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    Gene Chizik and Chris Doering react to the Tennessee Volunteers hiring Josh Huepel as their next head coach. Chizik expresses his surprise to new Tennessee AD Danny White bringing in the coach he used to work with at UCF.
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      Heupel leaves and UCF hires an even better coach. Heupel was NOT a good coach. He inherited an undefeated team and made them worse every year. He goes to Tennessee which is under investigation and has tons of problems. Makes no sense. UCF is one of the top jobs in the country right now. That's why Auburn coach said he'll yes

    2. Mac Cregar

      Thank god Heupel is gone...

    3. Chris Jaskulski

      UCF came out WAY on top of the past few weeks... Heupel is hot garbage

    4. Straight Shooter

      Josh will get wins and shut the crybabies mouths

    5. Knight-Time

      Honestly, I’m glad he left. UCF is an easy place to win at and will be fine. We wish him good luck because he is going to need it. ⚡️🔛

    6. Zachary Price

      I love this hire. Vols need offense. Watching that offense the last 15 years makes me want to commit suicide on a weekly basis. Whether you hate TN or not the Sec East is better when Florida, UGA, and TN are good.

    7. Jason Grimes

      At THIS rate they'll be hiring someone else in 2 years. Give guys a chance gezzz

      1. rushevents

        4, max.

    8. Darrell Key

      If the fans will shut up and let him work at making the vols good again i think he will do fine couldnt do worse than pruitt did pruitt was horible

    9. Michael Linger

      Josh Heupel is a good coach, and he has definitely proven to be a good offensive guy. I think he’s a good hire. In fact with the controversy going on you have to be impressed that they even got Heupel.

    10. Ian McGaughey

      Bring in Tom Herman and Gus Malzahn

      1. Debbie Cooper

        Yeah. a loser and a soon to be loser

    11. Alex Grigoryev

      Volunteers are like the stepping stone for my Gators for a easy win I think they volunteer to lose to US every year


      This is called friends helping friends No surprise

    13. Dadson worldwide

      Volz is in no position to complain tbh this is a good grab considering they may be in a lot of trouble and ineligible for bowls.

    14. Lg Mayes

      Something a bit odd about both of these hirings...but we Vol fans are use to lipstick on pigs for football coaches...every 3 or 4 years SMH

    15. KS Sheepdawg

      Oh and guess what, Josh won a National Championship in 2000 as a STARTING QUARTERBACK!!!!! And took a Oklahoma team that was not in the preseason top 25, undefeated. How bout talk about that!!!! He knows how to win. Hope he does at Tennessee!! BOOMER!!

    16. James Smith

      I live in Knoxville and the fans here support this team no matter what the product on the field looks like if they stop filling up that stadium with that God awful orange on Saturdays then the university will take notice

    17. john boykin

      Tennessee problem is phillip fullmer. He wanted the a d job he had 1 coach dismissed because of Penn state scandal, he wants to still coach there, and can't

    18. Arthur Mabee Jr

      I think this was a very unusual hire in getting Josh Heupel within the same tree as Danny White from UCF. However, it did happen, and I think it's an excellent hire for Tennessee. I'm very high on Danny White & Coach Josh Heupel, being a Tennessee fan through and through! I'm very thankful for UCF because they allowed both of them to come to Tennessee. We now don't know what level 1 and 2 violations occurred, however as AD Danny White have said, we will put it in the rear view mirror and move forward. I think more people within the Department know what occurred and the interpretation of them NCAA infractions, otherwise Josh Heupel would not have taken a chance to be placed on that serious of a ban right off the bat? As a head coach perspective, it takes 3 years to rebuild a program, plus not knowing how many scholarships that can be lost due to level of charges levied against Tennessee according to the NCAA Policy! It's harder to do without any loss of scholarship lost, plus what about the possible ban of bowls or even other factors???? I believe there were more questions answered already, versus we don't know!

    19. nighthawk811

      Good riddance!!!!

    20. Spanky McCallister

      Heupels first act is reversing the transfer portal of Guarantano where he can come back to TN and be the starter.

