Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (Official Video)



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    Listen to ‘drivers license’ out now: smarturl.it/driverslicense
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    Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing drivers license. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

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    1. Sunny Days

      this song has such a vibe...

    2. Colton Hilburn

      and also your so cute

    3. Ellie Haws

      Why am I here every hour

    4. Maria Perez

      the dislikes are the blonde girls fan's.

    5. MR WhY

      Today KGup recommend something different & amazing, I don't know anything about this beautiful girl...I read comment & I know many things. Love 💓 from India

    6. Liberate Hong Kong Revolution Of Our Time

      Waiting for the writers to fill in with the povs

    7. Ig:itstharathepp_


    8. Colton Hilburn

      love it ive listend to it evry time i get in my car

    9. Jhenny Hinata

      Algum brasileiro???? AAAAAA isso tá perfeito

    10. Kathan Gandhi

      not relatable, i don't have drivers lisence yet

    11. Ellie Haws

      To all the people who are hating on Olivia,stop. She’s only seventeen, she’s not even an adult yet and she’s more successful than a lot of people. Quit hating on someone who is a way better singer, songwriter, and actress than you probably will ever be.

    12. Gopal Singh

      मुरारी की कोमडी

    13. Brooke Montanez

      Day 3 of crying over someone who's 2-D :'>

    14. Daisy 01

      Well Done! Really love this song, I can tell that you have put everything into this. The saying "Blood, Sweat and Tears" was made for you! xxx

    15. Shannon .M. Little

      anyone else tryna not to cry :(

    16. Aaron Govender

      I am a Miley Cyrus fan but this song hit hard.She is a very talented girl she is going to be a superstar.This song is amazing.

    17. kurapippin purakika

      You dropped this 👑 *But it never fell off in the first place :))*

    18. Ersi Cani

      she is the future ariana grande

      1. alexei'

        @Ethiana no, aronola garanading

      2. Ethiana

        No, Taylor swift or lorde

      3. alexei'

        it’s “aronola garanading” not “ariana grande”

    19. Zubia Tahseen

      Its the first time I am listening to her song and I swear its beautiful!

    20. check2121

      This song is technically and entirely poor.. And all these people lauding it. America a never ending twilight zone

    21. 1takea

      This song got me in my feelings i need a girl😢😢😭😭

    22. BBS Supercars NI

      How is she a year younger than me, I'm useless compared to her

      1. alexei'

        @Liberty 🦋 why am i so mean 😔

      2. Liberty 🦋

        @alexei' 💀

      3. alexei'

        yes you’re 😔

    23. Artista mohammad Hasan


    24. Shamia Schneider

      Viciada estou, e não vou parar cedo, não enjoo nunca.

    25. Zoe Music

      IM SPEEECHLESS. My number 1 song

    26. Charlie

      why is every women on earth suddenly listening to this song lol

    27. MSM


    28. Roseanne Park ღ BLΛƆKPIИK

      PLEASE don't give hate to Sabrina. She did nothing wrong and now people are hating on her, because of this SONG. Sabrina is one of the most chill-kind people and it hurts to see people giving her hate. We don't really know if this song is about the LOVE TRIANGLE between Olivia, Sabrina and Joshua, nothing is confirmed. PLEASE stop giving her hate and move on 😭

    29. Inayah Arshad

      Nearly at 1 mil.... you can do this LIVVVVVV

    30. Artista mohammad Hasan


    31. Qauckity Duck123

      Is it going to become a tik tok trend?

    32. Artista mohammad Hasan


    33. Artista mohammad Hasan


    34. Artista mohammad Hasan


    35. Dona Joy Caraos

      Di ko mafeel kantang to wala kasi ako kotse 😂

    36. Artista mohammad Hasan


    37. super star

      wow that's it

    38. Hezrna jolis

      I thought this is Julia's song

    39. Hannah Lupton

      Back here for about the 100000000 time TODAY!!!

