Switching Houses w/ MissRemiAshten!!


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    Today we're switching houses with my queen and bff missremiashten! Who else should we swap houses with next? Watch Remi's vid here: kgup.info/get/hKNoh37Pg4Sqno8/video xo -Alisha Marie VLOGMAS MERCH: shopalishamarie.com/
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    1. AlishaMarie

      the house swap series is back...who should i swap houses with next??? xo -alisha

      1. It’sTK_Plays

        swap with NIKI

      2. Indie Tik toks

        Nikki Demar

      3. Indie Tik toks


      4. Indie Tik toks


      5. Indie Tik toks


    2. Marie Aviles

      HHahaha this was funny

    3. Mary Charlotte

      ALISHA your hair looks super good with the crimp!

    4. Dayna Gronback

      u should rate Natalies Outlet she's pretty famous and her full name is Natalie Alzate.

    5. my life


    6. Kailah Situ

      I’m laughing so much from this I loved this video

    7. hunny_dewww


    8. Maddy Freeman


    9. Saige on stage


    10. Irit Hod

      'Hello world" I'm awake.

    11. Pink Bunny Playz

      Your singing is actually really good

    12. Plushyxbee Plush

      8:39 someone tell me why her voice is so GOOD

    13. Harmony Heart

      Is it trendy now to get a second dog to replace the first one? Also I don’t think Chloe appreciates being called a bish all the time. Call Ro a bish too.

    14. Izzy Baek

      remi: chanel alisha: walmart me: dollar tree T-T

    15. daisy cleboski

      No one: Alisha: oh not my bruise

    16. Josie Farmer

      You should totally swap houses with your mom.........

    17. emma. bruh

      My personality is definitely Alisha but my house is Remi cuz I love cleaning and having everything EXTRA organized, but I still clean everyday

    18. Fawzia Rahman


    19. homie omi piersma

      You should do a switching houses with Niki demar

    20. Ruby Dupre


    21. enny david


    22. Awesomeness :)


    23. Just Now . Pk

      Any College Students Here

    24. jesslynjejeh

      does anyone know ashley's jeans in this video? so good!!

    25. Jaelyn Steuer

      Why is Alisha actually so good at singing.

    26. Chessie Boissier


    27. Jagriti Nambiar

      i loveee this

    28. Vidya Jaiswal

      All the indians would relate that Ashley looked like poo from k3g

    29. Joelle Lee

      real female friend tell each other everything about their guys friends or boyfriends

    30. Becsh

      So...... Can I please house swap with you 🏡 cheers thanks bye

    31. Bella Duarte

      When alisha drank the coffee it gave me emma chamberlain vibes bc of the sound effect

    32. Hana

      999,888 views LETS GOOO!!!

    33. manuusaez


    34. Lauren Lindorff

      momo !!!!

    35. KeepingUpWithHaylee

      When Ashley asked does Remi have popcorn Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    36. Uchechi Egbuchulam

      The music selections in this video are iconic... BSB, Britney, Hannah, "He Lives in You" from the Lion King on Broadway!!!! Chef's kisses

    37. Salvatores’ wifes

      ok but where did she get all those sunglasses from!? serious question

    38. Salvatores’ wifes

      ash is just a mood in this 😂

    39. Munchin Danni

      So in love with your videos!! You are literally true inspiration and I honestly look up to you!! Thank you for being so humble and honest and bringing so much joy into my life with your videos! 🥺❣️‼️

    40. Ece

      I don’t think a video has ever made me laugh this much 🤣🤣

    41. Nyah Evans

      This is honestly one of my favorite videos ever😂😂🥰🥰

    42. Danielle -

      Cal seemed more fun in this video compared to the vlogs lol

    43. Adore Seakatsie

      Is it me or did y'all notice that she lives in the same area/estate as james charles

    44. Kris Stojanovski

      this was absolutely mental and HIGHLY entertaining

    45. Jocelyn Escalante


    46. elshaddai

      momo 🥺

    47. Maxine Wilkins

      momo 🥰💕

    48. Rosie88

      Please please would love to win been having a ruff time this year Instagram Rosie88z

