Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War - Official Launch Trailer

Call of Duty

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    Black Ops is back.

    1981. The Cold War is at its peak. World powers grapple for control and a hidden threat looms. In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, players will engage in deniable operations, fighting the battles that never happened to stop a conspiracy decades in the making.
    A mind-bending single-player Campaign awaits, with Black Ops protagonists Alex Mason, Frank Woods, and Jason Hudson teaming up with an all-new crew to track down a mysterious enemy known only as Perseus.
    In the next generation of Black Ops Multiplayer, travel the globe from the deserts of Angola to the frigid Black Sea in a fully-connected, cross-play experience including 6v6, 12v12, and 40-player Fireteam battles.
    And an all-new Zombies co-op experience awaits you and your squad in the debut of the Dark Aether story, "Die Maschine." As you join forces with a CIA-backed international response team known as Requiem, the secrets of a horrifying WWII-era experiment will threaten the balance of the global order.

    The next generation of Black Ops is almost here. Pre-order it now:

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    1. The-Diegardo

      Name of the music ? V:

    2. saurav yelpula

      Mason, What do the numbers mean?

    3. VF-1 WOLFPACK

      Blue Monday 0:54

    4. FATHER PROjects

      Did anyone noticed at 0:44, isnt that fcker Reznov?

      1. Dreamkiller 2004


    5. Bintang Syahreqi

      Now they need to continue BO2 campaign, I miss David

    6. RomanceR

      remember the Wonder Woman 1984 ad? Whoever produced this ad didn't

    7. Ровдя Санрайс

      After seeing the ad, I initially thought it was a movie trailer, but then I was stunned by the cinematic quality of the game's trailer!

    8. My penis is small, but

      0:54 I can't be the only one who thinks it sounds like 2D from gorillaz

    9. Arno

      Ppl be actually triggered that black ops are white

    10. Onesadcatto

      Gonna get this around Christmas, so I'm just gonna read the comments where people complain just about the graphics and matchmaking. *Oh no I can't dab on new players no more because matchmaking puts me against people who play as much as me* Graphics? I mean I don't care much about graphics but I'll care if the lighting or something hurts my eyes. Reason why I bought Dark Souls remastered This is coming from someone who plays on console on a TV that displays 720p.

    11. Harshkeyboard66

      No its not real

    12. SlimeoN


    13. Clayton Roberts

      Can you play this game without internet at all.

      1. Dreamkiller 2004


    14. Sweet00thgrin

      Ok I got bocw and I was just blown away from everything I know it's not a realistic a mw 2019 but like this has a different charm then mw I think it's a great game to just have some causal fun but sweats can ruin fun 😞 Thanks for reading my comment

    15. CIPAN ASMR

      Tell me whats the story in this film?

      1. Dreamkiller 2004

        The story in the game, with no spoilers there is a russian spy named Perseus and black ops forms a team that is dedicated to hunting down perseus

    16. CIPAN ASMR

      Tell me whats the story in this film?

    17. ViciousFalcon

      Is it just me or does Helen Park sounds different here?

      1. Dreamkiller 2004

        Sounds less of a british accent. I assume they used a old voice recording which is why she sounds like that

    18. Fleexyy

      Remove SBMM !

    19. nino yting

      Bell was never at Vietnam Campaign

    20. Extreme Music

      Can you make a finisher move for Christmas where you put metal poles in some guy and you have a volt connector and you connect the two wire clippers and it activates the poles and make it red and green it would be funny


      Standard Edition EUR 59.99 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    22. Matthew_McAviney

      Song/ blue Monday by new order

    23. נטליה פרוצנקו

      During the mission with helicopter my controller keeps disconnecting.. I found out that this issue occurs to many people? How did you release game with such bug??? Please fix this

      1. Dreamkiller 2004

        I have experienced that only in multiplayer in the alpha

    24. Gabriel Preciado

      NO, stop trying to be a RPG. You ruined the COD series enough!


      Call of duty any time 🤣🙂🤣🙂😜

    26. Jessie Simsss I loro stati di salute de s'approcher trop rispettivi prevenirli per avvicinarsi troppo??18

    27. İlter İNAN

      Some video games and real wars is not a game. But COD ise a game.

    28. Lynx Oh Me

      Can they stop releasing unfinished games with the mentality of ‘we’ll fix it in an update’? Paying a triple A price for an unfinished product isn’t right. Game feels rushed and very unbalanced.

