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    America's favorite serial killer Dexter Morgan is back on SHOWTIME® in a new 10-episode limited series coming this fall. Starring Michael C. Hall. Watch the new Dexter Limited Series premiering in 2021. All past seasons now available to stream on SHOWTIME.
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    He's smart, he's good looking, and he's got a great sense of humor. He's Dexter Morgan, everyone's favorite serial killer. As a Miami forensics expert, he spends his days solving crimes, and nights committing them. But Dexter lives by a strict code of honor that is both his saving grace and lifelong burden. Torn between his deadly compulsion and his desire for true happiness, Dexter is a man in profound conflict with the world and himself. Golden Globe winner Michael C. Hall stars in the hit SHOWTIME Original Series.

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    1. Sean Marshall

      You guys realize that this is a limited series, right? This will not continue pass this 10-episode season.

    2. Leonardo Da Kimchi


    3. Jonathan Alvarado

      There’s no doubt that this WILL be excellent. The writers/directors are the same people who made Seasons 1-4, so I’m sure it’s going to have that spark that made Dexter ‘Dexter’.

    4. Jonathan Alvarado

      and i quote “uh …… yes”

    5. leonthesleepy

      Man i hope it does well so the show keeps going, but i would be happy for a proper farewell too!

    6. Trevor Clegg

      Time to rewatch the series for a third time

    7. Grace Juracka

      I heard they were rebooting this and I was bummed because I didn't feel like we needed that. But in this 30 second teaser they changed my mind, now I'm so excited!!

    8. Daimon Atkins

      Will this revival season be the last time we see Michael C Hall play Dexter Morgan? Only time will tell

    9. jyesse ferreira

      Meu Deus, meu sonho se realizou!!! Socorro meu coração até parou!!!

    10. Der Blaue

      ⚰️🗡️🔨💉🔪GOOSE BUMPS🔪💉🔨🗡️⚰️

    11. be great

      Wait so is this going to continue after the last trash season?

    12. be great

      Wait so is this going to continue after the last trash season?

    13. DEPUTY DOG 313

      No kids and no wife this time he needs to focus on taking out the trash, speaking of trash where's he dumping it this time🤔

      1. Daimon Atkins

        Good question

    14. DEPUTY DOG 313

      And he's back😏 I hope they bring this show back permanently

    15. Nihan Yaren

      Dexter Morgan is back...Bekliyoruz Dex..

    16. Gokhan Oner

      Can't wait for more brainstorming stories!

    17. Der Wander Vogel

      cant wait =)

    18. Sarı Özek'li Yedike


    19. Dishant Goyal


    20. taiya’s life.


    21. shoelesblondlady

      I was hoping they would have a season of Ray Donovan vs dexter where for some reason they both think they're right in seeking vigilante justice on one another. Like maybe Dexter finds out about mickeys crimes and tries to kill him but bunchy saves him and the family vs Dexter is on

    22. kathleen aghassi


    23. Cleto David

      Please back soon🥰🥰 Dexter, Harrison, Hannah lovely family 😍

    24. MitchV2

      Omg how did I not hear about this

    25. Oli Delorme

      You already goofed up too much. Zero hype

    26. Srikanth Neeschit

      deadly waiting...

    27. Bukentay Buluiz


    28. Veno 666

      Cant wait to see how this ending plays out. I wasn't unsatisfied with the previous ending. I didnt want to see Dexter die... I still don't.

    29. AlbreshaSkilar

      I CAN NOT WAIT 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

    30. Ishfaaq Amode

      Is that the new dexter season 9

    31. Kostas Georgiu

      great actor great tv show...can't wait...

    32. Rocket Power Not The 90s Cartoon

      Dexter: has entered the kill room That one guy from "You": has died in the kill room by the hands of Dexter

    33. Kassina Huey

      Literally screaming!!! I can’t waitttttt!

    34. Holiday Gaming

      I think about this trailer every day knowing how beautiful it is and now that I am happy that the rumors are all true

    35. Steeltown Canucklehead

      I started Dexter a while ago and just finished Season 8. I'm in pain, but this puts a smile on my face.

    36. youssef tarid

      Im not crying... I swear

    37. Caio Picoli

      é serioooo issooooo?????????

    38. Filiz Tongu

      Oleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I love Dexter..🥂😘

    39. Mario Andres Alba

      Go !!! Dexter go !!!!!!

    40. S cK

      Michael C. Hall can look goofy and scary in a matter of seconds. That man is such a great actor but still underrated in my opinion.

      1. Der Blaue

        I've already noticed that in a few seasons. He can express all emotions in milliseconds. Just genius.

    41. christian schaefer

      i hope mr lumberjack gets back to some serious adventures. a little more gore would be so cool in this.

    42. Made_In_Heaven88

      Tonight's the night 🔪🧤

    43. I drink to that!

      Here’s hoping it’s on the same level as season one and four. Doubt it.. Deb is gone. 😕

      1. Bram MC

        Although she could act as Dexters new found emotions and be like Harry giving him advice

    44. Myway

      Felaket sevindim anlatamam. I am very happy with this news.

    45. Sylvester Quast

      Please don't bring Hannah back.

    46. marc-andre cameron

      Will there be a season 9?

    47. Crazyshanechan

      I'm bout to bust

    48. Zero Suit Samus

      I love this serie

    49. Zero Suit Samus

      "Nobody" movie song?

