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    A guy brings expensive Kobe beef burgers to a barbecue and becomes fixated on making sure they’re cooked correctly.
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    Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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    1. Francesco De Zorzi

      0:42 "they are real lean" Oh no, my dude got ripped off, kobe meat is fat af.

    2. Karlen Bell

      This feels like something that I would see on _My Wife and Kids_

    3. Juke Box

      When he flipped the dog over the fence 🤣🤣😂😂

    4. qasax0913

      I love how these sketches get so extreme, so fast. I get so uncomfortable watching them lol

    5. Midnight Bangkok

      no cultured man who eats kobe wagyu beef wears crocs

    6. zeze rubio

      The long nephew qualitatively connect because taurus extracellularly welcome notwithstanding a remarkable larch. nifty, jolly james

    7. WhoTheHellIsJohn

      Not the royal free music in the beginning 😂😂

    8. JunkBoxHero

      How come I can watch 100 K&P vids in a row on KGup but when I put it on HBO Max I lose interest quickly? Am I a control freak?

    9. Minecraft Jesus Gaming

      This is me when I backseat game

    10. A. Hagiwala

      This film makes me hungry. 🍔

    11. Alex Chavez

      Aye RIP 8/24

    12. Ray anansi

      The question is why tf you’re making burgers out of Kobe if you’re that much of a purist 😂

    13. EZYmoney Mike

      BK is always ketchup rapeing my burger...😄

    14. Golden Ace Gaming

      Him tossing the dog over the fence and that little "yelp" had me dying lmao!

    15. NickName 1k

      "you're not worthy" while first picture is his Crocs flipflops

      1. InkTheOne

        ay dude don't disrespect the drip

    16. Troy Hunter

      Can't imagine caring so much about something that people must partake of it in the way I do, or else I won't let them partake. Food snobs are the worst.

      1. da beast

        Either beyond stupid....or made an expertly crafted troll joke 🤔

      2. Raoul Duke

        wow you actually dont get their sick joke about Kobe. You people are truly blind, deaf and dumb

    17. DJ Ž

      Haha R.I.P the mamba but anyone catch that Kobe rape joke? That’s too smooth

      1. toufxwsd duh


    18. Arif

      Unless you are lactose intolerant or something, a burger without cheese is barely a burger

    19. Eliot Ness

      I got a friend just like that lol

    20. jumpieva

      i admit i am kinda the wagyu guy...

    21. Francis Guison

      You're not worth it! LOL. 😄😏💯

    22. Mr Denson

      Watch out, will come back next time with dog burgers '!

    23. Joseph Towers

      This is a miss...not funny at all.

    24. Trashboi Ty 原始の

      Grass cost more than the house lmaoo wtf??

    25. Julius D

      0 investment to get a dog free. Nice idea

    26. JD Smith

      When he swatted the ketchup bottle 🤣🤣🤣

    27. thebionicledude

      Key and peele best sketch tv show ever peeerrriod.

    28. bon2yan88

      i lost it at pacific ocean 1:19

    29. adingdingdiiing

      The weird thing is, I actually know someone like this in real life. Not burgers but steaks. The dude was so pissed that people were putting different sauces on the steak he brought that he walked out.

      1. adingdingdiiing

        @Amoya Zidane I'm not too familiar with steaks but I remember he said something about premium beef from Australia.

      2. Amoya Zidane

        What type of stakes was they?

    30. Zaru

      Rip kobe

    31. K- D.A.Y.

      “...and THIS little motherfu-“ 😂 this was the first sketch I’d ever seen from them years ago and that part absolutely killed me

    32. Don Pearson

      Actual comedy; not like watching SNL and the sham that it’s become. Thank you Key & Peele

      1. Emmy Dubyew

        SNL is so cringe worthy. Not funny at all

    33. James Conder

      DOGE 🚀💎🌚

    34. jordu Bergiboy

      but kobe beef isn't lean at all

    35. ░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂Gous▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░

      Oh thats a cute Dog ❤️

    36. C Ramirez

      why does the shorter one look like the grim sleeper

    37. mal'ak emeth

      tht's how it is ... when you spend THAT much $$$ on something, you best get it the way YOU want it!

    38. John Ortiz

      What is he going to do to the dog

    39. CptObvious

      Not quite what I was expecting XD

    40. B_C_J

      Who else loves Jack Russell's

    41. Cameron Ball

      First mistake was bringing it to the barbecue lol

    42. Furry Rug

      When he steals and throws wee dog over fence 😂

    43. Kay Fields

      Did I just see that? And did he pop it in his own mouth? I’m done!

    44. Steve & Laura

      Pretty cool Kobe got a whole beef named after him #RIP

    45. A Obi

      Kobe and lean in the same sentence though 😂

    46. Dave Nava

      Beef .... wtf....

    47. Ray Barajas

      Dam he those burgers r raw as fuk

    48. terry shalit

      Did he just take my dog?! Best comedic dou since CHEECH and Chong

    49. Tay ching

      lol,I can can relate.

