Xbox Series X Fridge - World Premiere - 4K Trailer


8 млн көрүүлөр1 585

    Introducing the new Xbox Series X Fridge. Power Your Memes.
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    1. FlipLaScript

      Don't let your memes be dreams

      1. 64 Drez

        @NitroIndoPhazrX and being hearted

      2. Hoodie Doggo

        Reality can be whatever I want

      3. 64 Drez

        @Ratatubies XD he got to smash do

      4. 64 Drez

        @Korean Bbq razor toaster with da Xbox fridge and the ps5 wifi router

      5. 64 Drez

        Yes I made it before the comment filled up

    2. Dz Gaming

      Nice fake view

    3. John Derek E. Santos


    4. Niels Fitz

      finally i can make my food colda at 60fps

    5. anime iron

      Im So Curious To Know What Will Be My Reaction If Xbox Reply My Comment😕😕

    6. Ducky Boi

      Xbox 😍😍😍 VS PS5 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😩😩😩

    7. smiley art


    8. Club Sillyness

      why do I want it

    9. Anais Delamar


    10. Daniel Watts

      This meme currently runs on 4K 120fps

    11. Daniel Watts

      The memes are reality now

      1. Daniel Watts

        Yep true

      2. Xbox

        You know what they say about memes and dreams...

    12. ONLY GAMER

      Yanliz dolaba da xbox koymassin

    13. ONLY GAMER

      Dolap benden havalı

    14. gexel camilo


    15. Kaden Sudder

      Where do I buy this?

    16. Bob 56617

      I KNEW IT!

    17. 口

      X firge

    18. ibxsquid YT

      Imagine you need to buy gold live to use this and eat whats in it

    19. Mariam Shetiwy

      Me: Mom can I get the new Xbox? Mom: We already have one at home The Xbox we have at home:

    20. Gamer Boi

      Wow people are actually going to play on fridges

    21. Siddique Bhyria

      120 freeze per second

    22. Itz•INeon

      That's how you advertise you're console xbox....:) #poweryourdreams#poweryourmemes

    23. 23. Nixon

      I want that fridge right now

    24. dejwid

      Microsoft Fridge Pass

    25. HUGEppHUGE

      Wow on the box says power your dreams. So it's going to freeze all the mini Xboxes inside.

    26. Uzumaki Naruto

      هل انا العربي الوحيد ولا لا😊😊😐😐

    27. YSAYNER YT

      Xbox regalame una consola!

    28. Jacob West

      Where's my ram jam?

    29. Pogmonkememes Soft

      How about Nvidia bread

    30. Tokoyami kofta

      АХАХ ЧТО

    31. Reyna Camacho • 40 years ago

      Thank you, Microsoft

    32. Scattershot 117


    33. Dot Dot Com

      Xbox help my X Fridge freezes at times how to fix

    34. comandante sandia xd :V

      En vez de esto mejor dejen el online gratis porfavor

    35. Ricardo borba

      Aquele força

    36. aggouris bananidou

      Now this will never overheat.

    37. Gg


    38. chris746568462

      Are they going to produce and sell it? Limited run they will be worth alot... Really clever advertising.

    39. Gangster V

      How much cost in Indian

    40. TheJediAndTheNinja

      We just joking I didn’t know people would actually make it

    41. Mac and Doodles

      I'm buying everything single product and aswell selling my soul to xbox.

    42. C r 7 c r7 0 0 0 0 Roblox ,Minecraft and more!

      It’s not real

    43. Dziobak XD

      Siaiens wikszyn

    44. Lexterizando

      Power your memes

    45. Adix

      Can im buy this fridge?

    46. سيف ماكس SAIF MIKS


    47. Robloxmania Bizzare

      They even have the assasin creed

    48. USER XR

      ثﻻجه ابوكم اسن منكم سوني 5

    49. الكاويلي -AlKawele

      OMG i want this fridge.

    50. JasonBurger O


    51. Dawood Bilal


    52. Geortou Games

      The best ps

    53. Does gamestop have this?

    54. Ora30 Rolla

      I mai god

    55. SANDY 100

      Где русские

    56. juanduran soda

      Oh what the fuuuuu

    57. Nilrudra Mitra

      I will keep my pc in the Xbox fridge

    58. Diesel Fontanarosa

      how do I geytone

    59. Afa Damfam

      next: xbox microwave😳

      1. crew security

        next: xbox car😳😳😳🤒

    60. NacSac Castaño


    61. Tavotabotato

      I cant believe this was from Xbox themselves

    62. The Screaming Pizza


    63. im a fox :3

      Bruh. they actually made it...

      1. Xbox

        We did indeed 😎

    64. Arin

      They finally did something blown sale amounts

    65. shorti

      Say what you want about x box you have to admire their commitment to the memes


      I just used my mind to make this in Minecraft

      1. Xbox

        Did you fill it with chickens?

    67. Bun Bao 9557

      I N V E S T

    68. Killua Zoldyck

      How mauch gb's in this fridge

    69. Phong Quach


    70. TekkSuport

      How do I add friends in this new console?

      1. Xbox

        Just invite them over for a snack.

    71. meatymarlii 69

      Can I download roblox 2 on the fridge? Just asking.

      1. Xbox

        Sorry, the Xbox Series X Fridge only supports Robrocoli.

    72. Sebastian Aguirre Aguilar

      GG xbox, GG

    73. klapps

      everyone gangsta till the fridge pulls up

    74. ADNAN RAUF

      Xbox listen to you lol

    75. John Marston

      Now I can buy groceries *digitally.*

    76. ABADDÔN

      xbox suck

    77. TubeMe

      I'll take your entire stock

    78. Train & Elevatorfan8150

      I could put my big fat XBOX Games on there like Call of Duty Coldwar, NBA 2K21, R6, FH4, The Crew TWO, Minecraft, Rocket League, etc. I'm set my Soda's & Beer close to my XBOX Series 10 when I need to get into my XBOX Fridge

    79. Hosna Banu

      Memes are real(finally)

    80. Hosna Banu

      Xbox fridge

      1. Hosna Banu


    81. Insaniac Gaming

      Add me and msg IG Airassault54 to play. I stream on twitch on that GT

    82. SN

      Nah I prefer the PlayStayion5

      1. Sharkkzy

        nah i prefer F R I D G E

    83. Mike BOB

      I'll take your entire stock!

    84. Aliz Naznin

      Secret neighbor xbox series x please

    85. TOM CAT

      He Attac He Protec But Most Importantly He FridgeBox series X

      1. TOM CAT

        @Xbox Like Having Multiplayer who Gets to eat the Most Donuts 😹😹

      2. Xbox

        This fridge has many notable features, as you can see.

    86. Venom

      I think we all needed this at one point lol

    87. Jonavan Ashford

      But can it run flight simulator

    88. ميدو Saleh


    89. Junichi Aniceto Diaz

      Tengo que conseguirlo Ese debe ser mio

    90. PandaGaming 200

      Imagine an xbox this big with engine and stuff🙊

    91. sepatan 117

      I love halo😍😍

    92. Максим Марченко

      ai nid borshch end pelmeni

    93. Generic enclave soldier 0158

      Xbox chapter Z air conditioner Xbox chapter Y microwave Coming 2030

    94. Roblox Gamer Random


    95. NOSTER Tapozoni

      2:07 🧠🧠🧠

    96. NOSTER Tapozoni

      Power your memes

    97. Agustín Domenicale

      0:56 san andreas intro theme 🤣

    98. P-196

      Now I need the Xbox Series Fridge

    99. VYTOR_01

      good! now we can play games while eating some good foods :)

    100. mates_cz

      I fink that have very good cooler