Confronting MeetKevin | How He Makes $1,000,000 Per Month

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    Welcome back to the 19th ever episode! This week we have a very special guest by the name of Kevin Paffrath - aka MeetKevin! We discuss important matters such as the Stimulus, Work life balances, and Real Estate Investing. Enjoy!
    Meet Kevin
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    1. Meet Kevin


      1. THeCabin Grower

        Make a OSRS channel... PLEASE!

      2. Sylheti Vibe

        2020 is the year of Kevin. 🐼

      3. Richard morgan


      4. Joseph Jones

        8:11 Kevin is right at least according the Mr. Buffet. "Diversification is a hedge against ignorance" - Warren Buffet. If you know what you are doing, it makes a lot of sense to concentration on a smaller number of stocks; especially if you are a long term investor that can stomach the volatility. But, margins are stupid. Source just in case:

      5. karen lu

        Kevin!! You are so entertaining to watch!!! I need to check out your channel!! I love the way you ramble and talk, and you're such an optimist!! And the way you talk, I can tell you're a genius....if u weren't doing what you were doing, you would be smashing it with anything!!

    2. MadProductions

      Made it to the end; shave 🙄👌

    3. Jose Quiroz

      took me 2 tries but Made it the end; shave

    4. Hustlegod Methodology

      Made it to the end; shave great show my first time to the new channel it was amazing

    5. Fr3nchy

      Made it the end; shave. Love the podcast, But not really a fan of Kevin, I don't know why. He seems like a really nice dude tho and really smart :)

    6. Sean McConachie

      Made it to the end; shave lol

    7. Frank Lowe

      Watched all of it... No regrets at all... 😃😃😃😃

    8. Beverly Beverly

      I made it to the very end ; shave. I loved it!

    9. Agustin Rexach

      Made it 2 The end. Awesome!

    10. Peiyi Wang

      53min: If I only have successes without failure it won’t be as good. Graham’s eyes rolling lol

    11. Josh Martin

      At first, I did not watch Kevin's videos because his thumbnails. With his suit and wrapped car and big oddly colored text. His thumbnails look like he is trying to sell me something. Just like another Guru. His personality is also a little off putting at first, until you get use to it. But his videos do have great value.

    12. VFMatta

      Made it to the very end semi-colon shave.

    13. Sherman Tung

      I love MeetKevin! I think this conversation is a bit awkward because Graham seems like he is almost hating on MeetKevin for loving what he does. He spent so much time on just his work ethic alone... It's almost as if he was saying, "Can you just stop before you pass me up!" hahaha

    14. Khoa Nguyen

      He got sued a few times the he can learn the lesson. Not like him talked "got sued but I learn a lesson from that and I am happy" but after that got sued again. Maybe the lesson from different sues is not the same.

    15. Finanzielle Freiheit in 5 Jahren

      Again a top video, but one is really "funny", there are almost 4M subscribers and millions of investment and nobody comes up with the idea to use a battery adapter to connect the cameras to the power? Fix it! And don't stop making good content :)

    16. With Wilk

      I've lived in both southern France and on the coast in Spain and I do not blame you for wanting that haha it's a lovely lifestyle.

    17. Rohit Pathak

      Made it to the end ; Shave 🤣

    18. Rohit Pathak

      Great video ! Watching it now when TSLA did hit $500 :)

    19. Planeswalker's Stronghold

      Kevin was right, Tesla passed $500

    20. Legola87

      I made it to the very end! Shaved! But wtf Kevin, one horse sized-duck is waaaay more terrifying than a 100 adorable little horses lol...

    21. The Self-Educated Egyptian

      هو جراهام منفسن ولا انا غلطان

    22. Alex M

      Made it to the end; shave. If you had to start from $0 tomorrow where would you start building?

    23. Chris Grundy

      Made it to the end; shave Took two days but awesome video

    24. jeffery W

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    25. Josue Arias

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    26. MULINDA30

      Kevin stay away from this dude he is toxic and mean you no good!

    27. Steven Bouchard

      i made it to the very end shave

    28. Deluxe Massage

      Made it to the end, Shave.

    29. calandoful

      Graham hit the nail on the head with the over analysis and him have an educated audience

    30. calandoful

      Yeah I can agree the comparing thing is so toxic. Growing out of that is freeing for real

    31. byDavid 974

      Madre it yo the end,shave

    32. Tylor Rounsville

      Wow Graham is a jealous little man...

