Man seen during riots inside Capitol fired from job in Maryland

WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore

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    One of the people seen in the U.S. Capitol Wednesday afternoon after angry mobs stormed the building lost his job at a Maryland-based communications company. Angry mobs of President Donald Trump's supporters, incited by the president, breached the Capitol building, halting the electoral vote count and forcing lawmakers to move into a secured location. Four people died.
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    1. Andrew Hahm


    2. Mark Oldham

      He don’t need no stinking job

    3. Mexican MARINE

      GREAT JOB to the companies that immediately fire TRAITORS! Hopefully the cops that took part in the attempted overthrow of the government get fired too and are never allowed to be cops anywhere else, and not just reprimanded or are allowed to quit and go be cops in another city or state.

    4. azimuth . setting_

      he looked dysfunctional to say the least

    5. Dana Callanan

      How stupid can you be to wear your work badge , no mask, and have your picture taken while breaking into Congress ? It's amazing that they even had a job to lose in the first place. Stupid is as stupid does !

    6. E Wat

      Obviously, this guy is not a critical or analytical thinker: wearing a name badge and company shirt in a world wide televised insurrection w cameras galore. Now I’m dubious about the company who hired him.

    7. Savage philly

      Badge was a license plate incase he gets stolen

    8. Carlos P. Jr

      Trump continues to get more people unemployed 😂😂😂😂😂


      How dumb the caucasity!

    10. Marc Del

      Doing my best Rod Sterling voice.... Imagine, if you will, a Maryland based communication worker, fired from his job for being a real d*^k on January 6th, 2021, and then in a fit despondency he buys a beer and a Powerball ticket on his way home from the FBI office and finds he is the winner of $730M and will have to wait until he's finished his prison sentence to spend it!

    11. Liz Barry

      America’s Dumbest Criminals has enough material to run forever!

    12. Rasheed Gazzi

      Wasn't he supposed to be at work stealing underpants?

    13. Rick Tandron

      Hey Navistar Direct Marketing: This moron wasn't born last week. He was a racist moron buttclown when you hired him. #traitor #deport

    14. GavStaR

      Redirect that Defence budget to Education please. It's soarly needed.

    15. mileegrl

      Trump didn't make them. They are all grown ppl, there was no threat to their lives for not drinking the tainted koolaid. Hateful people with fetishes for violence & they found each other. Then did what liked minded ppl do. Having critical thinking skills is not a criteria of this alliance.. They are ALL of sound mind & IQ w/in reason to stand trial.

    16. Amy Perez

      TO JAIL

    17. Lost & Found Travel

      Prison dishwasher gig coming up!

    18. Wendy White

      Eeeejit.! What a freaking idiot

    19. Wendy White

      The gift that keeps on giving :-)

    20. Chacha B

      D. U. M. B. wearing work badge... 👀

    21. Dave Frank

      That is little man, he can't hide. Little man lost his job and now a wanted man. Thanks to Trump and his yes mans ..

    22. Ripped Hole

      It’s an Oompa Loompa

    23. Robert Taylor

      Isn't this guy a leftest? Didn't mention that did you

    24. J S

      They were all told that dump would pardon them. Well, doesn’t look like that will happen (lie on top of another lie.). Dump was only concerned about using people. Since all these people failed, he doesn’t feel the need to help them out.

    25. J S

      You just can’t make this stuff up.

    26. Jake Johansen

      Another deuche bites the dust

    27. Dog Mattress

      Back to Wonka's factory for you i guess

    28. outsider looking in

      All anybody's asking hold all responsible

    29. T

      I literally faced palm, thank god they’re so stupid 😂👏

    30. phantasm1004

      GOOD FOR NAVISTAR! They made the right move. This moron is gonna have a difficult time getting a job ANYWHERE that doesn’t involve wearing a paper (MAGA) hat.

    31. Marcey Bonas

      Trump can get him a job now. They are his faithful supporters.

    32. Franman Pugit

      This is probably the guy that just won the power ball in Maryland

    33. paul broderick

      ALL of these crazies must be dreading any knock on their front door for the next 25 years!!

    34. Taneka Bellamy

      Good news is there's a lot of job openings

    35. Chewy340

      Now you know why their grandparents wore hoods!

    36. irgski

      perhaps a valid litigation against being fired?

    37. Objet D'Art

      These scofflaws should have observed the law instead of the BIG LIE...

    38. Fred Jones

      Lock all these POS Traitors up!🇺🇸🇺🇸

    39. Briguy1027

      Loses his job and also will be charged for invading the capitol. Yet another guy who will be a witness when they have Trump's trial.

    40. Annette Melnychuk

      They got what was coming to them

    41. Felicia Jenkins

      Good now felony charges

    42. Ronald Giroux

      How dumb can you be?!!!


      I'm honestly kind of surprised that so many of these deadbeats were employed. I think so far the five breadwinners have all been fired.

    44. Caleb M

      He looks like he'd be a good fit for professional Discord mod

    45. Travis 87


    46. Tom Ko

      He looked like a bear. Mama.

    47. Scotty7617

      Now the rioters get to learn what would have happened if the Founding Fathers had lost the revolution.

      1. mileegrl


    48. Rod Kemp

      Take them all down and put them jail!! Trump encouraged them and turned his back on them😁😁👹👹🤗😻😅!

