SMASHING Big Walleye Schools During Tournament (KWO 2020)

Uncut Angling

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    Intense fishing action with my buddy Peter Tully at the August 2020 Kenora Walleye Open on Lake of the Woods.
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    1. Fisher

      Shit gets annoying. I allegedly live next to a HUGE walleye spawn lake. Lake winnebago. Yet I cannot seem to land on walleyes like this

    2. The Average Joe

      When you're frustrated from catching too many 26" walleye 🤣

    3. Everett on the Ice

      Awesome to see you guys on my feed again!

    4. A Western Canadian

      Day 2 of the off season, back to KGup vids, yours are the best

    5. Ruben Chirita

      How is his panoptix live scope so clear and stable? I can't even see passed 45 feet that clear. Is my transducer a problem or my unit?

    6. Jason Bosco

      Not often you see a 250 HP hand tiller

    7. Dustin Helvik

      @Uncut Angling, What is that pole holder set up youre using for your live scope transducer?

    8. Lewis Edens

      This guy is way too random for all the people that love his videos.

    9. noah frank

      God is good

    10. Aromrac Sonethongkham

      Put flat screen on boat but like online gaming, lol

    11. David R Hostetler

      gold GOld GOLD !!

    12. Alex Rotaru

      Is that panoptix pole custom or bought? weve been trying to build one for a while now, compensating for some speed (no more than 3kmh) and depth (no less than a meter) but we have been open to buying one if it isnt $200 usd lol.

    13. ytmas0n_5708

      filmed on a nokia

    14. Devin Ogilvie

      16k in sonar haha love it

    15. murphy kakeeway

      Bullshit way to fish Strictly relying on electronics Lets see em catch without the garmins 🤣

    16. MichiganFisherman

      Love how every fish felt big at first then felt small then was ONLY a 27 Incher. 😂

    17. Retired BoxingRef

      Quick question from down south in Indiana. Do your walleye have to compete with catfish of any kind? The walleye lake I fish is heavy with catfish. Thanks.

    18. Nick Morgan

      I had to get the 400th comment

    19. Jesse Olmanson

      Why all the extra gas cans? Yamaha just eats fuel.

    20. catfish willie

      What rod and action are you using with the leach set up ?

    21. Jesse Olmanson

      Love it! #warrior2090 #tillernation

    22. chuck rawls

      Are all your units the same 10" 106?

    23. Walleye Guy20

      Where do you find that rod holder adapter for the garmin panoptix/livescope? I need that for my boat on the bow

      1. scott B

        Did you find out what mount that is?

    24. Greg Stanley

      Might as well attach some electrical probes to the boat and shock the fish up to the surface with all that technology lol

    25. Zack Shepherd

      Hey Aaron where do you get that mount to set it in a rod holder? Looks awesome but never seen anything like it

    26. Craig Hawley

      Does anybody else get triggered when he says a 24 inch walleye isn’t giant

    27. Tom

      Is it just me or does anyone else get slightly aroused when seeing a big walleye in the net? I feel kind of weird, my wife says I am weird. I never should have showed her. Oh well.

    28. Ruger & hazel

      Guys go check out ace videos and subscribe he almost at 1 million

    29. John Murphy

      Sweet!! Again!

    30. Greg Cavender

      Really liked the split screen showing the sonar and catching fish. When the sonar was gone and just catching fish, not so much.

    31. Shawn Hamlyn

      @uncutangling where abouts where you catching these monsters?

    32. Jeff Baird

      You can use live bait in a tourney?

    33. Rob Carey

      What is the mounting piece on the handrail? It says Garmin on it. Thank you

      1. Minnesota Outdoors

        I would also like to know

      2. B3 Baits

        I'd like to know as well. It's the only one I've seen like it

    34. magic

      The ECHOMAP does not let you record screen with the ActiveCaptain! Can you pls tell how did you? Thx.

