Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep. 580


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    Jeans up! We got another solo ep with just Tim and Chris-Jeansa! The main mommies get into how they love to cancel family plans at the first instance of difficulty, Tom has difficulty sneezing, and they discuss the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. boxing match. We then get into one of Tom's favorite subjects: old people relations and showing that to people.
    We get a sweet followup to Tom's colonoscopy, we get into a batch of cool guys (one of them being Rudy Giuliani), how dads love The Hunt For Red October, a disturbing batch of TikToks, and an update on the plastic chair collector!

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. Mitchell Bowman

      I cannot believe Tom thinks that video is funny. The dude is literally torn apart and obliterated by a manual lathe. I wouldn’t watch it I were you

    2. Pankie 69

      57:36 what a foreshadowing

    3. AmountStax

      Ya it's a dick move to dye your dog but, that dog 🐶 looked dope.

    4. Stephen Aguilar

      note taken light beating

    5. Robby Schini

      57:25 really cool of Tom to pay homage to this guy while playing basketball with Brent

    6. juan garcia

      Somebody should put Toms face on the spinny arm guy 😂😂😂

    7. robochrish

      1:46:10 is that Dave Chappelle?

    8. Rabbit

      the spinning guy is on r/eyeblech if interested

    9. Jake Skorcz

      Tom in four months 57:23

    10. Tunä

      Skyler is gonna perpetuate don't hate....

    11. Kribbu

      Little did Tom know that he would also become a like the dude at 57:27

    12. Eric Willan

      46:42 Tom just broke his arm

    13. Charles Lee

      Where's the link to the degloving?

    14. Brandon Bishop

      Yo Bro! Can i get like ONE chair?

    15. Mysterioso

      A Wheelchair Guy superhero shirt would be dope.

    16. almighty Kermit

      kinda wish they could share or show that video

    17. bluedingo1186

      Does anyone have a link to that horrific video of the guy getting eaten by the machine? I don't want to see it, I need to see it.

      1. bluedingo1186

        @Travis you're right brother.

      2. Travis

        bluedingo1186 Tim? Don’t you mean Todd?

      3. bluedingo1186

        @Travis I see why Nadav was so upset. But I also see why Tim thought parts were funny.

      4. Travis

        bluedingo1186 How bad is it exactly

      5. bluedingo1186

        @Travis nevermind. I found it.

    18. JoolianV

      They’ve mentioned Israel Adesanya a few times and Adesanya has commented on their videos and put some on his Instagram stories a few times already. Stop being shy, you guys!

    19. Drew Kruer

      That outro slaps

    20. Harrison Mitchell

      my dad would divorce my mom if tom clancy was alived and asked him if we wanted to get married. my whole childhood is filled with it and now i look back at those movies, books, and now video games SUPER fondly. all war stuff really but tom clancy was like fish scale cocaine at the top of the pile.

      1. Harrison Mitchell

        also, i commented too soon. i literally felt compelled to make this comment because i had been binging all the tom clancy stuff recently because i decided to watch the 2 current seasons of jack ryan. so after i comment i hit play again and it's the exact story. wonder if me and tom watched jack ryan at the same time.... that's where it spits.

    21. Hecatonchires Olympus

      Hunt for red October is straight up man porn... RIP Sean Connery.

    22. Chavez Poindexter

      2:03:59 😬😬😬😬😬😬. HINDSIGHT KING

    23. AR DiMaRcS

      The guy sucked into a lathe is especially horrific for me because I work with mills/lathes

    24. S wilkins

      I remember when this show was funny.

    25. watermonsters

      Tom was laughing a little too hard at the guy getting skinned alive, holy shit.

      1. watermonsters

        @Travis sounded like Nadav felt the same way, lmao.

      2. Travis

        Hate to sound like a Karen, but is anyone else concerned about how much joy that video brought Tom? Jesus Christ man

    26. Louis Sabin

      As a blind man, swearing on your children's eyes isn't that bad.

    27. cookiepuss

      fam yall need to get this animator/voice actor on the show who goes by psychicpebbles online. yall would lose your shit to his impersonations

    28. J-Dawg

      So where can I watch this ragdoll video?

