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    1. Karen Hoyne

      TOM!!!!! OMG!!!! You are hands-down the best storyteller ever! It’s like I was with you guys there!!!! You really really need to do this again!! I can’t believe that I waited this long to watch this! Seriously… please do another one of these! #HOG4life #HOG4ever #GhostStories

    2. Leiland Burg

      omg do more story time vids please

    3. blue cup

      this needs to be a moive

    4. Trevor Heusdens

      whelp im not sleeping tonight

    5. im depressed

      Make more scary storys i loved this

    6. Dawn Doliber

      Tom Macdonald is so Intriguing. I love his brain.

    7. Danielle Swan

      That was great!

    8. Marjorie Aaron

      Except tuberculosis makes you cough blood and ACTUALLY IS deadly lol

    9. Aaron Walder

      You said "Ope"

    10. Laurie Derhammer

      This is my 2nd time listening to this story. I enjoy it & can relate. Tom, next time you encounter the darkness... do not fear it. Embrace it, and it can not harm you. Fear is like food & the worst weakness you can give & show the unknown. Just saying.

    11. Carter Soderquist

      holy crap that scared the sh*t out of me!! I was on the frikin edge of my seat as soon as he said train tracks.

    12. Over On The Wild Side

      Of course, we all know, if he’d unmasked one of those kids it’d be an old man trying to prevent the town from being turned into a theme park.

    13. justallen4

      Swear he is saying this town is called tryandkillu 😱

    14. Aiden Potter

      is the music vid still up


      Man is more descriptive than my reading teacher

    16. Mellissa Is the Bee

      Mayan Calendar was not the end of the world but the end of the world as we know it 🙂. Great story telling!

    17. KEMMEKEL C

      I got goosebumps like crazy! Thanks Tom. Great story, but wow, hello nightmares

    18. CWSC RADicAL

      Was this for house on the hills

    19. SpAcEy 2022

      If this is true. I guess it is. That is creepy af. Knowing those 2 kids legit died and he saw them etc.

    20. YEET MAN

      Wow, he is in the Grave Encounters situation. A LONG FEAKING CONCRETE HALL.

    21. Emily Rohan

      I love your story telling so much! This is great! I would love to wander this town.

    22. shannon Williams

      I have at least watched this video 6 or 7 times, never gets old. Tom is the best at telling stories, he makes you fill like your right there with him. Like to hear more of them !!!!! Thanks Tom!!!!❤️

    23. Kloco 121

      Well I hope u all at least thanked them for the warning about the floors than! Hahaha! U should do more vids like these man!!

    24. KNUCKLES

      BRO!!!!! Bring these stories BACK man.

    25. Bliz HD

      So Tom, are we gonna get more of this?🤞🏼😁

    26. Scottie Worley

      Well I just came a little

    27. Herman De Waal

      Now that is Great story telling skills!

    28. Anna J

      You guys didn't even know when you were having your first actual ghost encounter. One of the scariest stories I have ever heard. I started crying near the end...

    29. Jane Pavlis

      Somehow I knew that damn flashlight was gonna die...great storytelling Tom. Thoroughly enjoyed.

    30. Debby D

      Sound familiar? I love this guy !

    31. Brenda K

      Master storyteller 👍🏼

    32. Lisa Barnes

      I love a good ghost story. Thanks, Tom!

    33. Orwellknew911

      Good ghost story man. You have a way with words for sure. I can picture it all.

    34. Adam Patrick

      Tom , You are of my Ilk . You possess "Divine" Talent.. That Means " God Given Talens/Abilities Which are " Divinely On Loan From God " and I think your own conscience reminds you at every moment .... We are of many and may come from any walk of life...