    35. Rick Fazzini

      perfect set up, Livescope and spotlock! You guys make it look easy, but after watching Sam and Jay we know its not lol

    36. John Donlan

      Bananas are bad luck on a fishing boat...except fo ryou guys i guess!

    37. Rylan Longworth

      I have caught a 31 inch walleye and it was 11 pounds.

    38. Better Call Bernie

      You captured the tournament team work / competition / hussle WIn WIn WIn - fun portion of fishing,

    39. Joel maske

      Love this dude and the channel great content and good info never any BS

    40. Marc LeNeau

      What league was this in? most leagues and tournaments ban live scope???? Are you cheating? Lol

    41. John Griffin

      nice boat. what is it?

    42. odell daniel

      how did you get Conner Mcgregor to go fishing with you??/

    43. christian Aldrich

      Loomis conquest rod? I been running the 7'6 for 3-4season and its a awsome rod

    44. Pahanin

      All these guys lucky Tom boley wast there

    45. corvette7444

      I dont see anything.

    46. Vanbrusa

      Thanks Michelle

    47. Tomac Hawloid

      skinny jack black and his buddy catch fish

    48. Amien Adventure

      greetings from me, Indonesian🇲🇨 friends

    49. Amien Adventure


    50. Jim J

      Can u tell me what type of mount holder u were using for the garmin transducer. Thank u

      1. Jim J

        Any one know about it ?

    51. Aj Roth

      It’s gotta be way easier to slaughter them when ya got 50k worth of equipment to use. Maybe some day... awesome video tho! What is that sonar thing your using off the side of the boat?

    52. Murray Henderson

      What is the blue attachment to the live view you are using ?

    53. Evan Willcock

      Watch for thanksing? You're welcome I guess

    54. Al Bolduc

      Have I caught a fish on every cast ??

    55. Dwight Jemtrud

      All that equipment to go to a fishing tournament, lol

    56. Lil Lucille

      Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk fish. 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

    57. Jean Davis

      Hi, I am a fourteen year old girl and I really love fishing and I hope to be fishing in tournaments when I'm older. I was wondering if you could help me get in the right direction for catching walleyes on the st clair river / detroit river. I don't have a boat and my dad doesn't fish but he takes me whenever he can. He's going through hardships just like the rest of us during this time and was wondering if you can also point me in the right direction for help getting more fishing stuff. Thanks

    58. Rory Hinson

      14:43 the way he had his hand holding the rod just killed me

    59. Orillia Fishing

      Are you kidding me?! It would just be deleted?! I'm so happy your wife pushed you. A day like this is a day I would dream of.

    60. Captain Quinn

      Great stuff Aaron!

    61. Jim Janik

      Little off topic, but i really love that boat and would like to see more of it running and what do you like/not like about it. I live in north west Indiana so it's a little drive to just be able to see one. Let alone drive in one.

    62. Murray Fishes

      @jaysiemens should be taking notes

    63. Gerrit Stell

      Pike = Walleye Northern = Northern

    64. Casey Payne

      Makes me wanna smoke a cigarette and put it out on my tongue. Damn that was good.

    65. FishDonkey

      Aaron, thanks for making this, or should I say, thanks Michelle, for telling Aaron to make this video. It was epic. I could feel the tournament pressure.

    66. John G.

      We're going to get some fat slots!! Normally only said at 2am lol

    67. kingbeans9707

      I always thought a “slot fish” referred to the 18-23” that you can’t keep, but it sounds like they were referring to the < 18” as slot fish?? 🤷🏻‍♂️

      1. Uncut Angling

        You’re right. It makes no sense. Tournament anglers here often call fish “slots” that are below the slot you mentioned, more commonly and appropriately, fish are called “slots” that are within the restricted slot size.

    68. Lil hugito

      Finally a real fisherman whos not a bassfisher. Bass is too easy to catch for true man

    69. Thomas Schaefer

      I love this channel. Please upload more!

    70. Mada M

      livescope mounted on a scotty mounted on a rail? Take my money!