    49. Calvin Jackson

      How many of them are going to be shocked or surprised if they are fired? How could they possibly pick me out of this crowd????

    50. blacksaber89

      Other ways to sum it up he patriotically freed himself of employment, he stopped the steal of pay from his workplace, and my favorite he 1776’d himself out of gainful employ (to be fair I hope he learns from this and finds new work soon)

    51. Joe Young

      He wore his work I.D. LMFAO : )

    52. Mark Innes

      The Keebler Elf has been fired from his job making cookies in a tree.

    53. Kay Collins

      I hope that they catch all of them,, they deserve jail time, a person can't break into buildings especially federal buildings.

    54. Andrew Leibenguth

      Confusing that there are so many dumb people out there. Seriously. Why would they think Trump, a draft-dodging pathological liar, would be someone to listen to and follow? Mental health is really bad in the United States.

    55. Don Turco

      THE irony is the Masked people who commited all the violence will never be identified. Oh wait they look just like those ANTIFA and BLM guys. I wonder How many years the democrats want people to keep talking about their Ballot BOX stuffing ways and laughing at their calls for unity. I guess for forever.

    56. Michael Gregory

      Now they want trump to pardon them smh

    57. Michael Gregory

      He probably called in sick at work to go to the riot then gets IDENTIFIED while wearing his work badge 🤦‍♂️

    58. Gavin Mimnagh

      Looks like Trump finally did something good for employment, job opportunities opening up all over

    59. Alabama Mothman

      While antofa, rioting, burning, looting and murder get to rein free as the terrorist arm of the democrat party.

    60. Chris Wood

      Rocket scientist alert

    61. P Costello

      Love those women that used Bumble dating site to trick and reveal to FBI those Capitol insurrectionists they attracted on Bumble!

    62. David Kuhn

      Freedom dumbs.

    63. Ricardo Wanderer

      Hahaha what a SMART GUY

    64. Act Express

      These people clearly believed that nothing would happen to them ,they all came to the world who they are

    65. wisegeorge365

      When you get fired from telemarketing there is nowhere lower to work. He's a Welfare Prince from this point on. We will pay for his worthlessness.

      1. mileegrl

        Umm, yes indeed.

    66. Dani Mooti

      So just like their leader, jobless! The difference is trump have a lot of money and these idiots are just broke and jobless. Hope they had fun with their revolution!

    67. malleus maleficarus

      So what kind of precedent is being made now, freedom of speech but you protest, we will charge you?...resulting in you losing your job and source of income?? I feel bad for you guys in USA, you got a new pres that will not ever be politically incorect in any way for the next 4 years, the exact reverse of Trump! lol This will make sure USA has the most fake person leading the country in USA history!!

    68. Doom And Gloom

      The two minute hate.

    69. Kevin Shanahan

      So the dumb fool lost his job trying to help the steal of Trump of Joe Biden’s job that 81m people gave him. The fool pays more tax than Trump, oh the irony.

    70. Carolyn Nichols

      They sure were quick to hunt these people down, but not those this summer!

    71. Load Ing

      No worries..he can work for Donald trump..lmao

    72. Spudnik's Dog

      Suddenly these boys and girls don't seem like such... proud boys and girls.

    73. Rapper One

      That's not good enuff arrest that inbred

    74. liduck52

      He could always apply for a job at Trump University.

    75. Robert A

      So I expect they will fire every one that has received a driving violation

    76. G Bouc

      why did this get over 1k thumbs down ? I don't get it !

    77. Invisible Individual

      MAGA tears 🍸

    78. Sage

      If this isn't natural selection, i don't what is lol

    79. seand67


    80. thenowchurch

      Keebler was forced to fire one of their elves y'all! Sad.

    81. Zach

      Getting fired at your job to own the libs

    82. Loretta Woodson

      Good, these guys are really dumb and stupid.

    83. Rick Allen

      A lot of these people seem to be the ultimate bottom feeders. I think this is what happened to those thalidomide babies.

    84. Eliud Bustamante


    85. Donald Brough

      This guy is really bright😂😂😂

    86. John Taylor

      ... hold them accountable.

    87. Steve M

      This is fantastic news. All these useless scumbags should rot and die

    88. Axel Gerber

      The ID Help I’m stupid

    89. Patrick Walsh

      Play STUPID games, win DUMB prizes. Oh, and good luck with the job search . . . you MORON.

    90. William Westerband

      Lock him up

    91. Bill

      More Fake news

    92. Bill Whelpley

      Escaped from the Lord of the Rings set.

    93. Austin Stevens

      Funny how none them dumb blm rioters get fired and they're recognized as protesters when they burning and looting lmfao

    94. walter guerard

      research article 5 of the constitution and support the convention of the states.

    95. Edward B

      He already has a new job producing license plates at the nearest prison.

    96. THTRYGY

      They’re going to need to go to Kansas, get stuck in a tornado, and go to Oz to find that one guy

    97. Paul Bettencourt

      Since he got fired, whos going to be the next Gerber Baby?

    98. George Devote

      Smart guy. No job and corona...pity. And I'm the one who spent 17 yearsin prison.

    99. Doudymac

      The biggest irony of it all is that a lot of them would have gotten away with it if they weren't "Anti-mask" 😂

    100. Under Your Skin

      Huge respect for our do tremendous honorable work... for our great country.