      1. Dreamkiller 2004

        This only applies to multiplayer

      2. Dark

        It does feel rushed. Downgrade to modern warfare tbh. But I bought it for the campaign and the zombies

    29. Lacie McAfee

      This is the biggest ripoff

      1. Dreamkiller 2004

        Campaign sure wasnt

    30. Hoosier Hell

      Kinda though Park would turn on you cause of how they had her saying “He will destroy half of Europe” in the trailer.

      1. Hoosier Hell

        @Aiden Boyle in the trailer she kinda looked I dunno... traitorous When she said it I guess?, just kinda gave me the feeling

      2. Aiden Boyle

        Why did that make you think she would turn on us? 😂

    31. Jordy Kroeze

      Will there be a graphics update? It looks like a game from mid 2010's at best. Such a downgrade from Modern Warfare / Warzone.

    32. Brandi B

      Can y’all please fix the glitching on split screen!!! I can’t even play with my husband cause the glitching and freezing is so bad!!

      1. NOI2Z Productions

        Not their top priority especially when only like 3% of the community plays on split screen

    33. Avinash KodidasuVMsrfRJuMc

      SONG:how does it feel. FANS : I want to become a soldier

    34. 7srebels

      Take away sbmm

    35. meowzerz and me

      I want my money back

    36. Emrehan E

      This game is life

    37. manic_misfit

      The minute a game "requires" an always online connection just to play a single player mode you've instantly lost my sale. Being penalized because your internet (or their servers) happen to be down that day is a totally BS move on their part.

      1. Dreamkiller 2004

        This is braindead activity because you can play the game offline

    38. Rocky Rhodes

      Activision is breaking everyone's consoles. BOYCOTT ACTIVISION

      1. Dreamkiller 2004

        No consoles were bricked

      2. Brandon Ho

        Rocky Rhodes they’re not breaking people’s consoles. This is just poorly optimised and the cutscenes are choppy because of issues that I don’t know but MW2019 had them

    39. Momo

      Is Stone from multiplayer bell????

      1. Dreamkiller 2004

        I heard the asset of bell was for stone or vice versa

      2. Potato

        I thought about this too

    40. Noneya

      I love New Order

    41. Heyo 21

      Song is blue Monday by new order

    42. Francisco Diaz

      Honestly best campaign i liked the russian ending better than the american but you fd up in the american of what you did

    43. K K

      Reagan: I know you won’t fail The dude with the glasses: gets F from the soviets

    44. PLANET X

      All the poeple think that Call of duty cold war is best that any call of duty ever Call of duty modern warfare: i hate you Activision

    45. C.I.A

      Can anyone gameshare cold war on xbox My ig is ya_boi_hugo I can give you a hulu account

    46. Xtreme Gamer

      Spiderman miles morales or Cold War?

      1. Potato

        Fortnite kid 🤡

    47. Theking __12

      I just finished this lol

    48. UTR-Gaming


      1. Dreamkiller 2004

        Just mp

    49. Shooty mac shoot

      It's finaly here

    50. Kaleb Boyle


    51. Mahazi Kasozi


    52. w olejku lub w pomidorkach

      Game of the New generation i buy this game today and this is some joke... No Blood, graphic from 2014year, physics of enemies its a tragedy.... No More Activision

      1. Potato

        There is blood you sure you didn’t turn it off before you started?

    53. Hydrix64

      *Look for the gummy bear album on November 13th*

    54. BriceTheBruce

      Liked only for Blue Monday in background :p

    55. Dank Duck Studios

      2 weeks to early

    56. lugar tan

      Even in games, the west target the muslims xDD

    57. Hardbass Is life

      Me watching the night this comes out:

    58. christian pozo

      Activision so I’m loading I am loading out Cold War right now and it doesn’t let me connect to the online service

    59. MickyThunderV

      The best thing about Cold War is the M4 skin you get for Modern Warfare :)

      1. Dreamkiller 2004

        Nah, campaign and zombies are stellar

    60. M * Bot Gaming


    61. Olga Avila

      it means fun black ops be like no fun try hard people what da best gun is the quistion

    62. luna66

      cant wait to commit illegal war crimes

    63. Dj Johnson

      Aye call of duty can you add warzone rumble permanently that’s the only reason I play I play it

    64. Vapy 1

      1 more day...