    71. Brett Saunders

      Good job Michele for making him post it.

    72. Matt Rowe

      Man I love that boat!!!

    73. Nick Kelly

      Thank you Michelle!

    74. Musky Bites

      Manny (as Al Lindner) The jigging rap is a time tested offering that catches big walleye in open water and on ice! Aaron 🤨.....🤣

    75. Musky Bites

      Aaron, please do a vid on your panoptix mount system. Please, thank you

    76. Ethan Henn

      Me too

    77. Matt Herberg

      Glad he’s back! He’s caught more walleye in a tournament and 1 video than I have in my entire life.... and I live in Minnesota...

    78. Rush Voorhis Outdoors

      just what I needed on this sunday

    79. Chris Bogner

      Can you tell me what mount and pole that is for the L.S. ?

    80. Adam Stalsberg

      What brand of line do u use

    81. Sp33dyswhitness -

      Imagine this tournament without sonar lol you guys just depend on sonar

      1. Sp33dyswhitness -

        Walleye Slayer it definitely would’ve been a different day starting out without all the gadgets they use to find the fish from the fish finder to the livescope and gps

      2. Walleye Slayer

        So your saying he can’t catch fish without sonar? Are you a new watcher? Lol

    82. KeepFishin

      Listen listen listen....I am terrified of leeches....but you got some good fish.

    83. Franz Leinders

      His glasses lenses have me thinking. Does anybody use two different colored polarized lenses while fishing? I am debating going blue and amber so I don't have to switch glasses as cloud cover rolls in or dawn to morning. Any thoughts?

    84. Brandon Williams

      Looks like you and Peter had a blast together! Keep it up!

    85. YS Gamez

      Can you pls post more

    86. CatDogKY

      "OH, the banana shirt is a game changer!" lol

    87. CatDogKY

      stupid commercials driving me CRAZY!!

    88. Mike Trowbridge

      Awesome video always enjoy your stuff. Don’t think about what to add just keep adding videos.

    89. Anthony Vivardo

      It looks like you are using a leech without any weight. Do you use a weight and if you don't how are you able to sink a leech down in the water to a depth where the fish are located?

      1. Uncut Angling

        It’s on a dropshot rig

    90. Ethan Ellison White

      Just wondering which NRX that is?

      1. Ethan Ellison White

        @Uncut Angling thanks, I am looking at getting the 801 imx walleye finesse, any thought/recommendations

      2. Uncut Angling


    91. Yerp YT

      What’s the setup you are using on the leach rig

      1. Uncut Angling

        Dropshot rig, 7 floro, 8 powerpro, 901 NRX

    92. Mark Austin Kelton

      PLEASE keep uploading videos 🙏🏻

    93. Cbar65

      I've never seen a high horsepower boat with a layout like that. Seems interesting

      1. Cbar65

        @FZ HOON thanks

      2. FZ HOON

        Guide series come with the big tillers

    94. John Chausow

      Thank you Michelle for making this video happen!

    95. John Chausow

      Y’all caught more fish in this video than I’ve caught all season, holy frick 😂😂😂

    96. Team Jesus Outdoors

      Is that pole and bracket commercially available for the Garmin panoptics ducer, plugged into the scotty rod holder bracket?

      1. Team Jesus Outdoors


      2. Uncut Angling

        search "scotty #368"

      3. Team Jesus Outdoors

        Where did you get the top bracket the plugs into the scotty? And thanks, my Brother

      4. Uncut Angling

        Not available from Garmin but there are a few companies that make similar stuff and easy to make your own.

    97. ikashibimauler

      After watching head 2 head fishing this spring and summer, I was starting to think walleye were an endangered species. Thanks for the sanity check.

    98. Ferocious Fishing

      Is that a 250 tiller?

      1. Uncut Angling


    99. HuyFishin

      You need all those fuel cans??

      1. Uncut Angling

        Never know.....

    100. Will Hurney

      So many wallseyes