    21. Randy Reno

      I'm worried that Haepel don't believe in defense.

      1. Lucas Sharp

        That’s why we have Kevin Steele

    22. Ryan

      What talent was there... most of it left in the portal. Good luck.

    23. Robert

      They did UCF a favor. Hipple was killing this team

    24. Musical Artist

      This guy sucks. Horrible hire. He also needs to lose a lot of weight.

    25. Randy Reneau

      Empty Neyland Stadium

      1. Debbie Cooper

        NEVER happen!

    26. Brian Hart

      Go Josh he rose the dead in Oklahoma huge fan tennessee is lucky go vols from Oklahoma

      1. MysteriousOklahoma

        Let’s go Vols

    27. Bobby Crumbley

      Well just like the last 3 coaches we'll just sit back and see hopefully HE CAN GET THE JOB DONE. GO VOLS .

    28. Coach Dude

      I really don't see UCF Fan's crying hahahaha Coach Frost was why UCF was going

    29. Richard Brown

      This guy as almost the same potential as butch Jones would be surprised if they win 3 games

      1. Richard Brown

        @Binx 1371 that's exactly what I am saying I don't believe this guy will be any better

      2. Binx 1371

        There will come a day soon when Vawl fans yearn for the Butch Jones days. It's going to get much worse the next couple of seasons

    30. Missile Man

      He might be the "Chad Morris" of Tennessee. This might get ugly.

      1. taz man

        Get ugly! It's been ugly for years.

    31. Walter Shoults

      They act all butthurt. Their quarterback room will be much improved

    32. Travis Battles

      Thank goodness it wasn’t another Alabama assistant. Never again please.

      1. rushevents

        Strange, Georgia doesn't feel that way.

    33. Travis Battles

      I hated the Jeremy Pruitt hire from the start. I think the Josh Heupel hire Is a step in the right direction.

    34. Someguy8047

      Chiez??? Lol

    35. Default Name

      Remember. It is just a game. Knowing how your kids are being influenced by social media is actually important. College and pro sports are not. The type of foodyou are eating is important. College and Pro sports..... Could go on all day

    36. Harold Leach

      Go VOLS

    37. Casper The Ghost

      From a UCF fan, thank you Tennessee

      1. grasser 82

        Why do ucf fans keep saying that it looks like a had good season there except last year?!

    38. Chris Willson

      Ready to drop 50🍔

      1. Massimiliano Giacometti

        @Zane Reese bro we lost 52-14 to Tennessee last time at Tennessee. If we win, it will be our first win at UT since 1983 and I don’t see us winning this year because we are not good enough to win at their stadium. Yes we destroyed Tennessee 34-3 at Ole Miss but we are not as good as 2014 not even close

      2. Zane Reese

        @Massimiliano Giacometti Tennessee will not beat Ole Miss. smh, what a stupid comment. I guess I understand were your coming from, Ole Miss will most likely be losing Jeff Lebby to UCF so who knos.

      3. Massimiliano Giacometti

        @BBG INC ole miss and I am even an ole miss fan as well

      4. BBG INC

        Who they gonna beat ? Lol

      5. Massimiliano Giacometti

        Y’all gonna be ranked

    39. Steve Stinnett

      6 years at $4million a year. If he just lasts 3 years, he could live comfortably on that, I know I could !

      1. BBG INC

        He is set for life , I'm sure there is a huge buyout if he gets fired as well.

    40. ComeOn Man!

      Indisputable proof that Tennessee is now a 2nd rate program.

    41. Mikevdog


      1. Mark Barnes

        Roll tide roll on down the toilet bowl

    42. Beau Cutright


    43. AppStateFresnoStateUtahState

      All that comes to mind is 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

    44. Cory Hilton

      We dont have JG anymore....glory to God

      1. Lg Mayes

        Why did Pruitt keep playing him?¿ money under the table for coach? Made no sense..but does anything anymore?

      2. Money Ray Lucas

        1 million future likes for this comment

      3. Big Ballers

        Harrison Bailey should be the full time QB

      4. ChungusAmongUs

        JG is a great dude. Terrible QB. I Wish him the best at Washington State though.

