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    1. Dilomgir Siddique

      He's a real good story teller

    2. Lady Kat

      omg i loved it, i want more

    3. DroppinCash420

      I REALLY love the sound bits that were put into the video! Great idea whoever came up with that one

    4. Portuguese NPC

      jezzs i can see tom is a fun guy to hang around ahah... and boy this story gave me goosebumps...

    5. mark v

      totally believable bro, because I have had it happen to me, just not at Tranquille...

    6. Joseph Morley

      Cool story, very entertaining

    7. Colton Zabel

      Maya calendar wasn’t wrong. Their calendar just ended, and some archaeologists misinterpreted what that meant. That’s all.


      What happened to the $1200 light lol

    9. Tyler L. Gibson

      so what video was the shoot for?

    10. Neil Jackson

      Great story!!! You ever thought of doing a podcast telling ghost stories? Sign me up now!!

    11. Big Jay

      Tom is super-talented at everything he does

    12. Mel Ward

      We definitely need more of these 😍🙌

    13. Lorna Lmmb

      Your awesome at story telling bro!!

    14. BrosBeVlogging

      Dude I just finished watching this and holy f*ck! I freaking love Tom! This guys bad to the bones cool and hilarious!!!!

    15. Kelsey Mahaffey

      Please do more ghost stories.

    16. Jason Forrest

      Abandoned next to a working airport.

    17. bluejeanblues

      You are an amazing story teller! Love it

    18. duncannish

      I live 15 mins from there, hit me up if ya wanna go for a tour again 🤣

    19. QuietGuardian

      well i know my next road trip to scare my friends with lol loved the story glad your safe

    20. David Olson

      He needs to take off the grills

    21. Joanne DeVellano

      That’s messed up man! What a trip! Good story Tom LOL 👍🏼😂🇨🇦❤️

    22. Caleb Smith

      Fucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk that

    23. Aubree Leeann

      When he said no signs of life, I went to an asylum that's still open in chattahoochee florida. No squirrels no birds no insects. It was dead silent. and I just knew bad things happened there :/ I felt him throughout this video.

    24. Chris Lehman

      "Sound familiar?" 🤣🤣🤣

    25. Jeanette Gonzales

      Awesome story! Take me next time...

    26. James P

      You gotta do more of these bro



    28. Wolfer_Xx

      That place is called the catacombs

    29. Robert Lefler

      Duuude. Caraazy

    30. nise 52

      You got a gift.

    31. Some One

      At some point this is what you sound like to me when you’re yaking.

    32. Phry Guy

      I want more of these

    33. Jacob Aldrich

      😂😂 we need more please please

    34. Susanna Hill

      Did you know when your hair stands up on the back of your neck, it's actually your body trying to look bigger because you feel threatened. Pretty crazy, I just found that out.

    35. Kantb Tamed

      Tunnels is how they transfer the bodies. This story is just too spooky Idk.

    36. Brittany Bjorklund

      Oh my...... creepy shit! I’m an empath and I literally felt sick throughout this video. Definitely a sinister energy there. Those poor kids 😭 it’s good you guys got the eff out there some what safely. I honestly would probably piss my pants hahaha. I’ve seen something some what similar as a child and literally remember my dad always telling me, “We are protected!” So I would shut my eyes tight and say god protect god protect me over and over till I fell asleep and eventually it stopped. Shits ducking creepy man. I don’t doubt one bit of that story. I used to thrive off this stuff, but as I’ve aged I’m like hell no I’m not interested, no thank you!!!’ Haha

    37. Domestic Patriot

      I believe it

    38. Jackson.

      We want part 2 plzz

    39. Ashley Horton

      This sounds like an episode of Spooked! Love it!

    40. Aaron Rondale

      What music video was this???

    41. Corey St

      Do you have a link to the music video you did at that place?

    42. Sherry Corless

      Tom- this was one of the scariest stories I’ve ever heard. It was generally a really good story and how you told it. I have a question about the boy and girl that you met when you first got there... think back...did they look more like human ghosts? Because it sounds like you met the boy and girl ghosts that died there prior to your visit ten years ago. It also sounds like they tried to warn you guys and prepare you for what was about to happen. That is some crazy sh_t!

      1. Ooh Lala Lauren

        Yes...that’s exactly what he was saying, that the boy and girl he met was the same boy and girl that died ten years prior there...

    43. Gift From God

      I am absolutely believing you bro! LookNow TV and other channels have made ALOT of videos of shadow people. It's totally insane and extremely scary! Great story telling but it's not so wierd with you being such a great voice and lyrics writer.

      1. Gift From God

        that endind gave me the freaking chills down my neck man!!!

    44. N. Conn

      You should go back thir a shoot another video

    45. zen pyro

      Love this cool as hell really have always been into stuff like this and I agree with the rest would be cool if you did more like this

    46. Bobbie Marie Carroll

      Ghost are real

    47. Nadia W

      You saw a demon, my man.

    48. Dean Doss

      Omfg hung tf over... but love some para and anything Tom he’s straight up truth!

