This Is What My Dog Does With Hair Clips

Tucker Budzyn

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    This Is What My Dog Does With Hair Clips
    Today Tucker revisited his archenemy....the hair clip! His reactions are always priceless and this was no exception. In this playful round of fluffy golden versus hair clip, who do you think will be the winner?
    What was your favorite part???
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    1. Chatterjee Sutopa

      Tucker himself is awesome. He makes our days awesome. 🥰

    2. Dabbing On the hatters


    3. Morgan Welch

      My cousin and I love your channel! He even named his new puppy after tucker!

    4. Maya

      Tucker is so funny 😂😂😂

    5. Ari the shiba

      So cute

    6. Michelle Clavijo

      Aww Tuckers so cute 🥰

    7. bilinas mini

      tucker is the most cutest thing I have ever seen.

    8. Teddy of the Teddertons

      You got to see my Channel

    9. Marchelle Angeline Caderao

      Omg 😂so fricking CUTE😭

    10. Khadija Amr

      He's so cute he acts like he wants to play when he's scared of it lol

    11. Yashmako

      Gonna reach 3m. 🔥🔥♥️♥️♥️😍😍

      1. bilinas mini

        Dang tucker is thicC and big

    12. Red Fox Gaming - Wildcraft

      Hello TuckTuck I just want to say that your cute and your perfect for comedy shows and yes today is my birthday 1/18/2021 6:09 Pm

    13. dog golden retriever

      I love Budzyn and golden retriver

    14. Bini stha

      Too cute! Waiting for Tucker and Gator’s video 😍

    15. Hey Luna

      henlo everyone! checkout my channel ❤️🐶

    16. Ashritha

      Can you come live pls

    17. iFerg

      Is tucker alive or dead? As on google it says that he is dead? Pls answer me Linda?

    18. Bearcateds

      I love how much you love and interact with your dog. Tucker is so lucky. The best dogs are gone sooner than you want.

    19. amrit prabhu

      Super video 😀

    20. Loreal Sinaloa

      Tucker is so cute

    21. Dana Harrison

      At 0:28 he’s like I see you lol 😂 uwu tho

    22. Red cherry

      How old was tucker when you got him?

    23. Namrata Paruthi

      Hi Linda I recently got a golden retriever so I wanted to know about net you put in the backseat of your car I will be really grateful if u tell me

    24. Shivakumar Kulkarni

      Congratulations for 2 millon youtube Family tuker

    25. chrislo jc O. alvarez

      Dang tucker is thicC and big

    26. Kara Pink baby


    27. Faith Lauren

      I want more videos plss

    28. Vincent Arriaga

      Tucker is a golden retriever, correct?

    29. MAK

      What would this channel become if tucker dies :'(

    30. zax channel


    31. Liz Liz

      Tuckers hair is beautiful and his hair dresser does a beautiful job

    32. Mlp Mysteries

      However many likes this comment gets is how many times tucker said "oh god"

    33. Mary Rodriguez

      T always make me happy 😉

    34. Zackary Moffatt

      Why is rudolph famous when youve got tucker?!

    35. Vinciplazzʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      hEwo I hate hair clips toooo 🖇

    36. Water bottle and a Penny

      “Here before three mill” paper

    37. Azura Loli

      I love you guys

    38. julind uznova

      I love him! He so beautiful 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    39. Melhanye Gutiérrez

      The hair clip: SNIP NAPPPER Tucker: I REMBERS YOU HEKK YOU The human:Do you wanna play or not-

    40. Brianna Iafelice

      Plzz post moreee

    41. Amazing Facts

      You can add a patner to tuker know it will play a lot with it

    42. Amazing Facts

      Linda why your husband not speaks in the video??

