2020 Bassmaster Elite at Santee Cooper (Bassmaster TV)


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    Check out the 2020 Bassmaster Elite Series event at Santee Cooper presented by the United States Marine Corp.
    Tune-in to watch how the Bassmaster Elite Series field fished Santee Cooper in Clarendon County, South Carolina during the week of October 8th thru 11th. #bassmaster #bassfishing #santeecooperlakes

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    1. Early Riser

      Big props Zona n Tommy. AMAZING comentary

      1. Herman Tornes

        Not sure if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using InstaPwn. Just google for it xD

    2. Jay Fournier

      BMP cannot be stopped.

    3. Matthew Ryan

      Advertisements are ridiculous

      1. DS P

        Trying to make some cash off of Brandon’s win haha

    4. Roslyn Gabriele

      You should do a Bassmaster in michigan

      1. Tyler Matvick

        They did in 2019 and 2020. Lake St. Clair

    5. almost old

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    6. TJ Ellis

      But drop shots only catch small fish.

    7. CaptureFish

      Congrats BP on the win, youre a hammer!

    8. coleus

      DeMarion just shamelssly slapping that bass into the boat at 13:39, editors had to cut that out, lmao.

      1. TAT

        @Destin DeMarion Hey bud you got the fish in the boat and that's all that matters in these tournaments. Good fight!

      2. Destin DeMarion

        To be honest, I tried to push it in and didn't end up going well. I'm definitely not perfect and was not happy about how that ended up.

    9. Alex Z

      Whens the st Lawrence one dropping

      1. Bassmaster

        There was no 45-min TV show for the St. Lawrence bc we were LIVE on ESPN2 the whole event. Here is the Final Day matchup between Johnston and Mueller. kgup.info/get/p59rfqyTq6uEdq0/video

    10. A Fishermans Wildlife

      Yes Dude ;) Great Job !

    11. Robbie Brown

      Is there anyone that can compete, with this guy.

    12. Robert Barnes

      I rather watch this instead of football

      1. Gary Lukas

        Football what's that ??

      2. Papa Duck

        I agree 100% Robert! I wont watch football and if Bassmaster ever supports taking a knee for my flag I wont watch this either. I will always fish though! Lol!!!!!!

    13. Ra Lo

      👀 🍺🍺

    14. David Pintor

      That’s my Dawg!!!!!!!

    15. Easton

      Go Palaniuk Idaho gang

    16. Bassinallyear

      Can I say I’m first😂😂