    49. Ben Gossler

      Yes, 1am on a Saturday before going to bed is absolutely the correct time to watch this video...

    50. Casey Perdomo

      You are a good story teller

    51. Casey Perdomo

      Y'all should have taken lots of pictures in the dark halls, rooms, everywhere

    52. AK47

      should have sparked up a spliff n had a conversation with the shadow.

    53. Thomas Whetstone

      Bro that's some freaky stuff

    54. Lonnie Wingrove

      Who else wants to buy this awesome ass town and make it new again lol

    55. Candeezy Marie

      I mean just saying if you ever want to stop music at least you'll always have this channel to tell us stories!

    56. The Great Awakening

      What a spooky story eh

    57. 72Missblondie72

      Loved this, please do more of these

    58. TIMR4W

      This the end

    59. Aislynn Jones

      ok that is scary

      1. Aislynn Jones

        what is the song

    60. DestroyanEX

      What song?

    61. huloking optsde

      Yo Tom all i have to say is that was good shit bro! Good story,you delivered it perfectly!

    62. Hydroxy Chloroquine

      I believe Tom 100% I've seen them myself and it is actually a common phenomenon in the tweaker realm. It is beyond words the terror they can provoke. So vividly real yet completely substanceless....don't do drugs kids.

    63. Scott Marx

      Literally out filling. No video or picture evidence?

    64. Ok boomer Nobody cares

      Someone please animate this

    65. Brian Furphy

      What were you afraid of? Dust? LOL

    66. Adrian Canas-Mendes

      Fake words dont prove shit

    67. Las Vegas Retired

      Great story teller.

    68. Leland Giffin

      I saw a ghost before

    69. Lazar Cooper

      Where’s that music vid? Lol

    70. Lazar Cooper


    71. RedTuke Guy

      Just watched to see if Tom was trolling, he wasn't. Interesting story of an abandoned town/underground medical lab in a sanitarium experience. I wouldn't have went back for the light.

    72. Brad Smith

      Who else wants to visit this place? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    73. zackery douge

      This shit sounds like the beginning to fuckin silent hill bro

    74. Ascend

      That's cap that's cap that's cap omg no way that is true at the end

    75. Tracy F

      You have a way of telling stories. You have an amazing creative mind. You should write book. Just saying.

    76. Kelly Murphy

      Top notch story teller, I’d love to hear more from you. 🙏

    77. Katie Williams

      Tom is awesome at telling stories he needs to do more story time with Tom.

    78. Keep it Real

      Tom 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 dude you are a phenomenal story teller. I was so into that ghost story. I feel like I was ten years old at a bon fire listening to scary stuff in the dark. Except I’m 40 in my living room with the lights on. Great story, great job telling it.

    79. KittenShocked

      Word of advice.. Don't watch this.. In the dark... With headphones... By yourself.. XD I nearly died of a heart attack just now 'cause the water jug randomly bubbled when noone has touched it xD

    80. Amber Johnson

      Spooky shit gj

    81. Bryant Paddack

      That was so intense and the best story I've heard in a long time. So vivid I felt like I was there with you. Amazing Tom, and I'm glad you made it out to tell the story. Now I want to go to Tranquil.

    82. Trellmanstien 21

      This would be a great movie

    83. Adam Mackenzie

      Wicked. I want to check this place out.

    84. Scarface Vapor

      Dude great story telling:)

    85. Christopher Liong

      What music video has the footage they shot? Loved the story but now I want to see the music video lol

    86. Jennifer Chipman BC

    87. ii skinny ii gonefishing

      crap Tom! it's 4 am and you got me freaked out lol

    88. brian hernandez

      "This isn't your everyday darkness, this is Advanced Darkness"

    89. Daniel Cook

      I'm a grown ass man!! ... I'm also walking around my house locking windows and doors, no reason, just making sure the dogs safe! ... shut up!

    90. Sebastian Chavira

      What music video was this? Someone put me on

    91. Muddy boy Offroad

      Spirits are attracted to and can consume battery life in cameras flashlights and anything else 😁 love your music!

    92. Mark C

      You needed a Milwaukee head lite

    93. Mark C

      Dude your a great storyteller

    94. YakAsha

      Holy fuck shit 😱

    95. Kristine Gravelle-Rystenbil

      Alrighty then...that was gripping. Sleeping with the lights on tonight. Ack!!!

    96. Hunna

      make more of these it keeps me from thinking ive been in my house for a year straight since covid hit

    97. Rya N

      This is a great story I was in an abandoned navy town in Adak Alaska in the middle of the Aleutian chain for 4 months sounds a lot like that place

    98. ryan hester

      Good story but I google earth tranquille and the Sanatorium is called fresh farm and people live in that town. I see cars at houses. Trampolines and tire tracks from constant traffic. Your good but mac lethal got better stories and songs just saying

    99. JesusSaves RunningRaven

      Tom are u a Canuck?!!

    100. Omar R.R

      Yo this is comedy!!!!! He hella funny more scary stories tom