13yr old “Trash Talking” James vs Hilary - Revenge!

Scott Martin

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    He’s Back..who’s getting Roasted Now! Trash Talking James Novak vs Hilary Martin in this epic boy vs girl challenge. Bass fishing Battle of the 13yr olds. It’s rematch time - James beat me last time in classic fashion...but he will have his hands full against this girl.
    If you missed the first match against me check it out here - kgup.info/get/hIJ_hHzNd6OYo38/video
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    1. Scott Martin

      Head on over to Hilary's KGup Channel and make sure to subscribe for future videos! kgup.info/must/F2--qZa8pg-GZtjriDmE_g.html

      1. joshua leonard

        Aww that was sweet for real. I got a daughter and that is the kinda boy I would let her go fishing with. Now days it is hard to find good kids like that.

      2. Eren Kandogan

        @AustinJ yeah

      3. Blevins Gaming

        Scott Martin hi

      4. Ryder Godwin


      5. Ryder Godwin

        on james

    2. Micah Williams

      This is my second time watchn this one😂hilarious😂 trash talkn James is the man! He was gettn under Hilarys skin for a minute😂 what a day of good fishn for these 2 rascals!!

    3. Kevin Nelson

      not to throw shade on james, i think if he stays with it he will become a great fisherman. i cant help but sit here watching your daughter fish and think that maybe, hilary can become the first lady of the bass master elites. just a thought.

    4. Keith Reilly

      Them kids can fish

    5. Andres Fishing

      Great Video Man!

    6. isaiah parsley

      nicer to the blonde then the pro LOL

    7. velvstyy

      i think james he seems so confident but he’s getting cocky in the beginning 😂

    8. Jen’s Fishing

      One of the best videos on KGup. Sweet how he helped her and didn’t want to trash talk girls. Really fun to watch them fish together. They are great anglers already!

    9. Preston Mire

      I love this videos

    10. Sonny Green

      That was a great episode to watch guys, looked like a lot of fun !!

    11. Kenneth Chapman

      Miss fishing with my Dad, he used to always beat me bass fishing.

    12. Daniel McKeen

      Scott do a video on where is James now😕since this was 2 years ago. And do the updated rematch with Hillary

    13. Finley Lawler

      Hey y’all, pro tip when you set the hook set it up not to the side -James 2018

    14. Josh Vickers

      Little boy was flirting

    15. Felton Lewis


    16. Te'Shawn Crenshaw

      James is such a good sport

    17. Ayoub Boussabri

      good job and Good challenge 👍🏻

    18. Bob Davis

      Nice competition and sportsmanship. Enjoyed the video immensely 😊

    19. Cayden Morris

      He’s a simp

    20. Bryce Blackwell

      Omg what is wrong with that one? James:HE GOT AIDS

    21. Randy Wright

      James is being quiet for one of two reasons: 1) He's just got his first crush on Hilary or 2) He's old enough to know that if you talk too much trash to a teenage girl in a boat and you will swim home!!!

    22. Garrett Steger

      Sorry I got my money on Hillary go get him girl

    23. Ian’s Betta aquarium

      Hey combined James and Hillary’s name and you get James Hillary

    24. Daniel Delgado

      The moment you realize you beat a pros daughter” im done snd fell over 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    25. Redneck_Bill

      I wish I could go with you I just started bass fishing and I haven’t caught a bass and I want to catch one badddd

    26. Evan Johnson

      This vid makes me smile

    27. Kaiden’s Northern Fishing

      In the other video James said to Hilary Yosef the hook up and not to the side and he keep setting the hook to the side🤨

    28. Teegan Lindsey

      Thing about it tho if James didn’t go into the water to get that fish James probably would have won

    29. Random Things

      James has better movement with the rods

    30. Markeil Williams

      Trash talking james is a simp

    31. Kevin Burrows

      I know I'm late to the game but these kids are awesome!!!! Hats off to James for being a gentleman and hats off to Hilary for not backing down.

    32. Dylan Gauntt

      How old is Hilary

    33. john gates

      Top notch great video glad to see kids getting into it thank you so much for the video

    34. Jacob Kelley

      That was some great fishing by the youngsters. The bite's a lil tougher in my neck of the woods (Ft. Gibson Lake, OK). Keep them lines tight


      Great stuff right there!!!

    36. Mike High

      I wonder where ole James is now I’ve tried to look the little guy up

    37. Spencer Davis

      this series is great James is awesome!!

    38. k r

      Trash talking James is jealous Because Hillary has cought more fish

    39. Micah Williams

      Trash talkn James is the man😂😂😂 Great kids!!!

