit. Art.

    49. IamSmokke

      69 get to durk 🗣 Man he out for blood for Von 😈‼️

    50. Denzell Scott

      Durk got that Parnoid tramatized drill eyes. von got that Blank face schoolboyQ drill, booka eyes got that realdark paranoid drill look booka booka booka, memo got that hurt parnoid drill look

    51. Thomas Brazier

      Rip Von

    52. MixedBoiiCraig

      only the family

    53. lilsnipingdoge 04

      Booka and von were 🔥

    54. Commander Zavala

      I pull my pistol out every time I hear Vons verse

    55. Xrhstos Clfrn

      Durk give us more king von song man..we like it so mutch that drill. nobody like him!!💣💯

    56. 999 9or3ver

      Vons verse gets me so mad noone told a story better as real as it gets he had me yelling Von at the beginning of songs he wasn't even in my sister be like I didn't know Von was in this lol

    57. Da Wilz

      I only listen to this song to hear king von 👑

    58. Carlos Rivera

      So we not gone talk about how memo600 straight murdered his verse 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

    59. Drake Tvrz

      So many legends from Chicago

    60. Alex Marrufo

      Free justblow600 👑

    61. the real alpha male

      Dis shit hard

    62. Diaalo Clements

      Durkio said “ I love my brotha for life , he lost his legs to a wheelchair “ That bar flew over heads 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    63. SpazFamily

      I wish booka 600 wasnt in this im sprry

    64. Eric Jackson

      R.I.P Von. This is hard as f**k pure 🔥

    65. Craig Smith

      Yo if you see this I hope u stub your toe and fart soon as u get out of bed

    66. mw8413

      Why Von snap like dat! It was if he knew! 🔥🔥🔥

    67. IREDxINatiON


    68. xvii geo

      Man as soon as I heard von on his intro I got goosebumps all over

    69. Gabe


    70. Jonathan Douglas

      1:08 should have been the hook

    71. RFC _Shelow

      i keep coming back

    72. tao

      Might be my fave von verse.. damn

    73. TNA VEXY

      even tho von killed little mister u shoudlnt kill him bro u set him up fo what like cmon folk u a snake

      1. Cash Quest

        You get what you put out In the world

    74. reyreycapalot Butler

      Go watch the video y'all shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    75. Jermaine Watkins


    76. Mr Sack CMT


    77. durkio OTF

      Smd Durk Didn't Sacrifice Von ...

    78. DeAndre Langley

      Still a few hittaz from the 6!

    79. Mark7 Original

      Vídeo Out Now

    80. life239

      This song von song he died so he couldn’t finish it

    81. brandon Evans

      aye we got famous pack ha

    82. Lynzi Ewinq

      I love everybody in this video🤘❤

    83. Dahmir Morant


    84. Tarif X

      I love everyone else in this music video

    85. PlayboiZaeh

      Bro durk snapped g

    86. Vonte Ok

      Durk makes fire ass music.

    87. Palmjit

      @ 0:45 I swear it sound like jackboy

    88. Guillermo Lopez

      GDK 🗣🗣🗣



    90. NEVER

      memo was ass no bap

    91. Asad 3hunna

      Von maaaan 💔😞 Shit is too tuff

    92. Christopher Dubose

      Do anyone else see the extra face in-between Durk and Von u gotta use durks left eye and Vons left eye on the right sight of the screen for the dummy's ( ISSA dead man )

    93. HXLF BARR

      This song is hard

    94. SaltyKage

      Polo g would kill this beat like if yu agree

    95. Tishe Read

      #LongliveGrandson #doit4von #OTF

    96. Stephen Wren

      Von killed this beat but its expected when an legend on the mic.

    97. Leek Dawg

      VON 🗣🗣 Damn bra why u had to be too Gangsta 🤦🏽‍♂️💪🏾❤🕊

    98. Cwpv

      Durks part hit me, so good. Perfect song, everybody so fire. LLKV!

    99. Talimark

      these flows brazy

    100. Frankie Lee

      “ I know a rich nigga homeless , got me a deal aint homeless yeah yeah “ 🗣