      1. Adam Patrick

        Not too discount Any of your hard work , Because just Talent alone , or potential , Means nothing without working like no other human on earth , at all times.. Great Responsibility

    35. Dora Reed

      Love your story an all your music an Im fucken old school !!! Keep on keeping 💯 on love you

    36. vlogsandreactiontime

      2 kids went ghost hunting in the house and fell through the floor and died so they were talking to spirits wtf 😱💀

    37. Dirtdog Tiller

      Tom I love ur music and everything u should do more of a ghost hunt heck I'll go with u but any ways u should do more ghost hunting lol

    38. Old Woman

      I'm here for the third time to ask for more stories

    39. no name

      Great story BUT why does a sanatorium need padded walls? You sure that's not where they did the MKULTRA mess?

    40. Artists Asylum Sanctorium

      holy shit this was a great video and the last part was scary as fuck .... I've been to the Devil's Tromping Grounds in NC we had some scary shit happen there

    41. FFWR- 108

      That brick building sounds like a storm shelter. Just wonder why they have all the medical equipment down there.🤔 Unless it was a medical nuclear war shelter when we were at war with Russia in the mid 1900s.🤷‍♂️

    42. Rodrigo Rosas

      Wow I knew those kids where ghosts

    43. Allison Silcox

      I love these hopefully you do more

    44. Krissy Kruger

      Why are you so mean

      1. Shrimp

        why are you so soft?

    45. CG

      What the hell was in that mad scientist lab though? What were they doing?

    46. WolfieGamex

      Am I the only one that noticed a fly at 4:10 ?


      Those are probably 'Sears Homes' You could order them through the catalog.

    48. Tia

      Love the stories....But I dont get scared....take me next time

    49. harry d brown jr

      wait, there are more than three people that died in Canada? I didn't know that many people lived there. HUH. I thought there was just mooses (LMAO)

    50. Bob Lewis

      Dude, you should tell stories like this more often. As much as I enjoy your music, this tops it. Your storing telling is perfect.

    51. paulj0557

      Can you come over and lie to my parents for me?

    52. Jeremy Petro

      Hey brother, I love your videos!!! Keep up the amazing work. Nothing but love and respect from Brookfield Connecticut!!!

    53. Gayle Ash

      Such a talent! There's some guy in England who thinks his story telling/poetry is wonderful! "Tomfoolery" is his name. He should meet OUR Tom!

    54. Rooboy 619

      Damn good story

    55. xX_The Ghost_Xx


    56. xX_The Ghost_Xx


    57. Shawn M

      ummm Tom? 23:44 .... I hope it was a bug soon as you said "and guess what", a black shadow shoots across the top of the screen.

    58. Zach Hurt

      Lmao your woke ass was not woke😂😂

    59. Hailey Young

      Aaah man..I should have had my fire pit going for this one. You are a great story teller.

    60. Buster Cannon

      Is it me or does Tom tells a story like he has been waiting to tell that story for a long ass time?

    61. Michael Pena

      Crazy experience 🤪 you went through Tom. I had crazy experience I went through myself a few years back at a haunted cemetery in chicago called bachelor's grove.

    62. MR Animationer Man and VR gaming

      Phasmophobia stuff (the game phasmophobia)

    63. Kevin

      So did you get the directors lamp?

    64. The Negative One

      Name of the song ?

    65. mohammed ilyas

      the mayan calender was in reference to the sun setting from the west for 3 days signifying the door of repentance closing,,,so yes the world has ended,,,has it not,



    67. Patrick Hatrick

      Bro had ta rewatch! This was so engulfing I hung on every word lol. Yer definitely a great story teller. Seen it come up an had ta watch lol. PEACE!!!!

    68. Luke vlogs

      Yo your the best raper ever please help me with some lyrics on a rap

    69. Xandar Qulqick

      Amazing storytelling I'd love something like this again

    70. TORR TORR

      Basically, Tom is that traditional horror movie mc. The one who goes to danger itself. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA

    71. DYNAM1C_KN1GHT

      Woooo weee! Nobody, But I can see it TOM, but the end made the hair on my arm, neck & everywhere stand UP!

    72. DYNAM1C_KN1GHT

      LOL Master story teller in the making! Legendary!

    73. SEVRATH

      Now try it deployed to a different country where you arnt welcome and they dont speak english....and they shoot at you.... You saw real fear in your own minds eye. It has as many forms as the imagination. You should definitely visit more ghost the director some balls in the meantime.

