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    I made 5 artists compete for 1 iPhone 11 lol
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    1. ZHC Crafts

      Subscribe and we might replace your phone too with a brand new custom iphone 11 pro max!

      1. h_croot


      2. Shreya S

        I to want❤️

      3. Colonel Cocksmith

        I have an iPhone 8 that I got when it was brand new ive never cracked it but a custom iPhone 12 pro would be super sweet I love your content keep up the great work, SUB TO ZHC AND ZHC CRAFTS OR YOUR SILLY

      4. Jessica Taarnby


      5. Jessica Taarnby

        Hi ZHC, I love your videos . I am I really big fan. I have been subscribed to you since the very start of all of your channels I do art a lot myself at home with you as my motivation. My family doesn’t have a lot of money so I only have a iPhone 6s , it would mean everything to me if I could have a shout out.

    2. Andrea madisøn_ ROBLOX

      I’m actually very happy that there subscribers get the stuff and I don’t but like I still very like the paintings because they artist ofc.💖💖💖

    3. Zaara Nadkar

      Out of 100% watching people only 50%percent of people are having iPhone Who agrees 👍

    4. Krysten Harris

      Can I have a 11 plz sighh

    5. lalremsiami 21

      I'm interesting! :)

    6. Danell dancy

      Can you custom my walkies talkies

    7. kaafiso cadeey

      Assalam Aleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

    8. Голубь

      Pls give me 2000 gems for brawl stars

    9. Redford Sim

      Hello ZHC Crafts,, I wonder if you can sponsor me ?///, I want to start an animation career in youtube but i just need one thing to do it. can you give me a pen tab for easy sketching in desktop. i really wanted one,, so i am asking anyone who can give me pen tab, for $50 it would be much appreciated.

    10. AmoghPawar


    11. Afghan Queen

      Them: Dan has the worst iPhone ever Me: Well I don’t have one at all, soooooo . . . .

    12. Amelia Pringle

      you are the best artist i have ever met and your vidios make me clm and i just like to see how happy you always are and all the funny challenges you do

    13. l v

      Dan Johnny Michelle viv jaz

    14. Claire Chan

      I literally have a iphone 5 and I cant do anything on it except watch youtube my other apps make my battery run out in like 10 mins

    15. Kittyloveluvkitty

      Them: Dan has the worst phone out of all of them and he NEEDS a new one My mother: Has a iPhone 6s

    16. Olivia Dizon

      Nice Paska pens

    17. rea sanka

      Dans phone isn't the worst I HAVE A SAMSUNG


      My question still is how do they put tape around the camera and on the iPhones

    19. Vy Nguyen

      I just love Viv idk why but she has a great personality and she sounds cute.

    20. Lizabella Playz シ

      Zach askes everyone what iphone they have Me: I dont iphone 0

      1. kaafiso cadeey

        Alhamdulillah Rabbi

    21. Jayasri Ravikumar

      I like Jazz.. she is sooo funny🤗🤗

    22. 5229葉奕晴

      I don't even have an iPhone, I have a samsung

    23. Cherry Kuan

      I only have I phone 6 for my whole life I can’t afford anything new

    24. King Aidz

      Any one else notice the title said iPhone 1

    25. A A

      I love you so much you and your family 🧡🧡🧡

    26. Strawberry_Milk


    27. OlgaLet

      All people in this video:" i have iPhone 11, i have iPhone 11Pro Dan : i have iPhone 8 I : I wish I had your troubles! I have Lenovo!!!

    28. Dalal Fam4

      Hi hello

    29. lambo chung

      The panoramic helmet remarkably hum because desire lamentably curl versus a soggy chard. instinctive, broad partridge

    30. Aaravis Dreamland

      I have not received any phone or anything you customized who ever did not get anything pls like and comment i did not get

    31. Sarah Verma


    32. Ruben Schuch


    33. Ruben Schuch

      Others subscribe to Zhang cause he is the best and helps us

    34. Suffering Artist18

      Me over here with a Samsung Galaxy a50 like ---- I wish I had an iPhone 8 damn

    35. Veronica Barnes

      Bro i have the same phone as dan

    36. Laney Linville

      Jaz ilysm you’re awesome and such and inspiration

    37. diy crafts n arts

      India I want a I phone

    38. jazy boiii

      me with i phone 6: laughs in broke

    39. Kaavya Singh

      Please give me one iphone or macbook as I need it for online classes as I am so behind studies as its broken camera isn't working mic not working speakers too