    43. Gunjan Agrawal

      My dog runs and bite and plays my dog is crazy he’s even scared of everything but not his toys and people

    44. bilishu aliss

      Tucker is like me when he lays in bed his alarm goes off he shuts it off and then wakes up agin it’s 3:00 in the afternoon

    45. Maximilian Pennington

      *Snot rocket* Foxes: He-He-HE-

    46. Carolina Munoz

      tucker is it dead? the girl: its dead not alive :-[ tucker: WHATT THATS NOT HEKKIN GOOD

    47. Carolina Munoz

      tucker:OH MY DOG

      1. bilishu aliss

        Henlo! 😂💚

    48. flying horse

      Oww my little cute babay

    49. Vanessa Eze

      Rip Tucker I love you

    50. Jisha Chacko

      what a brave dog!!!

    51. Xx_Starberry_MilkxX

      The dislikes where from tucker on different accounts


      How is the age of you golden retriever??

    53. Kennedy Majette


    54. floortje_timmerman


    55. Snowking

      Roses are red violets are blue tucker your so cute!

    56. Snowking

      Linda: come here! Tucker: only if u gib chimken

    57. M Chakri

      Dog:PETS DA SNIPSNAP* Hairclip:ďĕăđ*

    58. Ella Grace



      Hair clip's snap > Thanos's snap

    60. Tula Borges

      love his mush face

    61. Klynx -not IOS

      Imagine when ur wife loves ur dog more than u 😂😂😂😂😂

    62. AASHIQ ACE

      Henlo! 😂💚

    63. Riya Riy

      I like tucker budyzn he is so cute and funny .

    64. Andrew Bevan

      Sooo cute 😍

    65. Andrew Bevan

      Sooooo cute 😍

    66. Catalina Perez

      i am late but he is smart

    67. She should get a rumba and let him see it

    68. Palpi Chulo


    69. Franchesca Bernardo

      No one: Literally no one: Tucker: *kung paw*

    70. Franchesca Bernardo

      This is how many people thinks tucker is so hekkin cute and adorable 👇

    71. Franchesca Bernardo

      No one: Me: *Watch one video of tucker being so freakin cute* Dude imma subscribe

    72. Cat

      I Well Try It. Nope He Eated The Hair Clip :/

    73. Ninja Beastly

      Oh? So your a fan of Tucker Budzyn? Name me all the words that were incorrectly spelled on purpose.

    74. Marian Prabhu

      He is a fluufy buddy to be cudled around!

    75. Doggy


    76. BJB

      I remember the last time you told me a snip snap wouldn't hurt. Will never forgive. Cookie?

    77. Leylani Coronado

      Tucker: hey u alive wake up u shall live The girl: his dead tucker Tucker: WhAt U sErIoUs :0

    78. Pikachu Main

      Hey tucker a tries to get a tucker youtooz for my birthday but sadly they are sold out. So my other wish is for you to say "Henwo freind" In a reply! Love your vids! -your biggest fan

    79. Isaac Potter

      This was posted on my birthday

    80. Hadley Fortenberry


    81. Leslie Graham

      I used to watch you all the time and I'm back I love tucker I just want to crunch his face

    82. Imma bunny loving Christian!

      0:28 his butt is so fluffy 😂😂😂

    83. live like a dog dog love


    84. Arianne Carisse Pineda

      The one add i clicked on purpose

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      Where is tucker

    86. John C

      Hey tucker how big bo you think you are?

    87. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

    88. michelle jensen

      I love their bond, so precious.

    89. M S ANJALY

      Omg im loving thissss Tucker is amazzinggg thank you so much Linda for giving us sooo fun stuffs😂😂😄❤ You are both soo lucky to get each other.

    90. Jordan Ross


    91. Margot Molenda

      I love Tucker so much!🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    94. Tucker is one of the best things in the world

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      Tucker is so cute

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      You are one of my favorite human.... the time you spend with Tucker.. I know.. you are going to heaven.. if not humans' heaven then doggy's heaven...God Bless

    97. PAPET


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      Try where Tucker have 2 or 3 doggos over and then make Among us with them. TUCKER IS IMPOSTER

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      Can you do another sleepover with pearl?