Blown Up Motorcycle Fixed! - 2020 Ninja 636 Stunt Build


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    Blown Up Motorcycle Fixed! - 2020 Ninja 636 Stunt Build

    күнү жарыяланды 9 ай мурун


    1. Kevin Israel Montes Gutierrez

      What beautiful motorcycles, hopefully one day I have one like that

    2. بايكر الصغير

      Sell ​​me $4000

    3. Ramel Montilde

      One of my dream motor bike ..ihope someday my dream come true huhuhuhuhu ihope from phillipines salute


      I have the same blue novo2 lmfao. There fucking invincible

    5. Henry Rouland

      Pumpkin bike

    6. Dice

      I want those plastics mixed with the green it looks savage 🏍😍

    7. kevin bailey

      Bike looks fire, good shit

    8. LRT Gaming

      whats the intro song ?

      1. LRT Gaming

        Dw ive found it its Marshmello - Find Me ( Trap Remix )

    9. Tequa nV

      What kind of bike do u have

    10. Brian G

      What’s up bro do you know if a 09 Kawasaki ZX6R needs an adapter for the stunt cage??

    11. Logan Sewell

      I love this channel

    12. Interesting View

      All the dancing around on the bike while you wheelie, is like driving a car while putting one foot up. It basically does nothing to make it more difficult. I can do a wheelie while chewing bubble gum. It's my signature trick 😂

    13. Jayden James

      How old are you

    14. J4sm

      The zx6r should be called gatorade because orange and green

    15. MotoNick

      Yo bro just picked up a f2 doing a street fighter and stunt bike outta it already stripped and have a cage on the way but it’s hard to find parts any ideas!?

    16. Floppypancakes

      Terrible drone shot bro gave me a headache

    17. Quick Rider

      The beggining gave me anxiety

    18. Toon matt dillin

      Never ride a crashed motorcycle mine pulled to the left and got speedwobble at 125 real bad

    19. Ryan Elmer

      (I’m not a bike mechanic! I’m a regular mechanic!!) but don’t those bikes have sumps? If so won’t the wheelies cause oil starvation and cause the bikes to blow?

    20. Dowling Keegan

      I haven’t watched you in so long

    21. Court Epitaph

      hey dank i don’t understand a lot about suiting but why do you have 2 levers on your left side?

    22. Subsonic Tronix

      Lol Mike sounded like Zohan when he started talking at the end before the evil laugh. 😂

    23. Trix_Agar

      Whats the camo thing called on his tank?

    24. LifelessAtlasGaming

      Does it still have the same kleen air mod? Do you think it may have been the kleen air mod that blew the engine. I want to do it, but I’m not sure if it’s safe to do so

    25. James May


    26. Jack Hurlbut

      SQUID ANNOUNCEMENT: Just went down on my 2019 zx6r unplated uninsured rear ending car after at 70 just like Dank fucked his zx6r. Flew over train tracks (reason for stop) and flew over the bars mid stoppie and crossed in front of a freight train. Train stopped and I hopped on when it had to start going again and left the totaled twisted kawi bleeding out in the street. Torn acl but made it home via local WRX driver to home. Give likes so dank can see before I go back to the joint

      1. kevin bailey

        Damn hope ur good, tht suks

      2. Plays Smart

        Brad Greenley Jail my guy

      3. Brad Greenley

        The joint wym ?

      4. Subsonic Tronix

        Be safe brotha, glad you're okay. Bikes can always be fixed and bought but we only live once. 🙏

    27. kingofdoggos

      Hey you know the grom from that video send it over here

    28. Levi Atalla

      At 3:38 it looks like a crappy ebike

    29. Anil T.V

      So what's up with bike was the frame bent or the suspension (front fork)bent?

    30. no no

      Rip Christian

    31. Banksy

      Are you making motorcycles

    32. Banksy

      I have a question what work did you do

    33. Steven H

      PLEASE for the love of God fit a dry sump system

    34. Vincent

      Keep it mellow is your best into on god.

      1. Vincent


    35. Giant Squid

      Gangsta gibbs

    36. Sxber Z

      I think dsnk has turned into zackgoes when it comes to uploads if you watch zackgoes you'll know what i mean

    37. Adrian Zayas

      Hey man love your videos keep up the good work showing good vibes like if u could put music and cut music out like back and forth cuz I like to hear street bikes like you know what I'm trying to say put music in put music out where you hear the street bike I love the sound two bikes I love it but love you videos Man I'm a new subscriber

    38. Sarah Foster

      Hey, even though I dont ride or anything can I still win giveaways or do I have to ride to win?

    39. James Harmon

      What’s up Dank!! How funny you’re going to another Otown ride, I was just watching the one you posted in 2015. I was thinking maybe you should repost the 2015 Otown ride and your King Of The Streets vid as well!!! Show the new people the good stuff they missed bro! Be safe.

    40. PUBG NOOB

      that bike is lite

    41. Maddox Donnelly

      Can I ride with you some day I’m bored

    42. Joshua Davis

      Dank plz do another indian bike review. Love your vids bro dont ever think ur subs take it for granted.

