What I learned from going blind in space | Chris Hadfield


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    There's an astronaut saying: In space, "there is no problem so bad that you can't make it worse." So how do you deal with the complexity, the sheer pressure, of dealing with dangerous and scary situations? Retired colonel Chris Hadfield paints a vivid portrait of how to be prepared for the worst in space (and life) -- and it starts with walking into a spider's web. Watch for a special space-y performance.
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      What he’s blind now dang

    2. Pune Consultancy

      The child that imagined space shuttle in scrap packaging box, made space travel in reality !! Inspiring speech!!!

    3. Mysti J Kissler

      Thankful to hear him perform Space Oddity.

    4. Josh Lowe

      Chris Hadfield just cured my arachnophobia.

      1. Username

        really? how?

    5. Camden Gillespie

      Chris is a legend

    6. Cathy Can

      I don't know who he is but the he explains things us is really incredible.

    7. Saladmander !

      Did not know he could sing / play guitar

    8. Malte Christesen

      This guy either is a MK Ultra victim or a satanic liar. The earth is flat and stationary.

    9. Eduardo D'Antonio

      Chris Hadfield: Renaissance Man🌟

    10. akaB a m'I

      I learned more about spiders, than about spaceflight.

    11. Jacky boi

      The more you know the less you fear

    12. I often argue with idiots.

      He sings really well.

    13. M Mili

      Me hubiera encantado estar allí, excelente

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      2:21 hits way too close to home

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    18. Dawn

      The danger is different than the fear

    19. itamarnativ

      When he said “or you die” he wanted the audience to laugh

    20. CateDoge


    21. djazheel94

      I cried twice while watching this video, It really touched my soul. Watching earth from outside and we are people not machines.

    22. Andy Lee

      yo he is the masterchef dude

    23. Dr WN

      I love science. What are your thoughts on the idea that science subjects like Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geography are virtually a study of God Almighty, our Creator? According to Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

    24. kenny brydges

      Brilliant ;-)

    25. Nadia Gandar

      I literally just started to commit to getting over my fear of spiders while simultaneously doubting all my future plans because they might be dangerous... I’m going to take this video as a sign to stop doubting :)

    26. lxdimension

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      I was really relieved when he said there aren't many poisonous spiders in cold regions, then I remembered I'm Brazilian.

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      This guy seems like he would be a good astronaut he should go to space

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      Spider: Please dont walk through my web, I just made that

    34. guillerme gracioli felix da silva

      What's the name of the song ?

    35. Nobi FN

      *Gets Blinded in one eye* "Ok im blinded" *Continues to Work in space like a boss*

    36. Адым Темучин

      Güzel konuşmaydı.

    37. Marc Mitchell

      fake fake fake fake

      1. Jedi Master Mario

        real real real real


      He is the guy that take video at space


      WoW WoW WoW

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    47. William Bisch

      1:08 I love how he thought this would be funny but the crowd had no reaction and he had to hold back a laugh For the record I thought it was hilarious

    48. Athul Kurien Oommen


    49. Russell Dean

      I wonder if his moustache is aware of how cool this guy is

    50. Deizaire Jean Rosny

      That 's great many people doesn't have to live your experiments.

    51. Marcelo O.W.

      Amazing stand up comedy. Amazing actor....And the Oscar goes to .....Chris Hadfield. . hahahahaha.!

    52. Agent Sheenx

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      Sorry bro, but im perfectly fine keeping my cave man reaction to spiders.

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    56. Toasty Scoot

      There’s a difference between the most dangerous thing you have done VS the most dangerous thing you’ve taken part in. One relies on your ability strictly, the other relies on other circumstances. Frontflip barspin on a scooter across a wooden box jump was probably the most dangerous thing I ever did, and I do it for fun, but driving a car is definitely the most dangerous thing I have participated in and I do it just for work. In my opinion, it’s more dangerous when you have little to no control over what’s happening (I.e. me out on the road or you floating around in space)

    57. C M

      and to think that there are people who think that the earth is flat

      1. Mohammed Ubed

        They are still herebin comment section

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      1. Robert Eggenberger


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    61. KIWI FOX

      I want to buy this man a capri sun bag of coffee and just tell him he is an inspiration in nearly every way. Astronaut, exceptional public speaker, fantastic storyteller, musician, charismatic, handsome, stylish, funny, charming and utterly captivating. Mr. Hadfield if you ever read this... I like ya cut G.