    49. Chelsea Putnam


    50. Michael Constantinou


    51. Myrna Hochkeppel

      This was the funniest video I’ve ever watched in my entire life🤣🤣 thank you, thank you so much🤣🤣

    52. Bailey Ison

      I laughed so hard I literally can't breathe!! 😂

    53. Sofiya I

      Cal just casually watching Cody lmao

    54. Breanna Lee

      Cal’s gonna be like wtf did I just walk into🤣

    55. Brown Is The New Beige

      Does anyone else think Cal kind of looks like Charli Puth hahha

    56. Rhea Yelena

      The video 🙌🏽

    57. Humble Hannah

      the way she was like, “wut” i freaked out😂

    58. MissMaris

      I’ve only been iced once but I’ve seen a couple of icings before. If you asked me 2 to 3 years ago I would be completely clueless. That is called growth LOL

    59. star


    60. Laurah Absten

      This was too good! Love the new editing and vlog style. Good job!

    61. lex

      This is the best video 🤣🤣🤣

    62. XOX SamanthaPlayz XOX

      I got your ad I’m your video lol

    63. Life with Nicole

      Cal: “I didn’t get a text I swear” Alisha “wut” 😦

    64. Life with Nicole

      I love how they all felt so Bougie in Remi’s house 😂😂

    65. Geordie Russell

      remi watching this: *oh my*

    66. Jocelyn Perez

      One day I accidentally came across a video of young Alisha Marie charging her phone with a orange and the rest was history

    67. Georganna A

      you should switch houses with tk!!!

    68. Shivani Gogar


    69. Cordelia Shaffer

      It's crazy the difference between this video and when she switched with Lauren no hate to Lauren and Alicia's relationship but I love how Alicia is just like you know trying on the Cartier rings and such and Lauren was afraid to eat a pack of fruit snacks

    70. Kanise Official

      Not yall talking in a blaccent🥴🥴.its the black slang for meee

    71. Keira Kennedy


    72. Marika Deschenes

      So freaking nice of you!! I found your channel 6years ago throughout my recommandation I think it was an haul. Since then i never stopped watching your vids🤍 Thankyouuu for everything!!

    73. Caroline Raymond


    74. Shiv

      lol this was so funnnnnyyyy! but lowkey did --- before this? Cause she was really LIVING. lol

    75. Gustavo Armenta


    76. Charmaine Franzsen

      Swap house s with alisha marie

    77. Ava Lynn


    78. Maria Gamon


    79. Krystal Marie

      The thumbnail of Alisha is ....

    80. Isabella Eva

      All the doggies😍😍😍

    81. Isabella Eva

      Awhh I love this!!💕💕

    82. inseeyah Dsouza

      Instagram: Dsouza_girl_

    83. Sarah Auldredge

      Love that Cal is watching CODY KOOOOOO

    84. Gabri Del

      Momo! Always read the description 😁

    85. wnnalis cioov

      i watched it three times

    86. Naomi Oti

      Not them screaming about smirnoff ice thats like literal juice😭😭😭

    87. briana morales


      1. wnnalis cioov

        ok why does cal give me fun uncle vibes 😂

    88. Vera Yuki

      video naon ieu teh

    89. Jos Miriam

      I bet you guys hab just started a trend of iconic friends swapping their lives !!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    90. Danielle's vids

      I love this video the fashion show is everything!!!!!!💕

    91. Filip Trajkoski


    92. Manya Venkatesh

      I love your videos there always making me laugh

    93. Itz me_ Annieシ

      I think he is tired of you 😂😂😂

    94. soha sanghani


    95. Laine Jones

      if THE alisha marie is walmart.... then what am I?????

    96. Maddie Czar

      Can I just say this has been one of the most genuine videos you have posted and I am obsessed!! You outdid yourself!

    97. Janene

      Ashley singing and her eating Remi's cereal TOOK ME.. xD

    98. Caroline Kross

      yessss i'm in love with this vid

    99. Curiosidade e sua origens


    100. Elysia Choudhrie

      If Alisha's walmart, what the hell am I?!!?!!!?!!!