      5. William Roberts

        I literally stopped watching this year bc i couldnt take it anymore.

    45. josh

      It just happened at florida lol

      1. josh

        @ComeOn Man! who was stricklins first hire?

      2. ComeOn Man!

        Hey genius, watch the video again and listen to Gene’s comment carefully this time. Mullen was hired after Stricklin was there for a couple of years, not after less than two weeks.

    46. Kevin Durham

      We had more of a problem on Defense then we did offense

    47. Billy Cain

      Under this coach Tennessee's offense will kick it into gear they will put up some points not the slow-motion stagnant offense we got from Jeremy Pruitt

      1. Travis Battles

        Totally agree. Offensive minded coach who as actually been a head coach.

      2. Billy Cain

        @NoirXplorer okay we'll just have to see

      3. NoirXplorer

        No, it'll be way worse

    48. Richard Bishop

      To be honest with Tennessee about to be hit with scholarship sanctions and a bowl ban so this is a better coach than they should have expected.

      1. Binx 1371

        Bingo. But Vawl fans are too stupid to realize that


      This guy could really provide some much needed stability and excitement for tennessee fans idk how high is ceiling is but andecent hire

    50. Benjamin Tiller

      When you have a roster with group of five talent, it makes perfect sense to hire a group of five coach so that it can continue to be a group of five level program

    51. BlimpCityFeeder

      As long as McDonald's Green Fries don't result in a 3-7 season, things can improve in Knoxville. I hope Vol fans lower their expectations to beating Mizzou & Arkansas with single digit losses to UF.

    52. Hanzo The Razor

      What did Tennessee fans expect? Hugh Freeze or Any big name coach out there at a power 5 school? Tennessee needs to do a total rebuild. Got to put some shine on the program, but with the NCAA coming to investigate violations it might take several years.

      1. I’m Spartacus

        @Obsessed45 I don’t think he was saying Freeze is at a power 5 school.

      2. Obsessed45

        Freeze is at a power 5 school? Lol. I’d love to have him but he’s got baggage and we need to get away from that.

      3. I’m Spartacus

        @Austin Stiles you were never gonna get Freeze. He was never in the equation. The man got fired from Ole Miss for doing the exact same thing Pruitt did. What kind of message does that send about the Vols program? This was a stop the bleeding hire to save Tennessee the embarrassment of being turned down 10 times like the last time they hired a coach.

      4. Austin Stiles

        I agree I wanted Kiffin or freeze but I’m happy with the hire. Idk why people are mad. I’m not going to judge someone when they haven’t even coached a game yet

    53. Poon Poon Smith

      Gene wanted the Tennessee job.

      1. BBG INC

        He's more qualified than Heupel

      2. Colin Smith

        Yeah but you need head coaching experience 😉

      3. Gaming Dreams

        Gene is a loser

      4. NoirXplorer

        I'd given it to hime

    54. TERRY Powell

      Look on the bright side,if he can win a few games the AD will buy them all some championship rings!!!

    55. Josh Christian

      I think Florida has made a fairly recent requirement for their head coach search. That being the coaches last name must start with an M.

    56. ghogue61

      One thing is certain: Josh Heupel seems to be a hot prospect right now. I think he'll do well depending on how hard the NCAA punishes Tennessee for what the previous administration did.

      1. Fitmikec

        He was maybe 2 years ago. UCF's performance has been trending downward.

    57. Ken Williams

      Another LAUGH! History repeats itself and it keeps getting worse. Shut the program down!

    58. Russell Kempe

      Don't underestimate Huepel. He won a National Championship as a QB at OU in 2000'. He was molded by Bob Stoops to be a winner.

      1. MysteriousOklahoma

        He was the OC at Oklahoma coached Sam Bradford....he needs a good QB. To run the spread

      2. Coach Dude

        But his coaching is not Championship level UCF was the talk of the town until Coach Frost left

      3. Fred Wright

        @Ken Williams easy, fanboy

      4. Jason Haithcock

        Yet, you still misspelled his name. 🤦

      5. Ken Williams

        And almost destroyed UCF in 2 years.