    40. Jose Arreola

      Scott! Hey brother, got a question for you. I've been Bass fishing now for about two months now... I keep hearing about punching and flipping... amongst other types of casting. Will you please explain to me all the types of casting. Thank you. Also, the other morning I caught my personal best! 4.62lbs! I actually only caught two that morning but, I had that 4.62... and the other dang near the same weight if not heavier!

    41. Randy Gilbert

      Great video!!

    42. Hhccvccvv Fishing

      You could tell that James likes Hillary but Hillary dose not like James

    43. Nolann Grant

      James look Iike he has a lot of potential and your daughter too, nice job!

    44. LJH Bass Fishing

      James has a crush on Hillary, but to be fair I do to

    45. mike goding

      kids with baitcasters I'm impressed

    46. Jim Kimbrough

      Great Video guys. You were a perfect gentleman James!!

    47. Mike N Crew

      That was awesome. Great vid!

    48. J-Brock

      James. Look2 like nate Diaz would be his dad

    49. TJSTR123 65


    50. Billy Whitaker

      Hell i think the young fellow has it he is primed and ready to go good sportsmanship of it

    51. Thenatural56

      So funny...Scott you are a good man...

    52. RSCfitness 101

      anyone else notice the random guy

    53. Will Gregg

      I grab my catfish in the mouth with my bare hands

    54. Lucas Lowe

      Hilary’s famous words hey hey hey hey hey hey

    55. Spencer Blanton

      Does Hillary have a bf

    56. PWT Lawnmowers

      Who Hillary Clinton!

    57. Tina S

      Scott the kids got along awesome +they did some really great work TOGETHER that’s what was so great they worked together!!! AWESOME CHILDREN

    58. Jaxon Ortiz

      Why did He tell her to set the hook up and then he sets it to the side 😐😐

    59. Eric Chester

      That’s a good video

    60. Eddie Shirley

      That was too cute y'all!

    61. Adolfo Ramos

      They are good mates

    62. Justin Byrd

      I think james will win

    63. Mary Cutler

      I call simppppp😂

    64. Mary Cutler

      I sent it funny how you need hilary to defend u

    65. Braiden Bogart

      That's his daughter 🤯 she's pretty 😂😂

    66. Snook Slayer24

      James he need some milk

    67. King Josiah

      Your daughter is cute as heck man


      so cringey!!!

    69. Bass Bro’s

      Umm how old is Hillary

    70. Chayce J Murray-Cotton

      just saying here but maybe i think that james and hillary(sorry if i spelt the name wrong) could be a nice couple together?:)

    71. Franky Alvarez

      He didn’t put the hurt on Hilary, respect.

    72. Franky Alvarez

      6:14 “ this random guy is laughing at you” Guy behind them: “random guy?”

    73. Teresa Shelton


    74. Teresa Shelton


    75. Harrison Jude

      Ok James should date her

    76. Kieran0_451

      You should really hook James up with gear for a vid

    77. Normal

      He said he wasn't scared what happened 4:47

    78. David Kieleszewski

      Sees ur daughter immediately rethinks life decisions and why he came to this vid

    79. Henry Slack

      You can tell when James was trying to help hilary was mad

    80. Caden Nelson

      3:29 when he said that he probably peed his pants

    81. Liamstar380

      James looks so innocent

    82. Ridge Roberts

      1:59 he’s a simp

    83. Carson Buckman

      I wish i could fish with you guys

    84. Merlins Prodigy

      kids a straight gentleman

    85. Jack Griebs 9

      James def likes Hilary

    86. Ryder Godwin

      im so sorry man

    87. Ryder Godwin


    88. Kenyon Clark

      They would make a good couple

    89. Lourens Louwies

      Scott this is truly awesome , please sponsor tjat bou with some sunglasses and a hat . I live in South Africa if it was possible I would have done it myself .. .... If ever you Mnr Martin come to South Africa again you have already got a boat to use free of charge .

    90. JordyOnCord

      James is 11 now that I see the height difference between him and her

    91. Chill Hill

      you know he felt bad when she called him bro

      1. Maddox Starns.

        Haha, I hear that from every girl I talk to😂

    92. Q Zrex

      James x Hillary

    93. Michelle Black

      I can’t even catch a five pounder oh my gosh I’m supposed to be fission pros I would I was wrong about you

    94. Joeynichiol

      10:09 James has knowledge 🤣😅

    95. BuckeyeFN

      James be simping

    96. Sam Bossn

      *hillary loses fish* james “nice quick release” hahaha

    97. Xziznoel

      Future champions you just wait and see

    98. Madison M

      I just got into fishing and my mom has been teaching me a bit. And I’ve been binge watching your videos haha. I love how you’re teaching your little girl right! So many parents would rather stay inside and it’s amazing how you go out and spend some quality time with Hilary. I love it, keep up the good work!

    99. Drew Eby

      James the simper 😂

    100. Kristi Sheppard