    40. KelseySV

      ive played this song way too many times and i am not ashamed

    41. Javier

      Damn I wish I started out as a Disney star to have a career in music

    42. Jodee Gomez

      Idk what’s more depressing,,, this song or the amount of times I go back to this song

    43. Stacey Dixon

      Olivia is Amazing she sings she acts and she is beautiful I just noticed how good of a singer she is she is the best like I remember watching her on bizardvark

    44. Devin De Mel

      Wait what isn't she 17. You have to be 18 to get a drivers license. Lol

    45. Khaoula Brik

      oghnya dlkhra katghni ola katmoti

    46. Timi Lucas

      I also want to be a singer but I don't even have the money to buy a beat. I feel like I'll never achieve my dreams and this haunts me everyday

    47. John kevin Bajaro


    48. Emily Crooke

      omgomgomgomgomg new favourite artist. this song is EVERYTHING

    49. Andrea Simpson

      The brainy alloy controversly cycle because dentist inadvertently wish atop a same bucket. upbeat, stupendous iran

    50. ッ異果【Simp】


    51. Carmen Jose

      this is beautiful i literally am crying :(((

    52. Batool alMajed

      I'm So so sorry Olivia

    53. Angelica Lebron

      i love this song!

    54. Aoxsoi

      Guys sub to her she’s has 2.9m likes and 914k subs GET HER TO 1000000M

    55. Rafaela Tugores

      Such a beautiful voice :) Great composition

    56. Nikhil Swaroop

      I watch this then the reactions of this then back to this. Its been 10 days now. Her voice, the emotion, the production. It's just incredible. Deserves to be number #1. Olivia is a star !

    57. KK’s World

      Beautiful. That’s all I can say.

    58. Jasmin Ahmad

      ive never heard a bridge that hits this hard it’s still stuck in my head after listening to it on repeat

    59. Amber Rose

      This song is amazing I’m literally obsessed I thought she was just an actor on Disney but her talent is just amazing I literally can’t

    60. Amber Rose

      The likes are more then her subscribers om-

    61. Emelia Asimeng

      i used to love bizaardvark then l heard this song and i loved and now i'm almost crying because it's paige and now she's an incredible singer and doesn't deserve this

    62. christina alvarez

      Díselo tata

    63. notorious pandas

      i wonder who’s she talking about?

    64. Shell Corrigan

      Omg it's so amazing

    65. Madeline Dehmer

      Who do I need to beat? Are you okay?

    66. A L

      can't wait to hear this in a movieeee

    67. KANG

      A couples of days ago I watched the first episode of HSM cuz it was a boring day and why not...Today YT made this recommendation and I though Who is this "Olivia Rodrigo"? So I clicked, let me tell you this, this girl has an amazing voice and she is capable of share emotions through it, there aren´t many artist who can do that, I appreciate the minimalist instruments and beats because that was a perfect decision. Bravo! for this song and for her voice portrayal.

    68. Megan Fernandes

      who's here after hearing the track on #tiktok ?

    69. chou jennie

      ended that sad girls music career lol jk

    70. I am not a hair

      Did she write this?

    71. Carys P

      I swear this song came out ages ago but first time listening and I love ut

    72. Mermipug

      Here I am again for the 10th time today. No regrets. My new go to song between online school breaks 😂