    59. James Campbell

      They could have got Matt Campbell with a five year guarantee.

      1. ghogue61


    60. Lester Combs

      Stay away from those McDonalds bags of money!

      1. Fred Wright

        Ask saban how it's done

    61. Allen Saunders

      Heupel took over an excellent program and the program got worse each year

      1. Matthew Norrod

        They got worse from a perfect year lol

      2. Allen Saunders

        @dsclaiborne31 seems like it

      3. dsclaiborne31

        Welcome to more mediocrity


        Well when u lose a heisman candidate QB theres gonna be dropoff and most recently dealt with optouts and terrible DC in randy shannon

      5. redboyup23


    62. Ariq Noor

      Is Tennessee going to start using their 2-minute-drill offense now? Because that's what Heupel did with UCF. Idk I think it won't work since Tennessee's offense isn't that good.

    63. Randy Reneau

      Tennessee has lost most of recruits

    64. Johnnyboi

      If Tennessee goes 3-9 that’s a good season

      1. RedSkaal


      2. NoirXplorer


      3. Cedric jones

        🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 yup. 🐊🐊

    65. Kenneth Faison

      He is not an Nick Saban assistant and he came from a winning program. He will do well. Just be patient.

      1. Coach Dude

        Winning program that he was sinking Coach Frost was why UCF was good stop playing

    66. Bob White

      Heupel could've been the best one available that would come to ut.

      1. Binx 1371

        @NoirXplorer Honestly they could've done much worse. He at least has HC experience. Vawl fans are delusional and think this is a way better job than it is in reality. Add the pending sanctions and the players transferring and its an absolute dumpster fire.

      2. NoirXplorer

        No, this was a safe buddy hire

      3. Allen Saunders

        No way someone else is better who wants the job

    67. rhrh2025

      He addressed the importance of the "locker room." I've long felt that Tennessee's problems were coming from dissassociation and a lack of togetherness (60%)! 20% from administrative incompitence, and 20% from bad coaching. Pruitt cant coach unless he has the very best players. He doesn't/didn't develop players! We'll see what happens!

    68. LonghornsLegend

      Heupel was getting worse and worse at UCF after being handed the keys to an undefeated program and the top G5 program with one of the best QBs in CFB. He just hasn't done anything but make them worse so what's he shown to handle a bigger program in more difficult recruiting environments.

    69. Sam M

      So, they have hired a coach who took over a group of five team three years ago and that team has proceeded to post a worse record with each year of his time there. Ohhhhh Vols, you do make me laugh. Roll Tide Roll

      1. Sam M

        @Phillip Hood - lol, yup, you're hitting all those tired old cliches. Anything original, by chance, or is "clever" not the word most would associate with you? Roll Tide Roll

      2. Phillip Hood

        @Sam M What about this? Alabubba fans say RT so much because it’s easy to say with missing teeth. Better? Go back to hick school

      3. Sam M

        @Phillip Hood - Weak man, very weak. You need to go back to troll school, lol.

      4. Fred Wright

        @Phillip Hood they end everything they do with it. Creepy really

      5. Phillip Hood

        You gumps make me laugh when you say "RT". Makes me think of marrying my sister!

    70. Julian Rodriguez

      Tbh as a Vols fan idk what to make of this hire. Just need to wait and see what happens I guess.

      1. Steve Holman

        His players seem happy he's gone. That should tell you everything.

      2. No Cap Joshie

        no one else wanted the job. thats what this means

      3. Richard Childs

        Should have kept Butch

      4. Bassdanger

        UCF fan not a good hire

    71. Renegade80

      Lmfao. Heupel you idiot. First time ive seen someone throw thier career away. Noone in thier right mind would go to Tenn right now.

    72. Big D

      It's going to take a good coach and coaching staff many yrs to get Tennessee good again. I wish them all the luck. I believe they were better off with Pruitt and maybe 2 or 3 more yrs.

      1. Odd Arcade

        Just keep racking those NCAA violations up and under developing players baby. Keep it rolling!!