    29. Sam

      I just turned on closed captioning for the tok with the kids doing the corona virus PSA for their YT channel. This is a portion of how it read. -Please always wear face wash and use hand sanitizer because coronados is avenger very dangerous city and always keep social distinguish.- I had a really good laugh. Well done mommy tina.

    30. João Santos

      Toyota Jeff is AWESOME!!!!!

    31. Lowell Chumsae


    32. bstiles2088

      I’m a massage therapist in a chiropractors office. That dude is doing it wrong.

    33. late toThaParty

      I want to see that full body deglove, come on now, don't be stingy.

    34. Brent Burns

      anyone have an @ for the testosterone pregnancy tok?

    35. L3SSTH4NL33T

      "What are you? Are you a boy or a girl?" "I'm pooping" "I know, finish and then tell me your pronouns, stupid"

    36. Justin Urra

      This is a reallllyyyyyyyy good one

    37. Brendan S

      Christine is a wigger

    38. Dr Nuts

      I’m a week late but pretty sure the mic drop was popularized from Chris rock ending every special with a mic drop. Not drum line

    39. Jarrah Dahlenburg

      Alice your name's for girls you muppet!

    40. Brandon Harper

      Ouuf this is tough to watch. Go back to just 2 bears 1 cave. This is brutal. Bert makes the show

    41. Banana Sandwiches

      Booger side in is the worst thing in this podcast.

    42. bennet catchpole

      I had to line up for the bathroom once and a guy started talking to me. I told him to mind his P and que

    43. Snow Leopard

      My favorite part of this is the genesis of the great superhero... "Wheelchair Guy"

    44. Amber Blanchard

      "Wheelchair guy." Thats what my boyfriend calls himself and it makes people feel instantly guilty

    45. marty 70003

      Let's see the dunk

    46. Aurora


    47. Paul Chang

      mommies had some real tension in the beginning. that's some good de-escalation. and seriously tom, tyson/jones was not a real fight. either both of them didn't have it, or they didn't want to knock each other out(which is fine). tyson was nowhere near where he was in those training clips. it was an exhibition.

    48. Madison Stinson

      im actually worried about tom because he really thought that was funny i-

    49. Juicy Smooye`

      Truck drivers drive for many hours at a time let the man piss in peace lol

    50. Gunhaver

      Everyone that works around rotating machinery (like a lathe) should see a video of someone getting degloved, or they should have to deglove a frog specimen. its one thing to be told and understand what degloving is, its completely different to have the image burned into your mind's eye for eternity. you will never slip up once you know what that shit looks like.

    51. Fabian R

      1:37:33 thats a filter buddy nobody dyed their dog

    52. IrrelevantGeOff

      I love the “YMH exclusive” drop, but I think for something as alarming as the rescinded King Challenge we need a RED ALERT styled drop

    53. That Black Thunder Cat

      That purse is fucking hideous.

    54. Laci McGuire

      I need to see this video of a person getting sucked into a machine. WHERE IS IT!

    55. Ahmed Alkadri

      Does anybody here recommend a credit card to start racking up points? I've hear Amex and Chase Sapphire are good but wanna know if there are better ones out there.

    56. Yeah Ok

      Top dog on Tom talk 100%

    57. John McGuire

      Tom is 100% correct in ignoring anyone talking to him while he's in the bathroom. That is his time.

    58. Adam Williams

      1:18:11 - This would be a hilarious movie. Time-traveling Karens save the world. Basically Bill and Ted but with Karens.

    59. Serash Cambell

      The sneeze thing...1 step closer to that psyco break... The question is, how many people will he take out before they bring him down?

    60. clint wilson

      Verse 4:34 is the clearest Qur'anic example of hierarchy between men and women. ... Those [women] whose nushuz you fear, admonish them, and abandon them in bed, and strike them. If they obey you, do not pursue a strategy against them. Indeed, God is Exalted, Great." HAHAHAHHAH

    61. Andrew Mihalick

      The KING'S CHALLENGE was questioned by SUE WU!!! Anyone else notice that??

    62. Kaleimaileno’eau

      I want to see ToyotaJeff on your podcast!