    33. Aaryan Artistic

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    34. Gloria Cabrera

      Made it to the end: shave lol. Great interview

    35. Marc Anderson

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    36. Carter Baron

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    37. Sylheti Vibe

      Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said, "If Adam's son had a valley full of gold, he would like to have two valleys, for nothing fills his mouth except dust. And Allah forgives him who repents to Him." 16:00 I remember this saying immediately.

    38. Senne Van Heghe

      Made it to the end! Kevin should go bald

    39. GlamGoddes101

      What is Graham always looking at behind the camera?

    40. Nic Thurman

      Good video, always good content from you guys. It would be awesome if you included time stamps for topics in the description!

    41. Ryan Daryani

      Graham looks a bit down

    42. Meerim Moldalieva

      Made it to the end; shave, lol

    43. Herman Varg

      Made it to the end Shave ; 👌

    44. Vicente Feced

      If you wanna live in the coast of spain, come to Benicassim mate, is the best hehe

    45. blankety blank

      Made it to the end ;shave. Oh I was gonna ask about the 20 dollar bills lol

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    47. Max Zajdler

      Made it to the end; shave! Can I have a job please Graham ;)

    48. Billy Liapis

      Just made it to the very end; Shave lmao Love the content man, one day i’m growing this channel to a million cause of you guys

    49. everydaypengs

      for someone who traded options for more than 10 years... doing covered calls on growth stock... like Tesla... is the MOST stupid thing you can do... noobs always kill profits too early and hang on to losses for too long... all because of the lure of short term gains... you could have been a millionaire, but you stopped at just earning 10,000 dollars... once you are out, it is difficult to get back in again...

    50. Earthling Gaming

      Made it to the end ; shave

    51. Anthony Joshua

      people are definitely doing better than you think, don't just sit at home and make complaints over bills, the earlier you start thinking out of the box, the better for you, stop depending solely on what you see on youtube, its time you start investing

      1. Rozay Nelly

        @Elena Gomez no details to be left here, just search her up on google, you will see more information about her, and yes i have really made a whopping sum over the past couple of months

      2. Elena Gomez

        @Rozay Nelly Thanks for pointing this out. I usually skip past those since everyone can tell a spam. I want to reach her her. How quickly does she respond? I will be patient though. Also, have you made any significant profit so far?

      3. Emily Franklin

        @Rozay Nelly I have come across this name on countless recommendations, never knew she offered such services.

      4. Rozay Nelly

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      5. Elena Gomez

        @Rozay Nelly Depending on the government is a big waste I think Investments are the stepping stones to success especially if you been guided by a professional Investment Expert, for now i watch KGup videos and i plan of investing big soon but then am on the lookout for a reliable Professional

    52. Red420

      Meetkevin for president 2024

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      Made it to the end ; shave 😂😂 I didn’t even realize it was 2 hours until I was 75% the way through and was like well I have to finish it now 😅

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      Iced coffee hour Video length: 1:56

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      Shout out to splinter cell

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      Ducks are fast they can snatch mosquitos out of the air , id take my chances with those tiny horses

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      i love how candid these episodes are

      1. Andrew Flegar

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    68. Scottie too hottie


    69. sommi

      🧡💛💚💙 Great interview Graham. Some weird commenters are saying that you were jealous or something, but really you are intrigued at somebody who has a different method to you. 🧡💛💚💙

    70. livefast3717

      Does anyone have a link to the shock mounts they have where it just stands up on the desk?

    71. Felicia Tonga

      I love MeetKevin! I think this conversation is a bit awkward because Graham seems like he is almost hating on MeetKevin for loving what he does. He spent so much time on just his work ethic alone... It's almost as if he was saying, "Can you just stop before you pass me up!" hahaha

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      1. The Iced Coffee Hour with Jack and Graham Stephan

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    82. Micah Chiusano

      Graham clearly has such animosity towards Kevin to the point he cant even hide it. His choices of subjects and body language say it all. I mean am I the only one who sees this ?

      1. AlphaReviewer

        For real i was like damn Graham is jealous of kevin by a lot

      2. Felicia Tonga

        I can totally see it... lol Its a bit awkward

      3. Scott Ross

        Totally jealous of his life , work ethic and that he’s catching graham he totally hates it

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      I make $1,000 a month. I should be getting to Kelvin's level soon.

      1. chrishewittpiano

        Kelvin? haha, his name is Kevin :-P

    89. Courtney Garman

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      4. Gary R.

        @Courtney Garman wow that’s amazing

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        These are the kind of things that are elusive in the absence of financial knowledge, jobs will never make anyone rich all one needs to get rich is financial education but unfortunately school teachers don’t teach that in school (because they’re broke too)..

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      Thank you, Meet Kevin and Graham Stefan, for sharing your knowledge. You deserve your success and you are both good guys.