    73. Colin Clifton

      Stricklind took Dan Mullin away from Miss State to Florida. How short are peoples memories ????

      1. Quentin Seals

        Said the same thing.

      2. Johnnyboi

        @Alex de la Osa and Mullen on a whole different level

      3. Cedric jones

        @Alex de la Osa facts

      4. Alex de la Osa

        Stricklin*^^ and he was at Florida for 3 years before he brought in Mullen

      5. Derek Owen Jr

        They’re overpaid man society is messed up in general it’s how they’re conditioned

    74. William Brightman

      About the best UT could do under the circumstances with Probation around the corner and scholarship reductions for at 3 years. No name coach wants to inherit that situation.

    75. Trey Referee 100%

      Cronyism at its finest 🤷‍♂️😏

      1. Odd Arcade

        That's a douchebag thing to say without literally any evidence. Be an adult

      2. Stan Curry

        theocratickingdom30 very true. Happened at UF. Ex miss state AD gets turned down by Chip and frost, then acts quickly to go for a solid guy he knows. Makes perfect sense. It’s a network/fraternity and it’s all about relationships, the entire world is basically like that, particularly these sorts of gigs. Business world same way. Only a total cynic would see that as true cronyism. I like the hire, don’t love it but I’m also not laughing either as a UF guy.

      3. Allen Saunders


      4. theocratickingdom30

        @LaCrux Not when White was turned down by numerous other candidates. Eventually, you hire a guy you know.

      5. LaCrux

        @Terry Williams What do you mean bad take? What Danny White did is the text book definition of cronyism. Lol

    76. Abrar Nasser

      Heupel inherited an undefeated team and made it mediocre. Same old Tennessee coaching hires

      1. Binx 1371

        @Mojo Jojo I remember it like it was yesterday. It was rough. I also remember UT fans being unbearable when they were decent which is why I find the Vawls current state hilarious

      2. Abrar Nasser

        @Mojo Jojo Lmao wasn't even alive in the 90s and very much not a bandwagon

      3. Fred Wright

        @Mojo Jojo bandwagon indeed

      4. 22trem

        @Renegade80 Nah. If anything he just landed financial security for the rest of his life. Even if he gets canned down the road, he'll get a buyout. UCF type of jobs will always be there to go back to.

      5. NRam

        @Renegade80 if anything he made it better cuz now he is gonna be a bigger name but is gonna be terrible

    77. Peter Keigwin

      Tennessee will still never be elite. They better be grateful if they get to 8-4

      1. Binx 1371

        @Johnnyboi You can't reason with delusional Vawl fans

      2. Johnnyboi

        @Odd Arcade I mean I guess 9-4 is elite for Tennessee

      3. Odd Arcade

        @Johnnyboi No UT went 9 - 4

      4. Johnnyboi

        @Odd Arcade yeah they won by like 20🤣

      5. Johnnyboi

        @Odd Arcade you’re saying Tennessee was elite 4 years ago?..didn’t they lose to Vanderbilt?

    78. David Cole

      They are going to talk Positive. But the fact is Huepel took over a team that was undefeated. Last 2 Years his teams record has gone down. He was winning with Scott Frost Players. Tennessee will be looking to make a change in 3 Years.

    79. Oreo Puppy dawg

      Remember, this is TENNESSEE!

      1. AppStateFresnoStateUtahState

        Being terrible for a LONG time

    80. tj byrd

      Will he help Tennessee because they have talent

      1. tj byrd

        @rushevents they got talent at losing

      2. tj byrd

        @rushevents 😂

      3. rushevents

        Where? Your definition of talent is different than mine.

      4. Colin Smith

        No they don’t

      5. Grandpa

        @JBPVFL Gray probably had to leave. McDonald's bags not filled with hamburgers. Oklahoma better check him out. Plus he had only 2 runs longer than 15 yards last year. Tennessee won't miss Gray nor Morris. Lawrence on the other hand hurts to lose him. Gonna be a tough year on defense. On offensive we will average 12 points more per game. JMO