    63. Alexander Kvitrovn

      1:35:45 please do not reproduce

    64. Chris calli

      Idk what’s going on but.. for some reason Christina has been getting kind of annoying lately. It even seems like Tom was a little dead inside on this episode. I’m probably alone on this one

    65. Madeline type in Man dies after getting sucked in by machine at work inside metal factory in Russia

    66. Masta Hyper Snyper

      Lol so when I was in the 6th grade I was tasked on writing a paper about th e Vietnam war so I asked my dad about it and let me tell you what it blew my fragile little mind and when I turned it in my teacher called my parents and my dad told her well lady war is war what did you expect? Some of us were good at it and some had a bad time my teacher never treated me the same because of my dads little magic sprinkled into my paper

    67. Cold Work Ken

      That Cop was sooo cool.

    68. Michael

      Christina is so cute lmao the loop hole thing killed me

    69. Ryan Cerrone

      no coincidence Tommy mocks the disabled here and then becomes disabled playing basketball with a disabled person in Bret Krenshaw. Keep featherin it brothers

    70. alec

      Tom you're looking fucking great man

    71. JoeSkutnik

      1:54:56 Did main mommy just elude to rippin' some prison toks on the next live show?

    72. 2pounce

      I don't love hearing about people dying in brutal painful ways personally

    73. Apple Jacks

      1:35:46 Big Jay drops in and talks about his new baby.

    74. kim milito

      ToyotaJeff is the best!!! LOL

    75. Hawaiiphotoman

      Kleenex please sponsor this cast.

    76. Nom de Plume


    77. Michael Brennan

      Bring on Toyota Jeff to your show. I think it would make for a more lively show.

    78. Will HamuTh

      @ 1:40:00 Tom realized, that he was going to have to put him/theyself in the hospital. In order to survive the backlash.

    79. Josh Warner

      This Ava girl went to my college. We threw tomatoes at her at a party once.

    80. justin sane

      Free dik for ps5! 🙋🏽‍♂️

    81. CH33ZU5

      Why is Justin Gaethje behind the soundboard?

    82. ThirtyfourEC

      If Tom didn't skip Sober October he would've either had better judgement to dunk properly , or at been strong enough for the weight.

      1. ThirtyfourEC

        I think Joe or Ari sabotaged Tom to be honest

    83. Taliban710

      Where’s the Fucken link to the video of he guy getting skinned by the machine?

    84. null object

      I hate lighter wraps. White bics are unlucky. They can't fool me.

    85. Mrs PKitty13

      ToyotaJeff in Raleigh wants to be on your show! Get him on! We love him! (Toyota remote start guy.)

    86. Alex Blue

      Another gem of an episode.

    87. привет


    88. Mr Howery

      In Miami, Jit is just a word for a kid.

    89. Daniel Escobar

      why is nadav talking back and being smug with the comments more and more lately? this guys trying to not have a job anymore.

    90. Mr Howery

      Getting Degloving - Tom 😂 Interrupting a sneeze - Tom 🤬 #Levels

    91. Vis Chetty

      When Cassie drops some politically incorrect shit and Tom looks into the camera. Hilarious! When a man starts becoming interested in either of the Wars, he’s now old.

    92. Midnight 76

      What ever happened to the fuckin camp girl???

    93. Nem miles

      the guy in the wheelchair throwing stuff looks like its in a woolies in aus

    94. a p

      OOOH I love that degloving video

    95. a p

      Tom is just thinking oooo wait until we get home I'll teach you what the fuck to do when I'm about to sneeze

    96. a p

      Christina just praying for covid to end

    97. Robert Fouquet

      Ed Asner mounts Larry King...

    98. Jeff Parker

      It’s hard to wrap my head around how naturally funny you two are sometimes.

    99. Jacob H.

      Yo chair guy has Asperger's. He has a video on his channel where he talks about how his obsession with chairs is related to his Asperger's and how much it's affected his life and it's actually really sad. He's a cool dude though, go subscribe to him.

    100. Nathan Quick

      2:03:47 we need this movie 😂

      1. Nathan Quick

        2:06:25 and wtf is that?