    50. Austin Carney

      Am I the only one who thinks this would be a good commercial for burger meat

    51. JediNxf7 Strikes Back

      35/lb is not real kobe lol

    52. Johan Svenson

      This whole skit was written for the poupon joke

    53. dannomedic

      1:19 hilarious. Guy follows through to bite burger to no avail. 😂

    54. Gloria Cole


    55. lilitha swana

      is he a virgo 💀

    56. NEOL1NK

      I heard once that most meat labeled "Kobe" or "Wagyu" in the west aren't even the real deal which makes this funnier if true. Same is apparently true of wasabi.

    57. shaabo Squeezy

      😳 @1:26 😂😂😂😂 how do you even rehearsed that.

    58. justinrill

      these guys still making videos in 2021??? awesome :D


      In New Zealand all cows and sheep are grass fed

    60. Mythic Real Trap

      Peele was lucky to spit that kobe beef out, is not then he would have gotten abducted by Peele 😂

    61. Amalgamation Prime

      0:00 He thinks he's so high maintenance on how to eat the kobe beef burger, while wearing crocs.

    62. Maggie andme


      1. Maggie andme


    63. Uyi Osa

      Yes, he did take your dog and, there are only two outcomes with that. 1. He does a Heimlich manoeuvre on the dog to recover his burger, if it's the dog's lucky day, or 2. He decides to make multiple burgers right out the dog !

    64. Michael Rainer II

      The dog though 🤣🤣🤣

    65. embrezar

      0:42 "You wanna flash cook those, because they real lean." Incorrect. Kobe beef is extremely fatty. Just to put it into perspective, the giant 5-pound plastic tube (clearly, the classiest of vessels in which to purchase your beef) of the cheapest ground beef in a typical American supermarket is 85/15, that is to say 85% lean 15% fat. Kobe beef is probably around 70/30, so a much higher fat content than the cheapest grocery store beef. But good beef needs fat, and Kobe beef is the best beef, so that high fat content is intentional. I just recently learned about something called larding... look it up. People apparently take lardons, which are strips of pork fat, and sew them into lean cuts of meat so they can have extra fat in them. The fat is a good thing, folks, it gives the beef tons of flavour.

    66. zakir hussain

      Where are the bloody andh bakhts.... Gai hamari mata he.

    67. Ashfaq Alve

      35$ a pound right

    68. Jim A

      lol him throwing that dog

    69. Silas Cochran

      They don't make medication strong enough to fix that that is just too goddamn funny😁😆🤪🤣🤣

    70. Doof Senpai

      Lean Kobe beef? And why would you ground up Kobe beef into a burger? I'm starting to think my man here got scammed.

    71. serious beaner

      Are these New?

    72. KorelichTV

      I wasn't prepared for that final line and just spilled soda all over my monitor. Thanks, Key & Peele!

    73. T Rampy

      Hate to say it but I lost it at "you may as well just poop on that".

    74. Ray Chandler

      lol that guy in orange t shirt tryinna eat and got his tank just out and he snatched it

    75. Luke Ingram

      "this meat, came all the way over the Pacific ocean, by boat! Because, because the air pressure... would ruin it's integrity!"

    76. harry callahan

      Crocs look disgusting and the price of their stock seems rather expensive

    77. Finding A Stranger In The Alps

      I guess they should've had Cap eating a Kobe burger in Endgame.

    78. Antonius Mondong

      " You might as well just poop on that"

    79. Google Sucks

      To be fair making a double burger out of the Kobe beef was disrespectful.

    80. Arthur Donnietello

      They are mad

    81. Christopher Tubbs

      Yo man like that’s how a lot of people are when they bring stuff to an gathering

      1. Joshua Leong

        That’s the whole point of why they make these skits

    82. Arthur Bennett

      I cant breath, he took the dog. I'm dead on this.

    83. Jayme W

      when he came in with the crocks i couldn’t

    84. AK 47

      $35/pound lol where can I get some?

    85. AK 47

      I looked up "kobe beef burger" and found this lol. Wasn't dissapointed

    86. Lil Mane

      when he squeezed it out his stomach💀

    87. goPlay

      That's why I don't cook for people anymore

    88. Daryl Moscrop

      It's scary how funny these are especially when you know what Peele can think up on... should do a horror short followup on this ha

    89. Archibold Patsanza

      Toyota disliked this video lol

    90. LongRange VooDoo

      When he insta-heimlich'd that meat back I cackled out loud like a crazy person lol. That was great.

      1. justinrill

        tossing the dog is what got me

    91. rizzeh


    92. YJK

      Ain't nobody laughin at "charred Kobe" anymore.

    93. Jackie Campbell O'Connor

      Took the dog

    94. Vilezi

      Now we know that not only we should not take pictures of Andre Logan King, but also let him cook his own burgers

    95. sonal mandal

      And now you can see those meat in national museum

    96. Daniel Masis

      The well-made multimedia immunohistologically squeak because pail superfamily ask apud a lamentable algebra. unadvised, aboriginal celeste

    97. XXXkaleb1XXX

      No one gonna say about how he got crocs one with a long sleeved shirt sum cargo shorts and a hat and the fact that he threw the dog over the fence 🤣😂🤣

    98. Cameron Goliath

      Opposite of lean

    99. Drizzy

      He tossed the dog like a bean baaaaag!

    100. Denver Breeze