    43. Dumbsterr Child

      What is the slicker on his tank

    44. Mason Freeman

      Hey man I’m a big fan and your tint guy said he would say hi


      Bro Them FPV shots

    46. Cameron M


    47. myenamesbacon

      Dank wheely just casualy walking his bike

    48. Takashie Gaming

      I want to convert my 6r like this want to get the after market parts that ships across the globe especially India.

    49. Takashie Gaming

      I want to contact u for business purpose.

    50. Ya Boi Eric

      This man is a legend

    51. Dirt Rocket

      Love the vids dude you made me make my own motovlog channel I hope I do well

    52. Shadow _Myst

      Yo props to the drone flyer jesus

    53. leticia ortin do grau

      Assim que eu gosto grau

    54. Dylan Wortman

      Glad to see it’s fixed!!

    55. Joey Tura Iv

      Hey I know you’re never going to see this comment but if you do hit me up I recognized a background from one of your videos the one where your bike died you live in the same town as me I would love to get a couple pictures with you

    56. Josh Marrero

      Back in business son keepin it dank

    57. Hi

      Love ur vids and I have a suggestion I want to see all of your interactions with police

    58. codycat91

      Are those Ninja decal overlays on your tank? Where'd you get them?

    59. Hamad jassem

      Cukur her yerde

    60. s e

      I love the new colors on the bike it looks mint

    61. Tyler Smith

      Got my stunt sprockets in the mail for my 650... So hyped

    62. Tony H

      The ending lmao

    63. pappy notpapi

      Bike started playing tag😭😂

    64. Ribalder R

      Bro- always losing ur shit. get a Helikon possum "waist bag". amazon. lots o coolio designs. oh, an a metal wallet. update yus shit man, an stay DanK doin what u do-

    65. Kamyab A

      Dude I just heard you went down in Chicago today, hope you ok wish you all the best. 🇺🇸🙏

    66. Alan Sedov

      Кто русский???

      1. Alan Sedov

        Подгоните один мотоцикл по братски

    67. boyshockz

      Yo bro I hope u see dis I wanna start to learn how to ride so idk what bike to start wit

    68. StreetLegal vlog

    69. Declan Brocious

      Are the forks still good on the 2020 that you got the engine from??

    70. John Smith

      Squids at play......cute.

    71. Jayden Floyd

      Bruh was just taking his pet motorcycle on a walk in the beginning

    72. Marissa Lucas

      I have a 06 636 that I'm trying to stunt out. What was the first thi g you changed on the bike?

    73. Yung gokart

      Glad to see she's back

    74. MG137 666

      @keramrapsag:petrol makes people acted like pets and and I hope God gives you all petrol and diesel engine to drink like a dog jfjdjdjdfjffjfndbddhdjdf

    75. Timo geht steil on his bike

      5000likes you are te best

    76. Dollar store frosty

      Anyone else miss the h2

    77. Bryce Slepsky

      What bike is it

    78. Trisha Mercer

      grom ride w me and brian 636? hood eats :D

    79. Hydro

      Now go the other way

    80. Brandon Warren

      wanna sell that 2bros slip on? lol i cant find one anywhere for my 2020. guess covid halted manufacturing or shipments

    81. Renina Trimble


    82. SURESHOT

      Idk if this is crazy to simp for a bike lmao 🤣

    83. Its Frosty

      Are you doing any giveaways for any of your bikes

    84. King Exploiter

      Blew up due to pressure build up from the intake taking in to much air.

    85. Ꮪgk23 Tv. NETᏔᎾᎡK ✅🎙

      Dope! I like the orange. & I like the purple joint too. 💯. Any recommendations in Vegas?( custom shops,mechanics,parts,ect? Highly appreciated if you have any knowledge pimp). Ride safe Peace n blessings.

    86. XxPUNISHERxX

      10:03 music off GTA 5 !!

    87. No oB

      if anyone can help me.. please mail me.. a sall ammount you give to me.. it will really helpfull for me :(

    88. No oB

      i want to buy a bike... but my family doesn't bear that amount to give me a bike.. so can you biker's help me to buy a bike?? i love ride :(

    89. Israel Orr

      Hey dank! (Or anyone that can help) i just got a crf250l and when i shift from 1st to second, it drops back into neutral almost immediately. Not sure if its my footwork or if im letting off my clutch too soon? Heeeeelpppppp Ive been riding for about 2 weeks

    90. Gabbriel Rivera

      Nice save

    91. Blitz

      This makes me want to finally throw back together my R6 that has been sitting for months unfinished.......

    92. james Yager jr

      Lol bright orange beautiful bike but cops find you so easy

    93. J Y Entertainment

      Get better soon!

    94. Kaden Sanders

      Y'all are buying motorcycles and I still haven't gotten a dirtbike that I've been wanting for 4 years

    95. Saeed Alqubaisi

      Whats the name of your motorcycle

    96. PentaNinja 23

      The person on the grom is a legend for riding with ninja 300’s

      1. Daris Abazi

        .wze day

    97. [CULT]_Inspectah_Chill

      SHE'S BACK!!!!!!

    98. tupac shackur

      Dankwheelie where is Betty white

    99. Kobe Moose

      Joker bike

    100. josh ramsey

      I heard you went down hope you're good bro