    74. Eugene Smith

      It's the ancient proverbial question, which came first, the chicken or the egg? In this case, Tom Macdonald's or Mr Ballin's stories?

    75. Justin White

      Tom I said it somewhere else before but after listening to this story, all I can think of is you being a narrator. The entire time you told this story I was in it and saw everything. Your talent is a gift to all of us and thank you for sharing it.

    76. Rachel Morrill

      The sounds he put in was making me trip balls

    77. EA

      holly shungite I'm not going to sleep tonight

    78. AudioFoil 54

      Someone needs to animate the story.

    79. DoubleLeg Demon

      This not very accurate if you look it up on the map it’s actually very close to the major city of kamloops British Columbia, just past the airport there and there is community’s dotted along the whole highway from Vancouver all the way to Kamloops. It is a scary place I give you that I have been there a few times and it’s been truly scary every time but the way this guy described it he embellished for sure made it seam like it’s in the middle of nowhere when in reality it’s next to a major city 😂😂

    80. sarah burns

      God I love you son!

    81. It's An LPS Death

      I’m just watching this. They’re talking about the shadow standing up. And something hits the window. I’ll be checking it out to make sure it wasnt a bird soon

    82. Killer Clown91

      Man your voice is perfect for narration or like podcast it's weird cause I kind of feel at peace just listening to you talk

    83. Patricia High

      Me to the director who left the light: "sorry dog, au revoir"

    84. Scott M.

      Dude, if you ever get tired of music, you'd make a damn good story teller. It'd be awesome if you did more stories.

    85. Taylor Jamison

      The director and olivea: OHHH SO HE WAS SCARED

    86. annie franks

      Mr. Ballen who👀⁉️ 😂👻🥰

    87. Joseph Joestar

      That time Tom McDonald played silent Hill irl and he got the good ending

    88. Rory Jaret

      I didn’t know whether to laugh of change my pants. Is there anything you can’t do Tom? Damnnn

    89. Auroara

      I am 56 years old and completely sensible. Everything must be scientifically proven for me to believe it. Except for ghosts. For the first six years of my life, I lived in a haunted house and the ghost spent every night in my room. It was a woman who had died mourning her daughter and she kept watch over me every night. I have never heard a believable ghost story where the ghost hurt a person. You may be frightened of them, but they don’t hurt you. Now, of course, I am going to receive a myriad of comments from people telling I’m wrong, but I don’t know any of you, can’t hear you or see you, so forgive me if I doubt you - just as you are free to doubt me.

    90. jessica miller

      Is your t shirt cotton? I love it and want to buy one from the website- but only if its cotton.

    91. Zach Johnson

      Are you and Chris Ramsay buddies? Both canadians both tatted up like got a good ass message tho and Chris is a magician lolol.

    92. Ron Sellner


    93. Leon Harder

      'Boated past the point, at that beautiful little flat green space on Kamloops Lake, 'King Edward VII sanitorium' in 1998 - just after it closed. Scared the ever living crap out of me. We all got this feeling of "GET OUT". Seriously, don't go there. Watch the vids, learn, educate yourselves... just don't ever go there.

    94. David Byers

      Tom tell us what really happened to Eve in the garden

    95. Cynthia Clement

      The imagery you were able to give this story is incredible! I could see every but of it. I got chills! Legit goosebumps! Damn, Tom, tell me another one.

    96. Strange and Wonderful

      Came straight from B Tatum, brother. You are beautiful bro. The way you show true heart and spit bars. Man, about the realest dude I have ever heard!

    97. Vincent Hucknall

      Mrballen got quite a few new tattoos

    98. Andrewf5251

      well this story is fake ofc there isnt even any forests out there but still a good freaking ghost story i gotta say :D

    99. Ana Bella

      I listen to scary stories and creepypastas on KGup. This is literally the best funniest and best true scary story I’ve ever heard.

    100. K D

      Sing best rapper