    62. Goodzone

      This is a kind of man everyone should know about as he's a real hero

    63. Prakriti Shrestha Luijckx

      🙏🙏🙏 giniuen man .

    64. Odiee47

      I fear not

    65. Scorpoj

      he isnt blind tho???

      1. Scorpoj

        @Lord Husky didnt ask

      2. Lord Husky

        It was a temporary blindness due to the oil and water mixture used for the anti fog, if you had watched the video he would have explained it to you.

    66. Karin Liane

      I can Only agreed with Your Commentar Let the Aliens study Humans and Starting to Wonder about all of us. 💅🔥💅💌🎷💌💅🔥💅

    67. Original Biggzzz

      Rah go ahead and change the words to the song

    68. Crimnox

      we are both humans, and we are also the universe experiencing itself. we are all, a collection of dead stars. let us honor the stars for burning brightly.

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      Intelligent, Brave,Astronaut and Musican

    71. The Art Of Pixels

      Humans are proud of this guy.

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    73. Richard H

      We really don’t need to know that! A waist of money 💰 sending you on that free for you , carnival 🎡 ride! Now get out there and get a real job!!!

      1. Gabriel Mulamba Jr

        @Richard H wtf is wrong with you


        @Richard H they are doing research lmao, they are learning how plants and food can grow with no gravity.

      3. Richard H

        @ATHARV KAWLE There are those who work hard 😓 for money to feed their families and provide a home 🏡 burden with mortgage 💸! Taking from those who work and give it to those who can work but won’t work! One plant 🌱 and another eat! Nothing left for infrastructure! Money 💰 payouts to other countries! “WE “Then you have those who are shot into space no place to go?? Just to tell me it smelled like burnt stack! Hay devil 👿 give your head a shack ! GOD knows payday is coming! Justus will be served !


        We aren’t sending that money into space... that money gets spent and goes right back into the economy. “ Now get out there and get a real job!!!”. Awww is someone mad that these people do much more than you?

    74. Kyle Campbell

      He was a keynote for a show I did a few years ago. Was one the best speaker's I've worked with. And the shuttle launch he requested basically crank the sound system to give the people the experience.

    75. Gerard Ligonde

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    76. Henry Morgan

      Me here in Australia listening to him talk about spiders

    77. AmbruLink

      This will stay with me for the rest of my life

    78. Honey Mae

      I’ve met him and he is one of the nicest guys ever

    79. Panashe S

      cave man reaction 😂😂😂💀 guilty asf

    80. Dean Dreisbach

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    84. Sgt.Monkol Photakul

      Hi 24/02/2021😁🙋

    85. Louise Johnson

      My mother was bitten by a Black Widow spider. She was walking through a field in Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia. It left a nasty wound on her lower leg. She had a nickel sized scar tissue indentation on her leg for the rest o f her life. I wish she had known how rare it was.

    86. Fairytale world

      Big fan❤️

    87. premeditated roadkill

      as someone who is scared of virtually everything in life, this is something that i needed to hear. great message, great man

    88. Void Cheque

      I keep wanting to call him Chris Redfield lol

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    91. cupiddstunt

      Love his descriptions, I felt like I could feel, taste and touch things I have never and will never ever experience.

    92. Max Hammontree

      I’m gonna go ahead and never intentionally walk through a spider web.

    93. corteltube


    94. robotmad

      Pure legend !

    95. minimalist1807

      he is still blind...selling nasa prooaganda people even dont understand them anything,not a word, its easy to manipulate mass than small groups of intelligent ones.. clap you stupid..,

    96. benicio moran

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    97. Joseph Seabourne

      1:08 I love how he says that.

    98. Arda Danış

      He was a very brave person.

    99. Will Deeny

      “Walk through every spiderweb you see” Spider cries in hours of hard work

    100. earthling

      I wonder what the flat earthers say about all the nasa videos that this guy is in