    40. khumo mpebe

      la la la da da

    41. Maura Dance 4


    42. Explodingcow347

      Yesss sirrrr

    43. Julie Miller

      i haveit won 1 time

    44. Ingela Åström

      I have a iphone 4

    45. Jeri Apter

      I hate the phone its over done

    46. I'm Tablite3

      Love it!❤i really need one of it 😢

    47. UnknownYT

      their Hairs are ✨Colorful✨

    48. Preetpal Bhullar

      Dan: I KNOW I’m going to win Me: 👁👄👁 well... he ain’t wrong

    49. Danielle Howell

      everyone: flexes off their iphone 8, 10, and 11 me: flexes off my 6

    50. Anneke van Hecke

      I have I iPhone 6

    51. Caroline Moseley

      It's OK DAN! I still have an iPhone 8 which is ok! Even though all my friends and family have an iPhone 12, I am chill with my little iPhone 8

    52. Queen phebe7

      Hi your are good at drawing :)

    53. Sky and Ocean Fan

      I love you videos and i am from Germany . I would be so Happy if I would become an MacBook. I really need it for school and I would do everything for it🙏

    54. Feranca Sabella

      ZHC : Dan, what IPhone do u have? Dan : IPhone 8 (LOL)

    55. Tasha

      Lmfao at my 6s

    56. زينب حازم

      High quality goods for example 😌

    57. Itszz_ Dini

      Hey zach😊 I know its sounds weird... But I just really want u to know that ur mean a lot to me... ❤️Recently i just got robbed about 600$ by a person that i trusted the most.... It was so bad😭 I don't know what to do... ❤️😭 And I just hope that u can make me feel a lil bit better... I dont want ur money😫 But I just hope that u can give a a brand new Iphone for me doing all my school stuff... I am slusing a old android which is Honor 7A(probably u never heard about it) and it only has 16gb in it... I can't even been on my online class or download my school work on my phone😭😭😭😫🙏 I just want u to make me feel a bit better by giving me a brand new Iphone🙏😊😩 Ig: farha_neeee

    58. adorbsxteddy

      honestly my fav is jaz bc she never gives up! ^^

    59. Anna Kewley

      You should do the best with popsicle sticks

    60. Kayley Connolly

      I love your vid but I’m sad I’ll never have a phone

    61. Lucas Fortin

      Iphone pro max Nice custom

    62. ZHC

      ZHC I subscribed to your every chanell

    63. Rhys Lord

      It’s my birthday today

    64. Robert Donnelly

      Do you use posca

    65. LanqR S

      I like Dan more

    66. Lu Wang

      sub to zhc

    67. tokka :]

      imagine having a lot of money that you give away iPhone 12 ZHC is build different ...... honestly i would love to have Dan's iPhone 8 i am here stuck with the iPhone 5

    68. Naouar Aitbaha


    69. Vivan Ranawaka

      I have never touched a iPhone 11 pls can I just touch from the next giveaway 😏💙💙

    70. Matt Simpson

      The splendid battery proximately queue because closet corroboratively observe of a marvelous reindeer. uppity, conscious fur

    71. Paige Linford

      When he says he has an 8 everyone’s like I got better and then me lucky I have a six

    72. Tiana Pinches

      People right now 1. Bored 2.sittin in bed or on the sofa 3.scrolling through comments

    73. Shrushti Vichare

      iPhone India AirPods Done


      Pls do customising rubix cube. And if can pls give it to me

    75. Kazuto white

      You guys are so nice I wish everyone in my life was nice like you guys

    76. ET

      iphone sucks do samsung instead they're much better and i ain't kidding



    78. Daniel Stubbs

      Can I go it with Johnny

    79. Teacher Warren

      Dreaming to have a costumized phone from ZHC here in PH

    80. Sarahmae Villanueva

      Sana ALL HAS APPLE

    81. Sem De vreugd

      Dan: iPhone 8 (sounds sad) I: Samsung galaxy j3

    82. Generose Fiehl Delos Reyes

      tbh i rly miss Leo alot like if you do to 👇

    83. Esperanza Gallardo

      Plz I want a I phone ll

    84. oscar horner

      I love whaching zhc and his challenge videos

    85. Yash Patel

      Artist version of mrbeast👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


      I hope you win viv


      Let viv win please

    88. ethan laclair

      Dan was dumping towards michele

    89. Manjushree G S

      Nice of you guys..

    90. Manjushree G S

      They: iphone 11 pro ( still sad)😂 Me: redmi ( very happy) 😂

    91. Stephen Drewes



      Hey ZHC you ar ameizing .I love you„re art aim an atest to .Sorry im not good at engleș

    93. Charanjit Singh

      That’s so satisfying

    94. itz_ ronny

      Who won I don't understand

    95. Mukhamyet Sarai

      what marker did they use for customizing phones ?

    96. Kenma Kozume

      10 hundred?

    97. Angelina Binil

      iphone 6 😩😩

    98. Ohio


    99. Ohio

      vg g g g g g g g g

    100. avion katisho manong

      Dan is a whole mood