    50. Catnip Lightpaw

      Is it just me who thinks the song is more important by referencing baby, his baby?

    51. Lorenzo Botti

      Seeeeeeee 😍😍😍

    52. mirairins


    53. woyame1

      Whenever we do a ride-along with that Dark Passenger, it's always a wild thrill. Cant wait.

    54. Manuel Diaz Moreta

      wow this happened on my birthday? best give ever!

    55. Manuel Diaz Moreta

      my life has meaning again :')

    56. Manuel Diaz Moreta

      old habits die hard lol 0:14

    57. Lord Voldemort

      He’s back!

    58. Roman Arzumanov

      Ужимки Девида Суше.

    59. Harry Ho

      Omg don’t know how long I’ve waited for this

    60. Agustín Risatti

      After Breaking Bad, this was the second TV series that I watched in its entirety already 7 years ago. Looks like it's time to give it a rewatch...

    61. Yomi F

      Can't wait!!!

    62. Ahmed Khan

      Chills running down my spine man. This is crazy..

    63. Vanessa Gilliland

      He killin’ people in Ft. Mac now? 😳🤣🤣🤣

    64. Leonardo Oliveira

      Thank you Showtime!!

    65. Shawn Moultrie

      The fall. I'm impatient. I want my fix now! 😡

    66. William Wolfrath

      I don't care if you loved or hated how it ended, I can't wait for this. One of my favorite shows evah

    67. Tony BP

      Not as excited as I would've been if the last season and the finale had been at least decent and not the horrendous rushed crap it was... this feels like a cheap move.

    68. Tom Duffy

      Dexter gazes out the window emotionless...as if he's waiting for someone. In the reflection we see a person on his kill table struggling. All of a sudden Dexter turns and smiles as if he is acknowledging someone just arriving. He said goodbye to his "Dark Passenger" so many years ago and we just watched him welcome the "Dark Passenger" back into his life. Great teaser!

      1. A P

        I know right! Who knows what's going to happen in season 9.

    69. Enzo Francisco

      My guess is he staying with Lumen in Minnesota

    70. Greg House

      Welcome back Dexter.

    71. Tyler Durden

      Hopefully the reparation for the season end of 8 season

    72. Monstrap


    73. Manu

      he didn't age!

    74. Lissy London

      I bet now Michael is HAPPY they didn't kill Dexter off in Quicksand...

    75. Vimal Prabhakar

      Bring Joe Goldberg on your table Dexter..

    76. june.eighth

      That's Michael singing though...

    77. mike carr

      They better have Debra in it. Have her in it like they had his dad in the show. Would be epic imo

    78. Nick DeBoo

      I’m sure this is gonna be really bad just like seasons 5 to 8!

    79. Mr _Malaki

      The first victims should be the writers of season 8.

    80. The OMEN

      have seen how all this is presented through the series! FAVORITE SERIAL KILLER Ouhahahahah чepти еbаные

    81. spearbelize

      I have no idea what the story is going to be about, but it would be really cool if there is a manhunt for Dexter in this final season. Especially if his old co-workers have to help find him.

      1. spearbelize

        @P so far the only other original cast member seen on set has been Jenniffer Carpenter.

      2. P

        None of them are coming back apparently

    82. Carolina Garibay

      I know why people didn't like the ending I felt the same way especially deb's dead and the fact that dexter left Harrison with Hannah that really got me mad, but somehow trying to figure out why this happened, honestly somehow makes senses. A seria killer l can't have a happy ending. Every bad thing like a dead was a consequences of his actions. Harry, rita, doukes, Maria and deb. Also Harrison got almost kill by travis why ? Because of who he is. As much as we love Dexter, in the end we all know he is a serial killer. Yes we all hope he can find happiness because some how he deserves it ,and no please do not bring hannah back she is not a solution she is annoying but let's hope for a decent end. Don't get me wrong I'm happy to see him back but what is a real serial killer ending? Let's see it.

    83. Winter Spirit

      Guy looks like he hasn't aged either I'll miss the Miami but this place looks 🆒️ too

    84. Soli. S

      This is great!! More Dexter. I don't even care how it ends as long as I get a whole season of Dexter. After all, the ending is just one episode. Yaaaay

    85. Evellyn Cardeal


    86. Roberto Lujan

      I can not express enough how much joy i am feeling right now im litteraly rewatching dexter again since a week ago

    87. London Skellington


    88. TheMTrilogy

      YES! YES! YES!!!

    89. Night B o t


    90. Amanda Finger

      Ele tá mais bonito. Aquele último capítulo da série foi uma porcaria, péssimo. Qual a graça agora de fazerem um Spin Off da série, se eles fizeram o favor de matar a principal e mais interessante personagem, que era a Debra? A Debra não podia ter morrido, até hoje não me conformo.

    91. Islem Hamada

      Is this mean there is a new season ??

    92. Max Konda

      I hope he's coming back 😱

    93. Joaquin Rezza

      Fargo vibes

    94. DJ


    95. Eugene

      Hope he will kill lots of people

    96. Sofia Lima


    97. Steven Medina

      I’m gonna give this a chance. But I wish they would’ve retconned at least the last season.

    98. Lanne Araujo


    99. Mikael Harding

      there's a new female lead