    73. Fernanda Borges


    74. emma

      whoever reads this i love you 💗 For those struggling with school for whatever reason it may be: it's alright, everything is gonna be okay. Grades aren't everything, and you're mental and physical state are more important. Listen, take a quick break, breathe, maybe watch an episode or video that comforts you, and slowly get back into working. I believe in you, now go catch up with your work love ❤ ~ For those in a low point: I'm sorry you're going through it bby, I'm sure you're tired :( But that's okay, it's normal and nothing to invalidate nor feel bad about. Maybe it's the pressure of keeping up with school, maybe it's anxiety or depression or something else, but whatever the case may be, please know that everything will go back to normal. It may be a bumpy road back to normal, but it's a road nonetheless. Also, please stay. No matter how hard things get, please stay. 🥰 ~ For those procrastinating: Babes, it's alright. There's most likely a reason as to you doing so, and it's alright. If works stressing ya out, you should take a quick break, maybe get some snacks and definitely water, play some music or comfort videos and get back to work. You got this. 💖 ~ For those who are tired and need sleep: Go to bed. I don't care, go to bed. If there's a really important assignment due in like an hour, do the bare minimum babes, you need rest. If you wanna binge something, go to bed so you can wake up and watch early in the morning. Just tired because of life? Ik bby, but I got you. Here,have some snacks 🍉🍩🍕🥛, now let's wait a bit and go to bed, alright? ✌🏽 ~ For those who just need a buddy to talk to or a new friend: Hey, I'm here :) I hear you, I love you, you're problems are valid and just because someone else problems may seem bigger,doesnt mean yours aren’t❤️my snapchat- @ecollins1354 my tiktok @.emmacollins ~ And thank you stranger for being here, reading this long comment and being alive. I hope you have a wonderful day/night love 💕 - just remember no matter what happens,someone cares about you,even though you dont know it someone does☺️i love you so much and i cant wait to see you reach your dreams ☁️ now,stay on this planet.if you ever need me,my tiktok is @.emmacollins and my snapchat @ecollins1354 remember you deserve the world. 😘 i love you😘

    75. boketto_8

      is it wrong if i cried to this for the first time after listening to this song for like 20+ times...

    76. Altheo Mandar

      "MABUHAY PILIPINAS!" 🇵🇭😇😊 👇

    77. Artark Gaming

      2:26 Absolutely killed me

    78. Ayano Aishi

      this song hits me so damn hard

    79. Makenzie Carman

      The song is so good because the lyrics came from her heart, you can hear the passion in her voice.

    80. callmecai

      42M views...as she should🤠✨💅🏾

    81. Concerned_uchiha

      yall are over hyping this song, i get that its good but its not even on the top 100 charts, so can you please stop saying its #1, youtube and the billboard charts are two diff things

      1. ً

        no one asked you to click on it .... if you think its “overhyped” then stop watching it since ur contributing 😭😭

      2. Concerned_uchiha

        also, this shit is one of the most basic white girl songs ever

    82. Mr.Robloxain

      She said da f word

      1. Mr.Robloxain


    83. Jaemia Rose Gutierrez

      This hits different :(

    84. Janaki chandrabose

      "Getting a boyfriend/girlfriend is like giving them a gun pointed at your heart, and trusting them not to pull the trigger" ❤

      1. Ayano Aishi


    85. arinewsana

      waiting for the comments sayin who is here after 100M

    86. Marlin Alvarado Alvarado


    87. sienna's singing

      Love is harsh 😟💔:(

    88. Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital

      This HIT is going to have 100M views in less than a month

    89. Deborah Aina

      i had no idea how good this would be and i ended up crying omg

    90. Loreen S.


    91. Swimming Paul

      Am I the only one who thinks this song sounds like Lorde?

      1. Zachary Tay

        definitely not! i’ve seen comments abt it too. anyways hi :) I just made a cover of “drivers license” but switched it up....take a listen!

      2. Monkey Revolution

        YES, you are the only one

    92. niya zand

      WARNIND this song has addiction danger I'm litterly here evey hour

    93. Elise Ferguson

      This is my favourite song 🤍

    94. adam

      this song is trash don’t know why it’s hyped

    95. Elise Olson


    96. Emma Wang

      I got an ad for drivers license on drivers license 🤣

    97. Sarah DZ

      Sound similar to kesha song praying!

    98. DarkenGucci

      broke up with my ex, but I more in love with him after we broke up 8 months ago..

    99. AL Garcia

      I am not in a relationship but God I'm so blue know were through but I still fucking love you.

    100. Emma Everything

      I’m so obsessed with this song