MrBEAST BURGER Full Menu Challenge **DESTROYED**

Matt Stonie

14 млн көрүүлөр1 763

    Good Video? You know what to do :)
    A bit back Mr. Beast releases his very own restaurant, Mr. Beast Burgers!! Unfortunately I was out of town for the launch and couldn't get my hands on them sooner, but I had to try them out!
    Full Order =
    1 Beast-Style Burger (triple + extra patty)
    1 Chris-Style Burger (extra patty)
    1 Chandler-Style Burger (extra patty)
    1 Chicken Tender Sandwich
    1 Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich
    1 Karl's Grilled Cheese
    1 Seasoned Fries
    1 Beast-Style Fries
    6 Cookies
    1 Water Bottle
    1 Can of Coke (diet)
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    1. Matt Stonie

      Long time no see! Had to start the year off w/ a BIG Challenge 🍔 Happy 2021 everyone!

      1. Kr3atif

        Kinda Sus

      2. Jonah Adler

        How much you weigh?!

      3. X-Virus


      4. X-Virus


      5. X-Virus


    2. Skye Lai

      that was pretty impresive but not really DESTROYED like on the title still really good tho 👌

    3. Martin Rojas Jr

      OMG I just saw here in bakersfield,with your brother morgan I thought I was tripping when I saw you,plus your brother morgan laughed at me because I was all excited 🤣🤣😆😆😆😆

    4. Brains McGee

      Bill Gates has already mandated that western countries must ban the sale and consumption of beef, pork, chicken and eggs by 2025. We will transition to synthetic 3D printed synthetic meat and bug proteins. I look forward to your bug burger reviews.

    5. Lia K

      Wallah ce boug il grossit pas wsh

    6. RoyalGG MC


      1. RoyalGG MC


    7. Starship 808

      Oh gag... Depressing fast-food is depressing...

    8. Ellie Thomson

      How is this guy not on my six hundred life 😂😂😂

    9. Dakota Clayton

      That’s 👀 great

    10. Anthony P

      All these items are so basic and look nasty, you could go to McDonald’s for cheaper and get better food. Don’t be a sucker and spend a bunch of money just because it’s mr beasts restaurant.

    11. Pepsiman

      At least sit down and drink my drink dang

    12. Taxfoo


    13. Andrew

      Mmmmh miam miam

    14. Coman Raul

      So did you paid for it? Or did he paid you ?

    15. Remerink

      how will this comes out

    16. carl johnson

      Who called me carl

    17. K-POP EDITS

      How does he not get hiccups????

    18. Rohan Tiwari

      Liver and stomach just faced a terrible nuclear foody atack

    19. Lucas Alivio

      Maybe each cookie comes in a pack of 2 Matt: but i ordered three Me: bruh ru stoopid?

    20. Duddley Lewis

      the cheese is so weard

    21. Joey Clemenza

      I'd get full off of just TWO of these burgers!!!! how does even work?!?!

    22. abim _

      You vs Tanboy kun from indonesia

    23. shadow killer marpin loyi

      Meanwhile, The toilets:- aah!! shit here we go again.

    24. Milan Mrga Jovic

      Mat brother i send you mail bro read 🙏

    25. M.I GAMER


    26. epaphroditus Gaming

      I want to eat that all but the problem is i have no money on my pocket

    27. Razzberry Flower Fox

      I get why you doing it.. But fuck man.. Just seems kinda horrible to be doing.

    28. Pepper

      Matt at the end: aaaahh good thing I saved that Coke for the end.. Its..a Pepsi..

    29. Fat Boi

      Bru ends on Diet Pepsi. Like look at the food that he just ate

    30. Alyna Beatrice

      Matt do you know Kate Yup?..

    31. Jorge Lincon

      Matt stonie: hood thing I saved the coke for the end the Pepsi can: dude really?! 😡

    32. Jorge Lincon

      Matt stonie: I’m not hungry anymore ok no more problems his girlfriend: I’m still hungry and you didn’t even share a fry :.(

    33. Turtle Man

      I really want mr beast burger now But I live to far away

    34. Mario Luigi


    35. muntathar almaliki

      You want to know how HOW JUST ATE 6 BURGERS IN 3 MINUTES

    36. muntathar almaliki

      Also you are faster than furious pete

    37. muntathar almaliki

      Can you do a face reveal for the girl voice in the backround

    38. Top Gyol Pisces

      The man is going to kill him self to make a video

    39. StageWhoK

      He wanted to enjoy the cookies🤣

    40. Mano Fist

      Looks painful

    41. Lolo Y

      Me the whole video: EAAAATTT DARN I WISH IT WAS ME WHO EATS 😋 😡

    42. Kevin Sadat

      Imagine the nap he had after that.