    65. TUG Ger

      BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING since you fuc.t it ab back then...repeat repeat repeat.........

    66. TheAnimalSoda

      0:44 the numbers mason

    67. Why sholud I?

      My Pc: is the threat real My drive: yes sir we believe it is

      1. Dreamkiller 2004

        My gpu: we know you wont fail us

    68. Taha Akekin

      I don't have computer

    69. Cornbread

      game is trash unless i get to blast reagan in the head

    70. Red Mandolorian

      When November 30th ends 0:37

    71. Cloudy. Zinx

      Tomorrow 🤧🤧🥴

    72. Someone


    73. Doug Griffith

      What is the background song?!?!?

      1. Jonnyright

        New order-blue Monday

    74. Curly DG

      Blue Monday Hypes This Even More !!

    75. William Mememan

      Not normally interested in CoD but when you've got Blue Monday that's a different story

    76. Croat

      0:39 *flips knife and chops off his fingers* "Tell me how do I feel."

      1. GoldenFoxGaming

        And I'm still dead 💀💀

    77. SnowWonder

      I don’t play CoD. I only came here to say I loved that they used Blue Monday by New Order (although it’s a remix) in this ad!

      1. Dreamkiller 2004

        I can say that you should play cod. Not for the mp that is very hit or miss but i reccomend playing it for campaign or treyarch zombies

    78. ori kutner

      I can't believe that the new call of duty is coming out tomorrow

    79. Ronit Rocks

      watching this before cold war drops in my place in 11 hours i cant wait for this. i am totally hyped

    80. Glooboi

      One more days boys and we can unravel the dark secrets of the cold war like so more people can see pls.

    81. Ahmet Taha Ünlü

      “My name is Victor Reznov. And this is my REVENGE!!”

    82. journeymanX

      With cyberpunk unsure of its release I’m glad I’ve got this to look forward to

    83. Neil Degrasse Tyson the III

      So exited for sbmm

    84. Eric Rogers

      I think some of these guys are trying to pick a fight.

    85. mega gamer

      Imagine overhyping your fanbase for a game that will release with the least amount of launch content😂😂😂. (Still gonna be hyped tomorrow tho lol)

      1. Dreamkiller 2004

        The least amount of launch content will forever go to cod ww2

    86. Lolo357b22

      Me and bois 00:37

    87. Jalal ajdid


    88. marrón y orgulloso

      Ah New Order, never gets old. Long live Joy Division❤️❤️

    89. YoungGamers Team official

      So gassed for Friday pre ordered the game in October

      1. Mythical

        @mega gamer nvm you play on ps4 what’s ur psn I play on PlayStation to

      2. Mythical

        @mega gamer yo you tryna play tomorrow u play ps4 or Xbox or pc

      3. mega gamer

        I pre ordered the warzone event day, after that event there was no way i was just going to wait and see how the game was like on and after release

      4. Mythical

        I pre ordered in the first day pre orders were out in august


      It’s to cheerful of an game that’s why everyone hating on it it’s actually looks like a very nice game just very overlooks first off get blazed b4 y’all watch that vid‼️

    91. WqZ_Mailo


    92. Walm Inc

      Is the threat real? yes, my hard drive is in pain. 200+ gb for a first person shooter series that releases one every year.

    93. alfredo Fernandez

      Wow a awesome trailer it still looks like 1080p even though I put it in 144p graphics.

    94. Omega_Poggers

      Mom: he’s playing with his toys he’s so cute Kids imagination:

      1. SupHyper


    95. logan ._.

      Blue Monday is the perfect song for this trailer

    96. Marcus Alley

      This is getting out of hand! The quick scoping, and other one hit kills. This needs to be done away with. I've been playing COD for years, and I know I'm not alone on this. Call of Duty "STOP ONE"

      1. Dreamkiller 2004

        You are complaining about quickscoping. I pity you, have you played mw2 even fighting against one was fun.

    97. Bintang Bunga Dewi

      palu arit?

    98. LOL Scenario

      Same I live move the 80s music

    99. ThisChannelisDooDoo

      Anyone watching this to get hyped as they’ve preordered this and just waiting now??

      1. Mythical


    100. Ezequías Abadía

      This game is going to be candela but the bad thing is for pc hopefully agan for mobile too