    43. Saima Sharif

      He drank that Pepsi like it was water

    44. Acronyx

      dude he looks like hes in painful, agonizing, heaven

    45. Divesh Bharti

    46. Makentosas LTU

      eating so much food how u still not fat :D :D :D :D :D :D :D lol ?

    47. Vernichie

      Biggest rule and a tip that if you're gonna eat a lot is, NEVER drink water everytime you take a bite :)

    48. Daniel Russell

      You should eat healthy

    49. Cookie Minecraft

      How this dude not dead with all these calories?

    50. Allison Casella

      You will never know what this used to say

    51. mr liberal

      I eat one burger with peaceful mindset and enjoyed alot.

    52. Necip Talaşlı

      Lan sen vallaha ayısin piko

    53. Undead Op

      where is mr.beast's comment.

    54. bxcolod isclosed

      me rn : so hungry :,) why did u still scroll down, get back up there

    55. Achie Yt

      I know if you watch this video you are hungry😂

    56. Mr .LEGENDARY

      3:33 when your friend asks for only one bite..... This happens....

    57. Emperor

      I can't even finish one of those big burgers seems like i have a small stomach 😕

    58. Hailey Hawn

      I can't even finish a ramen noodle in 10 minutes... Whaaa

    59. Sparkie Playz

      Nobody: Me: "Me At The Kitchen When They're All Sleeping*

      1. StuartsPot

        true true

    60. A.B'S WORLD 7

      he's oesophagus leaved the chat..

    61. Fadliah

      Imagine mr beast sees this video.

    62. Jay Jay

      Karl sat on the grilled cheese

    63. Th5m

      Those burgers dont look appetizing

    64. Logan Parde

      Normal human eats: 1000 to 2000 calories Mat stonie: eats 10,000 to 20,000 calories

    65. Rod Cedrich Climacosa

      Mr beast last world record 10:39 Matt Stonie:i even have time to strech

    66. Armando Rodriguez

      Did it come to u or did u pick i up

    67. sowlow2008gaming

      Is it halal?

    68. Kiro

      Captions really did call Karl’s Grilled Cheese Pearls Groceries

    69. Bane

      POV: you are looking for a MrBeast comment

    70. Savannah Wallis

      Does anyone else wonder if he’s ever bitten his finger during a challenge🤔

    71. 2D 3SB

      So how much money did you get

    72. Kevin Gogo

      My mom would say to enjoy it not to just eat it all at once

    73. S Darby

      My questions are, does Matt have a backup career or is this it? Will he be able to live off of competitive eating his whole life? Will he have a second career in something else?

    74. Daman bhangal

      Me: finishes and burger combo and and some nuggets in 10 mins. Matt stonie: finishes the whole mr beast menu in 10 mins.

      1. Elemu

        For me it takes like 30 min to eat 1 burger

      2. convergence clown

        @Karsen Coe nope 10 minutes 23 seconds and 1 millisecond

      3. Karsen Coe

        In two mins

    75. Joshua Gould

      The poo he will have...

    76. Hadia K

      I thought mr beast burger was free

    77. john smith

      Not sure if this should make me hungry or sick..

    78. Nicky Black

      This shit lookin like school lunch food

    79. Isaac_HD


    80. Isaac_HD

      Puppy in my letter grab create electric

    81. Julie Feterika

      do a drink

    82. Corrupted Might

      This looks fuckn Gud..

    83. Rubix Kyuub

      I was hoping to see MrBeast in the comments

    84. ابوالفضل جعفری


    85. Isaiah Kalifa

      He looks like he is abt to have a Heart Attack🤦🏽‍♂️

    86. Cat

      im having chest pains watching this

    87. speiderte_foxy

      @mr beast

    88. gordon EA ramsay

      *you better stop making me hungry in 2 am*

    89. Mahmut Koknar

      She eat 2 familly menü dhis is so good talent

    90. SpiritofFire

      american burger are definitely not the sorry excuse of MCdonald burger in france

    91. Catherine Rich

      He finished a burger in 40 seconds bruh

    92. Babiewraith

      Why am I watching all of these videos when I'm on a diet T^T

    93. Roblox Hitman Stories

      That guy could feed like a million poor people, but he make a video eating all of them in 10 mins

    94. Irza Chouhdary

      Me during the last five minutes of lunchbreak:

    95. Roblox Hitman Stories

      Matt: " *That is a lot of food* " Me: *Suicides*

    96. Strigan

      That burger look like a shit that i yesterday put into my toilet

    97. realJohan

      this is matt’s diet


      If mr beast commented it will be the best thing that will happen to you

    99. PHRKazzy


    100. jason ltpchhangte

      Mr beast!!!!!!, here's the man who eats everything!!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